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Poco Diablo McGuire: Fireworks and Pets Do Not Mix!

Happy Harley Mcguire fourth of july 4 dogs

Happy Fourth of July and keep all my pet pals safe and secure, reminds Poco Diablo McGuire, SedonaEye.com Star Four Paws Up Pet columnist.

Sedona AZ (June 19, 2017)As the holiday approaches, Poco Diablo McGuire and his pals at Lost Dogs Arizona want to remind pet owners to keep their pets safe during July Fourth celebrations.

More pets are lost around the 4th of July than any other time of the year in Arizona. Loud noises can cause many pets to panic and run away, escaping normally secure environments. Arizona animal shelters typically see an increase of 2 to 3 times the number of animals needing shelter. Many pets lost during this time end up getting injured or worse.

Plan ahead! Remember that many communities hold fireworks on the days before July Fourth. Be aware of when fireworks are planned for your community and do the following to keep your pets safe:

• Do not bring pets to fireworks events.

• Keep pets at home in a secure environment from which they cannot escape. Ideally, this would be an enclosed area inside because Poco Diablo’s pet pals have been known to climb fences, dig under enclosures and even break through windows and doors trying to escape.

Poco Diablo McGuire, SedonaEye.com Star Four Paws Up Pet columnist asks that you do not take his pals to fireworks displays!

• Use a TV, radio or “white noise” to mask loud noises.

• Check your pet’s ID tag and make sure all information is current, and that the tag and collar are secure.

• Make sure your pet is microchipped. Contact the microchip company to confirm the information on file for is correct.

If your pet is lost, contact your county’s animal shelter for information. Lost or Found pet reports can be filed at www.HelpingLostPets.com. Tell ’em Poco Diablo and pals sent ya!

Lost Dogs Arizona, in partnership with Helping Lost Pets, provides resources for owners and finders of lost dogs, emailed alerts, flyers and listings on social media and on a searchable map; all provided free as a service to the community to help lost dogs get home. You will find both organizations on the net.

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  1. Bambi says:

    Hi Poco Diablo McGuire. My name is Bambi and I’m one of them deers that hangs out in your neck-O-the woods these days cuz there ain’t much water available for us thirsty wild critters these days. In fact, the ‘tother mornin’ I was out there when your Ma was waterin’ and shore nuf’ we spotted each ‘tother and she kindly sprayed where I was. It was wunnerful and we jess looked at each other in wunderment. That’s cuz all this happened when you must have been snoozin’ and not yappin’ your head off.

    So tanks for the waterin’ hole there . . . somethin’ else if ya don’t mind . . . could ya pass the word about all them jeeps an loud noisy things racin’ around town – well – could ya let them know we needs to cross the roads too and prefer to not become roadkill. Too hot for that – and specially on Morgan Road.

    Tanks Poco D.

    Bambi Deer

  2. Skipper says:

    I’ll be splashing in the water trough in my back yard and laying low.
    I was a lost dog once and that’s enough for me.

  3. Poco D. McGuire says:

    Oh – Skipper – tank you so much for adding a comment here. Ah nose Harley McGuire did a bettah job but Ah so preciate your story. Ain’t we lucky to have good homes?

    Adios Amigo,

    Poco D.

  4. Hambone says:

    Sunny, breezy, blue skies, 76 degrees. Wish you were here Poco Diablo to play with me at the beach.

  5. Poco D. McGuire says:

    Gee whiskers, Hambone – didn’t know ya tooked time to send me a massage. Tanks.
    And shore do wisht I twas there on some beach. It’s hotter than ya could evah imagine here in Sedonia Arizonia! Whew – hunderds of degrees. Yore very lucky so enjoy them 75 degrees.

  6. Just Chip says:

    Poco keep up the good work. Love your advice.

    Hugs and Hisses – Just Chip!

  7. Poco Diablo McGuire says:

    Tanks, Chip. Guess your a-missin’ Dale jes like Ahm a-missin’ Harley. We jes needs ta do the bestest we kin.

    Poco D.

  8. Buster says:

    Hey – Poco D. – I’m still your pal – so don’t ever forget it. And it’s neato for you to remind them people persons to spare us scary noises and stuff on that 4th of July blast off. Not for ME!

  9. Clyde says:

    Glad you’re keeping up the tradition of your late brother, Harley’s column. Always great advice from Harley and now I know you would make him ;proud, Poco dear. I, too, have lost a sibling. And I need encouragement as well. Not the same sans my sister, Bonnie, but am plugging along, though making Mom & Dad crazy w/my antics. Hope you have a nice 4th next month, Poco, and know that your mommy will protect you from the noise. Hope to meet you one day (at least my mommy hopes to meet you). Meow.

  10. Poco D. McGuire says:

    Oh – Clyde – yore so kind to stay in tuch. Mah publisher & Mom do try ta keep things on a happy side even tho most stuff’s purty gloomy these days. Shore do hope yore rite bout meetin’ your mommy. Maybe by then my manners will be nicer and I twon’t tend to heel nip. Keep on purrin’.

    Adios – PDM

  11. Jon McRamey & Cobain says:

    My dog Cobain wants you to know microchips travel after insertion. Read that. It’s important if owners or finders of lost animals don’t know. Don’t be stupid to bring pets to fireworks,little babies. common sense. Keep pets inside in this heat.

  12. Linus, Mojo & Nikki says:

    Good advice Poco. It’s hotter than you know what here in the San Fernando Valley of CA. It would be nice if we were closer to the beach but we sure can’t complain as our Mom & Dad keep us indoors at all times unless we’re out walking or they’re in the backyard with us makin’ the flowers prettier. We ‘specially stay in at night on July 4 & all the rest of the nights…we have lots of coyotes here n’ they come right on our street. Anyway, thanks for the good advice & we’ll let our friends know. I’ll let you in on a little secret…I’m (Nikki) the only one not afraid of the noise, Mojo is &, of course, Linus is very hard of hearing so he doesn’t care. Love to you & your Moms.

  13. Lido says:

    Happy July 4

    I’m a turtle

  14. Martha says:

    Poco Diablo McGuire, Harley McGuire would be so very proud of you and the Fourth of July advice you have given your readers. I have a friend who had a German Shepherd who really had a hard time with fireworks going off all around him. I sympathized and tried to help distract him. They may be pretty, but I really don’t care for the noise myself. Love to you and your Mom from Martha.

  15. Poco D. McGuire says:

    Hi Y’all – this is jess a last minute reminder to be very, very careful this coming weekend. Fire danger is skeery – and jes one careless misteak could start another inferno (big word) cuz it could cause another big fire likes been ablazin’ fer days up yonder by a place called Prescott. And oh yea, gracias & merci beacoup (means tanks Ah tink) for making comments & suggestions here. Be safe.

    Poco (fer short)

  16. Barney says:

    Another reminder – please, please do NOT leave pets or children in cars these hot days. Very, very dangerous.

  17. MShobert says:

    ANYONE who plans on fooling around with fire works, while we have these dangerous conditions, with all these fires, is IGNORANT!

  18. Poco Diablo McGuire says:

    Oh – and yes, MShobert – our wild life buddies are at risk too. I love you for your reminder.

    Poco D,

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