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Sedona Village of Oak Creek Element Hotel for Sale

Sedona AZ – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:

Sedona AZ city view 2015

Attention Sedona residents,

“Glacier House Hotels, owners of the Element in the Village of Oak Creek, has primarily its hotels in the Western and Southwestern up for sale, approximately 15 hotels at this writing. Eight, including the Element, are under construction and can be acquired at certificate of occupancy. The owner is prepared to accept offers individually, with the exception of the Best Western and Matterhorn which must be purchased together. Berkadia Hotels and Hospitality are the exclusive representative for owner Glacier House Hotels. The 15 hotels can be acquired individually or in sub-pools.”

I received the above in a blind copy group email and it lists an information link of http://glacierhouse.berkadiarea.com and there is no way the Element isn’t going to be completed is what I’ve learned. I’m hoping that given its monstrous size and zoning variances, the Village can petition that it was built for speculation and not with true intent, but merely as a money maker for the owner to flip. Doesn’t this violate our resident’s rights? At the very least we can stop the monstrous signage! (A resident in Sedona called it a developers Pump and Dump and others call it flipping.)

Since I saw the Element information first here, I’m sending this to alert other readers and residents and visitors. We need to stop any more hotels in the Village as this proves the speculation of need was manufactured to allow this scourge of our red rock views and limited desert water. We have LIMITED WATER!

Did county Supervisors know this? Big Park know? What residents knew? This company owns the Best Western and the Matterhorn and just who are the people behind the scenes of that sale? We should know. We should know who is profiting off our willingness to offer zoning variances! What Marriott and Hilton and associations are there to the Sedona properties? The Berkadia website says its a joint venture of Berkshire Hathaway and Jefferies Financial Group. It lists four (5) addresses in five cities (Washington DC, Miami, Phoenix, Chicago, LA) for Berkadia Hotels and Hospitality.

Please keep my name from publishing as I don’t want work or personal repercussions. There are community websites with the same information and lots of discussions by residents in place.

To the idiots commenting about politics, this has nothing to do with capitalism or socialism and everything to do with red rock cheap access. It has to do with Sedona business and Sedona developers and the fact that Sedona elected a city council twice that in my opinion caters to both. And they’re all Democrats and some have avowed socialism while marketing and promoting traffic for tourism on city council. Don’t blame Republicans and or capitalism policies for the demise of our once beautiful and serene city. The socialists and Democrats in my opinion have undermined the very soul of Sedona, have stolen its serenity in daylight and our dark skies. Where have all the good Democrats gone?

Thank you for being a beacon of light in Sedona. Let’s hope we’re all wrong but I think we’ve lost precious red rocks and views in the Element construction project. Enough is enough.

(Name withheld)
Village of Oak Creek homeowner
Sedona AZ

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  1. Life is change says:

    The whole country has changed. Sadly it also affected our beautiful home. Imagine the fall of ancient Rome. Population values and intelligence changes. I think you just have to look back on the way it was and be thankful you got to live here during that time. The Sedona we knew and loved is gone. Let go, move on.

    Blessings !

  2. Betsy says:

    In the words of my youth, life is change is a cop out. What it’s about Alfie is lots of marijuana dumbing down Sedona. Lots of stupid politics and politicians. Lots of lack of personal responsibility and dumb and dumber run community in favor of not doing anything and blaming it on government corruptness or something or someone.

    Look in a mirror. Now you see who is responsible. BTW Sedona isn’t in the category of ancient or even modern Rome. You live in an overpriced desert tourist town welcoming people that care less about preserving Sedona but take home a CVS sold cheap tourist CD to play on their TV. I know this because that’s what a foursome in my community did. They ate in a I-17 Camp Verde Mexican restaurant to get a break from traffic, drove thru 89A and said they wouldn’t go back because it was overrated. My boyfriend and I couldn’t stop laughing when we got home that evening. They managed to nail Sedona in one drive thru.

  3. Eddie H says:

    Thank you for alerting us and your support to our community.
    But I’m not sure what it anything can be done at this point with all the site approvals done and construction ongoing. Sales of hotels is out of reach of the council and citizens. All we can do is ensue whomever buys it works with us not against us. We still are to be concerned about the pending outcome of the proposed Hilton. Where community influence worked at least to date . The flipping of properties, commercial and residential will go on regardless. We have a robust economy and growth nationally. Ever look at the value of your own property? It’s up. Real estate prices overall are up. People want to profit before interest rates or market changes effect there investment.

  4. Griffin says:

    Here’s email addresses to write to the Yavapai County supervisors. ALL the supervisors vote on the Sedona and VOC issues. Like me you may want to say no to further Element changes including a request to reverse its signage variances and lights, and no zoning or variances changes for Patel property or any property in VOC

    That hotel was built on speculation. It’s not a good neighbor but a gross example of government run amok in my opinion. I suggest like many others that you add your opinion today and remind them you live here, pay taxes here, expect to be represented by your elected officials and not for them to be officials representing outside special interests. Up to you. You can have a voice or be one of the silent.

    Tammy DeWitt tammy.dewitt@yavapai.us

    Leah Genovese leah.genovese@yavapai.us

    Yavapai County Supervisor Randy Garrison web.bos.district3@yavapai.us

    Yavapai County Supervisor Rowle Simmons web.bos.district1@yavapai.us

    Yavapai County Supervisor Thomas Thurman web.bos.district2@yavapai.us

    Yavapai County Supervisor Craig Brown web.bos.district4@yavapai.us

    Yavapai County Supervisor Jack Smith web.bos.district5@yavapai.us

  5. Lee Pepper says:

    Stop my gag reflex but read threads from a local Village centric blog & couldn’t believe the animosity towards local wildlife. They want suggestions for noise bombs & gadgets to scare bobcats, mountain lions, coyotes & pheasants & doves & quail & how to kill scorpions & geckos. LEAVE NOW !! You moved to the DESERT not a golf resort. The golf resort is just a water painting on a dry desert, a phony picture of Sedona reality. We’re all about the nature, the wildlife & the red rocks. GO AWAY. You sicken us who embrace the meaning of Sedona and the Village and the high desert that surrounds us. They are but oasis’ in a desert but they are not meant to harbor desecrators of that desert. Go north or go south where you will find people more like you, the ones who want to create cities out of desert dust and ruin it with asphalt and smog. There’s room for you in Phoenix and Flagstaff but not here. We promise to repair the damage of your ignorance & selfishness.

  6. VOCA Resident says:

    VOCA vote is the 20th. Ballots are out. Of the 5 Board candidates, I’m voting for Sean Baguley. I recommend him highly. His background in finance is what the Board needs.

  7. Madison Penske says:

    Out with those who don’t hear the majority opinion over their own wants. You don’t run for political office to line your pockets using taxpayers money. Good luck to all candidates and people you had better do your homework.

  8. @VOCA Resident says:

    I would think that your recommendation would mean a lot more if you used your actual name and you’re someone that we all know and respect. (Deleted by editor)

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