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Poco Diablo McGuire: Oh Happy Days

SedonaEye.com Star Four Paws Up Pet Columnist shakes off winter in his spring forward happy days place – home with his forever Now and Only Mom.

Sedona AZAfore movin’ in with my Now Mom, life was just purty wild – nevah had a coller ‘er got leasted up – just ran all over the place as it pleased me. But then nobody taut me better so what else can a guy pup do?

Then everthin’ changed up a lot. My Now Mom taked me to this place called HOME and that’s where Harley McGuire met up with me. That was May 31, 2016 – Now Mom wrote it on her list of days.

Harley was OK with me but he wasn’t much interested in playing as it would have made it more fun. But then we didn’t know then Mr. Harley McGuire wasn’t meant to be with us much longer. Nope – “we” (Me & Now Mom) didn’t know but our Harley most likely did, and when he left us on August 14, 2016, we were sad and still miss him.

It seems that Harley McGuire had become pretty well heered of around here and so – for a nobody pup like me – as a sort of replacement no way was it possible to fit into his footprints. And what’s a funny thing, afore meeting HM and Now Mom other dogs were a good thing, like the more the merrier! NOT ANY MORE!

Poco Diablo McGuire backyard

Winter 2019 in Sedona

No Siree, my place here is just that – MY PLACE! She is MY Now Mom and if ya don’t bleve it just try gettin’ near her. Heel nipping is my specialty but don’t take a chance on petting me without allowing me to sniff approval!

So with all that being arfed to Now Mom so she’s able to put it in human words, we’ll gits to the real reason for this update.

Living as the only furry child for almost three years now and yet still sort of in the shadow of Harley McGuire, my world turned even sunnier than the day itself when walking with Now Mom yesterday afternoon. Ya see we have all kinds of traffic but our favorites are the Pink Jeeps ‘cuz they know the ropes and tell their riders to respect us who live here and specially the forest lands and wild life and stuff.

Well, Now Mom always waves friendly like to these people who are having fun times and for a while she took along my Sombrero and held me up to wave with her. It sort of became a newsance so she ain’t done it fer a while – but that might jes change.

SedonaEye.com Star Pet Columnist Poco Diablo McGuire gets recognized while strolling about and gives Dan Dickey at city hall and Pink Jeeps Shout Outs!

Ya see – yesterday one of the jeep drivers stopped shortly and asked Now Mom if, indeed, my name was Poco Diablo!!! OH MY CANINE GOODNESS is it possible that at long last this pathetic sort-of vagabond orphan gained his own rightful recognition? Of course Now Mom said, yes indeed, this is Poco Diablo, and if the group plans to return fer sure we would have my Sombrero next visit. (Ya think Now Mom will remember to carry it along on our walk this afternoon? My bet is YES.)

Oh – one last thing here.

We want to send a special thank you to that nice fellow, Dan Dickey, down at that City Hall place. That giant snow storm we were buried in a few weeks ago left also giant branches all over the place. Now Mom told Mr. Dickey she was a bit worried that strangers driving those noisy ATV contraptions might just be careless and not on purpose jes happen to set fire to them drying branches.

And ya know what?

In spite of so many problems at that time Mr. Dan had them nasty hazards (Phew – big word for a little pup but Now Mom hepped me out on that one) removed.

That’s ma story and Poco Diablo, the real deal here, is stickin’ to it!!

PS: My “Now Mom” is the ONLY Mom I ever had.

RIP Harley McGuire



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  1. POCO DIABLO says:

    Tanks, SE Ed & Pub (short for editor & publisher). Taut fer a wile me fate was to lag behind in Harley Mcguire’s feet-printz. (he’s still a printz in mah mind)

    Poco Diablo and more tanks to da Pink Jeeper dat remembered it!!

  2. Lil G says:

    I’m a pug with a cute mug. Like your cute mug. Cooooool dudes………………

  3. Calico says:

    hey poco you might want to know there’s a bobcat running round the Village, heads up everybody

  4. Buster says:

    Hi Poco Diablo. You don’t know me & neither did your bro Harley McGuire. Me and my human family miss him too but are happy to know you are around as a reminder that furry friends deserve a voice (arf, yap, meow) too. It’s neato that feller remembered your name. Keen! Woof from Buster!

  5. Just Chip says:

    Poco thank you for this message. Remember you have the best mom (outside of mine).

    Hugs and hisses

    Just Chip!

  6. Marty, Louisville KY says:

    Loved reading your article, Poco Diablo, and so happy you have your forever home
    with a special Mom.

  7. Sapphire says:

    Hi PDM I live in a nice house now. It’s by a river with my dad, he had a stroke this year. He’s much better and can walk around and open the door to outside. I make sure that squirrels don’t come near our house. I chase them away because I’m a Jack Russell terrier and that’s my goal besides jumping on the backs of the couches and chairs to warn possible invaders outside the windows to run away. My collar is as big as my head almost. I stay away from the boundaries so I don’t get shocked. I love my life. My other family had a baby and they sent me here to live with her grandpa. He and I get along fine. Got to take a nap now in dad’s chair with him so toodle aloo aloo.

  8. That Cat Called 27 says:

    Neighbors cat name is 27. There’s a story why worth remembering but can’t. He’s a Jersey Boy with attitude. Loves snow. Must be a Jersey thing. Good story Poco Diablo. Paw salute.

  9. Leeta says:

    Shhh, don’t tell Nikki & Mojo I’m writing to you or they will be very jealous (they get that way sometimes because they THINK they’re stars of this household). I just wanna tell you I enjoyed your article and I know where you’re coming from. When my now (and forever) mom & dad got me, I was such a fraidy cat about everything, people, cars, noises…the only thing that didn’t bother me was other dogs or even cats. But with all the love and attention I get (even from Nikki & Mojo) I am doing so much better now. Still have a ways to go but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Keep writing those articles, we love to read them. Oh, and Mom & Dad have done the Pink Jeeps and love them too. Adios Amigo.

  10. POCO DIABLO says:

    This is ta tank my pals for adding your woofs & arfs.

    (Leeta, That Cat Called 27, Sapphire, Marty , Louisville, KY, Just Chip, Buster, Calico, & Lil G. It was swell fer ya’ll ta do dat and bet my bro Harley McGuire would be proud 2. Hope ya’ll had a nice Easter day and didn’t get into sweet stuff. Bad fer ya!

    Poco Diablo

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