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Sedona Election Polling

Sedona AZ (August 26, 2018) – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:

The Red Rock News August 22nd front page gave us the results of their poll (amateurs not professional pollsters) for the August 28th election. By contrast as concerns the Home Rule issue, The Arizona Liberty organization finds that instead of a News prediction of 85.2% favoring Home Rule, some 2/3rds do not.

Arizona Liberty is now using the same methodology as they did in predicting the outcome last year for that fire district bond issue with resulting absolute accuracy on their part. Soon we will find out which, the paper or Arizona Liberty, had the best forecasting process.

Prior announcing polling results sometimes influences voting (me too) in the same direction as the poll indicates, so that may result in one or two more yes votes for home rule.

Only four (4) days to go !

John Roberts
Sedona AZ 86336

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  1. Gregg says:

    I believe this!

  2. Election Results 100% says:

    Mayor: Sandy 1,443
    Tony T. 627
    Conrad 611

    4 yr Council: Howes 1,371
    Jablow 1,300
    Chisholm 1,199
    Julian 1,102

    2 yr Council: Williamson 1,294
    Ward 1,233

    Home Rule: Yes 1,835
    No 922


  3. Election Results 100% - PS says:

    My figures are totals from Yavapai & Coconino Counties.

  4. Tony Tonsich says:

    I want to thank everyone for their votes and their efforts.

    I loved Sedona.

  5. @election results says:

    Not sickening

    But if you ment AWESOME. Then you are correct

  6. @Tony T says:

    Tony please remove you signs….
    They are a terrible eyesore and disrupt the beautiful landscape of Sedona, not to mention they were a waste of natural resources.

    I LOVE Sedona.

  7. steve Segner says:

    Home Rule

    Yes 1837
    votes NO 923
    Lost by 914 votes

    Sedona Said yes on Home Rule by huge number .
    Sedona has spoken , and votes NO on the Tea Party people

  8. M Mallon says:

    It means the end of Sedona as a pleasant place to live.

    4 more years of free spending and this IDIOT group in charge. The majority of voters will get what they voted for. GOOD AND HARD !!

    If you like traffic, you can keep your traffic. When SIM fails, as it will, they will give you SIM 2. Sedona is now only a tourist town controlled by greed, bumper to bumper traffic is your destiny.

    They sold our your home to a bunch of lies. Being stupid and uninformed should hurt. Wait and see.

  9. @M Mallon says:

    Bye bye

    I LOVE Sedona
    If you don’t then……see ya

  10. @Segner says:

    Lets all catch our breath.
    A 53% win still means almost half the city does not want the Mayor.
    You can work on restoring unity or pop your top which by the looks of you lately is a real possibility. Take care of your health and let everyone be. Everything you do is traveling back to you. Everything.

  11. Richard Saunders says:

    This election reminds me of a saying my father use to say…. “ just because you have money and a politician in your pocket…. doesn’t mean you can buy an election… do not underestimate the intelligence of the people and thier ability to sense FRAUD and DISHONESTY..

    Based on the outcome of this Sedona election those words ring TRUE
    I Love Sedona

  12. @Richard Saunders says:

    And rightfully you SHOULD love Sedona. Thanks to secret meetings courtesy “citizen’s engagement groups” and the alleged Sedona Cabal, they did their homework which led to their victory. Which isn’t to say the lazy silent majority (based on the low vote count turnout) sat on their fat butts and didn’t bother to vote. Those are the ones who should be thanked.

    But best of all your job is saved. Would have enjoyed the action had Tony T. become mayor. How quickly would your bags have been packed?

    Incidentally, we can thank those to whom it’s presumable you are pointing out (politicians with money in their pockets) for making certain Mayor Sand was reelected. You should be thanking THEM for bringing in the third party which split the vote for mayor. Good job, folks.

  13. Bettye says:

    My deepest gratitude goes out to those that put their time, energy and money into running for election. Thank You to Mike Ward, Tony Tonsich, Pete Conrad, Noelle Julian, Sam Tardio, Brock Delinski, Jim Weis, and, to all that voted ‘No’ on Prop. 444. Congratulations to Bill Chisholm, we look forward to You doing the right thing for Sedona and it’s residents.

    Very sad that we have to put up with the abuse from Sandy and her BFF Jessica, that they will continue to spew at the residents of Sedona.

  14. @Richard Saunders says:

    I’m sure she is happy she gets to keep her over $135,000 city job with a car and phone allowance. IMO Considering that is over 10 times what she is worth, I’m sure she is happy. She loves Sedona, but she does not live or pay taxes here.

    Karma will get her. Stealing is wrong, legal stealing or not.

  15. Bob Geyer in Truth Town says:

    Media Bias: Washington Post on Passport Denials? Stop hiring twentysomethings without drug & socialist soaked brains and hire older reporters who know how to work & not cut/paste.

    https://immigrationreform.com/2018/08/31/media-bias-washington-post-on-passport-denials/ via @fairimmigration

    Turns out Trump admin denies less than Obama’s. Turns out the denials were based on falsified border midwife taking cash to produced birth certificates of kids born in Mexico. . . ok you read it and learn. Media screws us again. Just be real. Truth. Look it up (deleted by editor).

  16. Neyland Stad says:

    Mr. Roberts, you were soooo wrong.

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