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Impose Fiscal Responsibility on Council

City of Sedona budget doesn't add up writes Sedona taxpayer

City of Sedona budget doesn’t add up writes Sedona taxpayer

Sedona AZ (July 15, 2014) – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:

I found that last month’s Community Connection incited a range of reactions within me from the petty to the profound. My most petty observation was that the City could have saved money by a simple black-and-white print job on regular stock paper. As petty as this is, it is symbolic of the City’s attitude and lax oversight of its expenditures – expressing the grandiose for a sophisticated image rather than the frugal for fiscal responsibility. When I noticed the Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube icons on the back page, I wondered how many people really follow the City’s actions on social media, and how much money is wasted on these seemingly unnecessary communication efforts.

I was more concerned by the City’s suggestions that (un)wittingly promote more of a police state. Most amusing was its invitation to the 31st Annual National Night Out that sponsors a free community picnic, where you can get your kids fingerprinted. What does that say about your kids and your parenting?

More disturbing was the City’s advocacy for Sedona Citizen Connect, wherein we are encouraged to spy on one another, taking pictures and creating evidence to be used against our neighbors. This is reminiscent of Bush’s TIP proposal and Stalinist Russia. Bush’s program never got off the ground because of popular protest. But Stalin and the leaders of Soviet East Europe all used this reprehensible method to spy on and control its people. It’s unconscionable that the City would ask us to get fingerprinted and spy on one another.

Even more astounding were the Mayor’s and City Clerk’s articles. The Mayor wanted to take credit for reducing the budget from $60.5 million (2008) to $36.1 million (2014). The cause of such a reduction was due to the Great Recession (fall 2008-2009) and its repercussions. I found it unsettling that the Mayor ($36.1m.) and the City Clerk ($34.4m) didn’t agree on the size of the budget.

Why is that? Maybe the City Clerk wanted to close the gap and spin the disparity between the No Home Rule option ($25.4m) and the Home Rule option ($34.4m). Actually neither the Mayor nor the City Clerk was correct, because the Council is now considering a budget of $38+ million.

Sedona Arizona

Sedona Arizona

So why the misinformation? Was the City Clerk quoting the estimated budget that we voted for in 2012? Was the budget not finalized when the Mayor wrote his article? It’s neither here nor there. What matters is that the budget keeps growing bigger and bigger.

These discrepancies in Community Connection shows the Council playing fast and loose with the budget. Spending at City Hall is out of control, and the only way to stop it is to vote against Home Rule. To vote for Home Rule is to give the Council a blank check, which means unchecked spending. The Council will have to tax us residents more and more via Special Assessment Areas, General Obligation bonds, or a property tax. All to pay for the increased Chamber of Commerce subsidy and the over-development of the City that enriches developers and the construction industry.

We won’t get another chance to vote down Home Rule for another four years. (In my publicity pamphlet article I was wrong to think the City could circumvent this law.) If we don’t vote down Home Rule this August, we are approving a resolution that allows the Council to spend excessively, as it taxes the many of us to benefit a few vested interests.

If you want to impose some degree of fiscal responsibility upon the Council, please vote against Home Rule and tell your friends to do so as well.

Henry Twombly
Sedona AZ

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For the best Arizona news and views, read www.SedonaEye.com daily!


  1. Ken says:

    food for thought

  2. Tony Tonsich says:

    Excellent article Mr Twombly.

    When the citizens of Sedona allowed home rule: “According to Ms. Karen Daines (Assistant City Manager), ‘Projects without dedicated revenue streams, including most sidewalk, drainage, and public safety projects, must all compete for a finite amount of General Fund resources.’”

    Home rule/the Alternative Expenditure limitation allows the city of Sedona to spend MORE than the State of “Arizona imposed limitation for a city our size.

    Even with this exemption, the city somehow forgot to find funds for public safety. They did produce dedicated revenue streams of millions for the Chamber of Commerce, Sedona Film Festival and a $160,000 employee appreciation account.

    Thank you Karen Daines, your management and communication skills are priceless. Is that the right word?

    Vote NO on home rule/ the Alternative expenditure limitation.

  3. Have the candidates for Mayor or Council provided their standings on Home Rule, Fiscal Responsibility or the current state of the City’s Budget and frivolous budgetary spending?

    If the potential candidates for Mayor and City Council are not willing to answer these pertinent questions, if they are not willing to provide their stand point on these issues, then I do not feel they can provide proper representation of the community they are to serve.

