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Eddie Maddock: Kurt Gehlbach, Do hundreds more vehicles in Uptown make sense for the city of Sedona?

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie Maddock provides a forum for Sedona mayoral candidate, Kurt Gehlbach, to provide his perspective on the March 2020 City Council decision to approve the purchase of 430 Forest Road (Uptown) for over its appraised value, and encumbering more than $11 million in new debt for city taxpayers if projected tourism parking meter income fails to service the debt.

Sedona AZ – Although earth as an orb continues its normal rotation, global inhabitants have been thrown into an alien orbit which is NOT in outer space. The seriousness of the deadly coronavirus is reality in the truest form. Isn’t it somewhat stunning to become shell-shocked and forced to face the fact that mere mortals really don’t have a great deal of control?

However and in spite of the turmoil, it is an election year and survivors of the pandemic will have the privilege of casting votes in Sedona for candidates vying for Sedona Mayor and rotating seats on the Sedona City Council.

The two mayoral contenders remain Mayor Sandy Moriarty, opting for yet another term, and a new name on the slate, Kurt Gehlbach.

Because the coronavirus conflict quite likely will obstruct the opportunity for city council candidate forums prior to the primary vote in August, Mr. Gehlbach contacted me inquiring about the possibility for Sedona Eye to feature some information about him. Therefore, this resulting article has been derived solely from e-mail communication obliging the mandate for no private meetings, consultations, or even phone calls.

Mr. Gehlbach opted to focus on his own perspective relating to the city council’s recent approval at the council meeting on March 24, 2020:

  • AB 2570 Approval of a Resolution authorizing a Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement for the City of Sedona to purchase the property located at 430 Forest Road (APN 401-160-71) located in Coconino County, City of Sedona, Arizona, for the sum of $480,000 for use as a parking structure.

Due to recent global events creating such an upheaval and uncertain economic predictions, Kurt Gehlbach maintains this premise:

Sedona AZ uptown tourist traffic. The city plans to build parking garages for 500 additional vehicles in Uptown to encourage shopping. [Photo courtesy The Arizona Republic]

“The responsibility of Elected Officials is to the Residents of Sedona, and because of the uncertainty of serious implications with regards to the spread of the coronavirus predicted by the World Health Organization, it is the obligation of our Government to revisit with the residents with regards to any decisions made prior to the onset of Sedona’s devastating shutdowns.”

He continues: “With regards to real estate, I personally have 24 years as a licensed residential Real Estate Agent and Developer, always successful through every negotiation. Why? Experience, research, knowledge and always emotionally prepared to negotiate.

Considering all circumstances I would never move forward with the purchase of any property during an election year and certainly not when we know there’s the possibility for another financial recession.

When moving forward within favorable conditions I first request a current appraisal to be accomplished by the property owner. While waiting for the appraisal, I personally research all comparative properties in order to compare to the appraisal. When the appraisal comes in, I scrutinize the hell out of it making sure everything is accurate and up to date. When negotiations begin, I never offer appraised value, starting the negotiation below appraisal, especially when it’s a cash transaction.”

Questioning the wisdom of the city having paid $100,000 OVER appraised value at the recommendation of the city manager, Mr. Gehlbach stated:The people of Sedona have now been ripped off through pure ignorance!”

His conclusion is the city of Sedona has now set a precedent for any FUTURE land acquisitions to be overvalued, questioning the premise of “property is only worth what the Buyer is willing to pay.” Is that true when the investment was overpriced to begin with?

Regarding future Uptown parking, here’s what Kurt Gehlbach has to say:

A recent ADOT traffic study found the majority of Sedona tourist traffic backs up miles just to drive through the Sedona city limits without stopping before continuing along SR 89A to reach their northern destinations.

“$11.5 million to place 300 automobiles in the center of uptown, and that’s one of two parking structures, totaling roughly an additional 500 automobiles in Uptown Sedona. Add another $500,000 or more for the “ledge work” they will find digging down at least 2 floors or 30 feet (??)”

Kurt continues: “Not long ago our Mayor, Sandy Moriarty, was headstrong to be part of the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy, designed to cut emissions, basically decreasing Sedona’s carbon footprint within the next three years. Does this make sense to anyone?”

