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Council Terminates Public Input on Sedona National Monument

Sedona AZ (October 12, 2015) – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:

sedona city council

Sedona City Council L to R: Scott Jablow, Angela LeFevre, Jon Thompson, Sandy Moriarty (Mayor), John Martinez, Mark DiNunzio, Jessica Williamson

See below for my email REQUEST of all Sedona City Councilors. The only RATIONAL action by Sedona Council is to OPPOSE the National Monument Proposal by Keep Sedona Beautiful (KSB).

The entire PROCESS has been improper, because we keep talking about THE Monument Proposal, but NOT the ORIGINAL DIRECTION by Sedona Council in ” … supporting the efforts of Keep Sedona Beautiful (KSB) to pursue VARIOUS OPTIONS for national scenic area protection.” (9/22/2015 Council Packet, page 163).

This KSB Proposal needs to have a “silver stake” driven into its heart, so an AUTHENTIC PROCESS towards “national scenic area protection” can BEGIN. That can only happen if the Sedona Council votes to OPPOSE the KSB Proposal. A vote to TABLE the resolution “until such time that KSB has created a coalition …” will only continue this INSANITY.

Tabling the resolution would only tell me that Sedona Council LIKES the idea of a National Monument, BUT that Council wants to give KSB more TIME to create the FACADE OF A COALITION, which it has never had. Everyone familiar with the KSB Proposal knows that KSB has been the SOLE creator, advocate, data collector, decision-maker, and submitter of this Monument Proposal. KSB has tried to use the Sedona Council as a facade of public support, just as it will try to CREATE a “coalition”.


1) The “for-packet” PDF is a 6-page document, and has been sent out before. If you haven’t read it, it reads something like a “soap opera”, in legalese.


2) The “Pre Council Comments” PDF is a mere 2-pages, about the procedural irregularities occurring at the 9/22/2015 Council meeting. I may be prejudiced, but I think that my C.1 entry is a concise 7-point INDICTMENT of Sedona Council’s decision, on 9/22/2015, to NOT vote on the KSB Proposal.david council 1 david council 2

3) The PNG image is of the actual RESOLUTION that Sedona Council is being asked to vote on. It’s taken from the 10/13/2015 Council Packet, page 47. Notice that all of the WHEREAS phrases are very vague and, to my mind, don’t automatically lead to a THEREFORE in support of a National Monument.National Monument Resolution AB1961


David Reyburn
Sedona AZ


To: Sedona City Councilors

From: David Reyburn

Date: October 12, 2015

Re: Suppression of Public Input at the October 13, 2015 Sedona Council meeting about a National Monument

My Request of Sedona Councilors

1. Vote to oppose the Resolution, on the October 13, 2015 Sedona Council agenda, item 8b, AB 1961, which is a resolution to support the Keep Sedona Beautiful (KSB) National Monument Proposal.

2. Avoid putting the Public to all the effort of an inevitable Recall and Referendum process.

3. Prevent giving this Council the eternal reputation as the “Judas Council” that supported a resolution to subject all residents, in and around Sedona, to the burden of Federal regulation

4. Read my two attachments, then officially request, at the 10/13/2015 Council meeting, to put those attachments into the Public Record. They discuss Council’s procedural irregularities.

a. My first 6-page document was refused inclusion in the 10/13/2015 Council Packet and, since I was refused the ability to speak at the 10/13/2015 Council meeting, I am unable to put it into the Public Record at that time. (SedonaCouncil_2015.10.13_For-Packet.pdf)

b. This recent document discusses the irregularities of 9/22/2015 and 10/13/2015 Council Meetings. (E14_2015.10.13.PreCouncilComments.pdf)

5. Stand with Councilor Martinez, to demonstrate your impartiality in listening to Public Input, as part of your oath of office which you swore to uphold.

David Reyburn

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Read www.SedonaEye.com for daily news and interactive views!


  1. @David Reyburn,

    These are beautifully crafted instructions to Councilors LeFevre and Williamson and whomever they have deluded into voting with them.