    I feel that NO on Home Rule is the only option.

    I believe that if those that represent the community in which they serve are not representing properly then they are not needed and the issue of disincorporating the city is a valid one.

    Good place to start getting their attention is with a NO vote on Home Rule.

    What does it say that neither the mayor or the clerk can agree on the city’s budget vice the actual budget.

    Take a moment to scroll back through recent articles regarding the city’s budget and you will find wasteful spending, frivolous expenditures, and budgetary fluffing running rampant with the current regime yet they are seemingly fine with it regardless of what the public they serve want.

  4. Jean Jenks says:

    How about the COMMUNITY CONNECTION’S info regarding city “fiscal achievements?”

    The debt service payments (principal and interest) on the City’s enormous excise tax bond debt are running between $5.2 million and $6.1 million annually. Debt service payments/obligations essentially explain the outstanding balance reduction of from $72 million in 2008 to $50 million in 2014.

    Councilor Mike Ward explains budgeting methodology differences in his June 27, 2012 “Eye on Sedona Finances” article. To quote: “In the past the city’s budget was set artificially high. For example, the FY 2008 budget was approved at $61 million while only $28 million was actually expended. Under our new City Manager….our city budget much more realistically reflects the real anticipated costs of running the city every year.” Yes, but although Sedona’s population is not growing, its non-artificially-high budgets are. This year’s budget came in at a whopping $38,385,154. Yet, only a little over 2 years ago, the city gave voters a budget estimate of $32,470,495–almost $6 million less–for the current year via its March 2012 Home Rule Election documents.

    While the city has enjoyed surpluses in its operating reserve fund for the past five years as touted in the COMMUNITY CONNECTION, Page 1-8 of the current budget addressing non-WW capital funding contains very troubling information. It states: “In order to continue to address capital infrastructure improvements and pursue new capital outlay projects beyond 2017 [FY 2016-17], other funding sources and/or a debt financing strategy must be pursued.” As many will recall, on July 30, 2013 the City Council held an educational session on GO-Bonds secured by unlimited property taxes and Special Improvement Districts.

    I plan to vote “NO” on Home Rule in hopes of restraining City Hall spending excesses.

  5. Just Sayin' says:

    May the conscience and the common sense of the peoples be awakened, so that we may reach a new stage in the life of nations, where people will look back on war as an incomprehensible aberration of their forefathers. Albert Einstein

  6. Sedona Mike says:

    It true that the 2014 airport days event was axed by the Chamber because Sandy Moriarty would look like she was given a handout by them? What about her annual wine event at the airport? That getting the axe this year? Sandy has benefited big bucks from the Chamber largesse.

  7. Sheri G says:

    Henry, thank you for your article: I agree with much of it.

    Thank you Jean for your well researched, factual and articulate responding post to Henry’s article above. Your points are well taken – and should be by everyone.

    I too plan to vote “NO” on Home Rule/Alternative Expenditure.

    Since our City population is not growing – neither should our City Budget.

    ” What matters is that the budget keeps growing bigger and bigger.” And therein lays the problem.

    I, also, agree with the concept of the very expensive mass City mail out called the “Community Connection” as being far too expensive and rather self-serving.

    In my opinion, both Henry Twombly and Jean are correct in that “To vote for Home Rule is to give the Council a blank check, which means unchecked spending. The Council will have to tax us residents more and more via Special Assessment Areas, General Obligation bonds, or a property tax.”

    Personally, I will be interested to learn what All the candidates feel about the Home Rule Issues as that will determine my votes.

  8. Carol says:

    I hear deafening silence from the candidates. They intend to yak us to death at the forums with canned speeches that say nothing and promise to be for everything we want at no cost to us. I say boycott the forums. I am deciding on Home Rule vote now.

  9. Tony T says:

    @ Carol. What a great idea, let’s all boycott those forums!

  10. Simple…Restrict The Funds. Vote NO on Home Rule.

  11. I reiterate vote no on Home Rule! The more we get the word out, the better the chance that it will be defeated. That means through ads and whatever means necessary. Controls start with cutting off the funds. Maybe we can pool together and run a significant ad campaign.

  12. Tony T says:

    Mr. Varney, sad very sad. Go back to baking your cakes and cookies, you have way too much time on your hands.

  13. Question: Is it possible that “Tony T” is attempting to imply “he” is one and the same as “Tony Tonsich?” The diametrically opposed positions on the issue of Home Rule between the two even almost suggests a weird form of subterfuge.

