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Miracles Do Happen with Eddie Maddock

SedonaEye.com Columnist Eddie Maddock

Sedona AZ (May 26, 2017) – Responding to a comment made by Steve Segner on May 25, 2017 (7:45 p.m.), under the Sedona Eye article “Curtain Falls on May 2013 City Council Performances,” the Plaintiffs in the referenced law suit signed a “Settlement Agreement And Release” on 8/24/99. Quoting in part:

“The Plaintiffs, do hereby release and forever discharge Eddie Maddock, her heirs, successors or assigns, and Ms. Maddock’s insurance carrier, The Hartford, from any and all claims, demands, actions, and causes of action, and any liability whatsoever, on account of or in any manner arising or to arise out of the incidents are the subject matter of that certain cause of action more particularly set forth in Cause No. CV9990039 styled as ‘John D. Miller, et ux, et al v. Jon S. Hellman, et ux, et al.’ said cause of action filed in the Superior Court of Yavapai County, State of Arizona, which claims are herewith settled and will be dismissed against Defendant Maddock only, with prejudice.”

In other words, the action against me was deemed without merit as was the simple interpretation offered by my attorneys with the Phoenix law firm of Jones Skelton & Hochuli.

In addition, I will offer here a letter to the Editor of the Sedona Red Rock News which was hand delivered, but publication refused:

September 13, 2000

Sedona Red Rock NEWS
P.O. Box 619
Sedona, Arizona 86339


Writing to you at this time is no more of a pleasure for me than receiving it will be for you. However, as a co-host of a program on a local television station, the subject of three editorials appearing in your September 13, 2000, edition, authored by Sedona Community Development Director John O’Brien, Sedona City Manager Mike Letcher, and Thomas L. Brossart, Managing Editor of the Sedona Red Rock NEWS, I believe it would be irresponsible of me to ignore the malevolent intent conveyed in these three messages.

First of all, the source of the information provided on the program “Backfire” was a Conflict of Interest Opinion letter dated August 11, 2000, from the Coconino County Attorney, Terence C. Hance. The letter was read in its entirety in order to avoid being accused of taking anything out of context. This is a 14 page document and for brevity I will quote excerpts from the first page and the last page respectively: (1) “With this letter we offer the opinion that in several instances the Conflict of Interest laws were violated, but there is insufficient evidence to support the conclusion that the violations were of a criminal nature.”   (2) “Ultimately, however, the legal advice does not matter with respect to whether a conflict of interest existed. A conflict of interest exists regardless of what the public official/employee or his lawyer believes.”

This letter, together with a Press Release produced by City Manager Mike Letcher, a memo from City Attorney Michael G. Goimarac to the Members of the City Council, and several letters from C. Benson Hufford, Esq., the attorney hired by the City of Sedona to defend Mr. O’Brien, were obtained directly from the Sedona City Hall. The extensive whining exuding from the Brossart, Letcher, and O’Brien letters about “untruths”, “false claims”, and “fair commentary” amounts to nothing more than a direct attack on public information which is available to anyone for the asking.

I would suggest that John O’Brien (or anyone else for that matter) read, for starters, “Claire O’Brien’s Role in JDMRET”, pages 6 and 7 of Hance’s August 11 letter to better ascertain the “majority of Clair’s job, responsibilities with Miller.”” And, since Mr. Letcher did not qualify his accusation that the television station practices “McCarthyism” as being his opinion, is one to rely on his ability to prove this radical, if not libelous, charge?

As for Mr. Brossart’s soapbox stance on the virtues of the Sedona Red Rock NEWS and “decent”, “fair”, and “responsible” journalism, no one contacted me prior to the blaring headliner article regarding the slander lawsuit. Did Mr. Brossart make any announcement when I was released from that lawsuit, even though all Defendants were charged collectively? Was there an article regarding the recent jury’s decision relating to the Miller/Hellman (Soldier Pass/Artesan Guild) lawsuit that Hellmans did, in fact prevail? Has Mr. Brossart bothered to contact the Yavapai County Superior Court recently to learn about the current status of those two lawsuits?