  2. Explain to me why the Mayor has a paper saying the city council supports the idea AND NOT ONE THAT OFFERS tHAT THE COUNCIL DOESN’T? I want to know why that isn’t illegal? Why that isn’t immoral? Why that is considered ethical? What’s wrong with us that we don’t get this? This is immoral, unethical, and should be illegal. This isn’t open minded, it isn’t listening to the people you represent, it isn’t being heard, it isn’t acting with personal honor. This isn’t RIGHT. You remember RIGHT AND WRONG don’t you people? I’m disgusted with you ALL. What party you belong to shouldn’t matter and if you don’t understand that then you aren’t worthy to be heard or to vote. The city attorney even signed it. Explain to me why everybody in that city hall that had anything to do with this monument idea shouldn’t resign? Corruption is stinking up city hall? I’m sleepless in Sedona because it’s not a good and enlightened place to be any more.

  3. Let me say please that it’s not just me saying this, dozens are saying this. Thank you for letting me add this, Good Night.

  4. lucas says:

    i hope the national monument thing passes….why? well because as a lower class labourer trying to make it here, i would like to see the upper class being controled by foreign upper class. sedona has been made into a giant resort for the wealthy, and most of us slave labourers are forced to commute from surrounding cities. i feel that this is retribution for those of us that are forced out with high costs of living…so more power to KSB…..

  5. steve Segner says:

    Debbie, Sedona
    Because Debbie , if they vote NO , then it would be non support.DAHHHH

  6. Just Sayin' says:

    @ Debbie

    It’s obvious that you have no idea of how a public meeting works.

  7. Arlen says:

    Cut the girl/lady a break piranhas. Could be your daughter asking or telling.

  8. To All Readers at The Eye:

    KSB’s Sedona-Verde Valley Red Rock National Monument designation proposal to the Sedona City Council was voted down tonight, 6-1. The only “nay” vote was Councilor Angela LeFevre.


  9. Jess Lookin says:

    Kudos to all who worked to obtain this victory.

    Please, read the Sedona Budget, stay active and perhaps we can get our small town back.

    The next step is to stop the City Council from acting like Santa Claus. Stop giving millions to the Chamber of Commerce Sedona Film Festival and anyone else with their hand out.

    You have the power.

    Keep up the good work !!!!!

  10. Joe D. says:

    I’m a Sedona landowner living out of state and plan to retire to Sedona. I cannot find anything on why designating the area a National Monument is a bad thing. I can only find reasons why it would be a good thing.

  11. @Joe D. says:

    I’m a Sedona landowner and I have lived in Sedona nearly two decades.

    Designating the area as a National Monument will bring monumental problems to Sedona. The Sedona Verde Valley Red Rock National Monument website is FULL of half-truths, untruths, fantasies, and fairy tales.

    “Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.

  12. J. J. says:

    This is for you, Joe D:

    The top 10 reasons we oppose the Sedona Verde Valley Red Rock National Monument designation:

    1. National monument designations attract additional visitors and Sedona is already saturated with more visitors than roads can handle, especially Highway #179 and Oak Creek Canyon.

    2. Increased use of roads, sewer, lack of parking, and traffic in residential neighborhoods will mean more maintenance costs. The federal government is not going to help out with these kinds of expenses. They are on private land.

    3. This is not a legitimate public process and ‘Keep Sedona Beautiful’ has no authority to run a public process on management of federal lands.

    4. KSB is attempting to fast track their proclamation past the Verde Valley/Sedona Community delivering it directly to the President’s desk hoping it will be included in the end-of-term New Monuments.

    5. The public does not have enough information to make an informed decision. Our community needs more than a few short weeks to study the UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES.

    6. Within the proposed boundaries all cities and towns will become private inholdings. What are the consequences to over 16,000 residents?

    7. What will be the impact to the 80,000 residents of the Sedona/Verde Valley? The NM designation could cause property values to rise and bring added costs which may push families out of the area.

    8. Federal reserved water rights (obtained by designating NM) are immune from state water laws. In order to retain our water rights, that has to be put into the management plan, which we know takes about three years and several thousand dollars to implement. Some of the head waters that form the Oak Creek, Beaver Creek, and Verde River are all on this monument land.

    9. Competing with all other National Monuments for possible available funds and grants is not a sound plan. That is the money source KSB is depending on to bring in the revenue that gated entrances generally do for National Monuments. The last few National Monuments have not received any funding.