Regarding Sedona residents, Kurt Gehlbach relates:

“Prior to lockdown, I spent days and many hours walking door to door throughout our city gathering 200 signatures myself while sharing in conversation.

The emotions are all over the place, and many of our residents are very angry. I’m truly, truly worried about the future of Sedona so I believe the conversation needs to be about Sedona herself and our residents, to include their mixed levels of anger toward this government. We, as a city, must now come together to create change through a government that will listen, respond, inform, create and prosper with and for the Residents of Sedona. How about grasping the opportunity for such a collaboration giving new life and hope for Sedona’s survival?”

End of input from city of Sedona mayoral candidate Kurt Gehlbach. Read, study, ask questions and by all means plan to vote in August. Life in Sedona continues and be grateful each and every day for what we have and consider by way of your own judgment what will be the best way to preserve and protect this special corner of the world.

Over and Out. Cheers. Be Safe. Stay Well.


  1. Sedona Mark says:

    I support Bernie and can’t stand Biden. If they run any of the VP options I’ve heard discussed, I’m staying home. The far left has screwed up with supporting the communist Marxist BLM group, defunding police and systemic racism which doesn’t exist. Learn what propaganda means. Learn what being a party tool is, DORR. Learn who the party tools are in DC and AZ. Don’t vote for any of them unless you want to kiss your safety and security and civil rights goodbye.

  2. Voter ID Victory says:

    Judicial Watch Victory: Court of Appeals Adopts Judicial Watch/AEF Argument to Uphold Alabama Photo Voter ID Law

    Judicial Watch announced that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit adopted the argument put forth by Judicial Watch and Allied Educational Foundation (AEF) in their amici curiae brief when it upheld Alabama’s 2011 Photo Voter Identification Law. The court ruled the law does not violate the 14th or 15th Amendments or the Voting Rights Act and that the anti-voter ID plaintiffs failed to demonstrate the Alabama law causes the denial or abridgment of the right to vote on account of race.

  3. steve Segner says:

    clean sweep, the people have spoken Sedona still Blue…… voters support for local government and chamber Sandy for two more years.

  4. Mark Twainish says:

    Sedona bites the dust.

  5. Max Biz says:

    This vote supports chamber, I didn’t vote for chamber, not on my ballot, must have been your mail in ballot segner?

  6. Brenda says:

    Life’s good!

  7. Mike Campbell says:

    Two more years of more of the same decline as the past 6 years. Sedona sadly goes downhill, further into the depths of being a tourist trap.

    I raise a glass at the wake of the quaint spiritual town that has died.

    I morn the beautiful Sedona I fell in love with a lifetime ago.

  8. Natalie, Sedona says:

    Coconino almost said so-long Sandy. What’s that say to you, Steve?

  9. Steve Segners says:

    Kurt ran on defunding the chamber and fixing the city whatever that means (deleted by editor)

  10. @steve S says:

    That’s funny he Ramon defunding the chamber and the “Usual suspects” here in SE still gave him a hard time . That’s beautiful and says alot..

  11. @@steve S says:

    Gehlbach did not run on anything, He refused to state his positions when asked on this site many times.

    He might have been better than Sandy, but there was no way to tell.

  12. steve Segner says:

    but she won didn’t she, that is all that counts next election we will be ready with money and candidates

  13. Bingo! says:

    “They” pulled it off! Another black day for Sedona. The final nail was just pounded into her coffin.

    The power surge about to be released from the results of this election will be totally out of control. The sky’s the limit. Sedona’s version of Pandora’s Box soon to become reality. Sad sad.

  14. @@@steve s says:

    Maybe that’s because you all here just BS and are never never happy with anything.
    Look in the mirror …..stop blaming everything and everyone for your own UNHAPPINESS

  15. Thank you Sedona!! says:

    Thank you all for voting for Sandy and the other fine woman who will keep Sedona going strong. Thank you for not believing Sandy’s opponant who really talked out both sides of his mouth.

    He was never going to get a meeting with the Governor
    He didn’t even realize that his vote at a council meeting means nothing without 3 other supporting votes.
    He continued to want to do things that would have been violations of state statue of the open meetings ordanances.

