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Say No to Republicans Favoring Guns on Campus

Dear SedonaEye.com Editors,

The formation of the new Legislative District 6 (LD6) gives voters the chance to elect one new senator and two new legislators not tied to the ideological rigidity of the Republican Party.

This new district which is the size of Vermont consists of approximately 9,500 sq. miles and covers parts of four Arizona counties: Yavapai, Coconino, Navajo and Gila. With the diversity of such a large district, I hope voters of LD6 consider carefully the antics of the Republican majority, particularly regarding gun legislation.

I own a gun. I have a constitutional right to own a gun. However, I do not believe guns should be allowed on college campuses or in state government buildings. That is what Republicans tried to pass this past session and will continue to try to pass unless voters change the majority party in the state legislature.

Isn’t it bad enough that in 2009 they made it legal to allow firearms in bars under certain conditions and no longer require a state permit to carry a concealed weapon?

No wonder the tragedy of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords happened—only in Arizona, thanks to Republicans who seem to swallow whatever the National Rifle Association wants.

With the new district of LD6, those of us who believe in gun rights can vote for candidates who also have common sense. My votes are going to Democrats Angela LeFevre and Doug Ballard for the legislature and Tom Chabin for the senate.

Geraldine Birch 
PO Box 521 
Cornville, AZ 86325 

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  1. NO! NO! NO! What the (deleted) are you idiots proposing???? Ever meet a college kid??? They can’t study for class or save a buck but ya want to put a gun in their hands and let them loose on each other??? You follow any of the school shootings??? You follow any of the problems that kids get in??? They are for the most part IDIOTS with no self control.

    Let me tell you now that if you vote for this (deleted) bill never will you get another vote from me or mine. Believe it. Not one more nickel to you idiots! You make me want to vote for the (delete) democrats & we know they don’t have brains to fill a bucket either! I’m sick of every single one of ya

  2. I agree with Yavapai Republican. I will definitely switch to another party if you guys go along with such an asinine, scatterbrained idea!

  3. Verde Valley Republican Women’s (and Men) Monthly Meeting – July 18, 2012 – Public welcome.

    Verde Valley Republican Women’s (and men) July 18 meeting will feature speakers Sandra K. Markham, Clerk of the Superior Court, Yavapai County, and Leslie Hoffman, Yavapai County Recorder. The meeting will be held at 11:30 am at Los Abrigados Resort and Spa, SR 179 and Portal Lane, Sedona AZ 86336. Please come, bring a friend and enjoy a delicious lunch for $16. To RSVP call 928-284-4248 or email sesek@q.com or visit Azfrw.com. The public is welcome.

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