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Open Letter to ADOT Director

Dear Mr. Halikowski (Director ADOT),

We are requesting that the hundreds of litter bags “bagged” this weekend on Highway 260 and Scenic Highway 89A (30 miles) be left in place until November 27, 2011. On November 27, they will be picked up by our recycling crew instead of your Highway Maintenance Departments having to deal with this chore (time and money saved).

The recycling effort on the part of FolksvilleUSA means that 80% of the contents will go to recycling and 20% to a dumpster and eventually to a landfill instead of when ADOT picks up the bags and 100% goes to the landfill.

If sustainability is our mutual goal then please leave the bags of trash in place until November 27 and we will pick them up.

A much bigger reason to leave the bags in place is EDUCATION. The residents, tourists and others need to see we are proactive in our efforts to educate and change the culture of the Verde Valley, our state and the nation. The “Broken Window Theory” that applies to residential areas also applies to what we call the “Broken Highway Theory” and the negative impact to our communities.

There will be those who don’t like the bags left in place but they need to know about and respect the efforts and wishes of those of us who keep highways clean. 

Please let me know your thoughts. I would be willing to discuss this with you and even meet you in Phoenix so we can make Arizona the “Gold” standard for Adopt-A-Highway Programs.

I will be sending you and the media a photo link of our activities (by separate email). Let’s not let this great educational opportunity escape.


Gary Chamberlain

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  1. Hiroshi Sotome says:

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  2. Phyllis, Sedona says:

    what happened here?

  3. Gary Chamberlain, Cornville says:

    Dear Phyllis,

    Thanks for asking.

    Mr. John Halikowski, Director ADOT, saw the wisdom of this educational opportunity and allowed us to leave the 404 bags of trash, 2 mattresses, and other large items on the highway.

    All items were picked up by Don Hanks, owner of Tire Pro Automotive (Cottonwood, Camp Verde & Sedona) and his family. They delivered all items to Rusty’s Morningstar Ranch (RMR) in Cornville where 4 adult men with autism sorted the trash items from the recyclable items.

    RMR took all of the trash to a dumpster provided by the Windmill Gardens in Cornville with some of the recyclable items placed in the recycle bins in Cornville. The aluminum cans were cashed in at Road Runner Recycle located in Cottonwood.

    It should be noted that Don Hanks and the manager of the RMR recycling group, Bill Giles, along with Chuck Turnquist owner of the Road Runner Recycle, are all veterans…HOO AH!

    Please review the http://www.SedonaEYE.com article “Third Wold Cancer in Arizona” for information on our February 18, 2012 “Leap Frog 2” litter event. Anyone in the public over the age of 12 may participate. Come one, come all.

    Gary Chamberlain
    “Point Man” FVUSA

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