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How Much Abuse Is Sedona’s Voting Public Willing to Take?

SedonaEye.com J. Rick Normand, Investigative and Financial Columnist

SedonaEye.com J. Rick Normand, Investigative and Financial Columnist

Sedona AZ (June 26, 2016) Sedona luminary Terrie Frankel posted this to her Facebook Account on June 25 along with 23 pictures to support her statement(s) as to who was in attendance:

“Steve Segner and wife Connie of El Portal Sedona Hotel, recently hosted Dr.Andrea Houchard and her popular Philosophy in the Public Interest Salon at their famed Thompson Ranch up Oak Creek Canyon. What made this event so interesting is that nearly 80 Philosophy Scholars from around the country – participating in a Philosophy Retreat at NAU – were bused down the Canyon to mingle with some of Sedona’s most notable and interesting local friends of the Segner’s. Following a tour of the Segner’s authentic Arts and Crafts home built by Joel DeTar, the guests gathered in small groups to participate in philosophical discussions. Historian Segner says such discourse influenced and shaped American societies of the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. The gathering was a resounding success and Steve says he plans to host more of these intellectual gatherings in the future. From Emus trotting on the perfectly manicured lawn – to the delicious barbecue – this was a summer evening memory we will treasure. Guests included: Paul Friedman, Mei Wei Wong, John Sather, Charlie and Karen Schudson, Al Comello, Laura Van House, Angela LeFevre, Mayor Sandy Moriarty, City Manager Justin Clifton, Council Members John Martinez, Scott Jablow, and Jessica Williamson, Col. Judith Patton, etc.”

open closedIt would seem that Ms. Frankel, while reveling in her socially adroit presentation of Steve Segner’s culturally regnant commentaries to those Facebook minions addicted to unabashed self-promotion, also unwittingly confirmed a violation of the Arizona Open Meeting Law, A.R.S. § 38-431 through 38-431.09, by the four current Council members highlighted in her FB post. The attendance of these four constituted a quorum for a Council meeting under the law irrespective of their physical location or social purpose for being there. Furthermore, there seems to be a violation as to timely notice and posting of said gathering under A.R.S. §38-431(A) and (C). To date, several people have asked Arizona Liberty, in which this writer is a partner, to file a request for investigation to the Arizona Attorney General’s Open Meeting Law Enforcement Team (OMLET) under A.R.S §38-431.06.

When I questioned Ms. Frankel’s recount of the above-mentioned social gathering in a personal email to me earlier on Saturday, June 25, 2016 10:24 PM, Terrie Frankel wrote back:

Hi Rick… Why is everyone upset? I don’t understand… Please explain. Terrie

My reply to her ignoble naïveté was:

“Why is everyone upset? Well, Terrie, it was knowingly staged as a violation of state Open Meeting laws to start with. Everyone from the Council who was there, as well as Angela LeFevre and the City Manager, knew it. Apparently, nobody bothered to tell you! Meanwhile, the timing was extraordinarily suspicious because the FY 2016-2017 Tentative Budget comes before the City Council for rubber-stamping at its regular city Council meeting this upcoming Tuesday, June 28th. The proposed budget was submitted in April by City Manager Justin Clifton who attended your Segner gathering, while the City Finance Director, who usually presents it, will not be doing so. Estimated Revenues are $33,210,895 while Budgeted Expenditures are $38,360,866. That’s a $5,149,971 dangerously huge deficit at the worst possible moment in decades. Notwithstanding that huge projected deficit, I am reliably told that the requested $2,009,828 allocation for the CofC (almost 40% of the projected deficit) was a casual discussion item at the subject gathering. And, of course, a very sizeable portion of this allocation to the CofC from the City of Sedona Treasury is funneled on down to Steve Segner’s Sedona Lodging Council. Nine people who are political activists in this town picked up on this whole scenario before the first one ever contacted me. I guess you had a party last night which was attended by several of my fans or friends who somehow found out about your FB posting, although some of them found it posted this morning at The Eye by Steve Segner himself. Boasting in print about a meeting co-hosted by you, which was in violation of state statutes, and attended by candidate/office holders and their campaign donors, most of whom are the direct beneficiaries of the massive deficit about to be imposed on this little town just as the US economy has gone into an unrecoverable flat spin, probably set off the firestorm, don’t you think? I hope this explanation has clarified the issue for you, Terrie. Due to no effort on my part, I’m willing to bet that this issue will go viral by Tuesday.~Rick”

