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Sedona Seeks Proposal to Update Land Development Code

Article submitted by City of Sedona AZ

Article submitted by City of Sedona AZ

Sedona AZ (June 22, 2016)The city of Sedona is announcing a Request for Proposal (RFP) from qualified land use and zoning consultants to provide professional services to update the city of Sedona zoning ordinance, also known as the Sedona Land Development Code (LDC).

The LDC was adopted in 1994 and became effective in January 1995. As it is over 20 years old, it is dated and often does not provide adequate provisions or direction for development in the community.

“We are looking forward to receiving proposals for this important project. While portions of the LDC have been amended from time to time over the years, such piecemeal revisions have left the city with a fractured and conflicting set of zoning regulations that do not always align well with the needs and desires of the community,” said Mike Raber, city of Sedona senior planner.

Completed proposals must be received via mail or in person by Mike Raber in the Community Development Department, Building 104 at Sedona City Hall, 102 Roadrunner Drive, Sedona 86336, by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, August 1, 2016.

The RFP is available on the City of Sedona website at www.SedonaAZ.gov, by navigating to the Your Government tab and, then, the Bids and RFPs link under the General Information section.

For more information, contact MRaber@SedonaAZ.gov or 928-204-7106.

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  1. Henry Twombly says:

    There goes “the small town character” of Sedona. Obviously development over the past 20 years has tarnished the beauty of the “city”, created more urban blight, increased traffic and given our town that neon-strip-mall flair of a tourist trap. Now they want to revamp the code, which hinders the speed of the implementation of the Community Plan’s CFAs and the development of every inch of Sedona for as much commercial use as possible. Remember the Community Plan was supposed to be a guideline not a blueprint for capital investment. With 2-3 CFAs now approved, that seems to be a lie. The Marriot, CVS, an Oxford hotel (formerly on Biddles), approval of 300 rooms up at the Cultural Park, another possible 80 at the Marriot, rezoning Soldiers’ Pass CFA for future hotels – all good for the bed taxes for the City and the Chamber, whose “true-up” just gave them another $250,000 or so, funds that should’ve gone to the City except for the botched contract written between the City and the Chamber. And of course, all these rooms means that there will be more traffic and wear-and-tear on our infrastructure. Who benefits? The tourist and developer/realtor/construction industries as usual. But not us residents, who are encouraged to walk by the Community Plan’s “walkability” concept. But that won’t fly since the average age of us residents is 57. How many of you are going to walk to Basha’s? Needless to say, the rewriting of the Land Development Code will only expedite growth, creating more blight, and increase traffic. So kiss the beauty and our “small town character” bye bye.

  2. Jerry, Sedona City Limits says:

    The opportunity to change the complexion of City Council, in part, is coming up in August primaries and if necessary a run-off in November. There’s a chance to oust three of those people that have sold our souls to the devil chamber of commerce and other special interests: John Martinez, Jessica Williamson and newcomer Tom Lamkin (two year term replacement for Angela LeFevre). Of course Sandy Moriarty is uncontested for Mayor so she will continue to pound her gavel at those sources she finds irritating.

    It appears no matter what one of the incumbents will survive (Williamson or Martinez) now conveniently named vice-mayor during what also seemed to be a prearranged set-up at last night’s council meeting.

    The important thing is that we reach a quorum of four that are willing to change direction and lead us back into the light. Attend the candidate forums, ask questions, be informed and VOTE.

    Unfortunate so many might be away on vacation but it still will be the majority to decide who will be making future decisions. And you will still have that option to do so by mail-in ballot.

    Of course this group will do as much damage as possible before new faces even have a chance to surface. But don’t let up on sending the message we are not happy and refuse to take it any more.

    Nice comment, Henry Twombly, and I hope it will inspires other to throw in their two cents worth also.

  3. JeanJ says:

    Kudos to Henry and Jerry for splendid comments. Let me add that several new City positions have been rubber-stamped by the Council. In my opinion, bureaucracy, over-development, traffic and sight-blight are poised to worsen under City Manager Clifton. Meanwhile, the Brexit Referendum vote as well as US long-term solvency and dollar issues are global economic threats.

    New positions included in the City’s current fiscal year budget:

    Assistant Engineer
    Associate Engineer – Capital Project Manager
    Communication Specialist – Dispatch1
    Assistant Planner – Focus on Community Focus Areas, Land Development Code update, and implementation of the Community Plan

    New positions included in the adopted budget for next fiscal year (See FY 2016-2017 Budget Summary, 6/28/2016 Special Budget Meeting):

    Chief Building Official – $107,080
    Maintenance Worker II – $55,535
    Part-time Court Clerk – $23,250
    Police Sergeant – $115,135
    Part-time Help Desk Technician – $37,450
    Three existing positions have been converted into two Community Service Aides (+$3,655) and one into a Budget Analyst (+$13,210).

    The City recently hired an Economic Development Director who reportedly will join the City Manager’s Office beginning July 18, 2016.

  4. Robert O says:

    @Jean J

    So are you saying that you’d be interested in one of those jobs???? After all, you know enough about everything to handle any one of those jobs.

  5. JeanJ says:

    Wise up, get informed and be sure to VOTE in August, Robert O.

