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Eddie Maddock: Sedona, what’s in store for 2024?


SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock on Sedona city employees salary and additional compensation packages budgeted for 2024.


Boldly and sincerely stated in a video at the opening of City Council meetings is Sedona’s Vision:

“To be a city that is constantly vigilant over the preservation of its natural beauty, scenic vistas, pristine environment and cultural heritage. To be a city that retains its small-town character and creates its manmade improvements in strict harmony with nature. To be a city that is animated by the arts, and lives with a spirit of volunteerism to help achieve our common goals. To be a city that offers equal opportunities for all and fosters a sense of community. To be a city that welcomes and accommodates all of its visitors and future residents with a spirit of fellowship. To be a city that retains and enhances a strong and vital economy which preserves existing lifestyles without exploiting the natural beauty. To be a city that lives up to the challenge of proper stewardship of one of the earth’s great treasures.”

Before proceeding with what may or may not be a surprise to Sedona residents via a Freedom of Information Act, “Douglas Ducey in 2021 was employed in Arizona Governor’s Office and had annual salary of $95,000 according to public records. This salary is 20% higher than average and 36% higher than median salary in Arizona Governor’s Office.” (Phoenix has a population of 1.6 million and pays its City Manager $314,999 annually.)

With the city of Sedona gearing up to prepare its fiscal year 2024 budget, a review of the 2023 budget shows that average budgeted compensation for a city employee is presently $106,174. (Population of Sedona is 9,684 – a decrease from previous years.)

Here is what we pay Sedona city employees:

City Manager Karen Osburn: $183,000. (No change from 2022.)

Deputy City Manager Joanne Keene: $161,850. (A 7.9% increase from 2022.)

City Attorney Kurt Christianson: $155,235. (A 7% increase from 2022.)

Assistant City Manager/Director of Public Works J. Andy Dickey: $155,147. (A 7% increase from 2022.)

Director of Financial Services Cherie White: $153,422. (An 8.4% increase from 2022.)

Chief of Police Stephanie Foley: $135,200. (Foley replaced Charles Husted, who retired last fall; the chief position’s salary is an overall 2% decrease from 2022.)

Magistrate Judge Paul Schlegel: $125,008. (No change from 2022.)

Director of Community Development Steve Mertes: $125,000. (No change from 2022.)

Criminal Prosecutor William Kunisch: $120,443. (An 8% increase from 2022.)

Director of Wastewater Roxanne Holland: $119,061. (A 9.6% increase from 2022.)

Information Technology Manager Chuck Hardy: $117,830. (A 6.8% increase from 2022.)

Assistant Director of Public Works Sandra Phillips: $114,660. (A 4% increase from 2022.)

Human Resources Manager Brenda Tammarine: $114,354. (A 7.6% increase from 2022.)

Transit Administrator Robert Weber: $110,850. (A 10.9% increase from 2022.)

Engineering Supervisor Kurtis Harris: $103,000. (Position vacant in 2022.)

Police Lts. Karl Waak and Scott Martin: $103,000. (A 13.2% increase from 2022. Martin is a new hire, replacing the retiring Sgt. Michael Dominguez.)

Network Engineer, unspecified staff: $102,615. (A 5.6% increase from 2022.)

System Administrator, unspecified staff: $102,614. (A 5.6% increase from 2022.)

GIS Analyst, unspecified staff: $102,014. (A 5% increase from 2022.)

Additional benefits over and above wages include, but are not limited to health, dental, and vision insurance coverage plus countless hours of paid time-off; as offered in ads seeking even more City of Sedona employees.

And this, dear readers, is active even during the uncertainty of a predicted economic recession next year.


Suggestion: Reread the “Vision Statement” and then decide. 


  1. @@john says:


  2. Jerry says:

    City needs lower taxes.

  3. DTY, Prescott says:

    How many of employees generate income or in a producing income stream for your municipality? Must be 2/3 or more to be sustainable model for positions, check records for audits and budgets for the past 5 years to show projected outcome.

