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Yavapai County Tax Increase Notice

Sedona AZ (July 6, 2017) – In compliance with section 48-254, Arizona Revised Statutes, Yavapai County Flood Control District is notifying its property taxpayers of the Yavapai County Flood Control District’s intention to raise its secondary property taxes over last year’s level. The Yavapai County Flood Control District is proposing an increase in secondary property taxes of $1,000,000 or 24.44%.

For example, the proposed tax increase will cause Yavapai County Flood Control District’s secondary property taxes on a $100,000 home to be $23.46 (total proposed taxes including the tax increase). Without the proposed tax increase, the total taxes that would be owed on a $100,000 home would have been $19.14.

This proposed increase is exclusive of increased secondary property taxes received from new construction. The increase is also exclusive of any changes that may occur from property tax levies for voter-approved bonded indebtedness.

All interested citizens are invited to attend the public hearing on the tax increase that is scheduled to be held on August 2, 2017, at 9:00 a.m., in the Board of Supervisors’ Hearing Room, 1015 Fair Street, Prescott, AZ.

A courtesy hearing will be held on July 19, 2017, at 9:00 a.m., in the Board of Supervisors’ Hearing Room, 10 South 6th Street, Cottonwood, AZ.

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  1. West Sedona Dave says:

    So our county is raising taxes, and not one of you dups make any comments?

    To say that your ignorance is showing is mind-blowing!

    Complain about a Chamber, complain about traffic, complain about the big mean and evil government taking your right to choose who will take your garbage out…

    But yours and mine elected officials raising taxes….Not one peep!

    I’m sorry, your hypocrisy is showing again…..Carry on lemmings!

  2. And Away We Go! says:

    Heads up, People! This is only the beginning. Remember the proposed bond Fire District $17+million bond coming before voters this November. (Check out the three-part articles by Henry Twombly on this site.) And the City of Sedona has every intention of increasing the sales tax. Maybe – just maybe – if all branches of government would just try to live within their means there wouldn’t so so much hostility in this country. And that goes double for City of Sedona and their wasteful endowments to this controlling, over-empowered local but regionally functioning chamber of commerce.

  3. @West Sedona Dave says:

    From “And Away We Go!”

    Sorry to disappoint you, WSD, but my comment was awaiting moderation even before having read your words of wisdom. Too bad you can’t take credit for dumping on those of us who really do care prior to jumping the gun.

    PS: Note time my comment was posted: 7/8/17 – 9:55 am – 41 minutes after your contribution but definitely prior to reading your untimely and unnecessary instructions.

  4. West Sedona Dave says:

    Now does it really matter what time you posted? Really???

    Its 2 days after the article was posted, that speaks for itself!

    The point is the continues complaining about, anything….Then a legitimate article about REAL taxes going up! ( not the stupid bed tax that we dont pay)

    I am not a fan of raising of taxes, but I am a realist! The price of new cars always goes up, food, inflation, ect……

    With supposedly so many with such anti-everything views here, to ignore what our elected officials are doing, and not saying a word speaks volumes!

    Everything goes up, and my heart bleeds for anyone on a fixed income! Thats how it was, is, and will be……Its called capitalism, like it or not.

  5. Trish, Cottonwood says:

    Sedona snobs like West Sedona Dave are clueless. We hear ads for your stupid chamber of commerce on KYBC all the time. But then as we understand it if our businesses here join up they get promoted with your city sales taxes. Cool deal, which you apparently agree.
    And then word on the street is your elected council will just go ahead and increase your sales tax. Another good move for us because we will have your folks driving over here to shop. Brilliant!
    But since it’s been pointed out on this site by one of the head movers and shakers, Sedona doesn’t function as a democracy. DUH! The only reason the majority won on the garbage deal is because the city couldn’t possibly have justified the increased monthly expense to the customers if that had happened. No other reason. And all that after they publicly dumped on the Taylor owners. Remember they pick up our garbage over here too, and we love them.

    Upside here? thank goodness I live in Cottonwood. Get a grip West Sedona Dave and enjoy living under a dictatorship as pointed out by that guy Signer.

  6. Heads Up, Sedona Residents says:

    Take heed, legitimate Sedona residents within City Limits. This is what you can anticipate when and if the dictators of Sedona manage to impose a CITY PROPERTY TAX. Money grabbing would be unlimited and that would be the time for them to accurately acknowledge City Limits do exist and those within that area will pay the price. The majority of us already have no voice (according to Steve Segner and not retracted by anyone at city hall). At the time the bed tax was increased it was also proposed to increase the sales tax. However, businesses circulated petitions to object to it. Time to unite again and make a concerted effort to bring back the voice of the majority. (funny “they” will acknowledge majority when results of the vote go their way – such as approval of Home Rule and Community Plan – both disastrous outcomes – so maybe the majority not counting is a good idea? something else to think about – providing the vote count wasn’t rigged. who knows?)