  6. steve Segner says:

    Jean says
    Meanwhile, the Brexit Referendum vote as well as US long-term solvency and dollar issues are global economic threats.
    Jean is a real wack job, the sky is always falling , every year she predicts global economic threats…….
    Does she know the pay is out of line? and just how does she know more then the city manager?

    Look around, the city is booming millions in new construction, new building going up all over town….. years ago Jean was complaining that the city and Cof C was doing nothing …… Lets look back has JJ ever ever been correct NO she is Sedona own Fox new, “all bad news all the time”.

  7. Robert O says:

    @ JeanJ

    Why vote, you’re not running!

    Actually Ms Jean, I have voted for the past 65 years and never intend to stop until I’m in a pine box.

  8. Back off says:

    Jean is a wealth of knowledge @ SS she has more knowledge and degrees than you! back off. The CM is bought and paid for. You never even graduated from HS JA.

  9. steve Segner says:

    Phoenix OKs 1st property tax rate increase in two decades

    Attention Phoenix homeowners: Higher city property taxes are headed your way this fall.
    The City Council voted 5-4 Friday to raise the city’s property tax rate for the first time in 21 years — an increase that will cost average Phoenix homeowners about $51 more per year, assuming their home’s assessed value is about $192,000.

    Jean J
    Always talks about how will crash and burn at some point in the future because of her fear of things like the” Referendum vote as well as US long-term solvency and dollar issues are global economic threats”.

    Well Jean
    No one wants a new tax property or sales tax on food but the city has options.
    the recession the city let employees go, now that sales tourism, and new construction are coming back it’s time to re staff and start projects long put off.
    The city will use money put aside is special funds so out flow will be more then income but we have the money, it is called savings.

    Jean, if tourist stop coming, we just do like Phoenix did and institute a new tax.
    With the average home in $450,000+ perhaps we should pay a little tax to the city not just the county and fire dist. you would feel better and we could put a little more money in the bank.
    editor please us this copy

  10. @Back Off says:

    Either YOU are Jean J or a very good friend either way everyone in this town knows that she’s smart but very closed minded. Jean is almost “home bound” and has nothing to do but Bit-h about everything but does nothing to fix any problems. As far as you saying “The CM is bought and paid for” I take offense to that. As a former county employee, it’s so easy to take pot shots at the people that make things happen where you live. Just because the direction of your town isn’t what YOU like is no reason to accuse anyone of such things.

  11. Clarification? says:

    What does CM mean? Chamber of Commerce or City Council would have meaning, but CM?

  12. Clarification #2? says:

    Aha – CM – City Manager? Ding dong. However IMO it goes deeper than that.

  13. Oh Reilly??? says:

    Who ever it was above that said that the city manager was bought and paid for is so right and that’s exactly what I want.

    As for as I’m concerned, we bought the right guy and aren’t paying him enough. I’ve seen him now speak on several occasions and I’m very satisfied . After all, all city’s here are, from what I was told, a City Manager type of government. That means that Justin runs the show at the instruction of the council people. So, we darn well better have the right guy (or gal) and be ready to pay that person accordingly.

  14. sharlett says:

    @steve Segner

    Wow! Lots of words and much to digest and respond to…. so, here is where I begin:

    I’m still trying to figure out how you’ve been given the go ahead to run for Sedona city council, by any legal aspect or advisor, as you acknowledge your “primary” residency is up in Oak Creek Canyon (Thompson Ranch?) that YOU are within the law to run for a seat on Sedona’s City Council.

    It has always been my understanding of ARS that one needed to reside *(not WORK) within the city they wanted to hold a council in. Can you illuminate all of us on how you’re legal?

    For a man who is running (legal or illegally) for Sedona City Council – I’m amazed that you would be so crass as to call a woman you always disagree with: “a real wack job”. These constant attacks on her and everyone else who disagrees with you give me grave cause to you being a fossil and not open to all sides of the electorates.(should you be elected)…………..that concept is pure folly because seems you are hell bent.

    I’d have thought you might have #1 used spell check – the word is spelled “WHACK” before you showed your total lack of respect for anyone that disagrees with your opinions. By the way; did you graduate from high school – – – and college?

  15. Why oh why... says:

    Have you noticed that steve Segner and his clan of takers (taking city $$$$$$) go after anyone that speaks the truth and discloses the sham? They behave like mafia.

    Keep up the great work JeanJ we need more of you! To Steve Segner and that chamber you have ruined Sedona. Cheaped it. The city is degrading the word sedona. Now it’s a place for handouts and giveaways. Go to the strip malls empty, no one wants to do business unless they get a kick back or get subsidised by the city gov.

    why oh why???? $$$$$$$$$$$ follow the money

    To the city managers the city has less but you are spending more. Your bad.You let the chamber lie and steal taxpayers. Shameful.

  16. Alarmed says:

    A lot of wasteful spending down of past savings/reserves has been going on under the current and preceding City Manager. So awful that cronies and takers have the political clout at City Hall now days.

    Just why is the Chamber/Lodging Council receiving $2.01 Million this fiscal year without the City putting out RFPs (Requests for Proposals) to determine if there’s a better or cheaper marketing firm to do the job? But, really, shouldn’t the local lodging owners be getting together, organizing and footing the bill themselves without financial support from the City?

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