While this may seem to be no big deal to many readers and citizens of Sedona…it is a big deal! The fact that the Mayor of Sedona and three sitting Councilors (and its City Manager) would intentionally violate a state statute, one they’re all taught by the City Attorney when they take their oath of office, is egregious to say the least and a demonstration of total disrespect to the residents and voters in and of our town at the worst! Still, Ms. Frankel, undoubtedly like most Sedona residents who’ve never taken the time to watch how the establishment in Sedona is always pushing the envelop(e) of ethics and legal constraints, still needed more explanation. So, I wrote this to her…

“Btw, just to clarify, Terrie…of course the social gathering at Steve Segner’s house was not illegal but what was illegal was for four sitting City Councilors to be there at the same time. They all took an oath of office to support and defend the U.S. Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Arizona. The latter has a law known as the Open Meeting Law, which is so dangerous when violated that the State set up a special division of the Attorney General’s office to accept requests for inquiries and to conduct investigations when the law is apparently violated. The law says that a quorum of political office holders with voting authority (in Sedona that would be four Council members) may not meet for any purpose without issuing a proper notice to the public and an invitation to the public to attend so that they may hear anything mentioned potentially concerning (City) government business. That was simply not done relative to the Houchard/Segner social event. No one would have known of this violation of the Arizona Open Meeting Law if not for having found out about it in your Facebook posting. Worse yet, there appears to be a monumental question of impropriety when the invitee list to the social function at Segner’s house matches up to the campaign donors and beneficiaries list for the last and next elections. Prevention of this prospect is precisely why the Open Meeting Law was passed in 1962. The moment City Councilor’s are sworn in, the City Attorney schools them in the Arizona Open Meeting Law. There is just no way that any of those Councilors in attendance and the Mayor didn’t know the law, as did Angela LeFevre.

To use the Facebook crowd’s vernacular, the Houchard/Segner social gathering was meant to be “in your face!” voters of Sedona. It was meant to make it clear to all of us who are tired of the same old corrupt city practices and reckless spending that nothing is going to change, that the same insiders are still in control, and that there will be consequences for any of us opposed to their insider dealings! The entirety of the world is now revolting against the entrenched corrupt establishment. The same revolt needs to happen here…and now!

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Read www.SedonaEye.com for daily news and interactive views!


  1. Malcolm, Canadian reader from BC says:


    Reading the comments and article with interest. You may find this link of great value in discussions as to your election.

  2. Norma says:

    @Malcolm, Canadian reader from BC, Thank you!

    Great value, a must watch everyone.

  3. Fred T. says:

    Not only is this questionable breach of the open meeting law troubling, but the ongoing push this council has to seek RFP’s from garbage companies for a city service contract, and yet they have NEVER pursued such competitive bids for the advertising contract with the chamber of commerce, now at the huge amount of $2.01 MILLION (that’s dollars, folks) for the 2017 contract – roughly $35,000 per week! And isn’t it amazing it’s the same elite group of folks functioning under that same chamber umbrella, including the Red Earth Theatre gang, that are the financial beneficiaries of public money – without an outside audit and/or RFP’s – ever! Do you suppose they do their version of outside auditing up at the Segner estate?

    Liberty group – please, please get your hooks into this sham. As the article asks, How Much Abuse? Already too much is the correct answer to that question.

  4. Lynnette says:

    Too much.

  5. Al S says:

    We the residents and businesses are really hoping that J. Rick Normand and the Liberty group can make some positive changes here.

    Sedona is no longer a nice place. The special interest groups are running the city. The abuse has gone too far……..

  6. West Sedona Dave says:

    Al, who are these so called special interest groups you talk of?

    Your saying that the businesses are the special interest?(they are the ones with the money and intensives)

    I find it funny in a right to work state that is sold RED, that we continue to put the same elected officials in year after year…..

    All this so called Liberty groups are all phony and are for the rich and powerful, they are not for us the common middle class…

    Americans for Prosperity? The Heritage Foundation….These are think tanks that arnt for us…..Just a handful of wealthy elites……

  7. Eddie Maddock says:

    Al S says it all.
    SOS to Arizona Liberty – PULEEZE!

  8. Peter says:

    Responding to West Sedona Dave’s question to Al: “who are these so called special interest groups you talk of?”

