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Sedona Mayor Rob Adams Wins Second Term!

March 9, 2010-Sedona AZ–Mayor Rob Adams won a hard fought re-election campaign and celebrated tonight with supporters after the election results were announced.  

Mayor Adams credited his wife, Christine, and family with being his strength and support during his initial term and during a difficult second campaign. 

Mayor Adams acknowledged and thanked the cadre of supporters who knocked on doors, distributed information, held fundraisers, made phone calls, contributed to his campaign with donations of time and money, attended forums and council meetings, expressed opinions and gave selflessly of their time and knowledge to serve the city they loved, and he thanked all those who voted and solicited votes on his behalf.   

The Sedona Times congratulates Mayor Rob Adams for a campaign that engaged the high ground, and to Sedonans who proved once again that the power of a democracy is found in its ballot box.  

The Sedona Times applauds the citizens of the city who successfully voted down Proposition 400 and its attempt to overturn the direct election of its Mayor.  Sedonans proved that an involved and concerned citizenry can mandate change in the face of overwhelming odds. 

Bravo to newly elected Councilpersons Barbara Litrell, Mike Ward, Dan McIlroy, and Dr. Dennis Rayner who supported the dark skies and National Scenic Area designation! 

Congratulations to Vice-Mayor Cliff Hamilton for persevering and performing due diligence as a minority member of Council who supported dark skies and National Scenic Area designation! 

Congratulations to Sedona voters who recognized that our city is a tourist city whose pocket is lined by its priceless world-renowned natural beauty.  The Sedona Times applauds each and every voter who took the time to become informed and cast a ballot in this Mayor and Council race.   A free press and an informed citizenry once again proved America First!


  1. Cabby - AZ says:

    Those whom have been elected deserve our appreciation for all of the
    efforts that have been expended in this very important election. Also,
    the vision of Paul Chevalier and others of like mind in organizing the
    PAC had a huge part in coordinating community efforts necessary to
    recruit and mobilize qualified candidates. Thanks to all for their tireless

    We who care about restoring confidence in our leaders are indeed grateful
    and desire only the best for all as they assume their very responsible

    May we be supportive and patient with our elected officials, and give
    them the help they’re going to need.

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