    Stand by your guns, Dana Howard Varney. You are right on in my book and I must thank “Tony T” for showing me another good reason to VOTE NO ON HOME RULE.

  14. Way to go Tony T. It’s no wonder that Dana and his wife are still in business. They spend more time blaming everyone else for their declining business, while their customers like myself go to their competitors to the East.

  15. James Poole says:

    Did anyone read the Red Rock News? Article on how Cottonwood is a much better place to live. Maybe that is because their city staffers work to make Cottonwood better. Sedona is not doing real good, Maybe that is because Sedona staffers @Tony T are more interested in spending every penny while adding no value except for padding the pockets of their friends with special interest.
    Geez a man who bakes. Thank you for speaking up. Don’t let the “Sedona Bullies” stop you. It appears they have more time on their hands than you. Kudos Bravo Mr Varney.
    Vote No on home rule! Stop funding special interest groups. Be heard! Stop the bullies!

    I am voting NO on home rule

  16. OK THIS DOES IT, IM VOTING NO BECAUSE OF THE NASTY EGOS OF THE COUNCIL & TONY TEES. Yes I know how to take my caps lock off. Want you Yes Voters to get it that these fools have a hand on your checkbooks & savings & you better start paying attention. Stand up Silent Majority in this town. We’re disgusted. Take it to the poll & do something!

  17. Cindi, thank you for your concern. Business is booming and actually going up. We will however always stand up to special interest that bleed tax dollars. We will never pay referral fees in order to get business. There are still a lot of great people in Sedona that love us. That is why we have been in business in Sedona for over 20 years. And Cindy, VOTE NO ON HOME RULE!!!

  18. Joe T says:

    Silent majority…?.

    You must mean very vocal minority

    Same cast of characters…wrong and complain about every issue..Thanks for helping me make a decision..

    If your for it…I’m against it..

    Yes on Home Rule!!!! Oh yea

  19. I am a candidate for city council and wanted to respond to this so I am not lumped in with the rest of the candidates. To begin, I want to say that I am for voting YES on home rule yet I understand the positives on rejecting the home rule option. If home rule is not approved, it will be almost certain that there will be a surplus in the 2015-2016 budget and beyond because our income from the various sources is larger than the limitation Arizona would put on our budget. Thus we would have to have drastic cuts across the budget and do that immediately. Yes, I do believe there are excesses in the budget, some of which I will mention at the council meeting today. As far as frivolous spending, if you have an interest in seeing something being done, that is not a frivolous expense, but if you have no interest in something, even spending a dollar on it could be considered frivolous.
    I do support a balanced budget, almost every year (and I will explain), and proper fiscal responsibility. I am trying to set the example by spending less than $250 on my campaign for a job that pays only $450 a month for four years! Ask the other candidates how much it costs to put a color ad in the paper, how much they are spending, and I think you will find some are spending in the neighborhood of 10000-20,000 dollars. Can you trust someone who spends that kind of money on this campaign to be fiscally responsible with city funds? My ideas on how I think the budget should be put together is to have a balanced budget so we do not dip any further into our reserves and save those for emergencies or surprises in economic changes like shortfalls in revenue. To further expand, I would not have a problem with budgeting a deficit for a year following a surplus, but only to the extent of the prior year’s surplus. Thus if we have a $2 million surplus in 2014-2015 (which the budget says will be $10 million deficit), then the 2015-2016 could have a $2 million deficit at most using my premise. One thing to remember with government budgets is that actual expenses can not exceed budget amounts in most areas and thus the budgeted expenses should almost always be high. The 2015 budget has around a $10 million deficit built in, more like 9.5, but the actual numbers will most likely show much less than that yet it is way too much for any city. Say it is only $5 million, that gives us only 8 years before we are out of money and have to have a balanced budget, so why not start now instead of 8 years from now.
    I would much rather see home rule approved and vote in a council that is fiscally responsible to oversee the budget, making sure proper adjustments are made in incremental steps, which could be only one step or year, such that the budget is balanced and appropriate amounts are spent on appropriate items.
    Our community should not be dependent on city funds, when something is near or at self sufficiency, funds should be reduced or dropped. Case in point, the film festival, it has a strong showing and there is no need to pay $30K a year in its support. However, the marathon is still in its infancy so it still needs some support to keep it growing.
    I am not a politician and my wife says I better not become one, this is the first time I am running for office and if elected I will serve the best interests of the whole community without becoming a politician. If you are displeased with what you have seen from the city and the council, then elect someone who is fresh and new to this, I have not had a part of reviewing the budget, nor zoning variances (I did apply for that committee and was not selected). I did attend some of the community plan meetings, including years ago during the days of having color code restrictions set in place, so I know what is in it. I am honest, dependable, will always be accessible, in fact I want to hear from all residents because the council’s decisions are not theirs but the citizens and should represent their needs and wishes.
    I am for dealing with our wastewater, we need to have ways to use it and not just evaporate it, we need to look at what Cottonwood is doing with theirs, as I reviewed theirs last week. I have ideas of how the residents of Sedona can use that gray water without building a pipeline back from the treatment center along with the added pump stations. I am a conservationist, animal lover, retired at age 57 because I have fiscal responsibility. I will not be swayed by big interest companies but will be open to consider alternatives or new ideas brought forward with supporting research. I think outside the box, try to find solutions, not just the problems. Elect me for city council and you will be happy with the results, assuming the other council members are open to my ideas.

