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Talking Turkey

Tommy Acosta

Article written by Tommy Acosta.

Sedona AZ (November 27, 2008) – This Thanksgiving is a true test of gratitude for so many of us.

No need to ask how many have suffered the plunge of the economy; the devaluation of our holdings; the loss of business in our community and the decimation of our bank accounts.

The instability in the world, the uncertainty of the future, the looming economic depression combine this morning with the dank weather to challenge our ability to give gratitude for what we do still have.

I awoke this morning with the familiar sense of dread to what the future holds in store for us. But then gratitude moved in and shoved the dread off to the side, replacing it with a deep sense of gratitude, peace and serenity, knowing there is hope, goodness, and wonder still left in this world.

I awoke to a roof over my head; all my limbs, toes and fingers in place; no toothache or pain in my body; my loving partner wrapped in my arms; heat; a turkey in the fridge and a purring-pussy cat propped on my chest.

Then I remembered my family and close friends sleeping throughout the house having arrived the night before to share a Thanksgiving dinner today. Another happy thought!

The newspaper, our Web site, my music, the wonderful people I know in Sedona, the red rocks, having a purpose and a sense of righting wrong and pursuing truth, liberty and happiness – all these blessings became apparent.

Gratitude filled me knowing all my loved ones are home safe and not oversees embroiled in profit-motivated war; that I don’t live in a ravaged country but in America, the most wonderful country of all.

And I thought of those poor people in India under the gun of yet another terrorist attack and I prayed for them, giving thanks for the peace we have here and our not having to worry of a bomb or bullet coming in through our window to destroy our family.

If I need food I can just hop in my car and drive to the store. If I need gas there are plenty of gas stations to keep my car moving.

If I need entertainment there are the movies, the restaurants, the bars and clubs.

Truly, we are blessed. There is so much to be thankful for.

The clouds will be gone tomorrow. The sun will shine again.


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  1. Terry Nash says:

    Bravo Tommy

    I wept from reading your ‘Confession of Rejoicement’.
    Not for me but for the countless inarticulate, the hopelessly unastute,
    the unabashedly craven of thought, and all those lacking a Rogets
    for just the ‘spin of phrase’. And lest we not forget SPELLCHECK.
    You’re only wrong on the entertainment part. What you do in
    Sedona stays in Sedona forever, that’s right FOREVER. What
    movies, the last great movie to come through ‘these parts’ was
    the Disney Classic Bedknobs and Broomsticks; restaurants
    what restaurants Cafe Jose’s and 10000001 Omeletes really now,
    bars, bars what bars the Martini Bar and one free pass to a DUI
    and clubs what clubs are there clubs here please tell me what
    clubs are you referring to urgently tell me Please Please Please.
    The only entertainment here is THE RED ROCKS and
    beating your dog (no spousal abuse allowed or it will show
    up on the second page of the RED ROCK NEWS (I love that
    paper as much as SVVT, almost. I am one of the lucky ones
    alright I have two dogs to beat Dusty a vicious border collie
    and Rinny (short for Rin Tin Tin) a german shepard who
    actually loves being beaten (she’s a distant cousin of Hitler’s
    German Shepard Blondie.
    And to all, Have a Merry and Thankful Holiday.

  2. Hank Harris says:

    The flag, Fourth of July and Apple pie…everything so wonderful.Of course, compared to beleagued nations and starving populations—oh, you overlooked them. The genocide in Africa, the babies dying by the thousnads, the women raped and tortured…ah, all is well with the world in the USA. 4,230 young Ametricans are dead, 23,000 have been wounded, blind and crippled…oh what a wondorous future for the in the Good Old USA. Lost your job, no money, lost your house, lost your pension and retrement—but come on man as Tommy says–
    be grateful. Hey there you oler folks, you must be grateful becuasse you have a choice, food or rent, or rent or mediine. Where’s your gratitude. Oh your husband was killed, the kids will never know their Dad, so sorry but be grateful he fought for lthe libert of countries that hate us, yor was it for oil or for the missing WMBs.
    Want to be grateful, then stand up and say (taking a line from the movies ) Hell no, no more! Tell them that they must fix it because it is broken. The clouds are dark, there are so many withou any sunshine in their lives. Sand up and look around. If you are grateful for what you’ve got, then damn it help out those who don’t have. Enough of the inner peace and self, did you share gthe turkey with the omeless? Did you put another dollar in te Salvation Army kewttle? Have you sent those old clothes to the Red Cross. If you are grateful, then prove it, don’t write about it,don’t talk to your friends about it….do something to move those clouds.
    When was the last time you sent a package to our guys and girls overseas? There is so much you can do to prove you are grateful. You missed out on Thanksgving, don’t miss out on the holiday season–you’ll feel bettter. you’ll feel great by spending on strangers, on people so in need……you’re lucky to have so much….how aout sharing just a little. After all, a loyt of littles make a big one.
    Isn’t that what we call be an American?

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