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Back on the Drawing Board with Eddie Maddock

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie Maddock

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie Maddock

Sedona AZ (November 7, 2014) The final Regular City Council Meeting, prior to the seating of the newly elected, is on Wednesday, November 12, 2014, where a last ditch effort to purchase creek side property will again be discussed.

The three properties for consideration at this time as taken from the Council Agenda are:

Chavez Crossing – Current USFS Campground Site

Chavez Crossing is located off State Highway 179 at Oak Creek Cliffs Drive, across from the Poco Diablo Resort. It is owned by the USFS and currently operated as a reservation-only overnight campground, not open to daytime recreation or for general public use. The total parcel is approximately 37 acres and is bisected by Highway 179.

The western portion of the site (west of Highway 179) is approximately 27 acres and the other approximately 10 acres – of the same parcel located across Highway 179 (east of 179) – consists of a very steep hillside, unusable for any type of development. Of the 27 acres on the west side, approximately six of those make up the current campground site.

To the south, the parcel quickly turns into a steep hill, rendering the top of the site inaccessible from the campground below. At the top of that hill there is a flat several acres accessible off Highway 179, and a small unofficial parking lot trail head used by hikers who traverse the steep hill to a portion of the creek south of the campground.

Dept of Agriculture USFS Forest ServiceAlthough this is all one large parcel of USFS land, the City has only discussed use of the campground portion of the site. There have not been discussions regarding acquiring the entire parcel, although that may be further studied should the USFS support it. The smaller campground portion of the site has direct creek access and already has basic infrastructure in place, including a small parking area, vault restrooms, picnic tables, drinking water and cooking grills.

In addition to the attractive location of the site just off a major highway, and the fact that it is partially developed and has relatively few development challenges, staff has also identified this site as being suitable for possible conversion to a Day Use public park, due to the fact that the campsites within this property are located within a flood way.

USFS staff is willing to continue to work with the City to evaluate this site and the possibility of converting its use to create a creek side public park and to consider the City’s acquisition and operation of that park. It has recommended, that should the City of Sedona wish to pursue this property, we begin by conducting public scoping in 2015.

Should the City Council wish to continue to pursue this property, the City would need to fund the scoping at a cost of $15,000. The USFS does not have these funds available.

Sedona City Council will seat newly elected members in late November 2014

Sedona City Council will seat newly elected mayor and members in November 2014

Schnebly Hill Road Community Focus Area

Several creek side properties exist along Schnebly Hill Road just north of the Schnebly Hill roundabout. Most of the ten or so key properties in this area are residential, with the exception of an RV Park located at the northernmost portion. There are several undeveloped parcels many of which are entirely or almost entirely in the flood way. The majority of the area is flat with good access off Schnebly Hill Road.

This entire area has not met its full development potential and, as such, has been identified in the Sedona Community Plan as a Community Focus Area (CFA). As a result of that designation, the City and the neighborhood anticipate conducting specific area planning activities to identify and plan for the most suitable land uses in anticipation of and prior to future development.

While there are no current sellers of property who have been identified, as generally outlined in the community plan, the neighbors have worked together to develop preliminary concepts for re-development that will be the basis for CFA planning. These preliminary plans include the possible addition of small retail, bed and breakfast type lodging, age-in-place housing and or other potential non-residential uses. These changes will require some re-zoning. Because the neighborhood/property owners are so far along with their planning efforts, staff is recommending this be the next active CFA planning area, which could begin as soon as the beginning of 2015.

As the specific area planning is done and eventually the property owners seek new zoning, it is possible that creek-side open space/park space and or a “creek-walk” pathway may be able to be programmed into that focus area planning and, ultimately, acquired through a combination of property purchase by the City and or acquisition of property through the community benefit contributions which must be met when obtaining city entitlements such as zoning.

The neighborhood/property owners have made it clear through discussions with staff that they favor pedestrian only access, should some type of creek-walk or small creek-side park be developed here. The neighbors are very unlikely to support anything that is developed as a large park or a destination that requires vehicular access.

Oak Creek

Oak Creek development under consideration

The Preserve at Oak Creek – Uptown

The Preserve at Oak Creek, located at SR 89A and Art Barn Road totals 21.5 acres and is made up of 13 separate parcels. There are several small vacant mobile homes and an office building with a graded parking area associated with the previous Hawkeye trailer park. There is also a large single family home currently occupied by the property caretaker. The property has approximately 2,130 feet of creek frontage. The property is undeveloped but had prior approvals for a large mixed use development that never materialized. That zoning has since expired. For any development to occur on the property a rezoning application would need to be approved or the property reverted back to its original zoning classification through legislative action by the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council

The latest unofficial purchase price estimate for this property was $8.5 million but the property is not currently listed for sale. Staff has not inquired further regarding owner interest in selling. This property is included in this report not for consideration for purchase, but due to its potential for working with a future developer to incorporate a creek park or other creek access into a future development, as part of the required rezoning process. At 21.5 acres, the property is larger than is necessary for a creek access park, and given its high price tag, waiting and partnering with a future developer may make more sense than an attempted City acquisition and seeking of a private partner to develop the unneeded portion.