  7. Arthur Hector, SJ PR says:

    @WestSedonaDaveEverything goes up, my heart bleeds for anyone on a fixed income! Thats how it was, is, and will be……Its called capitalism, like it or not.

    @Dave, You had a few good points until that last statement. Socialism causes increased costs; my apologies if you don’t recall economics and social welfare in university.

    Capitalism is the only economic grid that allows cross-class economic and cultural advancements; Socialism is a single class grid system where all live and prosper by others cultural and economic adaptive behaviors.

    That is why the EU is in a state of flux for its economic wellbeing. Without the richer socialistic states to tax, the poorer states collapse (Spain, Portugal, Greece, etc). With Britain taking its power and money out of the EU banking pot, Germany is left holding an open evaporating boiling kettle. France is on the verge of cultural and economic collapse because of its economic and social policies; even Scandinavia is in trouble.

    The US is not wholly capitalistic, it is a mix of socialism and capitalism (which worked best when manufacturing and real jobs drive an economy). Sedona’s decisions create (tourism based jobs (service sectors) slippery slopes that will fail either by policy or natural/manmade disasters. (inflation, famine, gasoline and food shortages, earthquake, pollution, flood, fire, more ad infinitum).

    US citizens approved collecting taxes for the social welfare after it became a country, not when it became a country with the exception of raising a military for protection. The US adds/increases taxes at the local, state and national level by citizenry and its political bodies, not because it was dictated by Capitalists.

    It is in opposition to full capitalism that the US creates/created social programs to protect its needy and least able amongst it.

    You live in a country that heavily taxes itself for its nation’s social welfare programs. It is unique amongst the global powerhouses.

    Philanthropy within the US is an American cultural driver, Americans give more away by taxing their incomes than any other nation on the planet. Maoists and Marxists (two examples of many) promote keeping its workers (key word here is worker, not welfare recipient) powerless, dependent on their productive capabilities, thusly called appropriately workers collectives, communes (communities).

    Keeping the (percentage-wise) massive lower class separate and dependent on the government largesse is its political and cultural requirement; when those people rise up because they want more than government determined share of food, clothing, children, bed, education, medicine, protection, civility, opportunity, those people are replaced from the massive percentage of those wanting their step up.

    Try and see the obfuscation. History gives perspective to knowledge. Education is the key to knowledge.

    @Editors Prefer reading about Sedona here because of your fine work product. Over a decade past, I visited friends in the area. The voices of your people bring about good memories when we speak by phone to our friends, and your writers and letters are to be commended. Please accept my unsolicited donation in the spirit of support. I encourage others to give.

  8. West Sedona Dave says:

    @ Trish, I would love to thank you as I have never been called a snob before…..So I guess I will take it as a good thing?

    Well I follow your politics as close as Sedonas……Hows that Fiscal Year 2018 final budget of $85,054,740?….

    Thats a whole lot more than Sedona’s aint it?

    And why do I need to get a grip exactly?????

    I have more fun point out the Truths to you people who walk around half crocked thinking you have all the freaken answers, that all…..

    And just a heads up…..Cottonwood is not a Democracy either…..Butter look it up because you people really are looking like complete fools…..But you do make me laugh with your statements!
    Keep up the great work, and from time to time step into the real world, not one filled with disinformation and hate!

  9. West Sedona Dave says:

    Arthur , you are going to point to the EU for a response?…..No thanks Im not double-jointed and you know for a fact thats a absolute terrible analogy!

    Around here keep it simple…..Like 8th grade simplicity……People dont even understand a flipen bed tax!…Not only do they think its theirs, they think its a slush fund for anything THEY think is important.

    You might want to attack social welfare….Im sorry I have a heart..I would spend money on Americans way before anything else!

    When we stop spending on defense and it totals more than anywhere from 7 to 8 of the worlds the largest countries, then we can talk about either helping or hurting our sick, disabled, and elderly.

    Sure is interesting when anyone talks taxes, and the people on fixed incomes, COLA is never brought up!…..Why is that?…..Its because the formula really is twice removed from the reality of real inflation…..

    Im not disagreeing with your overall statement, but I do believe, and disagree of what YOUR priorities are…..and there is nothing wrong with that…We can always have civil conversations, and yes agree to disagree!

  10. Arthur Hector, SJ PR says:

    @Dave You may like a review of this article from June 2017 and let us see if we agree on a premise for percentages of military expenditures for nations. I will consider all that you offer in response. Civil conversations are the cornerstone of an educated populace and we are in agreement about disagreements.


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