    Although there are any number of them, my guess the number one culprit is the chamber of commerce. Many comments have been made about this scandalous connection with the City of Sedona and the vast amounts of money given to a member driven, member represented special interest club.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see through this unchecked scam of a “destination marketing program” in order to compensate the Sedona Lodging Council for the consideration of the bed tax increase. Problem is, though, why isn’t that money going directly to the Lodging Council instead of side-stepped through this absurd regional chamber of commerce that (and rightfully so) is obligated to promote ONLY their members. And not only that, they turn around and must outsource the advertising through a professional company in Phoenix.

    Where oh where is the State of Arizona on such negligence to ignore the violation of this incorporated City of Sedona to outreach and overstep their jurisdiction, both geographically and financially?

    And that’s just a beginning but quite possibly the most in-your-face example. On a lesser scale, Red Rock Theatre at the tune of around $50,000 is another quick mention. For a city-owned property to be paying others to use it is nuts. THEY should be the ones paying the City. Period.

  9. West Sedona Dave says:

    Im not here to argue…..The city of Phoenix does this…..Scottsdale does this…..

    All I can say is people are upset…..but….Its not there money, its a bed tax for the chamber……So people that visit here money…….Now if you dont like it or think it illegal do something about it……..

    Ive watched Cottonwood give $10k, to the Boys and Girls club also….

    So a city budget of over 50 million dollars your splitting hairs…

    I get it, we live in times now that the government is evil and they steal our money…But its been this way from the start……..

    Be careful what you wish for, it just might come true.

  10. @West Sedona Dave says:

    @West Sedona Dave you are lying. Didn’t you go and read Scottsdale’s department of tourism and events? I did. You and your chamber are flat out lying. !. the chamber is NOT part of the city, they are a regional club. member club, business association.

    The City of Scottsdale does NOT gift on cent to a regional Chamber. They have their own in house DEPARTMENT that is EXCLUSIVE to in-city businesses. PERIOD! Nor does phoenix, Arizona or any of the city – states advertise outside businesses. Arizona does not advertise California, Scottsdale’s does not pay to advertise Paradise Valley. Flagstaff does NOT advertise businesses outside their city limits.

    It is NOT the lodging or chambers money. IT is however public taxpayers money.

    You are evil and using public money to fund private enterprise. STEVE ! Anyone can read your posts and know it’s you.

    This is why the businesses, employees and resident dislike you SS and are all looking forward to see you go down. Evil barf u r.

  11. @West Sedona Dave says:

    Oh brother! You’re so hung up Steve is using taxpayers money to pay for your ads. Go get a life. Learn how to fish.

  12. West Sedona Dave says:

    Another CVB public-revenue source is the State of Arizona, via Proposition 302, in which
    Maricopa County hotel operators and rental car companies collect and pass along an
    additional tax to the state that is then split and invested in numerous projects.
    As a membership-based organization with more than 400 members, the CVB also receives
    some private revenue via membership dues and through program participation fees.
    The CVB has been a standalone company since July 2001 after having been an arm of
    the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce for 15 years. The CVB has more than 40 full-
    and part-time employees, along with a volunteer board of directors comprised of local
    leaders who represent a variety of segments from the tourism industry.

    Why do you continue to not read the information posted?…..You are wrong, now deal with it….My goodness


  13. Transparency please says:

    Every day the City of Sedona imposes taxes or uses any monies for REGIONAL PROMOTION they are discriminating against the business and residents. They are using general funds to pay for advertising of OUTSIDE city-limits businesses. This showing of favoritism to businesses outside the city limits, prejudice and discrimination against those within the city limits. The city jurisdiction is the incorporated CITY LIMITS!

    The City Council is working against incorporation. Why would anyone think it ok to use these monies to advertise it’s competition? There is only so many visitors that fit in our small town. Are they getting a kick back? Instead of driving business into town they are driving it out of town and using taxpayers money to do so!

    Now tell me why would anyone want to open a business when the city will use the taxes they collect to ADVERTISE their COMPETITION?

    The businesses DID NOT have a vote. The residents DID NOT have a vote. The special interests- (names deleted by editor) GREASED the council and are STEALING from each and everyone of you! They created a “Sedona Mafia” as the businesses have to PAY MORE and JOIN the chamber to get any benefit from the 2.01 million this year to private membership funding from city coffers, 16 million to date.

    They also lie and say you don’t pay taxes BUT you do! Property taxes are higher here as we have to provide and PAY for the TOURISTS thru emergency services and wear and tear on STATE own streets.

