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Eddie Maddock: A Most Unusual City Council Meeting


SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock examines a highly unusual Sedona meeting.

Sedona AZ – A popular song, “It’s a Most Unusual Day,” is considered part of the Great American Song Book and was composed by Jimmy McHugh, lyrics by Harold Adamson and introduced in the film, “A Date With Judy” in 1957.

Fast forward to 2022 and maybe some creative Sedona resident might consider writing a new version: “It was a Most Unusual City Council Meeting” referencing the session held on May 24, 2022. And why is that? Well, just for example the five legitimate Sedona residents appearing during the “Public Forum” were all well-prepared, did not exceed the three-minute limitation, and each spoke relating to a different topic. Their concerns included, but were not limited to:

· Chamber – funding from the City of Sedona should be eliminated

· Chamber of Commerce misrepresented as a Tourism Bureau

· Citizen Engagement – unfair, handpicked, lack of transparency

· Transit System – failure to apply requests for bids

· No bid contracts in general

· Opposition to target zoning

· Violating rights of people

· Disregard for private property

· Sedona’s decrease in population

· Work force increases at City Hall

· Allowing Sedona to become a poster child for the world

· Home Rule.

City of Sedona Council chamber

It might be intriguing to note that at least one of those speaking concluded their presentation with the words: “You’ve been put on notice.” City Council members or others are not allowed to address input relating to Public Forum comments except, perhaps, time limit reminders which, as noted, were unnecessary during this session.

Mayor Moriarty’s seat was vacant and, when the city council roll call was taken, she didn’t respond. However she was, indeed, conducting and participating throughout the meeting from some remote location.

The primary agenda item was:

Regular Business: AB 2806 Discussion/possible action regarding approval of a Uniform Video Services License Agreement with NPG Cable, LLC dba Suddenlink Communications.

In spite of unanimous and justified complaints relating to the performance of the cable company under contract – primarily as a result of Arizona State Legislature’s interference by revoking municipality control over local services and, in certain instances, policies – in order to avoid a potential shutdown of service to customers, the contract renewal was approved, but not unanimously. The three council members voting in opposition: Kathy Kinsella, Holi Ploog, and Scott Jablow.

Running quickly through the balance of the council meeting agenda, which consisted of routine items, this meeting was adjourned in record time – at approximately 5:35 PM.

Considering most council meetings generally run in excess of at least three hours, assuredly was this not another example of a “Most Unusual Sedona City Council Meeting?”


  1. Jim, Uptown says:

    City uses the deliberately skewed focus group model (took the damn class but can’t recall its name) that allows monitors and controllers. That model isn’t recognized for gauging interests or outcomes.

  2. Sedona Residents says:

    And, Yes, we do live within Sedona City Limits and resent it when city council members think they are responsible for catering to the wishes of those outside the designated area: VOC and RR Loop area as examples. NOT THEIR JURISDICTION! Mr. Vice Mayor Jablow, are you paying attention?

    Another scam which in our opinion(s) appears as fraud is this city (of Sedona) having gone on record that the Sedona Oak Creek Chamber of Commerce Visitors’ Center in uptown Sedona is the official visitors center for the city. How can that be, even though that C of C visitors center has been heavily funded with public money for years?

    In other words, to hell with legitimate Sedona CITY LICENSED BUSINESSES that collect city taxes. Unless they are a member of the Chamber of Commerce they have NO referrals at this fraud of a Sedona City Visitors Center.

    Time for a major change and most likely it will take more than a new mayor and city council members to pull it off.


  3. Dar Stout , Flagstaff says:

    Washington Post columnist tells news audience to “Just get over it” paying more for things. Cancel your subscriptions now. Save those dollars. Arrogant administration lackeys. Sedona and Flagstaff administrations same.

  4. Sedona Pat says:

    Count me as tired of the needless expenses. Like watching monkeys throw trash at each other and expect it to smell better after its washed off.

  5. Divine Miss Flo says:

    People wanting a transit system here? No. They need walkers and cars that park themselves. Nobody’s walking in this heat even the help.

