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On the American Road with Mayor of Folksville USA, Gary Chamberlain

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PO Box 1138, Cornville, AZ 8632538th Story – August 17, 2010

Folksville, USA (Population/Readership 1358)


“Cornville Arizona’s Rusty’s Morningstar Ranch, Local Communities and Folksville, USA Restore The beauty to America the Beautiful”

Gary Chamberlain of BagReadyJobs and Folksville USA breakfasts at Randall’s Restaurant in Cottonwood.

Step 1: Randall’s Restaurant in Cottonwood, Arizona is where people go to pick up information about how to get involved in the Arizona Adopt-A-Highway program. This is the official location of the Folksville, USA Town Hall. Randall’s is located at 691 S. Main Street in Cottonwood. All contact information for the ADOT Adopt-A-Highway Program for Scenic Highway 89A from Jerome to Sedona plus Highway 260 from Cottonwood to Camp Verde may be found there.

Randall’s Restaurant 


891 S Main St Cottonwood AZ

Step 2: You may contact one of the ADOT Adopt-A-Highway Permittees by using the color coded contact sheets located at Randall’s Restaurant and easily contact a group that will welcome you in their effort to Restore the Beauty to America the Beautiful and Arizona. In many cases, Home Depot will provide you with a “litter grabber.” Home Depot has also provided many litter bags to supplement the shortage of bags due to Arizona’s budget issues.

REESE & Sons TIRE (928) 634-5243   2435 E Highway 89a, Cottonwood AZ

Tire Pro Automotive (928) 399-7560 671 W Finnie Flats Rd, Camp Verde AZ

Rusty’s Morningstar Ranch (928) 634-4784  240 S Libby Lane, Cornville AZ

3: Tire Pro Automotive of Camp Verde and Sedona, plus Reese and Sons of Cottonwood, have agreed to collect the litter bags after each litter recovery and deliver them to Rusty’s Morningstar Ranch. Don Hanks, owner of Tire Pro Automotive is a veteran.

Northern Arizona Digging LLC (928) 634-3478  Page Springs Rd Cornville AZ

Step 4: Jody White of Northern Arizona Digging Services LLC provided a travel trailer for Rusty’s MSR to store all litter bags until the contents are processed. Jim is one of Rusty’s autistic adults who gets great pleasure from recycling litter. Jody White is a veteran.

Taylor & Sons  (928) 639-1783  417 S 6th St Ste B  Cottonwood AZ

Scott Taylor of Taylor and Sons donated a dumpster to Rusty’s Morningstar Ranch for trash disposal.

Step 5: Rusty’s Morningstar Ranch “Ranchers” lead by Jim, an autistic adult, sorts the trash from the recyclables. Rusty’s gives all recycled items to Sedona Recycles. Rusty’s MSR is using this activity to raise funding for the ranchers. If you wish to give a donation to Rusty’s for their effort, they may be contacted at www.RMR.org or contact Marla Guerrero, Executive Director (928) 634-4784 at Rusty’s or email her at mguerrero@commspeed.net if you wish to donate. No amount is too small.

Step 6: The Sedona Times and SedonaEye.com, Four Corners Magazine, Verde Independent and Yavapai Broadcasting tell our stories. The Cottonwood LDS Boy Scout Troop has been a huge success in terms of raising donations for their Troop. In November of 2009 they earned $515 in six hours.

Contact Gary Chamberlain, Mayor of Folksville, USA and a veteran at www.FolksvilleUSA.com /FolksvilleUSA@gmail.com for details.

To read more inspiring FolksvilleUSA stories, use the “Search” box on the SedonaEye.com web site and enter any of these keywords: Gary Chamberlain, Folksville, Folksville USA, Randall’s Restaurant, Rusty’s Morningstar, veterans.



  1. Sedona Times Publishing says:

    On the American Road, Folksville USA with FolksvilleUSA Mayor, Gary Chamberlain.

    Mayor Gary Chamberlain, of the virtual town of Folksville USA is crisscrossing the nation taking the America the Beautiful anti-litter message to cities and towns. Beginning August 16 2010, http://www.SedonaEye.com will bring you exclusive postings from Gary’s On the American Road, Folksville USA series. From the Pacific to the Atlantic coasts, see and hear about our great nation’s scenic byways and highways at its best and its worst.

    Plan on discovering little known facts and meeting interesting townspeople as Gary journeys thousands of miles by car and bicycle. You will not want to miss this exciting and uplifting http://www.SedonaEye.com series, On the American Road.

  2. Gary Chamberlain, On the American Road says:

    Hello Sedona Times,

    Am 100 miles from Chicago. Thanks for editing and posting stories. I’ve checked out your postings and like them.

    Looking forward to Sean Hanity radio interview tomorrow re: Pledge of Allegiance.


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