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Sedona Political Signs Stolen

Sedona AZ (October 29, 2011) — The Sedona Police Department received several calls on October 27, 2011 reporting theft of magnetic car signs and yard signs supporting a YES on Proposition 410 vote.

Lin Ennis, co-chair of Voice of Choice for 89A which supports a YES vote and local control of 89A said, “The magnetic signs were stolen from the cars parked at the Sedona Public Library where a Prop 410 seminar was taking place. It may have been a coordinated strike from the opposition since signs were stolen from at least four cars. Yards signs along Dry Creek Road were also taken.”

Theft of yard signs along Thunder Mountain Road was reported by a resident favoring a YES vote on Proposition 410. Another YES sign was defaced with the words “NO WAY” scrawled across the sign. A magnetic sign was removed from a car parked at the public library on October  28, 2011 and “mud was stuck to the car door in its place,” said Ennnis.

It is against the law to remove or deface election campaign signs. According to Ennis, “The opposition is consistently exhibiting unethical behaviors that should cause people to question voting in their favor. If they have to steal our signs to gain a political edge, can you trust what they say?”

A new city law permits campaign signs in the city right of way which extends several feet from the street into the property. Voice of Choice for 89A added this message to some signs that have been removed even though the adhesive label stated the sign was placed legally in city right of way.

There should be 190 yellows signs on the streets mostly in West Sedona. Campaign signs must be 32 feet from SR 89A and SR 179.


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  2. Ben Donahower says:

    Stealing yard signs is risky business. I’ve been involved with campaigns and elections for a long time and have found that people get pretty protective over their signs! I’ve seen video surveillance and booby traps of all kinds. In fact, I put together a top ten list of yard sign thefts on my web site.

  3. Bob says:


    Put Sedona & counties police on notice. They shouldn’t let this be happening in a tiny town like ours. For every sign missing the other side ought to lose 1% point for complicity. The city needs to issue a statement saying sign theft will be vigorously pursued and not tolerated. On all sides.

  4. Tony Tonsich says:

    32 signs and 3 banners stolen in under 24 hours. I filed two police reports.

    City code enforcement can’t legally remove any political signs unless they give 24 hours notice. None was given. The signs were not even up 24 hours before they were taken by some lowlife.

    The lowlifes did not even want my message out there.

  5. @tony T says:

    What message!?


    There are cameras all over businesses and places in Sedona, traffic lights.
    See if you can have a look see at some of them and then you might ask Steve.

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