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Reiki Retreat: “Discovering our Connections with the Goddess Archetypes”

5th Annual Reiki Retreat – March 12, 13, 14, 2010

“Discovering our Connections with the Goddess Archetypes”

Presented by Lois Valleau & Catharina Cupples


Five years ago Lois and Catharina decided to offer a retreat for their Reiki students and others who had been trained in Reiki. Each year a different healing practice was used along with the Reiki energy; each one supporting the other in creating a greater field of energy than either on its own.

In many Native American traditions, three phases of a woman’s life are recognized; the maiden, the mother and the wise woman. Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen began an exploration into how women live their lives in these roles, and expanded her research to include goddesses of many cultures. She called the wise woman a choicemaker meaning that what you choose to do or be must correspond with what is true for you at the soul level. The only person who can know that for you, is you.

Many women found themselves playing out roles proclaimed by the expectations of others. It was a sign of the times in which we lived. As Jenny Joseph says in the first line of Warning, “When I grow old, I shall wear purple.” By this she means that finally she will do what pleases and delights her, and become authentically herself.

So from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, we shall explore where we are right now, what goddess we most embody, and what goddess (or energy) we want to bring into our lives now. Then we will allow the energy of Reiki to support us as we move into the full, glorious expression of our womanhood. The retreat is experiential and encourages lots of laughter and fun in the learning process. Among that which we will be exploring are….

* Feminine Power * Creative Expression

* Focused Intention * Seeking your goals

* Unmasking your hidden self * Finding your passion

* Sacred meditation * How to persevere

* Pleasure and play * More, more, more….

If you have been Reiki trained and would like to participate, please call either Lois at 480-883-6699 or Catharina at 480-883-7747 for more particulars.






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