    9-500.06. Hospitality industry; discrimination prohibited; use of tax proceeds; exemption; definitions

    1. “Discriminate” means any increase of fees on hospitality industry businesses by any dollar amount without a corresponding equal dollar amount of increase in the privilege license fees or other fees imposed on all other businesses in the city or town or increasing or imposing the fees on hospitality industry businesses where no similar fees are established and imposed on other businesses.

    They are imposing taxes on the in city businesses while those outside the city limits don’t pay.


  14. steve Segner says:

    STEVE ! Anyone can read your posts and know it’s you.

    Sorry, not me I always use my name I have not fear of anyone or the truth, I just post when you use incorrect number,
    Keep up the good work West sedona dave

  15. @West Sedona Dave says:

    Another LIE The CVB is NOT the CITY of Scottsdale!!!!!!!

    The City has their OWN department. You’re confusing a co-op where city of scottsdale, city of paradise valley and 2 indian reservations FORMED. NO other can be listed in this co-op under lodging.

    the village and those outside the city limits don’t PAY> >>>>> a CVB cop op everyone PAYS Equally

    In Sedona you want only the incity businesses to pay while the Hilton, Enchantment and others outside the district get FREE advertising off the backs of residents and businesses. Yep your the sedona mafia weevie

  16. West sedona resident says:

    @west sedona DAVE

    Keep up the truth. And watch the complainers and haters squirm…..Tea party people hate all things government….

  17. steve Segner says:

    Show us any ads for Enchantment and others outside the district get FREE advertising.
    No hotels get any advertising from the chamber we all pay for all our ads.
    Please just show us all the ads you keep talking about.
    Businesses don’t pay a tax they collect a bed tax from visitors.
    One more time show us the ads or move on…

    . ss

  18. West Sedona Dave says:

    Well….so I guess when I look under there membership hotels I get

    Cave Creek
    Fountain Hills
    These are all out of the CVB jurisdiction

    You show no proof no evidence you just double down on your strange off the wall ranting?

    For whatever reason your hate blinds you from the truth? Im sorry…..But if I were you…..Id at least try to prove me wrong?

    Here is the link that shows not all hotels are even located in Scottsdale…..strange hea?


    I have no ax to grind here….all I read is your money is being stolen…..Every city in this state has a bed tax….Some go to countys some go right to the state…..
    Do I have to show you that also?
    ITS A BED TAX!….So if you stay in any commercial establishment in this state a bed tax is levied!………..Dont stay in a hotel, and your money wont be used…

    Prove me wrong!

  19. Peter says:

    And why is it that after three years there have been NO Requests for Proposals? How can anyone say with certainty the bed tax increase is getting the biggest bang for the buck without benefit of RFPs?

    When this decision for contract with the chamber of commerce was first initiated, the excuse was there wasn’t enough time to pursue RFPs but it would happen the following year. If this city council, city staff or anyone else genuinely cared to put a lid on the squabble they would do the right thing and get requests for competitive bids and DEMAND an outside, independent audit.

    For that matter, why wouldn’t the city go directly to Owens Harkey Advertising Agency in Phoenix, which is the professional firm retained by the chamber of commerce to do the job they aren’t qualified to do. If the city could directly get a better deal then more money would be available for other things, which would also benefit the Lodging Council and tourists and, maybe, Heaven Forbid, even the residents.

    Clearly this arrangement doesn’t pass the small test and competent people would insist on clearing the air, and not with a bunch of mumbo-jumbo but viable actions that would truly set the record straight.

  20. West Sedona Dave says:


    You sound like an insider……………Im all ears……But i get real sick and tired of people who light there hair on fire, for either no reason, or just plain stupid follower!

    I dont see why any states attorney couldn’t look into it and very easily know what the deal is…..

    So please please please lets get to the bottom of this…..People like me want answers, just plain and simple….But people who have an ax to grind and just complain, I rather they live it there deranged world of hate!

  21. @West Sedona Dave says:

    Apples to apples

    You are one lie after another

    Mixing all up not one is true. SMOKE LIAR

    City of Scottsdale http://www.scottsdaleaz.gov

    Posting Chamber mixing it up with CVB and saying it is city when It is NOT
    The one thing about you is you never post the truth.

    You are a greedy sick (deleted by editor)

  22. Transparency please says:

    @West Sedona Dave Steve Segner

    Good job of lying

    Your link is not to the city nor is it to the CVB but a chamber. The City does NOT pay them like you get from the city here. Bull crap again

  23. Simple Stuff says:

    I find it very interesting that those that benefit from taxpayers money continually lie.