  6. TGIF says:

    You didn’t put my comment up and here it is again. If anyone in Sedona pickets because of the Supreme Court decision today, bring them milk and cookies and an old age home
    Sign up sheet because they’re all too old to procreate and still want to tell us how we do it. Say what? Let me see your white or dyed head on a picket line and I’ll be laughing my ass of at you. That goes for priests and nuns. Go Sedona! Unelect those baby boomer potheads and AA wannabes and their friends on the street from power. Today the Supreme Court gave you and me the RIGHT to decide if we wanted abortions in every state! The Court gave us the right to vote on it. Scared the shit out of your US representatives because now they have to step up. None of you are very smart. That’s why you elect the Sedona council. Just sayin.

  7. Joe Lee says:

    @TGIF – What jumped out from your comment wasn’t so much about the Supreme Court decision today, but it was your statement: “The Court gave us the right to vote on it.” And that is precisely why Sedona voters should consider voting NO on HOME RULE.

    A NO vote will do just that – force the City Council and Staff to acquire voter approval on major decisions involving millions of public dollars. Yes on “Home Rule” allows them carte blanche on spending. For example – all the property they (the City) is looking at to invest in. Why should they be in the real estate business? And with public funds? Why shouldn’t we, the legitimate voting residents of Sedona, have the right to convey our input on decisions such as the purchase of the former Cultural Park (or anyplace else) for any reason? And that’s just one example.

    A No vote on Home Rule will tie the hands of our “public” representatives and force them to be less careless with how they spend OUR MONEY! Have you checked out the outrageous amount of salaries presently being paid to city staff? It’s been reported the city of Sedona paid its employees over $7,780,420 in just nine months. And our population has dropped below 10,000!

    What better reason is there to vote “NO” on Home Rule and bring this nonsense out of the darkness in order for our voices to be heard. If you find this present situation under the concept of Home Rule acceptable then don’t complain when your neighbor’s property is zoned for commercial and/or other high density development. The new owner(s) may very well be the City of Sedona!

  8. @jim Uptown says:

    Yea ok Jim. Thanks for the useless comment. As most comments here. Just throw enough crap at the wall something’s bound to stick or NOT. People who comment here must HATE sedona and I wonder why they just don’t move to “redder” pastures. Hmmmm . As with Trump… their are enough FOOLS in the world to believe any and all BS from the mouths of liars and cheats and then call themselves patriots. LOL

  9. @tgif says:

    Oh my…. You sound like such a kind hearted creature of GOD. Who loves her life…NOT
    Get some help for your anger issues.

  10. Ruth Morganstern here says:

    Most towns in NY have electric bikes that people use to get around the town or city. Not vehicles or busses but bikes and sidewalks are used for bikes. One and done!

  11. Marty Sedona says:

    @@jim Uptown aren’t the real FOOLS in Sedona people such as yourself who “believe any and all BS from the mouths of liars and cheats” calling themselves Mayor, City Council, and Sedona City Staff?
    How about taking a good look at yourself in the mirror? Give it a broad smile because you and your kind are presently in the driver’s seat. BUT nothing lasts forever. Now THAT IS the truth!

  12. NAU Senior says:

    TGIF wicked right. #share. I’m headed for law school and say wicked smart to this Supreme Court for doing what others should have done years ago. This court depoliticized future courts by requiring politicians to address abortion and abortion rights, which aren’t political but solely medical decisions, and this court tossed the government out of our homes and uteruses. Congratulations to doctors and healthcare workers for being put back in control of decisions with patients, not the judicial system. This court gave we the people people power! If you want abortions then work on it in your own state to elect representatives if that’s what you want. You’re welcome to go anywhere for an abortion that has it, or not go if you don’t want, just like cancer treatments and heart transplants or like couple friends who worry took the morning
    After pill. Smart people don’t provide free lab fetus material to be used for school research, corporate and government studies profits. Whatever works for you personally without government interference is now. That’s what happened yesterday. Constitutional law won. You the people won. Politicians need to put their beliefs on the line now with their votes, and not hide real positions. You need to know that most young people are like me, ambivalent about medical decisions others make and do. Like online. Thanks.