  20. julie says:

    Very brave of you to post Mr. O’Donnell. The special interest groups have been running city hall for to long. The citizens can’t get past groups like the marathon collecting taxpayers money with out accounting for it. The marathon is an extension of the very high paid Regional Chamber, The Marathon is not young, been around for 8 -10 years. They charge everyone to run, gets free money from the city and makes money on the shirts of our city. It is not a community event it is a chamber event. Since the chamber claims they have over 1,000 members then it wouldn’t take much of their own members contribution to make the marathon even more successful. They should NOT get any money or free services from the city as only their members benefit from the marathon.

    Time to turn off ALL the Faucets‎. Time for the City to grow up and be responsible for the City and not others businesses. Look at Cottonwood, & Flagstaff they run their own events, Chamber gets no funding. The City of Flagstaff has their ow visitor center. Unlike Sedona who pays the Regional Chamber taxpayers money to market themselves and NOT the City! Time for City Management to see where they can save money rather they give it away.

    Sedona did GREAT without Home Rule. I am voting no on home rule and against any one that runs planning on feeding the controlling special interest groups. Thank you for posting. I hope your change your mind in regards to funding special interest groups like the marathon, chamber ect.

  21. Karen D says:

    I would like to take a moment to announce that after rigorous therapeutic and ongoing psychological evaluations I have been prescribed thorazine and electroconvulsive treatments that should help to balance out my schizophrenic and bipolar tendencies.. Much like Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde, I have been suffering from delusions and modes of manic outbursts.. During my more lucid moments, I look back and see that I have written under the influence of multiple personalities..

    I realize that I am a city employee that compulsively lies and frivolously spends other people’s money in an effort to feed one of my many addictions.. I hereby swear to try and overcome my uncontrollable urges to spend every cent of tax payer money available so that I can ask for even more money next year..

    As part of the 12 steps assigned by my doctors, I realize that I am powerless to overcome my issues on my own.. I have made a list of all the people I have harmed & I am going to apologize directly to each of those people.. My sponsor tells me that these things take time and those that I have lashed out against may not forgive me but I will continue to try..

    As another one of the steps, I am pleading for the SedonaEye, to envoke verification of each comment submission through some secure means of identity confirmation so as to prevent me from writing under the influence of my various personalities..


  22. Paul, Sedona says:

    Nonsense, Ms. Jackson. Your vitriol is appalling. I will not allow this personal attack on a good business, good businesspeople, to go unchallenged and I implore not only the Chamber but the Council to comment here as well. I have never met Mr. and Mrs. Varney but they are entitled to their opinions and they put their names to it. This is not Nazi Germany! This is not how Americans treat each other with differing viewpoints! I ask that each member of this community make their voices heard that it welcomes civilized debate, differing opinions, just causes, sound advice.

    To Mr. Robert O’Donnell, you earned my vote. I respect you even though I don’t agree with each of your positions. When I speak to you, I will expect to be heard and my opinions be given consideration even if you disagree with me. That’s the America and the political world I live in. Good luck with the election.

  23. IMO it’s appalling for attacks to be made on Sedona businesses. When agents solicit city funding for alleged not-profit endeavors and are not required to produce accountability, that’s one thing. And since those entities are recipients of public money they are deserving of public scrutiny.

    Business owners brave enough to enter the lion’s den, use their own names, and exercise their privilege of freedom to speak of course take a chance on retaliation.

