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Fireworks Pose Huge Fire Threat As Fire Danger Remains High

Sedona AZ (July 2, 2018) – As we inch closer to the Fourth of July holiday, the Department of Forestry and Fire Management wants to remind the public that the fire danger remains extremely high and dry conditions persist across the state.

Fireworks are a huge fire hazard and have been the cause of many wildfires. With that, we urge the public to be careful and not careless if using fireworks.

As a reminder, fire restrictions and closures are still in place across the state. However, fireworks are never allowed on Arizona State Trust lands or federal lands at any time of the year.

Even with the recent moisture the state received a few weeks ago, it was not enough to rectify the drought situation or reduce Arizona’s fire danger. Vegetation remains dry and can act as kindling and spark a fast moving wildfire.

Fire restrictions and closures will not be lifted until the state receives a significant amount of moisture.

SedonaEye.com Star Pet Columnist Poco Diablo McGuire reminds pet parents to keep Four Paws Up Pals safe at home during fireworks because they are scary!

“While we want people to enjoy their 4th of July holiday, we also ask that people use extreme caution if they are using fireworks, be obedient of the laws, and of course, the fire restrictions. Under no circumstance are fireworks allowed on state or federal lands, at any time. We will be out patrolling and making sure that everyone is being safe and no one is breaking the law,” said State Forester Jeff Whitney.

Fireworks are regulated in the state under Arizona Revised Statute 36-1606. Under state law, firework sales are restricted to the 4th of July and the New Year holidays with only certain types of fireworks allowed to be sold in the state.

Firecrackers, bottle and sky rockets, roman candles, and any type of aerial fire work are all illegal in Arizona.

For more information, contact Tiffany Davila at 602-540-1036 or by email at tdavila@dffm.az.gov.

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  1. Marydee Estes says:

    No one needs to light a match in this heat wave! Poco, my sister’s 17 yr old cat in Michigan had to be put down over the weekend. It was really a rough time. It’s very hot here in the Davenport area and in Michigan it was in the low 80s at 9 pm. It happens occasionally (I’m 83 and remember a few hot hot summers in Wisconsin) and my daddy used to say it was God’s way of saying take the day and rest. Good advice.

  2. Buster says:

    Cool 4th of July costume, Poco D. Speakin’ of cool – THAT it ain’t but maybe by the weekend things will be a changin’ and the rain will be a-comin’. Just don’t need that lightenin’ to come along with it! No Siree!

  3. Poco Diablo McGuire says:

    Gracias to one and all that corporated and dint set off skeery firecrackers so’s we all had a safe, sane good celebrasion of the 4th of July. Our American flag was flyin’ proudly on our front porch – and the wild critters cum to sup up the water Mom puts out for ’em. Ya see, our yard’s certified wif the National Wildlife Federation (Mom hepped me wif’ dat one) so’s we got a official sign sayin’ “Backyard Wildlife Habitat” but it means front yard 2. And ya see, it’s only water we adds cuz our yards full of stuff for ’em to munch on – leaves, trees. Hardly ever do I bark when they drop in cuz don’t wann skeer ’em.

    So – hope ya’ll had a good Hollerday without the noise and most of all NO STUPID LIGHTS ON THE MOUNTAINS TO DRIVE AWAY OUR BEEYOUTEEFUL BIRDS AND OTHER WILD CRITTERS.

    Gracias & Adios,

    Poco Diablo McGuire

  4. Kippu says:

    Hi poco Diablo from Louisville KY

  5. Three Cheers for Poco D says:


    Hurray, Hurray, Hurray!!!!!

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