    Simple facts The City of Sedona is an incorporated area. They should not spend any time or money on anything OUTSIDE the incorporated area. If they wanted to become a country then they should go for it.

    Meanwhile start following the laws. With SB 1487 the city can now be punished.

    Please write Senator Sylvia Tenney Allen
    President Pro Tempore
    1700 W. Washington
    Phoenix, AZ 85007

    United you can make a change. Stop this insane lodging and chamber from Stealing.

    PS Meanwhile let West Sedona Dave and Steve Suckner oops Segner lie. As they have MILLIONS that they need to pay back to the city. Don’t get distracted.

  24. Sedona City BED Tax says:

    I believe Sedona City Bed Tax is the highest in the state. I work for a hotel and we lose business to the Village along with other outlying areas as we collect county sales tax, County Bed Tax along with City Sales tax and city Bed tax for every room we sell. While those outside the city only pays for the county.

    Its old and we don’t get referrals from the chamber even though they charge us to be a member by the thousands. We are getting doubled taxed and then forced to partake in a scam of kick backs.

    Yavapai 6.32 % Plus Sedona City Sales Tx and Bed Tax
    Coconino 6.9% Transient (5.6 state 1.3 county) Plus Sedona City Sales Tx and Bed Tax

    http://www.frommers.com wrote an article
    A Taxing Situation — You can save a little bit on your hotel bill by staying in the Village of Oak Creek rather than in Sedona proper. Not only are there several budget hotels here, but also the room tax is only 7.35% vs. 13.737% in Sedona.

    Read more: http://www.frommers.com/destinations/sedona/668312#ixzz4GJx2rJA2

    This works out to around $15.00 a night just for the room. Not Fair. The City is driving customers outside the city limits.

  25. @Sedona City BED tax says:

    You should worry more about why we only have one bakery in this city. We used to have 2 but opp’s not any more……

  26. Jay Johnstone says:

    @ West Sedona Dave AKA Steve Suckner

  27. Karma Lives says:

    So just wait until the first of the year when legalized short term rentals go into effect. That should boost real estate sales for investors and, of course, they will willingly register with the state to honor the tax collection requirements! Ha! Wanna bet? And just wait until the chamber and lodging folks wine when their rooms aren’t filled and the revenue kick-back from the city coffers dwindles. Couldn’t happen to more deserving, greedy folks. And even those of us in residential neighborhoods might not be so inclined to report these vacation renters because of the abuse we’ve taken from people like – well, you know who. How sweet it will be! Boo hoo for some- Yea Man for others.

  28. @Karma Lives says:

    So maybe Sedona will become known as the Short-Term Rental Center of the World instead of for the scenic Red Rocks? At least all those future residential vacation accommodations won’t be forced to become members of the chamber of commerce in order to be promoted by the city-financed visitors center. In fact, there may be no need for a visitors center here at all! Hey, this is sounding better all the time:-)!

    Oh, oh – not so fast. At a recent council meeting Sir Jon Thompson made the announcement he had already approached Steve Segner and Jennifer Wesselhoff about heading up some group to act as short-term/vacation rental police patrol. Johnny on the spot should be the name of that man.

    BTW, speaking of citizen work groups according to an interview with Jessica Williamson in the RRNews she comments about such a group the city manager is creating to “recommend additional sources of funding for city infrastructure.” Sound familiar?

  29. Wsr says:

    Karma lives
    Sedona city bed tax
    Transparacy please
    & simple stuff

    Are all the same person…..must be one hate fueled SOB…
    Pay no attention to their diatribes

  30. Karma Lives says:

    What’s the matter, Wsr? Does the truth smart a little? Truth is truth.

  31. Get Real says:

    A “Re-Elect the Current City Council” card paid for by Steve Segner and Al Comello arrived in yesterday’s mail. What?! Untrustworthy Steve Segner is financially supporting candidates John Martinez, Jessica Williamson and Tom Lamkin? Get real. The public hasn’t had a voice with them on the Council and Steve doing his thing.

    Come August 30th I’ll vote for the three Council candidates who’ve listened to citizens voices and who oppose the single-hauler trash system that’s currently in the works at City Hall. John Currivan, Joe Vernier and Gerhard Mayer are also endorsed by a reputable party–former Vice Mayor Mark DiNunzio.