    However, maybe those antagonists so willing to lambaste hard-working Sedona businesses for expressing concerns relating to city policy might rightfully be looked upon as part of the problem and a deterrent to solutions.

    In particular, the commodity offered by Dana Harold Varney and his wife Donna is equally enjoyed by residents as well as our visitors. They collect city sales tax and contribute to the economy. As a long time resident of Sedona it’s been a personal observation that more and more we, who live here, are forced to shop elsewhere due to unavailability of products which were offered to locals when we initially relocated from California. Therefore I’m grateful for the service provided from their business.

    Mr. & Mrs. Varney, you can bake a cake for me anytime but do not put candles on it. Rarely (if ever) do I go public on my voting preferences but in this case and in addition to other reasons certainly the negative attacks on those opposing have convinced me. My vote on Home Rule will be NO.

    Keep the ovens hot, kids, and consider me among those who love you.

  24. R Fairly says:

    I agree with Eddie, keep on keeping on with Sedona Sweet Arts! You do so much to contribute to the benefits of the community. You not only promote your own businesses but you are always promoting other Sedona city businesses. My goodness, by that alone you both should be entitled to some monies – for you are doing what the Chamber is…..only you both do it for free!

    I say KUDOS!

    I say NO to Home Rule.

    I say, to hell with any candidate that puts greed and special interest groups (one in the same) before the welfare of the community. I say that if they can’t see these things then we don’t need a “city”.

  25. Tony Tonsich says:

    To those here who know my views, I am very much in favor of NO to the Alternative expenditure limitation/Home Rule.

    I fully agree with Dana Harold Varney and I wish him every success as I do all Sedona Business owners who have to make a living despite of the onerous Sedona City fees, regulations and Taxes. Fees that put them at a disadvantage to businesses in the Village.

    To those who try to provide false and confusing information, including confusing and false names, may you get what you deserve.

    I appreciate your post Mr Robert O’Donnell, good luck to you.


    Consider and google Sedona Disincorporation.

    Tony Tonsich

  26. sheri g says:

    Guess my biggest moment of clarity is – as I was watching the 7/22/14 Council meeting- when Councilman John Martinez stated “We only bring in $28 million and we spend $38million” …………………..Huh?

    What more needs to be said?

    If this isn’t a true reason to vote NO on the “Alternative Expenditures/Home Rule issue? than what is?

  27. Julianna S says:

    Note from Editor: Although this writer uses a pseudonym, this comment has been brought to our attention that the post might be perceived or misconstrued as a person with a similar employment circumstance. As the comment appears to be self-incriminating and or of a personal nature, its content has been edited:

    (deleted) of all things government..(deleted by editor) thinking. All was well (deleted)…although (deleted)… Thanks for listening

  28. sharlett says:

    Julianna S. Huh? Could you enlighten us please?

  29. Julianna S says:

    Note from Editor:

    Although this writer uses a pseudonym, this comment has been brought to our attention that the post might be perceived or misconstrued as a person with a similar employment circumstance. As the comment appears to be self-incriminating and or of a personal nature, its content has been edited:

    Yes Sharlett..I was (deleted) I am now (deleted)

  30. Tony Tonsich says:

    Another strong reason for Sedona disincorporation.

    Vote NO on Home Rule/Alternative expenditure limitation.

    Tony Tonsich

  31. That council meeting 7/22, very interesting. At pre-meeting Tim Ernster when asked by Rob Adams about whether or not chamber of commerce should be getting a grant over and above their grand=slam contract of over a million dollars, TE responded that no, he thought money for the marathon should be included with the funding for destination marketing. Well, a lot of good that did. Council (except for John Martinez) approved the total of $150,000 grant money which included the $10,000 plus $4,000 (in kind) award for the C of C.

    Another interesting observation. While R. Adams generally scolds those attending council meetings if they clap or make comments, once again after the vote of approval for the grants he never made a peep at the “yeas” and applause from the audience. More blatant favoritism.

    Interesting, too, was that C of C’s Jennifer Wesselhoff wasn’t there to do her own bidding for the funds. She sent one of her agents, David Keeber, instead. Wonder if she’ll do her own honors when the time comes for soliciting an additional $45,000 or so more for her Holiday Central. Such a deal they have in motion.

    Time for monetary control. Vote “NO” on Home Rule.

  32. M Pattin says:

    I searched Assistant City Manager, Ms Karen Daines (deleted by editor) and found that she lives at: (deleted by editor) Sedona Az 86351 (deleted by editor) which is in the Village of Oak Creek and well outside the city limits of Sedona. Why is this allowable? Shouldn’t city management, at a minimum, be required to live within the city limits?