This property is located at the upper end of Uptown, in one of the highest if not the highest traffic area in the City particularly on busy weekends. Traffic in this location can back up for many miles in each direction and for the City to develop a recreational amenity that will put additional vehicles in this location, traveling in and out of the property, would exacerbate an already difficult situation for our merchants, residents and guests. Staff would recommend pursuing the other two options prior to actively pursuing this property for a creek park.

City of Sedona Arizona has a population of approximately 10K of which about 6K are considered year round residents.

City of Sedona Arizona has a population of approximately 10K of which about 6K are considered year round residents.

Financial Ability to Purchase Property

Currently, the City has approximately $1,600,000 in Park Development Impact Fees available for land acquisition that could be used to acquire any of the above-listed parcels. Any purchases in excess of the available impact fees would require utilization of the City’s reserves or re-prioritization of projects already included in the CIP and funded through reserves, such as streets and drainage improvements.

The City does have additional debt capacity to finance land acquisitions, however, it would be necessary to identify a revenue stream in the budget to retire the additional debt service. Interest rates are still very favorable for borrowing.

For the best Arizona news and views, read www.SedonaEye.com daily!

For the best Arizona news and views, read www.SedonaEye.com daily!


  1. Sharlett says:

    @Cali Sedonan. You obviously have done your (our) home work and know what you are talking about. Bravo to you.

    Perhaps some of the liberals (elected and otherwise) will get a grip and come to a conclusion to realize that their bully tacics don’t work against people who express their individual opinions! After all, wasn’t our country founded on individual expressions of politicial opinions?

    When one does their home work vs knee jerk retoric – well, therein is the difference. It will be extreemly interesting to watch the newest council elected Liberal’s and how they deal with our little town of less than 10,000. I can only surmise it will be for their folly’s of backwards governement vs a governenment that furthers capitalism and growth vs hand outs and debt, new taxes and any other means of finding revenues to support their liberal expenditures.

    @Roger – yes indeed November 25 is indeed Showtime…and I hope we can all weather their storms of personal and very expensive agendas.

    ………..and when will steve segner actually show up with where he lives to quantify where he votes?

    To all that call me an non person I say – find a new hobby. I am very real, am a registered voter and don’t manipulate any system with gorrilia tactics.

  2. Awwwww

    Isn’t that sweet that the useal haters on this site have found new alter egos and are softening up there comments..
    @Jim uptown @roger @james poole@ Anonyomus..

    You are the 8- 10 Tea Party people here who hate all and are the real bully’s …

    No comments on this site has changed anybody’s vote james poole.. ( BS)

    @sharlett still haven’t gotten you real name or address to verify where you vote like you demand of Steve.. Your still a liar and fraud..

  3. @west sedona resident What is it with the Tea Party references?

  4. Just Sayin' says:


    Allow me to repeat my comments from 11/17 6:59

    “What a hypocrite you are, on every line of your posting”.

    When you say: ” bully tacics don’t work against people who express their individual opinions!”

    Your whole rant against Steve Segner was because he expressed his opinions about the election. YOU (and others) may not have liked that he put his money where his mouth and helped people with their campaign so YOU TRIED BULLYING HIM for information. The same information that many on this site have asked you for.

    hypocrite hypocrite hypocrite

  5. Cali Sedonan says:

    Missing the point. posting hateful comments doesn’t change Steve Segner used his place of business as his residence in order to vote on City items. He lives outside the city. Most states this is illegal. Arizona has a loophole. Segner gets away with this because he owns a B&B. Most states prohibit this. Loophole does not make it OK. Segner has to lie and say he stays at his business overnight routinely. Fraud IMO

    Bed tax is down read the report, Segners only has a few rooms and it is not a big sales tax- bed tax contributor. Less than 15 rooms is a big difference to a 150 room hotel. Small, tiny. Don’t forget he has to subtract at least one room as HE LIVES there!
    No return on investment city of Sedona . Free money to Segner’s tiny b&b. tiny b&b, tiny mind………..do the math………Sedona is the laughing stock………
    Bullies are those that strongarm others, suppress others, take advantage of the system. Just like what happened in our election. Sad but true.
    The group attacks without facts are the true bullies.