  4. Debbie Schmidt Kline says:

    geez mary joseph my SS check is less and im 68 worked paid taxes since 17 wtf you government cheats now

  5. C J, Sunset says:


  6. Ernie says:

    Elect Arizona Congressman Juan Ciscomani to the seat of Mark Kelly. Sinema and Ciscomani will be best for Arizona interests.

  7. Nelson Stelter says:

    Be grateful @Jerry that Sedona does NOT have city property tax. The property tax we pay is to the county where we live – Yavapai or Coconino.

    NO CITY PROPERTY TAXES – NOW OR EVER! it would require voter approval

  8. Al says:

    Stand up Sedona to the racist loud mouth minority wanting to tear down our country. This will not end well if we allow our highest court in the land to constantly be under political attacks. RBG was attacked for being Jewish and under the influence of worldwide Jews wanting to control America and she took many more vacations at others expense and her influences were considered heinous, but we stood United that the court was our strength not our weakness.

    When Clarence Thomas was confirmed to the Supreme Court in 1991, he had this to say about the radical left:

    “My worst fears had come to pass not in Georgia but in Washington, D.C., where I was being pursued not by bigots in white robes but by left-wing zealots draped in flowing sanctimony.”

    His words hold just as true today as they did then. The radical left has always hated Justice Thomas because his very existence destroys their narrative, that blacks cannot be successful without white overlords. Like RBG, that Jews were lesser beings and use Nazi and KKK words to rile up the liberal and conservative racists to pull them down.

    We must come together now to protect Justice Thomas from heinous racist attacks. That’s the only way we can end these outrageous and baseless witch hunts once and for all no matter which Supreme Court Justice is targeted. They serve for life to be above political influence because they hold the power, not their political supporters or their political detractors, no matter how rich or poor. That’s what should be in store for 2024, a United States of America.

  9. From Mouths of Babes says:


    Black racism. Asian racism. Hispanic Latin racism. White racism. Moral atrocities.
    Has 3.8 million plus views.

  10. Maria Lively, Parker says:

    90% of Americans think I.D. should be required to VOTE. Liberal Dem Progressives are fuming at the prospect of not influencing voting by harvesting ballots. Call your Independent Senator Kristen Sinema and thank her – and show your support because she’s standing up to bad party politicians and politics. AZ Gov Hobbs refused to support border security and Sinema did and today the numbers are astronomical and coming to your city. Sinema supports Justice Clarence Thomas against racist attacks. Get on the phone is the right thing to do. Support Texas Democrat Henry Cueller as he tells Biden he’s wrong.

  11. GV, Rising Star says:

    What’s in store for 2024? In 2023 we should be more amazing not less. 2024 should be dazzle.

  12. GNS says:

    Yes @GVRising Star “2024 should be dazzle” based on the direction the new members elected to our city council are headed. The former control freaks and current losers are having fits and already plotting about how to replace certain members of this new council. Stay awake and alert residents of Sedona. Finally we have balance which some people still don’t understand or want? Amen & Hallelujah!!!

  13. SkylerKing48 says:

    Sure thing because in 2024 Joe Biden and the radical Left culture of grievances over greatness will be entrenched as our older great generation of work ethic and self restraint evaporates. Government promotes victimhood instead of personal responsibility and they’re indoctrinating our children to believe we live in an evil country. They’ve weaponize race to divide us to hold onto their power. Enough already! Want dazzle? Reset the clock and return to what made Sedona famous and it didn’t have to do with any advertising or Chamber or politician.

  14. Gary, Too angry to let it go says:

    I am almost too angry to type.

    Recent reports out of New York State and city indicate homeless veterans have been displaced from their temporary housing to make room for the surge of illegal immigrants across the border.

    That’s right, after sacrificing everything to protect our country, these veterans are being told to MOVE to make space for the surge of illegal immigrants fleeing across the border.

    First and foremost, NO veteran should be homeless, and we are grateful organizations are willing to step up to help our heroes. We must do more to help those who have stepped up to serve our country.

    But reading the news that these veterans are displaced to make room for illegal immigrants makes me downright furious.

    We need to secure our Southern Border and stop the surge of illegal immigrants wreaking havoc on our communities and protect our veterans from political abuses.