    He has no clue

  16. You're welcome Sedona !! says:

    The Greater Sedona Chamber thanks you for millions a year for day trippers to clog your roads and pay their president $12,000 per month !

    The Sedona City management thanks you for the Six figure salaries, gold plated benefits and fully paid stays at 4 star resorts. ( For training and team building)

    The Sedona Library thanks you for the continued hundreds of thousands per year even though we receive ample funds from your county property tax.

    Mayor Sandy thanks you for the use of city facilities she receives for her Wine Fest.

    Sedona Recyles for supporting their efforts to place recycling receptacles over the entire Verde Valley.

    For ruining Sedona as a quaint residential town. You’re Welcome !!

    Sedona belongs to the world. If you don’t like it , move !

  17. TBS says:

    Thank you @ Thank you Sedona?? Is this the Two new same olds around town congratulating themselves? Maybe it’s Williamson thanking herself?? Steve congratulating himself? Is it Sandy herself? Because there certainly isn’t anyone congratulating the voters, the residents, or the red rock beauty waiting to bite the dust because the council and city staff lack vision and have no sense that the past and the future are intrinsically bound with the present.

    We need to congratulate ourselves for the votes that said unacceptable to the city and council and chamber. Look at the numbers. The numbers rocked the old system and highlighted voters dissatisfaction. Don’t let them spin it because it was not.

    We need candidates vetted now and primed for the next available Seats. We need to become more focused, more reasoned and more involved. This is the beginning of the Take Back Sedona movement? The tourists are gone for about 3 years. Time for change Sedona?

  18. @TBS says:

    You said “we need candidates now to be vetted for the next election”. LOL.
    If that happens it won’t be because of anybody here on SE. you to busy complaining here as well as posting you don’t need to wear masks(cause they don’t work) as well other nonsense which always puts you on the wrong side of EVERY and ALL issues.

    As a Reminder…., Complaining and making excuses are not political stances.

  19. Phil says:

    @steve. If the candidate had no clue like you said then he’ll learn on the job. If he has no clue and remains stupid and clueless then he’ll be no different from a council that got zapped with Open Meeting Law violationS or the Sedona fire district that had issues with Open Meeting Laws? It’s time for good changes. There’s no winner yet. Mail in ballots haven’t been counted in full and only 200 votes difference? I’d say that’s a big difference @steve but that’s just me or is it more than me?

  20. Writing's on the Wall says:

    The foolish city council members and imo dishonest city manager can congratulate themselves all they want but as several people have pointed out in this post the numbers point to changes ahead.

    Half the people who voted did not vote for Moriarty. She won by her smallest margin ever. Moriarty, her failed leadership, her greedy chamber friends and the incompetent city manager do not have the support of fully half the people of this town. Those of us who are done with the greed and dishonesty will continue to fight to elect city council members who listen to use (really listen, not just nod their heads and then vote for more tourism and tourist oriented projects) and for hiring a competent city manager.

    The latest debacle, a sewage spill into Oak Creek, is one example of a poorly managed city. The city took great pains to try to point the finger at the construction company, an example of moral failure on top of administrative failure. Sorry, city manager, but you hired the company and it is your job to supervise the work. In addition to failing to protect the environment you also failed to take ownership of the problem. Cowardly.

  21. Alex D. says:

    No Phil, you are NOT alone in your thinking. The dopes at city hall (staff & council) are more interested in catering to the chamber of commerce and funding other REGIONAL services than tending to affairs under their legitimate jurisdiction.

    Recent example: Volumes of human waste dumping into Oak Creek (a designated protected waterway) during the current excavation related to the Sedona sewer (oops – “wastewater treatment”) system on 179 by Tlaquepaque. Way to go, idiots.

    Do “they” EVER do anything without a bundle of procedural blunders? Wish ADEQ would slap a severe penalty and/or sue the socks off this inept, screwed-up “incorporated” area.

    Yes, Steve, another complainer here. And thank goodness for Sedona Eye and the willingness to publish ALL comments instead of picking and choosing as does another local worthless printed offering!