  6. The County is paving the unpaved portion of Red Rock Loop road.

    Paving of the unpaved portion of Red Rock Loop Road in the Sedona area. Existing unpaved roadway will be paved by adding base course material and asphaltic concrete. Existing roadway alignment will not change; some limited widening will occur. Drainage improvements are included including creating a few small culverted crossings where existing at-grade watercourse crossings exist. Existing cattle guard will be replaced, some new guardrail will be installed in a few places. Conflicts with existing utilities are not anticipated.

    Red Rock Crossing issue coming at you next . Maybe build a small river walk through that area? Is there any creek front that was not privatized? Add a few hotels? Then they could build outside of the city and we could use the Chamber to promote it……

    That would take away from the ttlaq expansion though, wouldn’t it?

  7. Ginger says:

    Since “Cali Sedona” explained precisely how Steve Segner is allowed to vote in Sedona, I must reluctantly join those who continue to badger Sharlett for her persistence in demanding a direct answer from Segner. He is legally allowed to use his business address under the terms set by the State of Arizona. So, that’s how it is and now we all know he is legally cheating and gets away with non-payment of city taxes every time he has a wedding reception at his “real” residence in Oak Creek Canyon. No worse than the many out of city Chamber members who get free publicity from city tax money while non-chamber city based members must pay $50 to get city financed visitor center references.

    West Sedona Resident would have more credibility if he/she would do away with anonymity and proudly announce true identity. And why the latest Tea Party heckling (in agreement with Keith, Sedona)?

  8. Before I’m attacked by the grammar police on this site, my previous comment should have been: “No worse than the many out of city Chamber members who get free publicity from city tax money while non-chamber city based BUSINESSES (not members) must pay $50 to get city financed visitor center references.”

    Nice point made by “Red Rock Loop.” Once Rob Adams replaces Yavapai County Supervisor Chip Davis (announced he will not run) it will become clear why Adams has insisted he represents the “region” versus just Sedona City for which he was elected Mayor here. Think he was rehearsing for his new role? OMG: Red Rock Crossing development, wet lands – YIKES – all the way between Sedona and Cottonwood?

    Looking forward to a HO, HO, HO Christmas celebration in Jerome! YES!!

  9. Cali Sedonan says:

    It is not legal, it a loophole. Segner must declare that he lives routinely at his business, using one of the rooms. The state is working on changing that loophole.

  10. Is that thing up in Jerome Free???? Cause that would be considered by the lot here as an ENTITLEMENT ENTITLEMENT ENTITLEMENTS.. Right Sharlett!?
    You keep on collecting your SS cause that’s an ENTITLEMENT as well


  11. IMAM ALI says:

    “Silence is the best reply to a fool.”

  12. Sharlett says:

    @West Sedona resident:

    Guess you really did not read the Jerome Christmas celebration article that was posted on this site? In order to refresh your memory here is the link: https://sedonaeye.com/a-very-jerome-christmas

    As you read the article, I believe you will find that the City of Jerome is Not floating the bill on this Home Grown Christmas activity and the only money making activity is an auction of a few fun filled baskets which seem to all be donated by the community. Not sure how you find a way to use term Entitlement in the Jerome activity………but then I forget…….that’s your favorite blinder’s on game.

    Entitlement? …or as you prefer to say ENTITLEMENT ENTITLEMENTS … no Entitlements as their (Jerome) City Government doesn’t seem to be paying for it.

    Oh, and by the way, not sure how you think I collect Social Security (as though it is any of your business or makes a difference in the current discussion) yet if that rocks your boat – whatever – but lets keep with your twisted thought process; Fact is that people who pay into FICA or SS all their working life’s through their paychecks or business’s are not getting anything back for free!

    Webster defines Entitlement as:

    en·ti·tle·ment noun \-ˈtī-təl-mənt\

    : the condition of having a right to have, do, or get something

    : the feeling or belief that you deserve to be given something (such as special privileges)

    : a type of financial help provided by the government for members of a particular group

    My understanding of definitions of Entitlements are where a City sends/spends more than a million dollars towards a particular group (Regional Chamber) with unproven revenue return or net gain proof as a result of activities as the Regional Chamber keeps promoting their grand and grasping ideas as they feel ENTITLED to use tax payer and City Revenue’s to promote what other towns do Without a cool million dollars from their local government.

    Totally agree with IMAM ALI saying “Silence is the best reply to a fool.”

    Nuff said and Merry Christmas Scrooge!!!

  13. OH IMAM says:

    If we all lived by that quote, there would be no comment section in the Sedona Eye

  14. Joshua says:

    @OH IMAM: And I presume that includes your own comment?

  15. Sharlett says:

    Nite night all and Happy Thanksgiving…perhaps silence can be golden.

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