    There are other Assistants and Assistant “to the” manager’s employees that work for the city yet live outside the city limits:

    (deleted by editor) Sedona, AZ 86351

    (deleted by editor) Cornville, AZ 86325

    The excuse of “it’s too expensive to live in Sedona” is quite ironic. It is okay for them to collect taxes from those who live and work within the city limits, but they themselves reside outside the city of which signs their checks because “they can’t afford to live here.”

    Time to curb the insanity. Cull the herd. Cut a fat hog.

    NO on Home Rule/Alternative Spending Limitation is a good place to begin the trimmings.

  33. C’mon stick to the discussion. Posts meant to be funny aren’t. Posts meant to be satire aren’t. Move on. That said let me applaud the candidate who signed his name and gave a phone number. That’s class. Some of the other writers ought to figure out what that means. Condolences to the family that lost their loved one on Sunday. I’ve been following your Facebook and lots of people are signing. Beautiful lives cut short.

  34. Marge says:

    Good for you Robert O’Donnell. Although I disagree with your position on Home Rule, it would surely be political suicide for any candidate, Mayor or City Council, to go against it or to go against the outlandish funding policy for the Chamber of Commerce (especially since it was C of C Jennifer Wesselhoff’s realtor husband, Rick, who was recently lobbying for the fundraiser for mayor candidate Sandy Moriarity which pretty clearly indicates substantial support for her from real estate agents and favored Chamber members.)

    Since this present City Council has locked in funding for the next three years for the Chamber and other service contracts, maybe the only recourse for the newly elected would be to insist on requests for proposals (RFP’s) prior to expiration of year one of Chamber’s contract. There is a 30-day cancellation clause, and if the new council does the appropriate thing and demands an accurate accounting of return on investment in addition to legitimate audit of exactly how sources of funding to the Chamber are dealt with, there might be a ray of light at the end of the tunnel.

    In the meantime, it appears the “Legacy” this present council has endeared us with is the most unrest in Sedona ever in addition to the idea of “Disincorporation.” Great work, mayor and your side-kicks which even to them you are frequently disrespectful along with staff members and, of course, those residents who dare to send you e-mails unless in agreement with your biased positions.

    Based on skepticism of other candidates perhaps more well know than yourself, I will vote for you Mr. O’Donnell and also Ronald Budnick who has revealed some interesting facts regarding just how much lowly residents of Sedona do contribute to the tax base. Yes indeed. It’s far more accurate than any accusation that we do not contribute a nickel.

  35. I would like to thank everyone that has supported me and my right to speak up regarding public policy. I do beleive the small businesses in Sedona have been suppressed and have been afraid to speak up for a long time. It is so hard to make a living here and I believe there is a certain element that really like it that way. The circle of special interest that control the money. There is always an underlying threat that is, if you don’t pay the chamber or other special interest groups referral fees you will not last in Sedona. We have survived simply because we work very very hard. The only way to make a change in Sedona is to band together as one. We have all been betrayed with the extra funding from Home Rule. It is time to bring it to an end. It is abusive. Vote No on Home Rule

  36. Richard W. says:

    Caution to Marge. Nice suggestion for the newly elected to thoroughly investigate the inner workings of the Chamber. Keep in mind that if the candidates being backed by the Chamber of Commerce and Realtors are elected, watch out!

    If that happens be prepared for the Chamber to received 100% of the increased bed tax proceeds and expect all give-away offers of money from City Hall to be increased substantially.

    Not only that but Sandy Moriarity was on the Housing Commission and worked in tandem with Jessica Williamson (at the time a city employee and now a city council member) to implement the ADUs (auxiliary dwelling units) in single-family housing areas, and even Mayor Adams is supportive of rezoning for higher density housing. But then on the other hand, maybe the Chamber could manage to expand the Marathon to invade ALL of Sedona subdivisions and not just selectively thru Kachina? How fun might that be?

    In the meantime, consider pulling in the reins and voting NO on Home Rule. A few years of legislative control might reveal an interesting story but clearly it won’t be to everyone’s liking.

  37. Sharlett says:

    Richard W – Too Bad YOU didn’t run for Mayor or Council as you seem to have figured it all out with a level of correctness we should all honor. We should also respect and understand your vote NO on Home Rule…..as it seems you have done your homework.

