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Eddie Maddock: Sedona, what’s in store for 2024?


SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock on Sedona city employees salary and additional compensation packages budgeted for 2024.


Boldly and sincerely stated in a video at the opening of City Council meetings is Sedona’s Vision:

“To be a city that is constantly vigilant over the preservation of its natural beauty, scenic vistas, pristine environment and cultural heritage. To be a city that retains its small-town character and creates its manmade improvements in strict harmony with nature. To be a city that is animated by the arts, and lives with a spirit of volunteerism to help achieve our common goals. To be a city that offers equal opportunities for all and fosters a sense of community. To be a city that welcomes and accommodates all of its visitors and future residents with a spirit of fellowship. To be a city that retains and enhances a strong and vital economy which preserves existing lifestyles without exploiting the natural beauty. To be a city that lives up to the challenge of proper stewardship of one of the earth’s great treasures.”

Before proceeding with what may or may not be a surprise to Sedona residents via a Freedom of Information Act, “Douglas Ducey in 2021 was employed in Arizona Governor’s Office and had annual salary of $95,000 according to public records. This salary is 20% higher than average and 36% higher than median salary in Arizona Governor’s Office.” (Phoenix has a population of 1.6 million and pays its City Manager $314,999 annually.)

With the city of Sedona gearing up to prepare its fiscal year 2024 budget, a review of the 2023 budget shows that average budgeted compensation for a city employee is presently $106,174. (Population of Sedona is 9,684 – a decrease from previous years.)

Here is what we pay Sedona city employees:

City Manager Karen Osburn: $183,000. (No change from 2022.)

Deputy City Manager Joanne Keene: $161,850. (A 7.9% increase from 2022.)

City Attorney Kurt Christianson: $155,235. (A 7% increase from 2022.)

Assistant City Manager/Director of Public Works J. Andy Dickey: $155,147. (A 7% increase from 2022.)

Director of Financial Services Cherie White: $153,422. (An 8.4% increase from 2022.)

Chief of Police Stephanie Foley: $135,200. (Foley replaced Charles Husted, who retired last fall; the chief position’s salary is an overall 2% decrease from 2022.)

Magistrate Judge Paul Schlegel: $125,008. (No change from 2022.)

Director of Community Development Steve Mertes: $125,000. (No change from 2022.)

Criminal Prosecutor William Kunisch: $120,443. (An 8% increase from 2022.)

Director of Wastewater Roxanne Holland: $119,061. (A 9.6% increase from 2022.)

Information Technology Manager Chuck Hardy: $117,830. (A 6.8% increase from 2022.)

Assistant Director of Public Works Sandra Phillips: $114,660. (A 4% increase from 2022.)

Human Resources Manager Brenda Tammarine: $114,354. (A 7.6% increase from 2022.)

Transit Administrator Robert Weber: $110,850. (A 10.9% increase from 2022.)

Engineering Supervisor Kurtis Harris: $103,000. (Position vacant in 2022.)

Police Lts. Karl Waak and Scott Martin: $103,000. (A 13.2% increase from 2022. Martin is a new hire, replacing the retiring Sgt. Michael Dominguez.)

Network Engineer, unspecified staff: $102,615. (A 5.6% increase from 2022.)

System Administrator, unspecified staff: $102,614. (A 5.6% increase from 2022.)

GIS Analyst, unspecified staff: $102,014. (A 5% increase from 2022.)

Additional benefits over and above wages include, but are not limited to health, dental, and vision insurance coverage plus countless hours of paid time-off; as offered in ads seeking even more City of Sedona employees.

And this, dear readers, is active even during the uncertainty of a predicted economic recession next year.


Suggestion: Reread the “Vision Statement” and then decide. 


  1. Ron says:

    There are already border bills passed that need to be enforced, the problem is that Biden decided to use cages to put people in and he removed Trump’s stay in Mexico until processed rule. Mexico didn’t want to deal with those migrants and pressured Central and South America nations to help fix issues in their problem areas. Biden Administration has managed to undermine even peaceful stable Ecuador. Violent and property crimes in California are nearing 40,000 for those caught and reported and small businesses are closing and big businesses moving. Wake up Sedona voters.

    (SedonaEye editor: Please use your user name or anonymous when posting. Refrain from using ours. Thank you.)