  22. Joan says:

    Not such a clean sweep. Since there are so many cronies voting to keep sandy in because it pads their pockets and keeps the chamber members fat, paid and happy. Kurt did really great. less than 200 votes between them.

  23. Enid Sedona says:

    spin the wine bottle for money

  24. @You're welcome Sedona !! says:

    You’re welcome Tony

  25. Vern says:

    Americans Fault China for Its Role in the Spread of COVID-19. You bet. Pew Research: Americans’ views of China have continued to sour, according to a new Pew Research Center survey. Today, 73% of U.S. adults say they have an unfavorable view of the country, up 26 percentage points since 2018. Since March alone, negative views of China have increased 7 points, and there is a widespread sense that China mishandled the initial outbreak and subsequent spread of COVID-19.

    Duh! I’d be worried about the 27% of America that don’t have a problem with China because who doesn’t believe China mishandled it? Maybe the better poll question is who believes that China deliberately tried to conquer the world by exterminating it?

    BTW just say no to voting by mail. Use an absentee ballot or get thee to the polls on time. Voting in Sedona and VOC is convenient and uncrowded if you opt for an UN busy time. Just do it and stop pretending you have a reason to b****.

  26. Not so fast... says:

    All of you celebrating are celebrating prematurely. Albeit, Moriarty, and the leftist city council that has won (only by default, as there were no competitors), the race is not over and is awfully close. Votes are still being counted.


    Regardless, you all celebrating should be scared. Gehlback received over 40% of the votes. And, that is with Moriarty in so many businesses’ pockets. Considering the pandemic, Gehlback was not able to reach many voters, he or someone else will take the win next time, if not now. The residents are speaking and they are fed up.

    If anyone read Moriarty’s comments/responses to questions in the RR news
    interviews, they would have noticed she NEVER mentioned the residents of Sedona. Not once. She is in businesses’ pockets and all about tourists only.

  27. Beverly, VOC says:

    Voting is the first duty of an American citizen. Honoring the outcome is being an American.

  28. Alison W. says:

    @BeverlyVOC Yes, voting SHOULD be the first duty of an American citizen. And honoring the outcome SHOULD represent being an American.

    It’s unfortunate somebody didn’t remind the losers of that premise during the last US Presidential election.

    Those pathetic examples of our national government (also elected to represent the choice of American voters) did nothing except antagonize and continue the trend to be hateful towards the “will of the people” – no cooperation with the President elected by the people. And they continue to do so to this day. Shameful display.

    Because my own opinion leans toward a change in local leadership, if, after all the votes are tallied hopefully with accuracy, it will be disappointing if official results indicate Kurt Gehlbach didn’t make it. But there will be some comfort in knowing that at least it was a privilege to have cast my vote and hopefully maintain the ability to respect the majority decision with some dignity.

  29. Omari Hon sometimes here says:

    Perfectly expressed dearies

  30. @not so fast says:

    Leftiest you say… You’re pretty good at name-calling. Not so good at taking action.
    If most that ran ran unopposed, why didnt you run instead of complaining and name calling here on Sedona Eye like you always do.
    Just wondering

  31. Max S. says:

    Not disagreeing with the obvious overreach of funding from city council to the chamber of commerce for whatever reason here’s another bone to chew. What do you think of the kick-in-the rear end from the company that recently bought out SuddenLink? Not only have our rates gone sky high but likewise sales taxes! Have you checked out your monthly bill? Adding insult to injury, they shut down the local office!

    As for people like @@not so fast who complain about the complainers on Sedona Eye, just what do you suppose he/she considers that comment to be? Certainly not one of congratulations or approval. Pot calling the kettle black?

  32. Chip says:

    Best about Sedona Eye is the people. Hats off to you.

  33. Mitzy Oak Creek Canyon says:

    IMO the best thing about Sedona Eye is the publisher/editor who makes it possible. And for sure it isn’t for the money! (as evidenced by absence of sponsors lining the margins) What other means of fascinating news and contributing comments is offered in the entire Verde Valley? (maybe even in ALL of Arizona)

  34. Bill, Uptown says:

    @mitzyocc Maddock is the real eye of Sedona

  35. J. Norton, VOC says:

    Yes those two new monstrous structures (hotel and storage facility) on SR179 are hideous. However it’s oddly comforting to know that even dumber things continue to mucky up incorporated Sedona.