    Our country deserves better, and these veterans deserve better. WE NEED TO DEMAND OUR VETERANS ARE TREATED WITH RESPECT ALWAYS. NO EXCUSES FROM ANY POLITICIAN.

  15. @madgary says:

    NY city got 1 BILLION dollars extra this year in its state budget to deal with undocumented LMAO immigrants guess ur tax dollars got misappropriated to NY officials & LMAO call me pacifist atheist crazy (deleted by editor)

  16. Jameson Workman, Guest says:

    2024 forecast starships arrive with messages and passages for believes and workers

  17. Justice in 2024 says:

    https://youtu.be/fPxpMpXSqE4. (Offsite link)

    America needs to fix its issues now and bring to Justice every agency and person working against it.

  18. Kris & Durham says:

    Tee shirts worn in New York

    Ima NYC Brandon
    Illegals Stay Home!

  19. ASU Educated says:

    What’s in store for 2024 in America? Look at the garbage on TV and News and its creeping your way to your yard, your town, your stores, your life.

    Wait until you get shot at or your stores ransacked by thugs and punks brought in by bus from private elite schools raised by parents who shipped them off, Patty Hearst’s machine guns were cupcakes compared to 2023 immoral selfish punks. Who’s in that short term rental and what are they doing to help your neighborhood and Gov. Hobbs doesn’t care and won’t do anything about it.

    Stand with Mark Levin. He just went NUCLEAR on Biden arresting Donald Trump.

    “This is a disgusting, disgusting mark on American history, for the future to come by these bandits in the White House, by the Democrat Party.” This is a WEAPONIZATION of government and a TOTAL failure in the American Justice system. DROP ALL CHARGES.

    Why does it matter? Because you’re next in line for whatever reason they make up and right now the Chinese are primed to attack and off we go to war, in our own country this time. Take a good look at Ukraine on the news and see what your home and city will look like when a bomb explodes. Sedona doesn’t grow food and you’ll starve first and no medicines because it all comes from China. Be a liberal as China will get rid of you first and you won’t suffer a long drawn out death. (Like Russia did in Ukraine)

  20. Back the Verde Valley Sedona Blue says:

    We owe a great deal to the men and women of law enforcement who put their lives on the line to protect our communities.

  21. IndyJones says:

    Russia lost its super power status under Putin in 2023? Man that guy flew out of Moscow faster then a roger ramjet and won’t believe for a second he wasn’t on that plane when it took off or Belarusians negotiated squat. On the home front, Sedona it’s time for transparency and democracy at city hall. Buzz around town is very interesting why council ignored staff. News people you should dig deeper and listen at offsite food gatherings.

  22. YG, Main says:

    Is Kurt Christianson relative to Charlie Christianson and why salaries on average there atrociously high? If staff gets ignored at these salaries then what good are they at their jobs?

  23. What’s in store for 2024 says:

    A new city council? Clean house Sedona.

  24. America Better Pay Attention says:

    Guess Biden Buddies paid to stage a pretend coup to get Biden off the news here at home? Seems the Russian and Eastern European hackers took a day off and maybe the Chinese and Iran? What did China move to Cuba and Taiwan and Russia while no one watched? What did Russia move while all eyes watched Wagner and Moscow? The stakes had to be high enough to chance losing one country to take over others?

    Hello America? You got better than this?

  25. Who Will Help Kari Lake in 2023 says:

    folks this spells it out for you from her. Go to her website and help out if you think she’s right because at least she’s stands for something while the others pretend to and she should be able to speak even when others want her silenced and if you don’t agree with her, that’s your right too. (Alijahv Barber)

    —-Begin Kari Lake email—-

    Some jackass has decided to sue me because they can’t handle the truth.

    Our elections are a total mess, and it’s time we took a stand. The majority of Americans know that our elections are fraudulent. We can’t let the puppeteers behind this widespread fraud get away with it.

    They want to stop President Trump, they want to stop me, and they want to stop you. But let me tell you, that’s not gonna happen!

    I’m reaching out to you because I need your help to fight this BS. We can’t let them win, my friend. Our country is on the line, and we need to tackle this problem head-on. Are you with me?


