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New Technology Shows Promise

Dr. Valerie Olmsted

Sedona AZ (July 10, 2010) – A pilot study on the effects of Universal Balance frequency infused stone pendants has just been concluded with surprising results. The study involved nine participants who had no knowledge of the product and had not used such a product previously.

Conducted by Dr.Valerie Olmsted, who sought to obtain unbiased reactions from the participants, this pilot study showed great promise with this technology. Further studies are planned in the near future, to obtain further data on the uses and efficacy of frequency-infused products.

While all the data has not yet been finalized, the range of changes in frequency as measured in MHz went from 9% to 53%. Health screens unanimously showed movement into a healing process on all participants. Frequency measurements also demonstrated a change in attitude towards a more community-minded, more aware consciousness.

The study participants wore the stone pendant for one month and were instructed to avoid making any changes in their routines until the study ended. Experiences shared by the group ran the gamut from disappearance of tremors and weakness to nightmares that resolved old issues. Each participant stated that they felt stronger and more centered than previously and continued to wear the pendants after the study ended.

The study was funded by Universal Balance LLC. For more information about Universal Balance, visit QuantumUB.com. The pilot study test and results can be discussed by contacting quantumub@gmail.com.

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Read www.SedonaEye.com for daily news and interactive views!

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