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Marketplace Cafe Owner Closes Restaurant

Sedona AZ (November 1, 2015)Ken Rouse, owner of Marketplace Café in the Village of Oak Creek outlet shopping center on AZ Route 179, gives the public notice that, effective today, after three and a half years, his restaurant is no longer open for business:


It’s time to move on!

marketplace 2

Marketplace Cafe in Sedona failed to turn a profit in three and a half years and its owner closed the restaurant November 1, 2015.

After three and a half years as the owner of Marketplace Café, I can say enthusiastically that I have had many high moments for which I am deeply grateful. We have been able to make a positive impact in our community, raising significant funds for local charitable organizations. I have witnessed the “celebration of life” that has taken place as local residents and people from all around the world have come together and enjoyed the “cheers” atmosphere at MPC. Many local artists have displayed and sold their photography and artwork, gracing our walls with the beauty of their talents. My son created two outstanding murals — one for the main dining room and another for the Paul Newman lounge. Our musical family has provided a unique style of entertainment, ranging from laid back “listening” music to a get up and dance the night away experience. At our best, we have provided dining that included great food, a courteous and efficient staff and the special services of a full bar. It has been our pleasure to create special events for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, family and organizational gatherings.

HOWEVER, in three and a half years, we have yet to make a profit. The purpose of any business is to be profitable. I have never taken a salary and have continued to put money into the business as operating capital.

marketplace 1THEREFORE, I am announcing, as of today, November 1st, that we are closing our doors until further notice.  It is possible that a new owner will take over our space and write a new chapter for Marketplace Café. It is my hope that this will be the case. In the meantime, you need to know that we are not open for business.

This is one of the most disappointing realities in my 80 years of living, and over 50 years of being a business man and an entrepreneur.

Please know that I appreciate the support and patronage you have provided. The circumstances of the situation have simply not resulted in a successful business venture, and I must move on.

Ken Rouse

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  1. Good Luck says:

    I wonder if you were given the correct information of the original owners profit statements by which you based your original decision? Things have improved over the last couple years across the board.
    Look into it, sir.

  2. Just Sayin' says:

    Very sad. My new husband and I had our first dinner together at the Marketplace and have been back so many times.

  3. lucas says:

    i was hired on about a month-2 months ago…i saw this coming a mile away. this is what happens when u have an owner that, first of all, has never been in the restaurant business,

  4. Bob, VOC says:

    statistically restaurants don’t survive & are bad investments, if @lucas right the no experience spelled disaster, @there’s better food less cost competition in village, should have hunkered down maybe after first 6 mos & closed extra dead space & concentrated on bar area like Jeff & Michelle did in early days, good try buddy, enjoyed several good meals & bar time there, see you around

  5. Tracy says:

    @lucas sorry you lost your job that sucks

  6. CFM says:

    And consider how difficult it is for incorporated Sedona restaurants to keep afloat. With sales tax, even on commercial rentals, plus monthly sewer fees, it’s next to impossible. Then coercion in play to be member of chamber of commerce or not receive referrals from the taxes WE pay to operate the visitors center – well – little wonder the number of vacant store rents. Go figure.

  7. Sandy says:

    liked good music over the years & sad to see it close

  8. Millie says:

    Ken – were you partners with wildthyme restaurant group and Mercer Mohr?

    If so, how does this work with the rest of their restaurants?

    If I’m wrong in the business connection I do apologize.

  9. Wrong More says:

    Michelle Moore of Sound Bites Grill and Sedona Chamber board member was the former owner and may have held an interest percentage at one time. Not sure is she was still a partner.

  10. Lucas says:

    Can’t believe the censorship on here…..I didn’t curse or slander and half of my comment was removed……

    I’m out a job because some old guy with no previous restaurant experience decides to up and buy a restaurant and run it into the ground…..Thanks dude thanx.

    It might help if you didn’t shut it down when people started showing up to eat and drink.

    Well, it might make a nice tax write off eh, Kenny boy…..

    You should feel lucky that most of us jumped from a sinking ship, or else you would have some killer unemployment to put out

  11. D&R, Sedona says:

    Your point is what, Lucas? Who gave you that job in the first place? You wouldn’t have had money in pocket if not for that “old boy” hiring you and others. It would do well to remember that in future jobs unless you are the owner or the boss you work at their discretion not yours. If all of you jumped ship then stand by your decisions.

    Mr. Rouse, sorry to hear of your restaurant demise and Lucas we’re sorry for your job loss. This new economy is bad for everyone. Stop believing that the economy is on an upswing, it’s not and it looks like in about four years it might be done according to some managers at major firms. Scary thought. Here’s some old folks advice Lucas, accept this as a signal to go back to a tech school or local community college or get trained as an apprentice. Service industries aren’t going to hold up when money becomes scarce but what people own will need to be fixed and you’ll have a skill that earns a better living. Good luck son and have empathy for your former boss because it was too a loss for him.

  12. John says:

    It’s Obama’s fault!

  13. Miss Lead says:

    Was he mislead during the purchase of the restaurant? Given bad advice?

  14. Judi says:

    We loved Marketplace Cafe and ate the majority of our meals there while in VOC – where did all the wonderful staff go – John, Rochelle? Not as much fun this year without you.
    Your Nebraska friends, Judi & Ken

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