    Kari Lake

  26. Derrick, West Sedona says:

    Nobody in Sedona cares to challenge the status quo. Nobody in Arizona cares to challenge the status quo. LMAO

  27. No Keri says:

    The sooner you go away and stop your lies the better our country and state will be…..How many Republican judges say you have nothing, how long will it take for you to get that in you empty stupid head?

  28. Julie says:

    Totally get it, you’re a blinded by your ideology Democrat, ok seriously at loss for intelligent words there.

    Try answering @YGMain if staff gets ignored at their salaries when can Sedona get people in place earning a lot less that council can ignore with less questions about council power grabs?

  29. THP says:

    https://youtube.com/shorts/Uo5Bi_cs2AU?feature=share (offsite link) Have mercy on our nation that’s ruled by uneducated green groups

  30. Maria said it once says:

    Sedona voters aren’t worth salt, their entitled & it makes them dangerous

  31. Phil, Sedona says:

    The only path to American energy independence is through the Keystone pipeline. Sign the local petition to restart this critical project to save our nation. If you don’t see it to sign, call or email the Governor and state elected representatives to demand it. Arizona independence needs fossil fuels for inexpensive electricity for air conditioning and travel costs to Sedona from wherever they come. The Governor was re-elected with dark money, time to make voting a priority here. Sedona can’t exist with electric vehicles and no gas for cars in 24 and beyond. Throw the hippie generation out, give them free drugs and they’ll stay at home.

  32. born Lille France says:

    Found this in from friends it’s good share:

    New York Post confirms: JOE BIDEN HIMSELF joined 20+ business calls with Hunter, completely contradicting YEARS of claiming the opposite!
    This is BY FAR the biggest story in the entire Biden Family corruption saga.
    The American People will never forget when Joe Biden stood on the debate stage across from President Trump and denied EVER involving himself with Hunter Biden’s business dealings.
    According to the latest reports, he lied over and over AND OVER again for years!
    This is a scandal that directly involves the most powerful person on the planet so we need a grassroots response like we’ve NEVER SEEN BEFORE to fight back.
    The overwhelming pressure from our House Majority is the only reason we know these jaw-dropping details. We must defend it at all costs or the case against Joe Biden and his cronies could go cold…
    Stepping up now is the single best thing you can do to help save our House Majority and expose the deep-rooted corruption that leads all the way up to the White House.
    The time for talk is over. Now is the time for ACTION! That’s why we…
    – Called in the two IRS Whistleblowers to testify
    – Uncovered the FD-1023 document
    – Exposed the damning WhatsApp texts
    – Zeroed in on the network of shell companies
    – Combed emails involving the Hunter investigation
    – Are following the money wherever it leads
    – Are demanding key evidence from the FBI
    – And are bypassing the Liberal Media blackout to talk directly to you, the American People
    Listen, the walls are closing in on Joe Biden and his cronies are PANICKING!
    They’ll do anything imaginable to destroy our House Majority so they can bury this case once and for all. Your House Majority won’t let that happen – but they need your help to see this through to the very end.
    Do you have the grit and determination to go head-to-head with Joe Biden and his cronies alongside us?
    We have a hunch you do.
    For America,
    House GOP

  33. M. E. P. says:

    trash votes in political trash, prices and supplies never been worse

    Biden Got To Go

  34. Karen says:


  35. @born Lille says:

    Snooze…. Non story once again snooze zzzzzz

  36. @MWP says:

    Oh is that the new “talking points” the polilitical cowards wants you to say sheepie!!
    The right is lining up behind a felon.. Sheepie

  37. General Manager says:

    For 2024 and 2024? Let’s Go Brandon and Brandon Family straight to jail for stealing millions of dollars and funneling through to 20 shell companies and bank accounts. Say what you want about Trump the Ass, he was never a traitor like Brandons and he stirred the hornets nest trying to expose their inbred political legacy treachery. Democrats are Leftists who are uneducated buffoons and illiterates by mediocre educational systems (Harvard dropped to 5th in national rankings) and they’re embarrassing. All Brandon’s despise you and that ain’t just the Trumpers that they’re trying to enslave – because you Democrats are the slaves they own. LMAO

    Attention leftists: Two arrested American spies for China in our Navy need to be publicly executed for treason by military. Play with the big boys in China or Russia or Venezuela or Saudis or anywhere anti America and be made to walk the plank in American waters for the world to see. Feed the sharks. Good enough for Bin Laden, good enough for American spies.