    10. The proposed monument will control EVERY access point IN and OUT of Sedona.

  13. steve Segner says:

    Joe D . you got it, it is a t party thing anti Federal gov. that simple steve

  14. J. J. says:

    EXCUSE ME, SS ? !

    I am NOT a participant in any T party. This is NOT about anti-fed government – this is about people with HUGE egos trying to appointment themselves local dictator of Verde Valley! THIS is NOT a democratic process – and in NO way does it reflect the needs or wants of 80% of the Verde Valley population.

    It’s that simple.

  15. We read you here. Was that comment to be a slap in Latina Latino Hispanic Indian African Anglo mixed race faces? We believe like this. We’re badly labeled. Not all tribes have controlled by councils, not every immigrant have issues with quotas visas laws, not all dreamers are angels because lots are lazy and gangbangers and troublemakers lacking respect, majority of Arizonans of Mexican and mixed descents prefers to be called Americans. We need to raise our voices and be heard speaking. We need a representing majority of us and not listening and repeating words of people saying there leaders but not. We are not liking government owning our lands like in old countries when people couldn’t own lands only rich and governments, call (deleted by editor) to (deleted by editor) learn (deleted by editor) cell (deleted by editor).

  16. Shanel says:

    kids trouble in schools bc they dont work bc meth horse bc sexed all up all the time bc costs parents $ get out of jail drugs drinking

  17. Alarmed says:

    David Reyburn states “THREE members had submitted cards to speak on an [9/23/2015] agenda item, yet all THREE were REFUSED their request for Public Input by the Mayor of Sedona.”

    This is an abuse of power. The City of Sedona is a City Manager form of government. The Mayor cannot refuse Public Input. An affirmative vote of the Council is required to do this.

  18. JeanJ says:

    @ Jess Lookin. Thanks for suggesting reading the Sedona Budget.

    For the unaware, the Final Budget Public Hearing for this year was held on June 23, 2015, but the proposed FY 2015-16 Annual Budget Document was missing. The City Council voted 6 to 0 for adoption anyway–to include the ? budget attachments.

    The adopted 2015-16 Annual Budget Document was eventually prepared and posted on the Finance Dept’s web pages on or about October 29, 2015. Is this the “exemplary municipal service” the mission statement the City of Sedona government claims?

    Of the approximately $2.5 Million in handouts, the Chamber of Commerce received $1.5 Million of scarce taxpayer dollars. Some out-of-town recipients:

    Hummingbird Society (VOC): $6,000
    Northern Arizona Restorative Justice: $6,000
    NAU Philosophy in the Public Interest: $5,000
    Verde Valley Caregivers Coalition: $8,000
    Verde Valley Sanctuary: $5,000
    Yavapai Big Brothers & Sisters: $10,000

    According to Citizen Engagement Coordinator Lauren Browne, the appointed work group consisted of Stephanie Giesbrect, Chair; Laura Levy-Mauer, Vice Chair; Connie Levinson; Larry Lineberry; and Jane McGraw.

  19. wes says:

    To: Angelina Muñoz Smith, Miami-Globe – Please get your concepts and issues straight before you start ranting. There is so much discourse and confusion about true politician issues and then how you want to attempt to switch issues to you…..opps on your part!

  20. Just Sayin' says:

    @ JeanJ

    Please check your facts, I believe that Big Bro’s at first received nothing and then only $5k. You must feel that you HAVE to look like you know what youre talking about, all of the time. Opp’s

  21. JeanJ says:

    @Just Sayin’

    You don’t know what you’re talking about. If you check your facts, you will find “only $5K” is incorrect.

    Although the Yavapai Big Brothers & Big Sisters had originally asked for $10,000 they received less. On Sept 8, 2015, the City Council voted 7 to 0 to approve the amount of $8,000. Since it got funded from General Fund Contingency money, the $8,000 amount was in addition to the $150,000 granted to the other beggar groups on July 28, 2015 under the City’s Small Grants Program for FY 2015-2016. STAFF: Karen Daines.

    BTW, I read my scribbly notes incorrectly and picked up the amount originally requested ($10,000) vice the amount received on Sept 8 ($8,000). I thought General Fund Contingency dollars were for future emergencies.

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