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Sedona Paving Program Budgets One Mile Per Year

Sedona AZ (March 22, 2017) – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:

Sedona roads are designed for slow scenic views and sharing the road with other vehicles, hikers and cyclists, ATVs and tour conveyances. Monsoons and mountain snowmelts cause flood waters, shifting ground and rock falls that contribute to transportation issues and road hazards.

I just wanted to let the readership of the SedonaEye know about an interaction I had with a member of the City of Sedona Staff, Mr. Victor Estrada, ROW Specialist. Mr Estrada was very courteous and professional.

Our subdivision’s roads have been in need of maintenance since about 2009, when we contacted the city and were told they would look at them in about 5 years. In 2011 our association paid for a crack seal out of our own association funds as our roads were in dire need. In 2015 our association again contacted the city about road maintenance. We were told “At this time, the City has older streets, in much worse condition, than those streets in Oak Creek Knolls Subdivision. Furthermore, the streets within the Oak Creek Knolls Subdivision are not programmed for road rehabilitation in the five-year plan.”

Mr. Estrada did inform me that the city would do the repairs of the hazardous areas I brought to his attention as soon as possible.

During my discussion of urgent repairs with Mr. Estrada, he informed me that the city of Sedona has about 100 miles of roads. He also informed me that the city’s road re-pavement budget is currently 1 mile of road per year.

Logically , it would seem if you are wondering when the street outside your home might be repaved, it is sometime in the next 100 years.

You might want to contact your city council and give them your opinion on their budget priorities.

Personally, I would prefer road maintenance over advertising for more tourists, paying for more art or subsidizing the Film Festival, Chamber of Commerce, marathon or any other discretionary expenditure.

But that’s just me.

Tony Tonsich
Sedona AZ

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  1. Eddie Maddock says:

    Maybe because of petty squabbling on this site your valuable information has become an oversight (Tony Tonsich).

    Having commented recently under another letter to the editor from Sedona resident Henry Twombly regarding a different subject, it resulted in being taken to task – all too commonplace on Sedona Eye these days and completely beside the point. For the record, I’ve never met, seen, talked to or communicated on a personal basis with either of the two gentlemen whose names are mentioned. My observation and resulting comments relate entirely about the substance of information in their letters and serves as a compliment to each for taking time to exercise their right to speak up and and at the same time offer the opportunity for people to comment.

    All too often subversive efforts, if acknowledged, will be effective to a degree if allowed to deflect from serious issues at hand. You, Mr. Tonsich, in my opinion have brought forth just such an example – investigating and offering factual information relating to city expenditures and neglect when it comes to Sedona’s deteriorating infrastructure. Measures taken under a different and unnamed source have, perhaps and unfortunately, enabled such a distraction from the important message you and others send.

    Thank you, Sir, for performing a community service and at the risk of being publicly maligned on Sedona Eye. However, as a lot of us were told during our childhood days, words cannot hurt us. What can hurt us is deflection of important facts and information in order to circumvent vital issues while perhaps, as Mr. Twombly referenced, a shadow government in Sedona continues to call the shots and take control.

    Eddie Maddock

  2. Pretty Amazing says:

    Yes it is pretty amazing all right. Just how much more desperate will those in charge get to stop at nothing to accomplish their takeover? At the rate they are going we will be fortunate to get even one mile of road repairs in the next century – unless city property taxes somehow get approved. Then watch out! The sky will be the limit and new doors will open for the give-away addicts which won’t be the residents. If you think cost of living is high in Sedona now, just wait!

    Nice article and thanks for the heads up T. Tonsich

  3. Norma says:

    Thank you Tony!

    Great article thanks for letting us know.

  4. Fed Up says:

    So the Chamber of Commerce is behind a $250,000 contribution to the Forest Service, a Federal Agency, to maintain their trails; while people’s lives are at stake driving on the city roads that take them to the trail heads? Go figure.

    And just how much of the source of that $250,000 is actually Sedona City tax revenue? Corruption in Sedona is well and alive – about the only thing these days.

  5. Among the Losers says:

    Clearly it’s the residents of Sedona who are on the short end of the stick here. The Chamber/Lodging groups grow richer and with pending sewer rate fee increases and unidentified sources of funding for infrastructure, our future looks bleak. How dare these people be so brazen as to neglect city roads in favor of the federal government hiking trails. How can this be?

  6. Wsr says:

    The USFS are doing a great job of creating and improving trails in and around Sedona..

    Well done

    Pay no attention to the complainers here…they can’t seem to get thier behind out from the computer long enough to stop spewing thier hate of everything

  7. wsR says:

    Oh I forgot

    @among the losers
    @fed up
    @pretty amazing

    They are all the same person who posts under 10-20 different names
    FYI SE readers

  8. Mary C says:

    No West Sedona Moron, If you ever left your computer wasting time while pretending to work, you would find the opposite of what you say.

    The forest Service is closing roads and trails, to “protect” the forest. This makes visitors concentrate in the few open areas and causes more congestion.

    Your misinformation efforts, like yourself, are a total failure.

  9. West Sedona resident says:

    &Mary C

    Don’t know what your talking about

    Been Mt biking on two new and or improved trails in and around Sedona…..Money well spent…..you just hate the fact that some is enjoying themselves..

  10. The Thought Proctologist says:

    @ Wsr, WSr, wSr, West Sedona Resident, West sedona resident, West sedona Resident, WSR, WSR times 2, Anonymous and All Readers at The Eye:

    Careful, please! You’re starting to bloviate on a regular basis, loser.

