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Sedona Council authorizes $2.7 million on roundabout upgrade

Sedona AZ (October 24, 2018) – On October 23, 2018, the city council authorized a formal cost-sharing agreement with the Arizona Department of Transportation, an administrative action that allows design work to begin this fiscal year.

Because the intersection is within ADOT right-of-way, ADOT is the managing agency for the project and will share costs,. The city will contribute 50 percent of total funding. The city is working with adjacent business and property owners to maximize parking space retention and ensure access needs are met. Assuming design work and right-of-way acquisition proceed as planned, construction is expected to begin in FY2021.

This project would allow a portion of traffic to bypass fully entering the SR89 / 179 roundabout by adding curb-separated right-turn lanes for vehicles headed southbound and northbound.

With no traffic it takes 12 minutes to travel from Bell Rock Boulevard to the Y. In severe congestion it takes 36 minutes. This level of severe congestion occurred on six days between February and June 2017. This project is expected to reduce travel time from 36 to 24 minutes during peak congestion periods.

Estimated cost is $2.7 million.

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  1. What a joke says:

    Took over a half hour to go from CVS to Schnebly.
    As I sat in the traffic envisioning the Sedona Council and Chamber members sitting at home having a cocktail and thinking enjoy the traffic SUCKERS.
    I’m building my retirement home and it aint here!!!!
    No lanes will help the flow of those three circles, no way.
    You have destroyed the city and will slowly lose all the people I met today who would not even venture there because of how long they sat in traffic just to get here.
    You are greedy fools.
    So sad.

  2. JD Sedona says:

    Since this isn’t even slated to happen until 2021 why sweat it? Probably a whole new city council and maybe staff by then. Best case scenario would be if the chamber of commerce will have fallen into a giant sinkhole by then.

  3. Margaret Coffey says:

    The plan according to the City would be obsolete five to seven years later. Also it takes away half of the sidewalk going South and that is heavily used. I have no problems at all getting through the roundabouts whether I am turning right or left. It is rather absurd to make such extreme changes based on six days of traffic counts in a four to five month period. This is Sedona, there will always be certain days on which the traffic is heavy, it is not 24/7 every day of the year. Now if the City stopped advertising for more tourists we would be better off. What right does a person have to come to Sedona, open a business and then demand the City advertise to bring them more customers. All these changes plus the Uptown overhead bridges will destroy Sedona.

  4. Gretchen says:

    Hey SE readers..

    Next time you see a post on SE …..google the name and include Sedona and see if in fact they are real or just a “make believe” name trying to fabricate that more sedona residents are disgruntled…..

    Most posters don’t exist and are the same 2-3 posters… do it.. you’ll see..
    Right Margret coffey!!

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