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Responsive Sedona Leadership 2010 Endorses Candidates

Dear Friend: Thank you for your continued interest in our effort to elect Sedona City Council members who are committed to representing the citizens of our community.

Responsive Sedona Leadership 2010 (RSL2010) is pleased to announce our candidate endorsements for the March Sedona City Council election. We are endorsing only one candidate for each of the five openings:

Mayor: Rob Adams (incumbent)

Two-Year Council Position: Dennis Rayner

Four-Year Council Positions: Barbara Litrell, Dan McIlroy, Mike Ward

We have conducted in-depth interviews with each of these candidates and have gained their unequivocal support for RSL2010’s Principles of Public Service. (See attached.) If you do not yet know the candidates, we encourage you to do so; they have impressive backgrounds in business, economics, community service, leadership, research and education. Indeed, each of them understands and exemplifies “public servantship.”

While we may not agree on every detail of every issue, we know that these individuals will respect Sedona residents, genuinely listen to their concerns and learn from them, and follow the will of the majority on important community concerns. As you are well aware, this has not been demonstrated by most of the current City Council members, who ignored Sedonans regarding such crucial issues as continuous roadway lighting on West SR89A, a National Scenic Area (NSA) designation, sewers in the Chapel area, and amassing an unacceptably high city debt and unbalanced budget.

RSL2010 will provide the following to Rob, Dennis, Barbara, Dan and Mike:

n  Media advertisements endorsing the candidates

n  Campaign coaching personally tailored to each candidate

n  Fund-raising support

n  Articles that advance the core philosophies we all share.

Dozens of individuals already have provided financial support to help us accomplish this. If you share our desire to improve City Council governance, we hope you might also do so. We welcome donations of $100 per person, or whatever you are comfortable contributing. Any amount is appreciated. (Contribution form attached.)

We are encouraged by the caliber and dedication of these individuals who have stepped up to restore the leadership and stewardship that is so sorely needed in our community.

Please let us know if you have any comments or questions. We appreciate your efforts to enlist the support of friends and colleagues who share our passion for effective, responsive governance. Thank you. We wish you (and Sedona!) all the best in 2010.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Chevalier, Peter Fagan, Don Griffith, Jim Pease, Judy Reddington

Responsive Sedona Leadership 2010, P.O. Box 4184, Sedona, AZ  86340-4184


Responsive Sedona Leadership 2010



Principles of Public Service



Listening and Following the Will of the People


“I will seek out and follow the will of the majority of our residents on all important community issues. Before I vote, I will insist on in-depth public education and I will promote objective, informed public dialogue.”

Acting with Fiduciary Wisdom & Integrity


“I will act with fiduciary wisdom and integrity to:

a) achieve and maintain a balanced city budget

b) find and implement realistic options to pay off our city debt with the least financial impact on our citizens

c) create programs and policies that support business and are in balance and harmony with our residential quality of life.”

Protecting the Environment and Our Quality of Life


“I will introduce and support programs and laws to promote community health, welfare and safety, and to protect our natural environment, including our dark skies, forests and natural scenic surroundings.”



Responsive Sedona Leadership 2010

P.O. Box 4184

Sedona, AZ  86340-4184


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