  11. Oh Really Mary C??? says:

    You really should do a bit more studying before you open your mouth….

    Because of money donated by the dastardly Chamber and some Trail groups the forest service is opening news trails as we speak.

  12. The Thought Proctologist says:

    @West sedona resident,

    Of course you don’t know what Mary C is talking about since you’re a bloviating twit. And, btw, it’s mountain bikers who ruin a good time for everybody else on our Nat’l Park hiking trails. I might guess you’d be one of those selfish biker (deleted by editor).

  13. Mary C says:

    Please tell me where are these new trails?

    Please also tell me what roads if any the city has paved in the last 3 years?

  14. West Sedona Dave says:

    You see Mary all you do is go the the City of Sedona web site….Type in road paving….and all your information is there for years and years!

    About 73 results (0.51 seconds)

    Sort by:

    City of Sedona : News & Updates : Uptown Paving Project …
    Jul 23, 2015 … This project included pavement replacement between Forest Road and just north of Art Barn Road. This work occurred in the travel lane portion …

    Cactus Asphalt to Perform Maintenance on Various Roads in Sedona
    Sep 21, 2016 … Cactus Asphalt will complete milling and paving operations on Sunset … to Pony Soldier Road, and crack sealing will be done throughout the …

    City of Sedona : News : Airport Road Rehabilitation Project – Update …
    Sep 5, 2014 … Construction on Airport Road began on August 18, 2014 and will … Milling and paving operations are now scheduled for September 22, 23 and …

    Community Connection
    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
    Grounds Park, Posse Ground Road. National Night Out is … on the road – to safely arrive at our destination. …. road were overlayed with new pavement. Soldiers …

    City of Sedona : News : Airport Road Rehabilitation Project
    Aug 18, 2014 … Construction on Airport Road is scheduled to begin on August 18, … of this road rehabilitation project includes trailhead parking pavement, …

    resolution no. 2010-17 a resolution of the mayor and city council of …
    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
    SR 89A BETWEEN AIRPORT ROAD AND PINION DRIVE … a an intergovernmental agreement for pavement improvements on Mountain Shadows Road and.

    Departmental Budget Description
    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
    Performed pavement preservation on City streets. ✓ Received a grant from FEMA for the Doodlebug Road mitigation project. ✓ Striped streets throughout the.

    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
    Highway 89A and Bn’stlecone Pines Road within the city limits of the City and …. roadway and Red Rock Loop Road before ultimate paving of the entire such …

    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
    rehabilitation on a City street, the old pavement is milled and used as a base for the new road surface. • Continue to implement the storm drainage maintenance …

    SR 89A Roadway and Safety Improvements Fact Sheet
    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
    from Dry Creek Road to Airport Road. WHAT TO … traffic signal, and then the paving in late spring and summer … and the paving work will be done at night.

  15. LNJ, Prescott AZ says:

    Lived in the city for years until last year. . here’s two cents WSR etc etcetera for only the second time in years of reading. Did your same search here.

    Got same as city BUT more. Like I17 / 40, Prescott my area, Phx hiways, Pinal, Page, Nevada, Utah, Coconino, Wickenburg, 202, 101, Intermountain oh forgetaboutit !

    Can’t and won’t waste time writing them all for you. It’s back to 2010 but guess what I found, . . letters from opinion writers you like to hate. Who wrote a lot of them, how about City councilors and some from the past like Barbara Litrell & Cliff Hamilton and who was slammed. . Red Rock news and ifyou want to know why, then you can read it for that answer.

    Here goes. For you and the others, . . https://sedonaeye.com/open-letter-to-red-rock-news-publisher-robert-larson/ . Surprised me too. ROFLMAO. How’s it feel that you’re the lucky (deleted by editor) proving Sedona Times Eye is best? LNJ (address deleted by request)

  16. Wsr says:

    @lnj prescott

    Have no idea what the hell your talking about…..

  17. Mary C says:

    @ West Sedona Dave, not much City paving in residential areas. You do reference ADOT work, Uptown and Airport Road for the tourists, we can’t have that falling down the hill.

    No response from WSR about new trails, as usual no factual information from her.
    Perhaps there are no new trails?

  18. Wsr says:

    @mary C the one one who lies

    The sketch trail.(new)
    Trail up to chimmy rock. Improved
    Trail between chimmy rock and solders pass road numerous improvements

    There you go the “one who lies”

    Now you tell me where did you see garbage and overcrowded conditions
    Now don’t lie….cause I’m gonna go there and take pictures to show what a BS artist you are

  19. Mary C says:


    Typical (deleted by editor) from you.

    Wrong again dear, not a “new” trail. From the Arizona Republic “It’s long been a favorite for Sedona mountain bikers, so I tip my hat to them because it’s a peach.”

    Other trail improvements, the Forest Service put up some signs and did a little maintenance.

    All the Forest Service did on the sketch trail is recognize an existing trail. Sounds like Government, it’s already done, so lets take credit for it. We do need to tax you more of course.

  20. Wsr says:


    You are a very hateful bitter women….
    Complaining is Not considered a hobby..

    Hey where’s that garbage and over crowded conditions at…
    I want to take a picture….remember lyer

  21. J. Rick Normand says:


    Wsr, you don’t understand…if you’re on a given trail, then you are the garbage. And, btw, I climb the Chimney Rock trail quite often and I’m glad you do because I will find you sooner or later.


  22. Gregg, W Flag says:

    Trails are skanktowns. Lots of glass & plastic Sedona. I’m 36 & know they’ve deteriorated. Save the uptown crap for tourists. Zonies want real rocks.

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