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Kathy Griffin Apology and Political Subversion

Kathy Griffin

Sedona AZ (June 9, 2017) – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:

The Kathy Griffin claims are so pathetic that only the Stupid or Ignorant would believe her. Griffin’s claim to having apologized for her pathetic portrayal of an ‘Effigy of President Trump’s Severed and Blood-soaked head’, according to news sources, was a Deluge of Deception because it was planned before the offense was committed: That makes it a “Performance,” not an “Apology.”

The people who believe Griffin’s “Apology Routine” have volunteered and made a Choice of Ignorance concerning what I call “Part and Partial of This Internal Insurrection.” The Internal Insurrection combined with Illegal Immigration (National Trespassing) and the subversive Invasion of the Islamic Government — we have some serious problems in the Mainstream News Media and the overall education of the public.

The Disinformation oozing or exuding from the Print and Broadcast Media is Monolithic in a Politically Correct Leviathan that permeates like the historic brainwashing techniques of Nazis and/or Communists; the major difference is the fact that most of this current crop of Socialistic subversion is consumed without being force fed from the outside, it is mostly accepted without outside influence.

The Illegal Immigration (National Trespassing) is destroying national sovereignty at an alarming rate, and the national will to retain or regain a unique status as a nation appears to be diminishing, which is alarming to me.

Beheading of CNN journalist Steven Sotloff video can be watched here

The “Invasion of the Islamic Government” is being given free rein to insert its grotesque and demonic Sharia (Shariah) Law and their bizarre practices, which include legalized Baby Rape, Murder of Homosexuals, Unwanted Children and Women by Honor Killings through Stoning, Drowning, beheading or burying someone alive, etc.  There is nothing too repulsive for the Islamic Governmental Terrorists trying to take control of the entire world through the Force of Fear, a system that does not produce anything beyond lust and fear.

Lust produces jealousy and hatred; Fear produces paranoia; both produce resentment, resistance and resolve in varying degrees in those the Fear is used to produce control. Fear as a viable form of control will only work for a time, and then it produces Revolution. This is why all the Universal or Whole World Governments do and always will Fail, whether they are in the form of NAZIISM, FASCISM, COMMUNISM, or any other Socialistic Psychopathic Labyrinth that raises its ugly head. All three of these things are propagated by “Chosen Ignorance or Deception.”

Saudi woman publicly beheaded

Internal Insurrection, Islamic Government, and Illegal Immigration are ultra destructive to individual Liberty (Freedom) and to the production of Goods and Services including Food, Clothing, Shelter, Transportation, Communication, and creature comforts of any kind.

The capitalized free market economy of the United States of America has arguably produced and influenced more production of everything essential for modern day welfare than all other systems combined, and has been brought about under the auspice of the Judeo-Christian relationship between one almighty God and Mankind (male/female), which is ONLY A RELATIONSHIP AND DEFINITELY “NOT” A RELIGION.

People make Religions. One almighty God gave us a beautiful avenue for reconciliation with him. Mankind (male/female) distorted it into Religions and Denominations.

Dale Gohr

Clarkdale, Arizona USA


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  1. GECKLES, Jefferson says:


  2. Jay Bancroft, LA says:

    Self serving rationalization from the Matrix.

  3. Marv says:

    As gruesome as the pictures are, I appreciate the editor for using them unedited. Sometimes a glimpse at the real deal without covering up the gore sends the message without sugarcoating. How could that nasty woman (Kathy Griffin) even entertain such thoughts? And she calls herself a comedienne? Our real world these day is far from pretty and it’s time the cold hard fact in pictures is made known when available.

  4. Josh says:

    I lay the blame for today’s shootings at the feet of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders calling for a revolution. Sore losers who ran poor campaigns, poor psychotic voters who didn’t win. Remember what America is about. Democracies have equal winners and losers; sometimes it’s your turn and sometimes it isn’t. Here’s to the Republicans who were civilized while President Obama served not one but two terms. No Democrats were shot while playing on a city playground while practicing to play against Republicans. No one assassinated the black man telling the white man what to do. I see all these stickers over cars that read COEXIST, CIVILITY NOW, PEACE, LOVE, FEEL THE BERN, and others and it disgusts me now. Take the signs off your cars if you hate or resent Trump; take down your Facebook posts that make you sound like anarchists and socialists unless you understand WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT AND PROTESTING. You protest to protest because you are crybabies and didn’t get your way at the ballot box. I see posts about Trump being anti-abortion, Trump’s daughter and grandchildren being bashed because she’s a Jew, being an outsider from the government in-crowd and you idiots don’t realize that was what the 60s was about. Sick.

  5. Leah Goldman says:

    I admit to being appalled at Hillary Clinton’s speeches.

  6. CNN Apologizes for "Fake News"? says:

    Editor’s Note – Updated (10:44 PM June 22, 2017 comment)-

    The below is from a Washington Post article by Paul Farhi, the Washington Post’s media reporter; Paul’s update is with commenters paraphrasing. To read Paul’s article in context and full source, follow @farhip :

    Did you know that….

    CNN.com published a story connecting Anthony Scaramucci with investigations into the Russian Direct Investment Fund.

    Lex Haris, CNN’s investigations editor, traveled to a journalism conference in Phoenix. The story was published while he was away.

    That story did not meet CNN’s editorial standards and has been retracted. Links to the story have been disabled.

    CNN apologizes to Mr. Scaramucci.


    CNN apologized to Scaramucci on a Saturday. On the following Monday, Haris (an executive editor since 2001) and the editor and reporter of the piece, Eric Lichtblau ( a veteran reporter and editor hired from the New York Times earlier this year ) and Thomas Frank, ( formerly of USA Today and a finalist for a 2012 Pulitzer Prize) resigned. CNN accepted their resignations. Resignations are usually reserved for plagiarism or worse journalistic offenses.

  7. OctoManny says:


    One of the world’s most respected opinion papers says CNN did what????? Bet you won’t publish this eh Sedona Eye? Media cowards.

  8. Trump and Time Magazine Cover says:



    ANOTHER FAKE NEWS RIP OFF TRYING TO MAKE TRUMP LOOK BAD. I’ve seen several people in Sedona with the same magazine covers showing themselves. THEY MAKE GREAT GIFTS AND ARE MEANT TO BE FUN.

    Let’s make a deal. You get real news I’ll read it. You get (deleted by editor) I’ll not read it. Goodbye. PS KATHY GRIFFIN IS TRASHY AND MAYBE SHE’LL MAKE TIME MAGAZINE FOR REAL. ANOTHER FAKE NEWS PIECE.

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