    It’s common knowledge that one reason Phoenix radiates so much heat is because of the number of asphalt parking lots. Well, “official” Sedona residents, this candidate for mayor, Kurt Gehlbach, had major concerns about the number of vehicles in “uptown.” And he wasn’t elected. So all you bellyaching complainers apparently love the direction Sedona has taken because you don’t vote to change it when given the chance.

    Did you know on Tuesday, Sept. 8, the Sedona City Council approved the purchase of three parcels of land in Uptown from land owner Craig Curtis? Price tag: $947,500. Purpose: Apparently in addition to the Brewer Road – “Y” link this acquisition is also a potential for a transit hub, bus station or bus parking area maintenance yard.

    Future plans will consider some sort of “intercept” parking lots in the VOC (whatever that means) and maybe electric buses. All to extend service to destinations in Oak Creek Canyon (such as Slide Rock).

    With cooperation from the USFS they intend to “service” additional trailhead stops (even more traffic in your subdivisions). As if tourists will give up their cars. Or will it be the residents expected to do so? Wasn’t that attempted before and failed?

    Just imagine and don’t be surprised if these illusions of grandeur don’t even expand to servicing all of Cottonwood, Clarkdale, Jerome, Camp Verde, Flagsfaff, and maybe even Prescott! Hey – when you’re on a roll why not think BIG?

    No wonder the approval to hire a “transit administrator” – annual salary and benefits worth between $130,000 to $140,000. (that person can be on that job for maybe a year or so and then move on up to applying as CEO for the Sedona Chamber of Commerce?)

    The beauty of it is that even with our “ugly” buildings in the VOC, we aren’t having to deal (at least at the moment) with being a terminal for a major traffic hub and heat attracting asphalt parking lots on every corner!

    And some of you wonder why the VOC didn’t jump on the chance to annex into Sedona city limits when it was proposed many years ago? Ha – FAT CHANCE. NOW YOU KNOW.

    Oh well, the upside appears to be this great “city” is so financially solvent throughout this dreadful pandemic and iffy economical times it can forge ahead and spend money like there’s no tomorrow. And even more incredible, the voters there approved it!

    Too bad Kurt. Maybe your only real downfall is that you were willing to run for Mayor in the first place. Apparently Sedona is well on the way to getting even more than just a few hundred more vehicles. And ya think traffic is bad now? Add an unknown number of buses to the mix! Oh my!!

  36. F.N., VVSR 86351 says:

    VOC despises Sedona City for its lack of worth while trafficking to eat at high priced 2 and 3 star tourist quality Restaurants owned by chamber elitists or accept attendance at city events and programs run by and solely attended by chamber elitists who hire and promote
    City government and sponsored elitists. The newspapers are low brow and peddle elitists. While you readers don’t know how to discern or recognize quality or substance or a successful state of being and nevermind it because you’ll sacrifice your nation for a vote by mail scheme in order to elect 2 hollow core political shells who sold their souls years ago to puppeteers. Por favor. You get what you are worth.

    It’s a profound choice. You will win or lose.

  37. Say What? says:

    “Future plans will consider some sort of “intercept” parking lots in the VOC (whatever that means) and maybe electric buses. All to extend service to destinations in Oak Creek Canyon (such as Slide Rock).” @J. Norton, VOC

    By what authority will the City of Sedona purchase and create parking lots in the VOC? We are NOT in their jurisdiction. Just because they (city of Sedona) is unable to assess city property taxes it appears they are going after our county property taxes? In both Yavapai and Coconino Counties?

    Hey, Folks – whether you live in Sedona or anyplace in the Verde Valley – watch out for this one. The “great” (not) control freaks in Sedona, so it appears, are attempting to control and use BOTH local counties as a means to finance their fairy-tale projects! (That’s a joke? NOT~ ~ Encouraging ALL traffic into Sedona to park and jump on shuttles to outer space?) Reminder of that UFO rumored to blast off from Bell Rock at one time.

