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The Labyrinth Remix, Part Three

Sedona AZ (May 17, 2010) – The Labyrinth at Angel Valley continues to call me to its light. My friend from New Mexico has been listening to my story about the Labyrinth, so after she arrived last weekend to pick me up for a California trip as her guest, I took her to visit the light.

As we walked the path to the Labyrinth together, my ear rang with a message for her “They say to be holy.” Only she knew what it meant! As for me, I asked for the light of the Holy Spirit to fill my body and center me to the Earth and then raised my arms above my head. I saw the light come from the center of the Labyrinth into my body and reach into the sky. I was connected! I saw the colors blue and yellow, my friend saw pink, and said that she felt lighter and able to breathe easier. Eventually, we thanked our higher selves and left under the dusk sky.

The next day, my friend and I drove to California. Arriving at Fisherman’s Wharf pier in Monterey Bay, I closed my eyes and grounded myself. What I saw was a bigger column of light coming out of the ocean and I knew that I was part of that light, and that it was connected to Angel Valley. I cried because I knew then nothing is impossible and possibilities are endless. I am protected and loved.

Turning to my friend, I asked her to meditate with me. I saw me lying on top of a column of light filling my body and my friend was above me, and so I filled her with light. My body pulsated as I breathed that light into her. All around us was a rainbow of colors while the light remained white. I felt at home and did not want to leave. I came away with the distinct impression that the light columns are many and all connected to Angel Valley. Three days later we left California with me sad the drive home.

I was grateful for my time at the ocean and wanted so much to go back and be with the light there, but I will return when the time is right. I remember my dream of a place where fire and water exists, and now believe that fire represents the desert and water the ocean.

When I first dreamed of the fire and water, I remember thinking how wonderful if it were real. So I tell myself that it is! Just because I cannot touch it or smell it does not mean that it’s not there. Faith is to believe in something you do not see, and the reward for that faith is to see what you believe. I have my fire and water.

On the drive back to Arizona, I asked myself is the light real? Am I really seeing everything I’m seeing? Is it possible that the light connects us all, and together we connect as one to a greater light?

Doubting me causes my energy level to become low, but when I believe I feel joy. The light is God and we are all part of that light. The light reaches beyond this planet and into a greater knowing. Will the Labyrinth at Angel Valley lead me to more columns of light? Will others walk the Labyrinth and be part of the light? The Labyrinth continues.

Jim Franckowiak was notified two weeks ago that he has a book deal! Congratulations! To read Parts One and Two of the Labyrinth Remix series, go to the Home page and use the Search keyword feature “Labyrinth.”  Enjoy reading Jim’s articles!
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  1. Lynne Lee says:

    Interesting personal story. Unusual for a news site to allow creative pieces and nice to see both coexist here.

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