  13. Sly Sylvester says:

    Isn’t it amazing how clever SE self-imposed(?) “monitors” are by diverting article subjects to other issues? For example, how did the core topic here, a Sedona city council meeting, turn into a discussion relating to abortion?

    But how does that tie into national politics? Didn’t the endeavor to overturn Wade vs Roe actually come about as a means to remove USA voters from focusing on the socialistic, inflation driven, open border policies put in motion by the Biden administration? A method by which to divert the disastrous direction this nation is headed?

    Without a change in Sedona administration in the upcoming election won’t Sedona just continue to ride the runaway train of tax and spend fun and games?

    A modern version of Smoke & Mirrors?

  14. @Sly says:

    You said

    “Isn’t it amazing how SE self-imposed monitors are at diverting issues” blah blah.

    Look no further then the “lovely hearted regular posters(poster) here on SE.
    He/she is like a foolish ,small minded ,hate filled , snake eating itself.

    But go ahead if you will and BLAME it on something else other then what it is.

  15. Raley says:

    @ snark attack needed on aisle tgifjune25637am

  16. Austin Limits says:


  17. Roger Stevens says:

    A reminder – Sedona election – August 2, 2022. Voter information pamphlet in today’s mail.

    Hopefully they did a better job at sending them to EVERYONE than they did at mailing the most recent Sedona “survey”.

    It was admitted at the last P & Z Meeting that not ALL Sedona residents received it.

    And it was the survey they intend to use for assistance in updating the Community Plan? Just another Sedona boondoggle as in “What else is new?” Same old inefficient crap.

    Vote the “ins” OUT! It’s now or never for tomorrow may never come.

  18. Muki says:

    Great slogan! Sedona, Vote Every In Out! Slap it on grocery carts and pass it out at gas stations and wear the shirts to church and temple and red rock meet and greets.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Just a heads up, NO, may I repeat NO CHURCH should be involved in anything political or lose its tax free status!!! Just ask the Cowboy Church (deleted by editor), when the IRS gave them a call in 2016!

  20. PGE, West Sedona says:

    Fragile state of affairs and people accept it as normal when it’s abnormal. Unfortunately this current government is an abysmal failure that needs replacing in November. We have a clear vision now of what we lost electing Biden Harris. November can’t get here soon enough.

  21. @muki says:

    Ok let me know what gas station your going to be at to get the “slogan” from you.
    I won’t hold my Breath.

  22. Muki says:

    Cool! Glad you loved the slogan! Thank you for your vote of support and Vote Every In Out!

  23. Jayden Esso says:

    NO CHURCH, OMG got it you’re the one who called and complained about private groups like the Scouts and others meeting in church and temple and lodging and Library buildings and was told that they’re doing is what every building in Sedona can do when in use or not? Think VRBO, you own the building you can rent it or use it. You liberals are all the same bullies.

  24. Madeline & Joe says:

    What’s the difference, if any, between Liberals and Socialists?

    FYI – In Sedona the library is NOT owned by the city! It existed prior to incorporation and there is really NO NEED for the City of Sedona to give them one penny. Check the assets of the library yourself. And then ask why is it the “city” endows them with municipal funding. NO GOOD REASON?

    Then after you do that check our city roads in subdivision and ask where would some of those millions of $$$$ stashed at city hall be better spent?

    “The cobbler’s children have no shoes.”

  25. @ Jayden says:

    Can a nonprofit be involved in politics?

    Under the Internal Revenue Code, all section 501(c)(3) organizations are absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office.

    The Restriction of Political Campaign Intervention by Section 501(c)(3 …

  26. mshobert says:

    Great… Vote in a bunch of single agenda, zero experience, newbies. Plus, all you people live in the – “Village of Old Kooks.”

  27. Thank You Sedona Eye says:

    May we extend our deepest gratitude and humble appreciation for allowing our thoughts to be made public. (although it appears we are fighting a lost cause)

    So sad for Sedona – the day voters approved “city” status was the road to ruin. Big, big government prevails – our opinions of course.