    In order to support the concept of full disclosure, which we are all entitled to – and as one of the 300 recipients of the following email, I have cut and pasted the entire email from Steve Segner, in its entirety, who is the President of the Sedona Lodging Council which is an ” affinity” by-product of our (Regional) Chamber of Commerce, which I believe is a 501c3?…and that status does not allow for political statements or actions in any election . Read on and…make your own decisions

    “Dear SLC,

    I am sending this message as a personal message, and the thoughts herein are not the expressed consensus of any organization that I belong to.

    Some of us had the opportunity to meet with all the candidates for Mayor and City Council. Now, we can use your help. Keep in mind that the candidates cannot receive donations from businesses so all contributions must be done on a personal basis.

    First of all, the mayoral race is very clear. Vote for Sandy Moriarty. Sandy has been and will continue to be a business supporter and has been an advocate for the Chamber of Commerce for many years. Furthermore, when we asked Cliff Hamilton about destination marketing and our efforts over the last 18 months, he said, “the jury is still out. In my opinion, this is a grand experiment.” I believe he already has plans for what that money could be used for in the future.

    The council election is not as cut and dry. Many of the candidates understood the value of tourism and the importance of marketing Sedona to be competitive in the tourism marketplace. Here’s my take on the candidates. While we really liked Tom Lamkin, he is new to the community and is not accepting contributions. Without an advertising campaign, we are not sure if he could get elected. Jerry Frey did not show up for our meeting. Robert O’Donnell is very interested in smart meters and has made that a focal point to his campaign. Therefore, based on our meetings, I will be supporting (personally) the following candidates:

    Sandy Moriarty: http://www.mayorsandy.com

    Angela LeFevre: http://www.AngelaforSedona.com Scott Jablow: http://www.jablowforcitycouncil.com Rio Robson: rio@sonsilverwest.com Ron Budnick:rvbudnick@sprintmail.com

    These candidates need your financial support. Please consider donating $50 or $100 to each of these candidates. Their websites or email addresses are listed above.

    Call me if there is any other information you need.

    steve segner
    800 313 0017 ”
    Guess Steve S can write what ever he wants to — just like I can.

    These are the candidates I can support = Rio and Tom Lamkin, Cliff for mayor as he is much less a socialistic than Sandy. what ever the Sedona Lodging Council (SLC) promotes? ………….just watch their self serving motivations. I’ll support Tom Lamkin and Jerry Frey and Robert O’Donnell.

  38. Warren says:

    I want to thank Steve Segner for giving us a list of who not to vote for.

  39. File Number: -1066961-2
    Domestic Address
    SEDONA, AZ 86351
    Statutory Agent Information

    Agent Mailing/Physical Address:
    SEDONA, AZ 86351

    Agent Status: APPOINTED 02/27/2003
    Agent Last Updated: 03/18/2003
    Additional Corporate Information
    Incorporation Date: 02/27/2003 Corporate Life Period: PERPETUAL
    Domicile: ARIZONA County: COCONINO
    Approval Date: 02/27/2003 Original Publish Date: 05/15/2003
    Officer Information
    PO BOX 2534
    SEDONA,AZ 86339
    Date of Taking Office: 07/01/2012
    Last Updated: 11/14/2013
    PO BOX 2534
    SEDONA,AZ 86339
    Date of Taking Office: 07/01/2011
    Last Updated: 11/14/2013
    PO BOX 2534
    SEDONA,AZ 86339
    Date of Taking Office: 07/01/2013
    Last Updated: 11/14/2013
    PO BOX 2534
    SEDONA,AZ 86339
    Date of Taking Office: 07/01/2013
    Last Updated: 11/14/2013
    PO BOX 2534
    SEDONA,AZ 86339
    Date of Taking Office: 07/01/2013
    Last Updated: 11/14/2013

    Director Information
    PO BOX 2534
    SEDONA,AZ 86339
    Date of Taking Office: 07/01/2013
    Last Updated: 11/14/2013
    PO BOX 2534
    SEDONA,AZ 86339
    Date of Taking Office: 07/01/2012
    Last Updated: 11/14/2013
    PO BOX 2534
    SEDONA,AZ 86339
    Date of Taking Office: 07/01/2011
    Last Updated: 11/14/2013
    PO BOX 2534
    SEDONA,AZ 86339
    Date of Taking Office: 07/01/2011
    Last Updated: 11/14/2013

  40. Chamber of Commerce Affinity Groups

    To better serve the needs of its members, the chamber has been sponsoring affinity groups that represent various sectors of Sedona’s business community. Representing the needs of 1,000 individual members is nearly impossible, but representing the interests of a dozen groups, each with a unified vision, makes it possible for the chamber to not only address each sector’s needs more effectively but also to represent its vision and business interests in the chamber’s marketing efforts.