As a co-host on the program “Backfire” I will attest that, unless we assess statements as being “opinions,” all information is substantiated by backup material . . . primarily obtained from City Hall and, in many instances, referenced from newspaper articles including the RRN.”

Judging from the tone of these three editorials, is one to believe and teach their children that it’s quite all right to steal the cookies as long as you don’t take the jar?

We will see how fair Mr. Brossart’s editorial policies are by whether or not he (1) prints this letter; and (2) if it does appear, how many editor’s notes will be tacked on at the end.

Very truly yours,

Eddie S. Maddock
Sedona 86336”

So you see, thanks to Mr. Steve Segner and Sedona Eye, in a way and although seventeen years after the fact, the opportunity to present the unpublished letter to the Red Rock News also has given me my own day in court. Yes, that man upstairs does work in mysterious ways.

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  1. Norma says:

    Thank you for nthe transparancy and all that you do for our community. I loved backfire.


    Not intending to belabor this issue, but it’s important to me to let readers know that I did NOT want to be released from this lawsuit.

    My preference would have been to see it through to a jury trial.

    When being deposed by Attorney Jon Paladini in August 1999 after charges had been dropped against me, questioning included certain specific dates in January of that year. For example, when asked by Mr. Paladini pertaining to the Haddocks, whom I’d never met, why it was I so accurately could relate what I was doing on January 2nd, my reply was, “So I remember the dates because he wanted — he was trying to insist that they come by my home on January 3rd. My husband and I had planned to go up to Flagstaff to do some shopping and my husband had a fatal heart attack on January 3rd. So I remember these dates very well.”

    And I wasn’t spreading vicious rumors around Sedona on the very day I was at the Church of the Red Rocks arranging for my husband’s memorial service.

    For sure I would have welcomed the opportunity for this case to have been presented before a jury.

    There was much more to the story than reflected by Steve Segner and/or the Red Rock News.

    Eddie Maddock

  3. South Amboy NJ says:

    Mrs. Maddock. What the story reflects is how a smart, intelligent media person repelled a personal attack with finesse and facts, unlike recent press headliners. Your husband must have known he was a lucky man. Your city must know it has a seasoned professional.

  4. West sedona resident says:

    Eddie Maddock

    All that blah blah above and you settle for finger pointing and fault finding behind your computer…..

    Even as your above story goes……taking no real action just blowing around some hot air….

    Same ole same ole

  5. This One WAS Published says:

    Sedona Red Rock News – January 23, 1991


    This is a true story. One evening late last summer we spotted a family of raccoons on adjacent property. We started putting out food consisting of six slices of bread and one egg. Night after night, at least five, possibly six, raccoons showed up and shared our offerings together, in a peaceful fashion.

    One night when they were late to appear, we took turns standing watch. What eventually did arrive was a silver-gray fox. He ate a bit of the food and left; at which time the raccoons came and completed the meal. As time went on, the fox became more and more greedy. He would snatch the egg first and then, as we could see shadows of the patiently waiting raccoons, the fox would pace and stand them off from what he must have felt was now his territory. Pretty soon he devoured all of the food, leaving nothing for the raccoons.

    We neither want to starve the greedy fox, nor do we wish to feed the enemy. Consequently, at least for a while, we will discontinue putting food out in the hopes that the greedy fox will move on when he realizes he no longer has things his own way.

    Never fear little raccoons, we will watch and wait. Then when the coast is clear, be assured you may once again enjoy your repast in peace and harmony.

    Eddie S. Maddock

  6. West Sedona Dave says:

    Thank you Mrs. Maddock, and I do believe you are being transparent!

    But it still comes down of the actions that took place…..You say you would of loved to see go to a jury of your peers….I can also agree with that also……

    But what if it didnt come out your way?

    What if you were fined? Maybe had something against your record?

    I do believe fully you did learn a lesson….

    But it does ask the question, why do you still hang and make excuses, or never address some of the same actions that happen on this blog?

    I have never met SS, but the hostile and sometime violent statement aimed at him?

    And all along I believe thats what he was pointing out…..Slander laws are are vague but in public they have huge ramifications….

    I just question anyone who would allow such personal attacks and are considered one of original members, reporters, or what ever is your real title around this blog?