    Madeline & Joe

  28. @@Jayden says:

    You referring to the city and chamber? Library and city? Chamber and elections? Churches aren’t under the government’s thumb eh comrade, but, call your commie Pocohantas and AOC and Nancy friends and begin to Trot-ski with Slow Bernie and wet dream about bringing down God to your level.


  29. Voting in Sedona says:

    According to the OSC, the Hatch Act, passed in 1939, restricts some political actions of federal workers, as well as some state, D.C., and local government employees who operate in connection with federally financed programs. “Federal programs are managed in a nonpartisan manner,” according to the statute.

    Sedona city management should always be in line with the Hatch Act and performing their duties according to the law. Are there instances that they have stepped outside the law and have they been advised and made necessary changes and amends? Maybe a good question? Seems as though some lines have been at city? Wasn’t the city given notice a few years ago to fix some issues?

  30. Dippity Do says:

    Sedona rocks and is ruled by rock heads. Roll on babies letting your city be demolished.

  31. Kathy, Sedona says:

    More ruinous rains in northern AZ. You’re in the path of fire and rain Sedona and the infrastructure delays and lack of attention as money is passed out to elites in nonprofits that should be self supporting is ridiculous!!

  32. Atlas Williams says:

    They closed Hoover Dam today and Lake Mead is disappearing and Sedona needs to stop thinking rains will come without the trees that were burned down in Flagstaff and the canyon. Fires set by tourist people and forest service prescribed burn mistakes are ruining our Sedona and Arizona quality of life. It’s one thing to have a natural fire caused by lightning but these unnatural fires are not climate or environmental caused. The closing of the Dam affects us too and maybe it’s time to return the Colorado to its natural course. We can’t keep putting raw sewage back into our red rocks and expect a different outcome than science says happens. We need the ability to feed ourselves and have enough water in the Sedona high desert but we’re not managing it. Atlas Williams, Flagstaff AZ

  33. @Kathy says:

    The sky is falling…..The sky is falling

  34. Jim, Sedona says:

    Hoover Dam had an explosion July 19 2022.

  35. Foster Kids says:

    Sedona council sounds like these ASU morons. This needs to be shared with every Sedonan and Arizonan. You know – what your teachers and professors are telling your kids – that they must hate white people – why – because they go to an elite university and likely never had to experience racism because white people fixed this country so they didn’t. You know – ended slavery and created laws that provides for equal treatment. Just sayin. Just remindin.

    Here that is again, white folks.


  36. Mike says:

    On the news today is talk about how the economy is going downhill and will continue and Airbnb is losing money after posting its numbers today. Goldman issues a sell rating on Airbnb stock.

    Conversation is that the down economy has driven and will bring lots of problems with Cancellations because people cannot afford traveling again due to escalated and hyperinflation costs.

    Federal reserve is going to increase higher rates through next year after adding 3/4 point today making House purchases will take a dive.

    Biden took credit for higher Social Security checks and the White House had to take it down after blowback because it seems that Americans know that they are getting less than actual inflation and the checks are worth less than they were before increase. Makes you miss that mean Tweeting, but brilliant no BS Trump? Sedona take heed.

  37. DY, Prescott Valley AZ says:

    Our home started using less Toilet Paper to make ends after a pandemic lockdown that kept it off our shelves, have you forgotten Arizona? The Dollar Tree is 1.25 item and $2 items and $3 and Up items on shelf. WHAT? Dollar lost 25% to inflation in that store this year. My grocery store is more than 25% on every item and some are 100% more expensive. Drugs in pharmacy might not arrive when ordered and in my entire life that never happened here.

    Vote Republican. Thanks Gov Ducey or we’d be Californians. Liked the Humboldt education district post and keep emails (deleted by editor) subscribed for news.

  38. Doug says:

    This damn inflation is sucking the air out of my retirement and will never vote Democrats in for dog catchers. It does matter that inflation is here and it does matter to each and every one of us even those politicians needing to be replaced next election. You tax is Sedona politicians with your gaming the Cultural Park and let’s get it on the ballot Sedona! NOW!

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