  2. O’Fools says:

    @Ron. Looked it up & 40,000 violent and property crimes was Oakland California ONLY not the entire ignorant out of control undereducated unAmerican state of mind

  3. Pray for Peace says:

    life won’t be the same going forward prayers for the families

  4. Nyle says:

    Sedona Sedona Sedona

  5. @74 daniel says:

    (Deleted by editor) .. God bless the servicemen who died.. (deleted by editor)

  6. @ron says:

    I can see why you don’t want to use your username because you’re a friggin liar (deleted by editor)

  7. HL says:

    Wait here’s the ask why do they get 5% plus in raises when US government gives 3.2% raise for social Security checks? Raises for city or state workers should be tied to what the government gives Social Security. Sedona Social Security recipients wallets are twice attacked by US government then paying highest taxes in state to pay Sedona workers.

  8. Mitch says:

    Fact check ; Obama-Biden admin that first built and used those “cages” and began to separate kids from families

  9. Pat says:

    like @HL SS increase comment that makes good sense

  10. Michele says:

    Trump’s remain in Mexico until processed order was Undone by Biden after entering office! What Biden did with his pen can be Undone with the same pen. Congress acted but Homeland under Biden doesn’t enforce and stop pretending Biden isn’t the cause of border problem because he is. Get real you people.

  11. City of Sedona Community Report 2023 says:

    It opens with A MESSAGE FROM LEADERSHIP. Big bold font.

    What inflated opinions these people have of themselves!

    So, what’s in store for 2024? More of the same and worse.

  12. Avalon Parker says:

    biews beautiful , weather’s way cold or way hot 10 months yearly

  13. Bill, Uptown says:

    Sadly Biden is incapable of doing his job and it’s time to remember that the party members blindly following him are as incapable also, and this nation voting integrity must be restored.

    Of our city councilors none were elected to do what is proposed and they were elected by less than a fourth of voters: No mandate and no confidence.

    Council wasn’t elected to propose, or lead, they were elected to maintain status quo and be STEWARDS.

    Do not propose airport anything, and waste management ideas are again proof of their lack of leadership qualities.

    Editors: We need SedonaEye open forums for the public. Appreciate the support of us.

  14. Tempo says:


  15. Ross Loves Sedona says:

    Call Gov and tell her how screwed up her policies are for AZ bc more here crossing now with TX shut down access !! !!! Sick and tired of seeing these people ruining our lives!!! They need to go back and fix the mess in their countries or return to the jails in their countries!!! Nobody with tattoos should be allowed in without gang vetting!!!! It was gang affiliates that beat up cops in NYC and lowlifes. Deport them after they serve time in jail here. We have enough global losers here already.

  16. GT says:

    @cSCR2023 couldn’t say it better about politicians and staff running city

  17. Cal Tech Navy says:

    2024 deserves better than President Biden putting kids in war zones without support buck stops on his desk. Austin must resign because he and his next in command knew what to do and didn’t. The next level pentagon staff failed to report Austin’s incapacity failed are untrustworthy, easily compromised to keep jobs.

  18. Dave, Sedona says:

    Folks, our country was founded by geniuses, but it’s being run by idiots. And if you trust the government, well then you obviously failed history class. – John Kennedy

    Donate now to

    John Kennedy for Us
    P.O. Box 80418
    Baton Rouge, LA 70808

  19. Humans Don’t Impact Global Anything Much Song says:

    Remember in 2024 and beyond? Eat your proteins with a smile. Cows don’t need drugs to stop farting because they don’t even register on food scales or environmental pollution.

    What percentage of the world is human?
    Humans: One percent of one percent of life on Earth

    Despite the explosive growth of the world population, especially in the last 300 years, the human population makes up only a tiny fraction of life on Earth.
    https://www.theworldcounts.com › (offsite link)

  20. Alex N. says:

    If that storm headed for California is as severe as predicted then 2024 will start out with devastating results. Be prepared here in Arizona for at least some kind of storm trauma as the weather front moves across the nation.

    NO – politicians in spite of their “arrogance of power” are definitely NOT in control.