    Thank you for your openness, and maybe a few other members here who claim to be so self righteous might get the drift….

    Anyone posting here, you might think you have freedom of speech protected by the Constitution, but when it comes to personal attacks, or threats of violence…You have another thing coming if you think you you are above that, or above the law…

    Again, thank you for your transparency! And I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

  7. City Esquire Man says:

    Steve gives as well as gets. He’s no wallflower or victim here. The free advertising he gets shows Steve’s no fool and he reaps benefits, because many like me didn’t know El Portal until Steve became a regular. Must be no ill intent on the part of the news staff here because they’ve always let him promote his business.

    Eddie and Steve and all the others freely and willingly engage in these exchanges, they enjoy the sparing, the vetting, the saving and the damnation of it, it’s how and what they do and say in private and in public because they say and do the same there as here, we can benefit from their flashes of insight and intellect if we choose, here or on Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn or emailed exchanges with the city or with others.

    Refreshingly old fashioned western town halls going on here thanks to Steve, Eddie and others willing to have their say. That’s what we in the southwest do. Keep your threats back where you came is how we know you. Any irony here might be that it’s Memorial Day Weekend. Take your hats off and make time for those who fought for your right to speak, don’t make their deaths in vain because you want to try to keep others from hurting your feelings by doing it. Thank you to all the veterans and active military service men and women out there. We owe you.

  8. Eddie Maddock says:

    And likewise I appreciate you being forthright West Sedona Dave.

    To further clarify the outcome of the law suit, all Defendants were eventually released and the most the Plaintiffs received in compensation quite possibility was the ability to temporarily put our Backfire broadcasts on hold. In addition they managed, in a way, to commit the same crime(?) of which the Defendants were accused, that being to have slandered those who were ultimately deemed not guilty.

    I was fortunate because then and now I continue to carry an umbrella insurance provision which the Plaintiffs quite possibly hadn’t anticipated. In an effort to settle the matter my attorneys were encouraged by my insurance company to offer a small cash settlement to which I vehemently objected. My contention was and remains the lawsuit was frivolous and acquiescing by rewarding this type of litigation, in my opinion, would serve to encourage the prevailing litigious society that anyone can sue anybody for anything.

    To this day I maintain compassion for my colleagues with whom prior to broadcasting Backfire I suggested the possibility of liability simply because sometimes revealing true facts isn’t favorably received. And that, again my opinion, is frequently reflected by the snarky remarks to which you refer are made on Sedona Eye from various sides of an issue.

    Did I learn a lesson? Of course. But quite possibly not what you would expect. What I learned was the importance of two little words: “My Opinion.” And in retrospect would I do the program? You bet I would but maybe not for the reason you might think.

    What took me there in the first place was due to an illegal fence in a drainage wash running through our property which, as anticipated, ended up creating a flood that should never have happened. That, Sir, is another long story which would (again my opinion) NEVER have been resolved had I not gone on public TV and terrified, inexperienced, and desperate stood before a camera during that first program and with probably quivering voice told my story with an easel, pointer, and determination. And guess what? The event of our flood actually made front page headlines in the Friday, October, 9, 1998, Edition of the Sedona Red Rock News -” Broken Arrow Residents Upset Over Wash.” The city corrected the drainage.

    Adding insult to injury in late 2005 or early 2006, different owners occupying the house up back had, once again, blocked the wash. Yep – history does repeat. City engineers came to my property claiming the obstruction was quite all right, that it was of a break-away nature. Not so fast. What they obviously were not aware was as a result of the flood in 1998 I have in my possession a Drainage Report authorized by the City of Sedona, Public Works Department – at their cost – from Shephard-Wesnitzer, Inc., consulting engineers, dated January 5, 1999. It clearly states nothing – I repeat, nothing – including a break-away device should be placed in that wash. In value that report at least equals the deed to my property.

    Realizing this is more information than you anticipated, politely I will both thank and blame it on Steve Segner for having awakened a sleeping giant by reviving the law suit, subject of this article.

