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Noel Campbell – Candidate State Representative LD1 – Republican

Noel Campbell, candidate for state representative LD1

Sedona AZ Noel Campbell, candidate for State Representative LD1 – Republican, just couldn’t sit on the sidelines for this election. For one thing, Campbell points out that there are two openings for LD1 and only three candidates, so if he didn’t run the voters would not have a true choice. He is also concerned about runaway spending by the state representatives.

Campbell said, “When times were good, they spent money like crazy. The budget went up 20% and the rainy day fund couldn’t last, because they spent it on anything they wanted.” Now it is a different time and all that spending has brought a huge budget deficit.

Campbell believes the deficit and the immigration crisis are closely linked. The state spends about $2.0 billion dollars per year on illegals. Until immigration is solved, the state will never be able to get the budget under control.

Also a conservationist, Campbell believes that protecting the upper Verde River is vital. “We have to be careful about our water use, and use our resources wisely. It we do, we’ll have enough,” he said.  As a firefighter for years, Campbell has seen a lot of the forest including wilderness lands, and that has led to an absolute commitment to protect and preserve forest lands throughout the state.

Campbell believes the state could do more to encourage job growth. He supports cutting corporate taxes and small business taxes, to encourage companies to come to Arizona. He said, “We need to do what we can to get businesses here. We have a terrible business climate.”

One of the most onerous taxes is the business personal property tax, it is a business inventory tax. Most states don’t have it and it leads to many businesses simply rejecting Arizona as a possible location.

Although the state is in the midst of the budget crisis, some of that has to do with misplaced priorities, according to Campbell. For instance, the Governor has two planes, which cost the state $500,000 per year. Given a choice between closing state parks or selling the Governor’s plane, the parks would win. “I’d put parks before the Governor’s airplane,” he said, “and I say that even though she has endorsed me.”

In terms of tough decisions, like prioritizing a shrinking state budget, Campbell believes that in this economic climate every agency needs to be examined. “And I mean every agency,” he said. “We’re in a crisis. Sedona alone has lost 22% of its tourism. It’s just terrible.”

Yet, public safety is the most important and the most legitimate government duty and Campbell is absolutely committed to police and fire departments and maintaining safety services. He adds that he isn’t running to make new laws and thinks if anything, laws should be taken off the books. There are lots of laws concerning issues the state shouldn’t be dealing with.

If elected Campbell will donate his entire salary to local charities. It isn’t that it is a huge salary, but he has a military pension and doesn’t need it.

“Why should I take money for something I would do for free?” he asked rhetorically. He even thinks it would be a good idea if other candidates set the same example of giving back to the community while times are tough.

He is adamant about not taking special interest money, out of district money, or favors. Campbell is running as a clean election candidate. That way, he said, “If I make a mistake, it isn’t going to be because somebody paid me to make it. And if I vote with someone, it is because I believe in it and not because they gave me money.”

To learn more about Noel Campbell go to www.noelcampbell.com.


Article by Joni Dahlstrom, SedonaEye.com Staff writer   JoniD@eSedona.net for Sedona Times Publishing Election Central 2010.

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