    No Sedona City Property Taxes (back to topic). And where will the money come from? One more time – “they” (city council/staff) will do their best to get county supervisors to climb on board with this latest travesty and the cost will be added to your respective county property tax assessment. Watch and see! Scum bags! To hell with the fact we are enduring difficult times. They apparently never sleep, scheming 24/7 how to take advantage and pull off this stuff when people are under extreme stress.

    Election is coming up in less than two months. Check out your County Supervisors’ positions on these Sedona issues. Same with State Legislators. If they allow this travesty, what better time to vote them OUT and get rid of them? This extends far beyond little Sedona City Government and their perceived chiseling methods to infiltrate county property taxes.

    Coconino County is already giving Sedona City a huge chunk of our property taxes for flood control – which is actually a good thing. Otherwise Sedona would most likely have been flooded out years ago. Which, on second thought, might not have been a bad thing?

  38. @F.N., VVSR 86351 says:

    I never realized that you Village People have 5 star returants and other quality and businesses of substane that you can look down your nose on the city.

    I never heard any NY’re say HAY LETS TAKE OUR VACATION IN THE VILLAGE OF OAK CREEK. You sound like an ungrateful leach sucking on momma Sedona. Why don’t you have your mayor and village council make your own ordenances, oh right, you don’t have either. Even your VOCCA has no real power to do squat just look at all of the fighting in your little village over land use issues.

  39. @J. Norton, VOC says:

    Well Norton, I didn’t vote for Gehlbach because he was a “spin master” his best accomplishment was working as a time share salesman in Sedona. Those are the folks who sell people shares in hotels that they really don’t want to buy. He also has a criminal record that can be found on the AZ criminal websites.

    I’ll stick with the old lady mayor for 10 more years. She may be gruff around the edges but never BS’s anyone.

  40. Steve Segner says:

    J. Norton, of VOC to answer you question, Sedona and its citizens voted to approve and fund traffic and parking improvements, the government is giving us what we want. J. Norton,you live in the VOC (village of no name ) why do you spend too much time hating Sedona, Sedona is miles away. P.S all the new hotels will be in your back yard, not the real Sedona you will get the new traffic and new hotels but we will have parking for your guests and tax dollars.

    F.N., VVSR 86351 says: VOC despises Sedona City for its lack of worthwhile trafficking to eat at high priced 2 and 3-star tourist quality Restaurants. F.N. who won’t use a real name) so don’t go to Sedona! or eat out in Sedon,, stay in your little SunCity condo Village. If you live in the village why do you spend so much time complaining about a city miles away? Eat closer to home in your 5 diamond eateries.
    Why do you even go to Sedona if you hate it so much, when friends ask you where you live I bet you say “Sedona” not the poor side of the tracks, the no-name village of gas station and storage units, the real Sedona is 11 miles away.

  41. Tony says:

    I’ll ask Steve Segner and the city council to resign immediately and an election be held soon.

    I’ll not be trashed by area representatives that use my backyard for access to their attractions. Go to hell Segner.

    You ain’t nothing in Sedona except for the USFS and VOC road access off the freeway.

    I’m for closing SR 179 with accidental fender benders on 179 before they reach beaverhead flats road and force detours.

    I’m going to consider this a self preservation health and happiness deed. Whose with me to stop the flagrant violation of our property rights?

  42. Steve Segner says:

    Look people if you don’t like what is going on run for office or move ,bitching on Sedona eye with get you nothing. the village is going to grow and hotels will be taking over get ready. Sedona has a pand z and we control growth…. sorry

  43. John Daniels W Sedona says:

    You’re for closing AR 179, sounds like good plan, how are YOU going to make that happen?

  44. Richard Saunders says:

    Funny stuff. Tony is angry no matter where he lives… I guess he brings himself wherever he goes …. lol.

  45. Jerry Uptown says:

    With reference to recent city land purchase the parcels are located at 215 W. SR 89A, 65 Brewer Road and 121 Brewer Road, running parallel to Brewer Road southwest of the State Route 89A roundabout. Thus, indeed they do tie into the already discussed transit vehicle holding area perhaps involving the “Y” roundabout.

