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FBI and Homeland Security Actions Treasonous

Sedona AZ (May 11, 2015) – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:


Homeland Security threat levelDid anyone else find something curious in the actions of the FBI and Homeland Security, concerning the Garland, Texas attempted murder by Islamic Militants that drove in from another State?  [I no longer say “Radicals” on this subject because ‘radical’ indicates something that is out of character or against the intent of the entity the individual is associated with; and that is not the case with “Militant Islamic Subjects.”] They are doing exactly what is prescribed by the “Islamic and Muslim Operational Instructions”, the Qur’an.

From what I’ve heard the FBI knew about the impending attack at least three hours prior to the time the attackers were identified and killed by a Local Police Officer, who, thank God, happened to be moonlighting as a Security Guard.

On to the “Conspiracy Theory”: If the FBI and Homeland Security knew of the plot and did nothing to warn the intended victims or at least their Security Personnel, or to position themselves where they could at least attempt to thwart the attack and protect the lives of those being targeted by the attack; what were they doing?

Did they want the attack to happen, so they could go in and clean up a bloody mess?

Did they want the attack to happen to, so to speak, Kill Several Birds with One Stone or Incident”?

Or to maybe get rid of that “Agitator Pamela Geller” (Who is a Constitutionalist, a thorn in the side to any that seek to destroy personal Liberty) and some other like-minded people?

Who gave the order to the FBI Agents to “look the other way and allow another Islamic Massacre” to happen?

list what is the plan note boardWas the FBI and Homeland Security sidetracked away from the “Islamic Activity” because the Obama Administration protects Islam or because the Clinton Foundation helps financially support them?

Or was the willful ignoring of intentional mayhem because there are so many Liberals (Progressives) and ‘RINO RepublicRats’ that are intent on adopting the Islamic Sharia Law to appease the Anti-Israeli, Anti-Christian and Anti-US Constitution Crowd?

Oh, do you think I’m overboard on cynicism?

I believe we have a right to be cynical. Just look at the policies of the past six years:  The refusal to prosecute any of the many Voter Fraud and Voter Intimidation Cases that were obviously discharged by the Justice Department because of bias; the DOJ Lawsuits against individual States and Legally Elected Public Servants because those people and the State Lawmakers disagreed with the Administration and the enforcement of Federal and State Laws; the Administration’s release of Islamic Terrorists and negotiating with Terrorists and exchanging 6 of their worst for 1 of our worst (a deserter); the placating and encouraging illegals to trespass and forcing the States’ to support thousands (maybe millions) that are here illegally?

Federal Bureau of Investigation logoThere are far too many “Lies of the Administration”, the cover-up of Islamic Murders in Benghazi, Libya, and far too much beside that to cover now.

Any of you Talking-Heads that want to blame Pam Geller for the failed Islamic Attack in Garland, Texas, I do not want to hear another word from you about any kind of “Bullying” [Meaning Fear (Intimidation) Forced by Threat(s) of Violence] because that is exactly what Militant Government of Islam is, one Arrogant, Overbearing and Extremely Dangerous Bully.

The problem is that we have far too many people (some of whom I thought had some sense) like Donald Trump, Bill O’Reilly and others who are advocating that we should just “Bow down to the Bullies” and let them dictate what you are to think, say, draw or act like. Pamela Geller, Judge Jeannine and Megyn Kelly have shown far more courage and common sense than any of these gutless, but supposedly Macho Men.

The murderous low-life creeps (Islamic Jihadists) that planned the attack on the art exhibit in Garland, Texas, got exactly what they deserved, even if all the rest of the people in the country claim Pamela Geller is wrong. I, for one, will shout that what she did was, and is, 100% Legal and Ethical – and what the FBI and Homeland Security did or didn’t do is Treasonous and should be grounds to Fire or Impeach all its Hired or Elected Supervisors.

Or do we need to alter the Bill of Rights with a Footnote: All Rights are Subject to Approval by Islamic Terrorists?

Dale Gohr, Clarkdale, Arizona

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Read www.SedonaEye.com for daily news and interactive views!


  1. You keep talking like a free American and you are going to wind up thrown into the FEMA camps. Thank you for speaking your truth.

    A fellow free American

  2. Dale Gohr says:

    Haven’t had much feedback on this letter so far, glad to see it getting some exposure. I maintain: We cannot ever get a handle on Islam; until we recognize it as a Government (with no physical boundaries) Muslim is a Religion.

  3. steve Segner says:

    Lai Lee, Sedona says:
    We need to stop pretending these people don’t exist here
    What, white men with guns? Ya, We need to stop them at the boarders, State boarders….

  4. L. Lee says:

    @steveSegner Your comment to me is offensive and I’m not a white male. Do you hate Asian elders, Latino gays, white women, black children? Bigotry isn’t acceptable in Sedona. A bigot of one is a bigot of all.

    Why is it Trendy to Hate White People? – The Odyssey Online

    Apr 21, 2017 · My main question is: since when did it become trendy to hate white people all of a sudden? If it’s socially acceptable for person A to say “all white people are school shooters”, why is it offensive if person B say “all black people are thugs and criminals?” Both statements are offensive, depending on whether these statements are jokes or not.
    Author: Anita Das

  5. Stop the boarders !! says:

    Stop the boarders !!

    Boarder definition

    plural noun: boarders
    a person who receives regular meals when staying somewhere, in return for payment or services.
    a person who boards a ship during or after an attack.

    For once, I agree with stevie, what he said, not what he meant.

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