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Death and Stabbing on AZ 89 North of Flagstaff

Gray Mountain AZ is north of Flagstaff AZ on SR 89.

Sedona AZ – The Coconino County Sheriff’s Office is continuing to investigate an AZ Highway 89 death and stabbing near Gray Mountain, Arizona on August 5, 2019. As the incident occurred on a state highway and involved moving vehicles, the Arizona Department of Public Safety was charged with assisting the CCSO investigation.

Detectives have identified the man who died on the scene as Richard Osburn, 35, from Oklahoma. A preliminary autopsy by the Coconino County Medical Examiner’s Office suggests Osburn died from blunt force trauma to the head, most likely sustained after falling from the moving vehicle onto the pavement. There were no other significant injures found on Osburn that would cause or contribute to his death.

Information obtained through both agency investigations confirm Osburn and his wife were traveling southbound on Highway 89. Osburn was driving their vehicle when he traveled into the northbound lane near the Sinagua Trading Post. He eventually attempted to correct his position and traveled across the Highway 89 median causing damage to their vehicle. Osburn stopped and was approached by other civilian motorists who attempted to assist him. He exited his vehicle and began acting aggressively towards them.

North of Flagstaff AZ, a man jumped onto a car roof with a knife, used it to smash and destroy its sunroof and stab at the passengers before falling to his death on Highway 89N roadbed.

During this time a couple from Conway, Arkansas arrived to assist. Osburn approached them, all the while continuing with his aggressive behavior. The Arkansas couple got back into their vehicle, with the woman driving, and started to leave the scene. While pulling back onto the highway, they observed Osburn run at their vehicle and jump onto its roof.

The Arkansas driver accelerated onto Highway 89 southbound. Osburn, on top of the vehicle, produced a fixed blade knife and smashed and destroyed the glass sunroof of the victim’s vehicle. Pulling his upper torso into the passenger compartment of the victims vehicle, he began grabbing at the female driver and attempted to stab her with his knife. All the while, the male victim was attempting to defend himself and the female victim from the front passenger seat.

Eventually, the male victim was able to push Osburn back out of the sunroof. The driver initiated an evasive maneuver with the vehicle causing Osburn to fall from the roof at speeds estimated between 60-70 miles an hour. It appears now Osburn died as a result of a head injury sustained upon impact with the roadway.

Obsurn’s wife was interviewed at the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office in Flagstaff and has been cooperative with the investigation. She was released to a friend and Victim Witness services.

The investigation is still ongoing by Detectives with the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office. Follow the SedonaEye.com for updates as it becomes available.

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  1. Jennifer & Josh says:

    Crazy S***

  2. Gordon says:

    Drugs, alcohol? He first was driving the wrong way on 89? Lucky no head on for other Good Sams. Want a suggestion how to handle this? Shouldn’t be allowed to own or drive a car for a couple decades and he should be under house arrest for 10 years, leave his crazy at home by his self. Lucky good people didn’t die. Scum.

  3. Bruce says:

    Looks like there was a lifeguard at the gene pool for a change.

  4. Shauna Pearsons says:

    took sec @Bruce & then big laugh, will try & use it when can

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