  21. Frank says:

    rain and snow proves warming went away

  22. Mary Poppins says:

    Umbrella Time, Stay Away from Water Runoffs, Stay away from Creeks and Canyons

  23. Nomi says:

    Happy February

  24. Joe Tescher says:

    Here’s another one to consider adding to your list of “Stay Aways” @Mary Poppins.

    How about “Stay away from people. They spread germs.” COVID etc.

  25. Eartha Ames, Flagstaff says:


    Another way of saying Black folks are stupider than Asian White and Brown folks? That why teachers don’t bother teaching Black kids cause they don’t need education to get equity? Disband that racist union!

  26. Pat says:

    Our country and this state are losing any moral compass with open borders for terrorists, fentanyl, gangs, criminals, created by a generation of selfish snowflakes and politicians and lawmakers disrespecting our laws and circumventing our democratic system for their personal gain.

  27. Calista says:


  28. @l says:

    Let it rain!

  29. @pat says:

    If that’s the case, then why won’t Republicans close the border? They might even vote on the measure

  30. Sydney Australia says:

    Today the US Supreme Court heard arguments for disqualification by Colorado
    Supreme Court of former President Donald Trump. You can hear them by going to YouTube. Do it now. Learn for yourself instead of listening to TV analysts.

  31. AT says:

    What the Democrat news media is failing to tell you while President Biden this week is trying to blame border problems on Donald Trump and Republicans? Thanks to NY Mayor and the NY city voters for calling out Biden and his administration for creating this massive government problem.

    Biden is lying over and over to stupid Democrats and independents and RINOs, voters they can be bought and manipulated.

    The reason why Republicans suddenly were holding off on making the bipartisan border deal has absolutely nothing to do with Trump and everything to do with the Democrats insertion of citizenship to illegals and allowing the surges to continue!

    With the proposed bill that most conservatives shunned, 5,000 illegal immigrants would be allowed to enter the country daily and the government would hand out an additional 50,000 green cards.

    Thank God for Republicans calling a Halt to this Fraud on America!!

  32. F. S. Tunnell says:

    finally Republicans find backbones

  33. Vote for Ciscomani says:

    Saw Juan Ciscomani online and was impressed that he wrote this, it got my vote! Find his campaign on the web and donate!:

    The Mexican border is in my backyard. I have seen firsthand the terrors it brings. Millions of pounds of illegal drugs. Hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants.

    I am committed to resolving the issues at the border but I can’t do this alone.

    This is Juan Ciscomani. You probably haven’t heard of me. I’m a first-generation American, the son of immigrants, and the dad of six young kids. I’m also a Republican Congressman from Arizona, and I’m the Democrats’ #1 target.

    See – the National Democrats can’t stand me because I call them out for their failures.

    I call them out for failing to secure our border and making our communities less safe.

    I call them out for trying to defund the police and for letting criminals run wild.

    I call them out for causing grocery and gas prices to rise making life unaffordable.

    I call them out for pandering to the Hispanic community and ignoring us after Election Day.

    I call them out because I know their policies directly threaten the American Dream.

    If we allow the Democrats to knock me off and win in this battleground district, our country could be in real trouble.

    So I’m humbly asking you to contribute today to help us protect this seat and allow me to continue calling out the National Democrats.

    So please if there is any amount you can spare today, it would truly mean the world to me if you chipped in.

    -Juan (end).

  34. Delusion Sunshine says:

    https://youtube.com/shorts/KEu5Cf90Duk?si=TRMHwoCuepoTROnK (offsite link)

    Scientists say we’re in an ice age not global warming. Time to employ new bicoastals, eh?

  35. Bo says:

    Sedona, Border security is national security. Sedona, city security is border security. The end.

  36. APW says:

    Russians threaten space nukes & China with its billions of people they use as slaves to communist propaganda and both buy countries with tourism dollars that determine local reliance on outside sources of income and billions in checks to their leaders to go shopping on their citizens backs and work?? Wake up Sedona, you’re being played.

  37. Border Crossings says:

    Spring break is coming up quickly and we hear kids and adults heading to Mexico for fun. Wait a minute, fools, with a death wish. First of all, Tulum in Mexico has NEVER been safe and neither has most cities in Mexico for tourists. You have to pass cartels on the way there and they actually board the bus you are on with long guns. An American woman died in the crossfire drug deal gone bad even though it’s a popular Mexican beach resort for American and Canadian and European tourists and in 2021 two tourists died there similarly from Canada and Germany. Cancun isn’t safe, Baja isn’t safe, nothing on the border is safe, Mexico City isn’t safe, you go to Mexico with a death wish. Stay in USA and avoid sanctuary cities.