    The affinity groups are:
    Sedona Metaphysical Spiritual Association
    Sedona Events Alliance
    Sedona Gallery Association
    Sedona Lodging Council

    What’s missing? Verification of 1000 members within Sedona City Limits to prove the over one million dollars of Sedona tax money is being spent to advertise those businesses collecting the taxes. Those businesses within City Limits. NOT competing businesses out of City Limits that are reaping in the benefit of Sedona’s tax money.

  41. Let me see if I have this right.

    One of these Sedona Council people is an employee of a renter in the Village of Oak Creek.
    Renter being the Hilton. Hilton is not a landowner. Therefore, not a stakeholder.

    He sits on the Sedona Lodging Council.
    He also casts a vote with the Big Park Council as “Sedona Village” lodging Association with two other people. Look it up.
    The Sedona Village Lodging Association does not exist with the Arizona Corporation Commission or anywhere on the internet.
    Yet that one vote negates half of the Village of Oak Creek, the VOCA vote in the amount of 4000 people.
    You want to talk about games and bull***t?

    These people need to be reigned in. I’m calling the Hilton Home Office. Time for a transfer….

  42. A friend showed this to me (sending the info below here), are you kidding me? Thank God she didn’t get that appointment. IMO she’s not all that! Wondered why would they even consider her?

    here’s what i was talking about above

    Really like your site!


    File Number: -1066961-2 Corp. Name: SEDONA LODGING COUNCIL, INC.

    Notices of Pending Administrative Dissolution

    Administrative Dissolutions and Reinstatements

    04/12/11 AD-DISSOLVED – FILE A/R

    REINSTATEMENT DATE: 08/26/2013

    TRANSLATION: After falling into delinquent status in 02/05/2010, the Sedona Lodging Council was dissolved 04/12/11 until the Reinstatement Date of 08/26/13 which was just short of one year ago, during which time the bed tax increase was approved by City Council with 55% return granted to the Sedona Chamber of Commerce for the purpose of a contract for Destination Marketing. During those Council Meetings, Steve Segner was highly visible and stated on more than one occasion: “Just trust us” referring to how the Chamber/Lodging Council intended to spend the amount of over one million dollars which was at stake.

    During the first half of 2013 at which time consideration was given to both a sales tax and bed tax increase, the Sedona Lodging Council was, indeed, not reflected in the records of the Arizona Corporation Commission as a valid registered corporation because they weren’t. Therefore the references made in Sedona Eye were accurate. If the purpose of the recent comment posted above was to infer that was not the case, it simply isn’t true.

    One might wonder. Was the timing of the date of the Arizona Corporation Commission reinstatement of the Sedona Lodging Council just a convenient coincidence?

  44. Now I see Julianna Stewart and Tony Tonscih have both wrote letters in the ballot pertaining to a vote on Home Rule..

    Who are these people?

    (deleted by editor)

    Vote yes.. vote no
    But beware were the information comes from and who is writing it

    This has been a fraud finder alert and all my opinion

  45. Sedona Sam says:

    I am voting no on Home Rule. My family has lived here for years. The city is corrupt and made it worst by funding a regional chamber.

    That is GREAT that some people will stand up to the city and chamber using their real names. Thank you to all that did. STOP the corruption and misuse of taxpayers money. Vote no.

  46. Liz, Sedona says:

    I’m voting no. After careful consideration it seems the most honest route for the city to review its expenditures while still having plenty of money to do what is needed. Let’s do the right thing by the residents this time, not the tourists. Vote no.

    I am disappointed in the CVS debacle on the corner of Airport Road. That road supports more weight and volume than its designed for, and like the Page highway it could collapse. No development should be allowed at that intersection period unless its an office center. Then it would function during regular business hours, not attract loiterers or drug addicts or crime and no high density lighting and trash issues.

    We have too many pharmacies in town now. There should be concern that with the new healthcare system, these style of pharmacies will fade away and government dispensaries will become the norm with mailed prescriptions and government run distribution centers. Then what Sedona? You’ve banked on funds that will disappear.

    You do know that Walgreen’s center is leaving Flagstaff? Check it out.

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