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Black Friday

Sedona Verde Valley Times editor Tommy Acosta enjoys a go-round with boxer Sugar Ray Leonard on November 13 2008

Sedona Verde Valley Times editor Tommy Acosta enjoys a go-round with boxer Sugar Ray Leonard on November 13 2008

Sedona AZ (November 29, 2008) – Talk about Black Fridays…Two men shoot each other to death in Toys “R” Us in front of their women and children?

A Wal-Mart clerk is trampled to death by a stampeding crowd desperate for a bargain? What gives? Is the world going mad?

I thought fatal stampedes were something that happened after soccer games in Europe or during religious festivities in Muslim nations when too many pilgrims crowd a bridge. But here in America? Over people wanting to get 50 percent off on material goods of one type or another? Something is terribly amiss here and I don’t think things are going to get better.

What kind of frustration, hate or anger inspired the men who killed each other to whip out guns, chase each other down through a crowded store of women and children and blow each other out of existence. Sure, the women were fighting. But over what? They both had their children with them for heaven’s sake. But men being men, especially armed men, the guns were whipped out and the bullets flew making it one heck of a Christmas for the loved ones they left behind.

Then one must consider the stampede that took the life of the poor Wal-Mart clerk. I mean, what’s with these people who killed him? Were they that desperate to save a few bucks that they stomped the young man to death? Couldn’t they feel his body beneath their feet? Couldn’t they care less for that young man’s life? It was reported even the EMS personnel who tried to revive the victim were jostled by the stampede.

I wonder what countries overseas that already see the US as a nation that officially condones torture will think now? What do these two senseless acts signify about us, as a people and a nation?

I can’t imagine what the victim who was trampled felt like as the herd stepped on him like he was a stool or rug or just a bump on the floor. Was there blood on the shoes of those who trampled him? Did they notice when they got home with their bargains? Did they wipe the blood off and thank Wal-Mart for the bargain they got? Will any of his killers come forward?

Merry Christmas!

On the international front, the terror continues. More death in India as innocent victims are singled out for simply being American or Jewish. More destruction. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq continue. More soldiers dying for oil, much worse now considering it is so cheap. Millions are still starving around the globe. Hunger is still rampant in America. Elderly people are not being able to eat because they have to buy medicine. Not to cheery a picture here folks. The world is unwinding.

Local Issues

Looks like next week is shaping up as another doozy for Sedona. Let’s hope people come to see the lights at Tlaquepaque; that we get some tourists in town and some shoppers in our stores. Those who think the 76 lights battle is over need to think again. The continuing investigation of the Sedona Four and the threatened lawsuits against the filers of complaint are just the tip of the iceberg as gathering storm clouds threaten to bring even more chaos to an already chaotic situation.

Further, if the Attorney General wants to know what really happened at the meeting they are investigating where the council allegedly overstepped the scope of the agenda in voting to put in the lights, he should visit Sedonadotbiz and check out the video.

Stay tuned for breaking news on that next week.

This Sedona Verde Valley Times and SedonaTimes.com article submitted by Tommy Acosta, SVVT editor.
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For the best Arizona news and views, read www.SedonaEye.com daily!

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