  38. Lou says:

    In 2021, a California travel blogger and a German were fatally shot while dining in a restaurant in that area when rival drug dealers began firing at each other. Don’t reply “Could happen anywhere” we know it thanks to global cartels and gangs pretending to be Nonprofits. San Fran NYC Seattle Portland or KC when rival gangs attack each other, we law abiders are innocent victims and it isn’t about gun control.

  39. CS says:

    guess “ Sedona sanctuary city ‘ off travel destination lists

  40. Kay, west Sedona says:

    Lost in Sedona

  41. Josh says:

    Dear Posterity, …May the devil take you…Albert Einstein

  42. Bob, VOC says:

    Suddenly truth leaks out and Biden admin sitting square in recession and you idiots had to be told??? No wonder Biden doesn’t give a damn what you think because you dont and can’t and won’t know the truth if it hits you in the face or wallet you losers.

  43. @Bob Voc says:

    Wow Bob you sound like such a Beautiful soul..

  44. Bob, VOC says:

    Thank you. I am.

  45. Marian, west Sedona says:

    Not lost in Sedona, it’s lost in America and it’s a crime of this administration to undermine our wonderful country and values because we’re not a racist culture like Russia and China and Arab nations. Only uneducated would even say that or the untraveled think Africa or Indonesia or Europe is better than here for opportunities and quality of freedom and life. Instead of griping and undermining our country, learn your history and be proud not humble to be here.

  46. David & Joyce Williams says:

    No thanks to Go Daddy, Big Daddy, or whatever new force has taken over Sedona Eye, Dooms Day has already hit Sedona Eye – in our opinions – and it isn’t even year 2024 yet!

    So sad. Too bad.

  47. David & Joyce Williams says:

    David & Joyce Williams says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation. This is a preview; your comment will be visible after it has been approved.
    February 24, 2024 at 7:48 am
    No thanks to Go Daddy, Big Daddy, or whatever new force has taken over Sedona Eye, Dooms Day has already hit Sedona Eye – in our opinions – and it isn’t even year 2024 yet! So sad. Too bad.

  48. Belize - Level 2 Travel Alert says:

    Heard neighbor discussing letting college age group go down to Belize. Think that idea needs some serious consideration.

    Belize Travel Advisory – Level 2: Exercise Increased Caution
    Exercise increased caution in Belize due to crime. Some areas have increased risk. Please read the entire Travel Advisory on State Dept site.

    Country Summary: Violent crime – such as sexual assault, home invasions, armed robberies, and murder – are common even during daylight hours and in tourist areas. A significant portion of violent crime is gang related. Due to high crime, travelers are advised to exercise caution while traveling to the south side of Belize City. Local police lack the resources and training to respond effectively to serious criminal incidents. Most crimes remain unresolved and unprosecuted.

    Read the country information page for additional information on travel to Belize.

  49. What's in store for 2024? says:

    What’s in store for 2024?

    Maybe less wasted money and intrusive behavior from the City if the City heeds the results of the City’s 2024 Budget Survey.

    81% of respondents don’t want the City to take over the airport.

    71% don’t want pedestrian bridges uptown.

    68% don’t want rebates given to residents who change their yard watering according the Sustainability Dept.’s ideas.

    67% don’t want the City to take over trash hauling.

    63% don’t want additional money given to “artists.”

    Check it out: https://www.sedonaaz.gov/home/showpublisheddocument/50964/638436054847870000

  50. Jim, West Sedona says:

    Thanks for this comment, irony’s reading the list of demands inserted by city insiders (staff? Council?) (you know who else) wanting funding for their galleries, pet art projects, bridges and highways to line the pockets of certain business, certain developers and firms, pushing devastating ecological and engineering scenic disasters.

    Come outside that ivory city hall tower and view the money stream they want taken from you taxpayers to spend on these projects supported by next zero on the charts. A huge majority have told you no and no again and you pretend to listen, city hall.

    Council and staff, your thieving sticky fingers shoved down my wallet for long enough, time to get the (deleted by editor) out.

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