  38. @General says:

    Well Thnk the Lord we have brainless lemmings like yourself to tell us all what’s up!!!!

  39. Rue the WhichWhich says:

    Fact check baby chaos:
    DC is looking to bring in National Guard because the mayor and council can’t handle murder surge as DC went woke and defunded cops earlier this year. Democrats want to make DC a state which violates the Constitution and even Maryland one of Democrats most liberal black states doesn’t want DC back because Maryland blacks look down on DC blacks because Maryland education system ranks near top and DC scrapes bottom and welfare numbers sky high in DC and not in Maryland. Get real Democrats. Black Caucus doesn’t want DC as state except in public. LMAO Go lemmings as your fentanyl flows and PresB not going near wall.

  40. @Rue says:

    Yea ok…where you read that nonsense on the Q webpage.. Sheepie

  41. Gregg says:

    What happens when the lights go out?

  42. Naturally Nashua Olive says:

    Anybody else sick of the Lahaina fire coverage? Likely deliberately set. No it wasn’t the worst Hawaiian catastrophe, try a volcano erupting for context and it’s not the same as losing your favorite surfer board. Oprah owns 2,000 acres of Hawaiian land there and it’s the damn tropics and it will look green and lush again in a year. What about them Chicago Oakland DC Baltimore murders yesterday or the 10k people that got away at the AZ border this week? Do you ever stop and think why you’re seeing hours of coverage of a tropical island fire instead of real news?

  43. Greta NEVER says:

    Explain reason we’re being shown bright red maps of nationwide temperatures when it doesn’t even agree with local weather coverage???????


  44. Bill, Uptown says:

    Arizona had 10,000 illegal migrants cross into the US in 1 week! Bring back Arizona Republicans before Hobbs and Cronies run Arizona in the ground any more. Now Sedona has homeless everywhere and more coming through. Good job Hobbs turning us into California style slop basin.

  45. Sheepi observer says:

    Love the sheepie comments here… such good little mindless robots

  46. AEJ, NAU says:

    2023 blowing by and country in trouble when Hillary slithers out of her nest and gives her opinions about politics when her ineptness and ignorance caused Benghazi massacre and death of a good ambassador (military doesn’t forget) and framed Orange Jesus for Russia hoax that she invented? We AZDems despise that fake like Republicans do. Slither away HC or lose young voters again.

  47. GD, Cornville says:

    @sheepiobserver you damn right national news run by robots with designer robots spouting off from massive glass desks with Hollywood studio backgrounds reading from AI ChatGPT teleprompters. Disney Educated Humanoids get to run shows because educators dumber then ever before (deleted by editor)

  48. MauiWk23Available says:

    want say trop isles greenup weeks months with out governor trop fires riddance rats pests invasive species . pray God helpful to islanders heart timeshare

  49. @matually Mashua says:

    Oh you compassion for losing every thing you have in a wildfire is non nonexistent.
    Such a compassionate creature…. I remember reading for many many years ago. Traffic is so bad we’re going to get killed in a wildfire here in Sedona.(deleted by editor)

  50. Sedona Keith says:

    Yep yep yep lucky me you we have Lahaina example what happens to you me we rely on government to put out little fires in big winds LMAO Lahaina documented over 700 homeless there fire cleaned them out and DC sends survivors $700 each for what ? Ariz fire districts big problems we ignore. Oak Creek big problems we ignore. Homeless illegals in Verde big problem ignore But build lawless unhealthy maybe criminal gang affiliated free housing here when economical prefab mobile homes best bang for the buck for environment not Newsom stupid tiny houses called sheds with chemical toilets enriching Sedona whoits ? heads out of assholes yet ? Don’t worry if we die in big fire we get $700 from DC ? Feeling that government compassion yet ?

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