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Smart Meters and Microwave Radiation Dangers

Smart meter dangers undisclosed by utilities

Sedona AZ (September 11, 2012) – The following is an open letter to the Sedona Arizona City Council by a Sedona resident:

Hi, Mayor and City Council members,

I applaud Kristin Monday (below) and others for trying to alert the council and fellow citizens about the impending public health disaster known as microwave technology (including WiFi, cell phones, smart meters, cordless phones, microwave ovens, wireless devices, GPS, military radar and more, all similar frequencies). I am one who also feels a sensitivity to Wifi and cell phone radiation when I am forced to be around them in order to be in public spaces such as the library, meetings, etc. It flares up my restless legs syndrome to an agonizing level, relieved only by movement and walking, making it hard to participate.

Observing this connection has led me to make an extensive study of the science behind this technology and acquire my own EMF test equipment. In this process, I have learned that there are many independent public health researchers who are quite concerned about this un-vetted proliferation of microwaves in our environments, much of it involuntary. Many excellent expert audio interviews are found on www.electromagnetichealth.org.

Kristin is correct that many people have some degree of sensitivity to these forms of microwaves. Experts have estimated 20-30% of the population feels it to some degree, whether or not they realize it, and about 2-3% severely so. All in all, it is a massive experiment on humanity and the environment, with some serious red flags for the future.

Consider, for example, that–

– rodents exposed to these frequencies (same as cell phones) cannot reproduce after 7 generations (DNA damage)

– two hours of exposure to cell phones breaks their blood brain barrier, allowing toxins into the brain for prolonged periods

– large epidemiological studies have shown brain cancer increases up to 121x among those living closest to cell towers vs. furthest away (Austria).

In fact, there have been over 8,000 studies on microwave technologies and it was known as early as 1970 that they are dangerous. The military termed it “Radiowave” or “Microwave Sickness.” Recently, Russian scientists, who are the global experts on this subject, have released a report to the world warning that no pregnant woman or child under 18 should use a cell phone except for emergenices and that WiFi should be removed from classrooms. See this pdf.

I realize that you are busy with many issues you may deem more important, and there are limits to what a city council can do on this subject, particularly due to the 1996 Federal TeleCommunications Act, limiting local jurisdiction over this issue. However, we owe it to future generations who will pay the price for our oversights for centuries if we do not rein in this dangerous technological experiment. We all feel a frustration about how to act to protect ourselves and others. The vested interests of the largest industry on the plant (over $3 trillion a year) and the military are not easy to oppose. Right now, education seems to be the most important thing, as well as not granting leases to telecom companies wanting to place cell towers on schools, libraries, fire stations, etc.

We also strongly urge Sedona to join the 40-50 or more other local governments in California and elsewhere who have passed resolutions opposing the installation of utility Smart Meters, which will worsen our microwave exposures many fold. Our health and our environment are precious and irreplaceble.

Thank you for your time and caring,

Susan Pitcairn
1865 Gun Fury Road 
Sedona, Arizona 86336

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  1. Warren says:

    Don’t wait for Council. It is hard to say what they will do — if anything — about this assault on our health, privacy and property.

    1) Call or write APS and put them on notice that they have easement for a meter at your house but not for a microwave radio station, which is what a “smart” meter is. If calling, be prepared to assert yourself.

    2) Email the Arizona Corporation Commissioners (www.azcc.gov) and tell them No “smart” meters.

    3) Email Sedona City Council and demand a ban. (emails at City site, http://www.sedonaaz.gov)

  2. This post by Susan Pitcarin deserves your urgent attention. The Wireless Digital Age was launched in the mid 1990s as a government/corporate partnership without an environmental pre-assessment to determine whether a wireless world is a healthy habitat for man and nature.

    Had Congress, or one of the federal health or environmental agencies looked into this, prior to enactment of new teelcommunications laws, we would not be chronically exposed to microwave signals from pulsed digital wireless signals that have charged the air we breathe, creating an electromagnetic environment.

    The FCC exposure guidelines are not relevant to these exposure conditions and are not protecting us from harm. Due to the corrupting influence of the corporations over public policy decisionmaking, it has been very hard to get Congressional hearings or bring public awareness to this issue.

    Now, over 50 cities and counties in California are opposing illegal and mandatory installations of smart meters on all residential and small commerical buildings and several states have created “opt out” policies.

    The Arizona Corporation Commission needs to hear from citizens asking for an “opt out” policy from having a meters that transmits energy use without wires to the utilities. The AZCC promised to produce such a policy in September 2011 but has failed to take action.

    Meanhile utilities like APS continue to install these “smart” meters. Let’s hold the AZCC Commissioners accountable by asking them what they plan to do about this prior to the November election.

    Also, ask your elected officials in the U.S. House of Representatives to cosponsor and/or support HR 6358, The Cell Phone Right To Know Act, which requires warning labels; a federally administered, independant and sustained EMF reserach program; and, more protective EMF exposure standards. A former EPA scientist warns: “the people are not protected.”

    Elizabeth Kelley

  3. Sid says:

    LOTS LOTS LOTS here, got tired reading and quit, what we should do in a couple lines or less okay!!!! this good to know thank you keep it short, brain full. Sid

  4. Nancy Baer says:

    Georgia Family Smart Meter causes fire (two links to stories): Georgia Power said it is willing to work with the homeowners to aid in repairs. Copeland-White believes the power company should pay for all the damages.
    5:00 p.m. Monday, Sept. 17, 2012


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  6. Marilyn says:

    people have to take responsibility and avoid as much exposure to chemicals and radiation as they can!!!!

  7. Nancy Baer says:

    The MPSC will now be holding evidentiary proceedings where interested parties may intervene, witnesses may be called and cross examined, and the Commission will revisit its earlier decision in the light of real evidence. Michigan’s Attorney General has argued that “Detroit Edison has the burden to prove that investments in AMI are reasonable and prudent.”


    Michigan Smart Meter Case Quietly Reopened
    MICHIGAN SMART METER CASE QUIETLY REOPENED On September 25th, 2012 something happened that will change the whole course of smart meter events…

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