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A Message From All To All

A Message From All To All

Dear Children:

You are my most precious and loved creation. You don’t know it– yet have always known it and now are going through the pangs of the birthing of your full purpose. Don’t think for a second I’ve abandoned you or am not real. I am here now always and you know it deep in you. I love you so much. I love you and let this love flow through you. Be assured and confident in this love and guidance and forgive yourself.

My loving children, I am here in you discovering all the time the fullness of my own being. I am all and you are of me and through you I know the full spectrum of all. You are my eyes and ears and hands and modality by which I can feel and know the universe I create and nurture. I step into you to know me. I live in you to live me. I see through you to see me. Just open your eyes to mine and let yourself see me and never be afraid. I am here. I am here always and through you I bring my next message to those I love and who love me.

You are my pride and hope and all of your brothers and sisters need to know just how exalted and appreciated, loved and known you all are by me. Let no one ever call you lowly or less than divine for all is me, in part and whole, forever and ever I am the am of all your lives. See my spirit free all the time about, around and inside you.

Beloved children, now is the time for your full awakening to me. You will see me and love as I see and love you, with no one or thought or being or angel or devil or messenger or intermediary between. I am the “is” of your am. I am the now of your time.

Yes, you are the destiny All aspires to be. Do not be afraid to take the cup I offer and drink deep. Do not be afraid and move forward with the knowing I am here all the time with you and never leave you or abandon my Being in you.  Look to all those who love you; and know not despair or disharmony. See me loving you through them. See the love they have for you in their eyes. Can you see me in there smiling? Perfection is yours already, like the diamond is already perfect before it is cut. And yes it is a certainty. Watch me. Watch what I do and how I guide you. Learn from my loving lessons. You are the key to the knowing of me.

And it is in the minds of men where the division and blindness lies. It is here in your thoughts beloved humans that the veil is held fast and the view of me is blocked by the confusion of unseen thought.

To know me is to blow away these invisible walls held solid in our minds by the train of what we think.

Let me tell the story of whom and what we are and why we are all here.

Long, long, long ago I was alone in this sphere of nothing and I knew alone I would no longer be because of you and me. How could I Be, without another to see me? So from myself I made you me and now we are here together. Our only divider is the thought we are not one and that is all. As soon as the vision of me is seen and you know I am you as you are me and as John Lennon said, we are all together here now one.

I am the strength of the mother and will of the father and the reason atoms obey laws. What is a mystery but an eternal ball of yarn to unravel? Open the blinds and pull up the curtains and let the light of me dazzle your eyes. Love me my darlings.  Love me for I love you.

Listen to these words reverberate in your head. I am talking now and you can “here” me. You hear me clear my dear ones right here in this sphere of love we know and share. Listen close. I have a secret.

You are the one we are waiting for. Yes, you are the one. Listen to me. Listen to the whisper of your heart. The world is counting on you as are every star and every planet and every iota of existence and even that which does not, never was or ever will be. You are the one.

Listen to me. You must not turn a deaf ear to my words. You have no choice. None! I am you and you are me and together with all we form humanity.

Take me now inside consciously and kiss my being. I am here to love you and make my dream come true. It is time to put an end to the consciousness that maims and hurt my children. It is time to slay chaos and disorder.

That something is divinity. The eternally always aspect of who I am. All the time I am present in every atom, wave and particle of the known and unknown, seen and unseen, I am here. So don’t let the sadness bind you or the thoughts of others distract you now from the purpose of your being which is to un-bind the knowing of me from the hearts and minds of those who don’t see.

I love you.


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For the best in Arizona news and views, read www.SedonaEye.com daily!



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  1. Patti Nelsen says:

    this message was so beautiful. thank you

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