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Sedona Schools Must Ban WiFi

Sedona resident asks for WiFi ban in schools

Sedona AZ (September 11, 2012) – The following is an open letter to the Sedona City Council by Sedona resident, Kristen Monday:

Dear Sedona City Council: 

Here is the research justifying why countries in Europe, Israel and Canada have and are banning WiFi.

I already know WiFi is dangerous because I feel sick when I am exposed to it in large doses. Many people in Sedona are electromagnetically sensitive, they also go out of their way to spend extra money on organic food. We cannot see or taste pesticide yet we know it is dangerous and kills living things. Ingesting enough pesticide over time causes cancer.

While we had the luxury of living in an organic world, our cells are now bathed in non stop frequencies from a myriad of directions.

I live outside the city limits to be away from traffic, cell phone towers, the radio station and lots of wireless routers.

I do not use cordless phone or wireless routers in my home. It is unfair for our children and grand children to be the guinea pigs for the wireless experiment.

The majority of people who live here want a safe environment. Our kids should not pay for the foolishness of the older generation they already bear the burden of our debt, radiation and pollution. Sedona should be an example of a green community, not another over used tourist trap.

I think we need to remove WiFi from schools in Sedona immediately, if other schools can do it, so can we.

Looking at this data it is easy to also see why smart meters are also dangerous.

We should be doing everything we can to protect people from electromagnetic frequency dangers and err on the side of caution. After reading the below information, ask yourself if can we afford to do nothing and expose young children and infants to these frequencies?

People should be informed and have a choice about how much exposure their families get. Technology has outpaced our legal system and our ability to comprehend what is going on.

If you do not hear from many people asking for smart meter or WiFi bans it is because they are preoccupied with living, few people have the time or inclination to sit around and ask questions and research these issues.




Safe Classrooms 2012


Kristin Monday
Sedona, Arizona 

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  1. N. Baer says:

    I believe that in order to protect its citizens from harm, the City Council on behalf of the City of Sedona should seriously consider resolving to not allow further installation of smart meters, any WiFi technology, more cell and antennas, etc. until proper investigation is conducted regarding the existing cell towers and antennas currently located within the City limits.

    All of the towers and antennas that are not registered need to be brought into compliance. Is this another Arizona Corporation Commission responsibility?

    The schools should be recommended and encouraged to re-examine the safety of their own WiFi technology in light of the damage done especially to children being exposed to electromagnetic and radio frequencies.

    Cell Towers
    • Cell Towers that are SENDING information are the harmful ones.
    • Cell Towers that are RECEIVING information are harmless.
    • If you have a cell tower near your residence or your office, find out if it is sending or receiving microwaves.
    • Go to http://www.antennasearch.com. You will find location of cell towers near you and who owns it. Call the company that owns the tower and ask if it is sending or receiving.

    Cell towers that send microwaves should be around 3 miles away from your home. Go to this site and put in your address and discover what towers and antennas are surrounding your homes, businesses and schools: http://www.antennasearch.com

  2. Nancy Baer says:

    As you can see, Kristen and now Sedona Eye readers, I sent this to the following officials LAST YEAR.

    From: Nancy Baer
    Sent: Saturday, November 12, 2011 10:28 PM

    To: ‘burns-web@azcc.gov’; ‘newman-web@azcc.gov’;
    ‘web.bos.district3@co.yavapai.az.us’; ‘spierce@azleg.gov’;
    ‘KFann@azleg.gov’; ‘atobin@azleg.gov’; ‘web.bos.district1@co.yavapai.az.us’;
    ‘web.bos.district2@co.yavapai.az.us’; ‘web.bos.district3@co.yavapai.az.us’;
    ‘Vicki Gray’
    Cc: ‘spierce@azleg.gov’; ‘KFann@azleg.gov’; ‘atobin@azleg.gov’; ‘Councilor
    Barbara Litrell’; ‘Councilor Dan McIlroy’; ‘Councilor Dennis Rayner’;
    ‘Councilor Mark DiNunzio’; ‘Councilor Mike Ward’; ‘Mayor Rob Adams’; ‘Vice
    Mayor Cliff Hamilton’

    Subject: ACC DOCKET No. 11-0328 WiFi Exposures Dangers Scientific Documentation

    Importance: High

    Overview – Wi-Fi in Schools: Testing for Microwave Radiation Dangers in the


    Detailed research results – Wi-Fi in Schools
    Part 2: RF Microwave Radiation Health Risks

    WiFi Laptop Emits More Microwave Radiation Than Cell Phone

  3. Heather says:


  4. Teak Monkey says:

    If you want to be “off the Grid’ then go elsewhere! you are only bitching about the schools because you will never get the masses to give up their wifi! so don’t worry about your voodoo hoodoo vortex powers being deleted….just make up some more pretend ones! blahahahah

  5. How can we do ONLINE CLASSES? Spend hundreds a semester in gas money that we don’t have? Put back old phone booths to make calls? Not have access to good research resources and get old libraries? How would your YouTube info get out to the public without wifi? How would you know what’s happening at the airport or city hall or washington dc or phoenix without wifi? Not happening. Doubt that it’s really happening in Israel either except maybe in some extra weird ultra orthodox schools. Don’t you know that’s how Israelis warn kids and adults to get to safety during attacks and alerts? Same in colleges and schools here. Not happening. Next agenda of merit is…..?

  6. N. Baer says:

    Shannon and Debbie – You need to do more studying about microwave radiation.

    You are incorrect about Israel. “Deputy health minister implored Education Minister Gideon Sa’ar to immediately suspend the installation of wireless Internet in schools due to what he termed the hazards of electromagnetic radiation, following a letter he received from Attorney Michael Bach. Bach, citing medical research, warned about the health threats to students.


    In addition, if you will study further, you will see that there are other ways to deliver the Internet, your cell phone, TV, etc. that are safer, such as using “hard wire” connections.

    The longer you expose yourself to these products that are serving up microwave connections, the more your health will be compromised in the short run. This exposure can affect your ability to bear children, or to give birth to a normal child. Autism now occurs at the rate of one in 80-100 births.

  7. Journalist Wants to Hear from People with EHS – Contact: Kim Goldberg at goldberg@ncf.ca

    I am specifically interested in your strategies for reducing electromagnetic radiation in your life and home to protect your health. I am an award-winning investigative journalist and the author of several books. There is some information about me on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kim_Goldberg.

    Kim Goldberg (born 1954 in Eugene, Oregon) is an American-born writer who has lived in Canada since the 1970s. She is the author of four non-fiction books and two collections of poetry.[1] Much of her published work has…

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