    BTW, when Sandy Moriarty ran for Mayor in 2014 she received campaign contributions of $1,600.00 from Steve Segner and $1,000.00 from David Scott Harkey, a Partner at Owens Harkey & Associates (the marketing firm the Chamber of Commerce hired with taxpayer funds). Perhaps this is why Mayor Sandy has no opponent in the upcoming Primary Election? I plan to write in my pets name.

  32. Sticking With The Subject says:

    The subject being: How Much Abuse Is Sedona’s Voting Public Willing To Take? Well, here’s more fuel for the fire.

    A seemingly expensive, oversized post card was mailed promoting Sedona’s two elected council incumbents, Jessica Williamson & John Martinez, and appointed incumbent, Tom Lamkin. Of course, we all know their voting record to be yes, yes, yes to demands of the regional Chamber of Commerce, even the discriminatory practice of shunning Sedona businesses unless they are Chamber members from being promoted at the city financed Visitors Center.

    In addition the three voted to support City to proceed with RFP’s for garbage hauling service, declaring the objection to such a notion as city control came from the “vocal minority,” assuming that silence translates as supporting government take-over of free enterprise and the right to choose.

    Now then, agreeing this mailer is a very fine production, indeed, and there’s nothing wrong with it, it perhaps shouldn’t be overlooked that one of the co-payers for this costly piece was none other than Steve Segner, who together with his wife, entertained at least a quorum of elected officials at the event, subject of the above article. The other co-sponsor, as a matter of fact, is a local marketing professional, Al Comello, the former Campaign Manager for Sandy Moriarity in addition to sitting in one of the chairs of the Board of Directors for the Chamber of Commerce, recipient of the recent $2.01 million budgeted for the contract with the C of C, year 2017.

    This isn’t to say the other three candidates running for City Council will not continue to support the outlandish give-away to the Chamber of Commerce, but it hopefully it might include future RFP’s and an outside professional audit just to assure this little city of Sedona is getting the best deal possible for the contracted service for “destination marketing.” Let us hope, anyhow.

    And those three candidates, subject of yet another tasteful publicity card are: Joe Vernier, Gerhard Mayer, and John Currivan – all of whom have publicly declared their position: “Say NO! To City-Run Trash Hauling” and “Our city government should NOT be managing trash!” (We hear you, Sedona. Your voices matter to us.) “Avoid monopoly; Retain competition; Protect your freedom of choice” These three gentlemen, incidentally, are “endorsed by former Vice Mayor Mark DiNunzio” as indicated on the card itself.

    And so, Folks, back to topic: How much abuse is Sedona’s voting public willing to take?

    Respectfully submitted,

    Eddie S. Maddock

  33. Wsr says:


    Oh thank you ESM for you enlightened post… What would we do without you……especially those who can’t read their own mail

  34. Elaine, inc.sedona says:

    Well guess what “Wsr”? I appreciated the information from “Get Real” and “Sticking with the Subject” (Eddie Maddock). Both of them pointed out the sponsors of the three council incumbents running for election, and the tie-in with Segner/Comello and the city elections is pretty amazing all right. And the story is that neither of those fellows actually legitimately reside within Sedona City Limits. Further, Wsr, I don’t appreciated people like you that tend to speak for everyone, like in your comment “What would we do without you.” Snarky and unnecessary. Clearly you must lead a pretty boring life.

  35. Very Disturbing says:

    It’s very disturbing that these council members will take probably a year to thoroughly investigate the merits of city controlled garbage collecting, including Requests for Proposals. Then on the other hand they changed what was to have been a one year contract for the destination marketing contract with the Chamber, at which time RFP’s would be offered – they changed the one year to a three year contract – and now renewed yet again at the tune of $2.01 million for 2017 and still no RFP’s or outside audit, which was also proposed to be forthcoming at the time of the original negotiations with the C of C.

    And now as we look at the two identified sponsors for their three choices of council members (maybe not the original instigators but with like thinking) – how do we know those funds aren’t, in fact, a portion of the funding given to the Chamber? Who’s to know without a professional, outside audit?

    And to think they throw millions and millions of $$$ to an alleged non-profit special interest group that must outsource to a professional advertising agency in Phoenix? And, of course, local Mr. Comello may also be getting a slice of the pie but at least his business is marketing which apparently he does very well.

    Why in the world does this city go after professional, legitimate garbage hauling companies, short of burning them to the stake, and yet so recklessly toss out millions to an unqualified bunch of ninnies that whine at council about nobody else will love them as much as they do. Unbelievable and shameful at best.

    Yes, how much abuse will the voters take from these cheats and chiselers?

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