    Isn’t it odd discussion of the previous potential parking area on Jordan Road, purchased by the chamber of commerce allegedly on behalf of the city of Sedona, has suddenly dropped out of the discussion?

    Could it be that property was gifted to the departing CEO of the Chamber on behalf of the wonderful job she did for the City of Sedona? Hmmmm – puzzling situation here but then hasn’t puzzlement sort of become a way of life for incorporated Sedona?

  46. Tony D says:

    You’ve got the wrong person, I don’t know a Richard Saunders, there’s at least 3 Tony’s in VOC that I know.

  47. steve segner says:

    Jerry Uptown says: Could it be that property was gifted to the departing CEO of the Chamber.
    Oh please you sound like Trump you make an un true accusation and hide it behin a “Could it be” comment. The lot is used for parking and on weekends is Full the was the idea and it is being paid or with marketing bed tax money from visitors.

  48. No Jerry! says:

    Jerry, do you just like to throw out whatever you have no clue about?….Have you been to the meetings?….Listened to city meetings?…Im going to guess no to all of it!

    This whole time the city has asked for input, got professionals to give input.

    Do you know they are trying to eliminate traffic from tourists?…Are you aware they are trying to keep the masses out of the “Y”?

    See there are answers for lots of those questions….

    The property on Jordan is always and still in discussions to alleviate traffic!
    If you would just pay attention the city now has the land to start putting a plan together….That new north round a bout?…Did you notice a new street that spits out….No reason to drive through uptown to park coming from the north…Same for buses….See if you actually paid attention you would know thats another piece of the puzzle..

    But Im sure you just rather ignore any plan, and just complain like the rest of the kooks around here….Why dont you call the city or attend a meeting as your questions prove you have gone to one or even listened once!

  49. Angie & Doug says:

    Surely considering that 179/Brewer Road shortcut to the second roundabout from the Y on SR89 can’t be serious? However dumb question since they already purchased the property. And since it was approved on a consent agenda how much more slippery can it get? Another dumb question most likely.

    For one thing, aren’t “they” aware that traffic taking the Brewer Road Alternate Route is already frequently backed up on SR89? Not to mention the constant clogged traffic through the Tlaquepaque bottleneck since the additional development across the highway. That cute little stretch of the ill conceived planning by City of Sedona is clearly the root of the ongoing and extensive backups on SR179.

    If either county, Coconino or Yavapai, contributes to this future plan to what appears to be another pending disaster then they, too, must be held liable. Right?

    Good question about that Jordan Road property. Mysterious indeed. As strange as it is that in general consideration that the east side of Sedona lies within Coconino County. Usually only Yavapai County is associated with incorporated Sedona maybe because that’s where City Hall is located?

    At least Yavapai County will be also be dragged into this latest boondoggle when the city procures VOC property for a parking lot to accommodate Sedona City patrons to be shuttled thru Sedona’s famous Tlaquepaque bottleneck soon to hold transit vehicles in the Brewer Y area.

    Can’t make this stuff up! OMG~~~

  50. An Observation says:

    Those who consistently complain about Sedona Eye appear to be unified in their efforts to shut people up who actually don’t even have a remote chance of disrupting the few people who control Sedona.

    Comments from, for example, the Segner fellow and presumably a John Daniels W. Sedona and Richard Saunders (obviously with a constant ax to grind against the head of someone presumably named Tony) are kindred spirits who enjoy and celebrate their ongoing control of the strings of “their” puppets at city hall – be it city council and/or staff members.

    Forget it, Children. Nothing lasts forever and sooner or later your house of cards will come tumbling down.

    Don’t think so? Then how about doing your rain dance and produce a much needed downpour? Or take your talents to California and perform some voodoo to put an end to the disastrous wildfires?

    Oh – but that wouldn’t line your pockets with egocentric power and/or do-re-mi to be spent on getting your next city council elected, would it? Or are all favors from city hall extended without reward? Doubt it. Just asking.

    How long before more attacks on Sedona Eye from the hecklers in the back/front row(s)? Of course that depends on whether one is looking up or looking down?

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