    You ask something about my real title on the Sedona Eye blog, and the best I can come up with is a contributor. In return I would ask of you, since you criticize those who are not transparent about their identity . . . do you really believe you are setting the best example of what not to do by posting under the vague name of West Sedona Dave?

    Thank you again for also being a contributor. But we still don’t know who you really are.

  9. West Sedona Dave says:


    From what I have read here on this blog….conversations( why I came here) I had with the Prescott police, Sedona Police, and Cottonwood Police…There is no way in the world I would post my name…..I am disabled and very displeased that the moderator with remove foul language but completely ignore violence against another person!

    I keep things a civil as possible even when a handful of crazy’s, wakjobs and completely ignorant people post lies, un-truths, or push false narratives for political posturing!

    So I would say, thats a dam good reason to do so……

    Thank you for your reply’ and thats mine.

  10. @City Esquire Man says:

    And do you really believe Steve Segner’s intention for having brought up that aged law suit wasn’t an attempt to smear Eddie Maddock and her credibility? Look back a few years ago when e-mails he was sending became public.They were all about digging up dirt on Cliff Hamilton, candidate for Sedona Mayor, running in opposition to Sandy Moriarty, the darling of Lodging & Chamber. And then IMO the Red Rock News issued a scathing editorial the Friday prior to the vote on Tuesday, giving Mr. Hamilton no recourse at all to rebut the contents of that editorial. Little wonder Moriarty ran unopposed her second term. IMO candidates for city council are doomed in advance unless they have the backing of Lodging & Chamber. And if bringing up the law suit wasn’t intended to smear Mrs. Maddock in a similar manner as they did Hamilton, then what was the point? No wonder Segner isn’t afraid to use his own name. He’s clearly in the driver’s seat.

  11. Eddie Maddock says:

    Thank you, West Sedona Dave, for offering your reason for preferring to not expose your true identity. By the same token there are others with different and justifiable reasons. Therefore I cannot condemn the publisher for allowing the policy of anonymous posts. Wouldn’t selective filtering of those deemed unsuitable be reverting to the same practice used by the Red Rock News for years – even though their policy requires people to use their true names?

    The most obnoxious comments come from the same source(s) seemingly with the sole purpose of disrupting what might otherwise be a healthy exchange. What purpose does that serve other than an attempt to aggravate and provoke dissension? Aren’t differences of opinions better served by agreeing to disagree?

  12. Ted says:

    @WestSedonaDave WHAT IF? It’s difficult for me to take your comment seriously. I don’t care about your real name (what’s a name) mostly because I feel sympathy for you walking around town and pray I don’t know you. Hypothetically speaking of course and ps I hope you don’t equate this with an attack virtual, physical or other that may coexist in your existential realities because sir or madam there are no WHAT IFs in real time, thin skins, no IFS, and Apologies to other readers for digression. It’s exasperating and now back to the golf channel

    Sent from (deleted by editor) iPad

  13. Jasper says:

    who do you suppose tipped off Segner about the lawsuit in the first place? who’s about the only one presently involved in local politics from around 17 yrs ago who even recalls the lawsuit? Wasn’t that program called Backfire?

  14. steve segner says:

    Tipped off Segner
    People I m just trying to show you to (Be Careful) when you make a statement , It had better be true,
    Just because you use made up names you are responsible who what you say.
    That simple, go ahead bash all you want as long as you know it is true ,but understand you may be asked to prove it. Eddie did not get “caught”she got sloppy.

  15. @becareful? says:

    a contributor wrote – When you make a statement . It had better be true.

    The irony here is a bit much before coffee and breakfast. Apply that to every statement made and you have what? No need for Google? Alert Siri and AI researchers absolutism is. No one will speak or write a word from this day forward that isn’t Truth. Remove question marks from keyboards. Remove words like imply, reason, consider, minister, questionable, headlines, but, speculate, faith, research and development, health foods, rabbinical study, impact, hypothesis, think tank, I love you forever, believe, media, tolerance, religion, teacher, conversation, lawyer, because Truth speaks absolutely, Truth writes absolutely.

    The New Blog Order? I’d write RRSnooz wins under the NBO yet is that suit-able?

  16. @Eddie Maddock says:

    Your point about everything that you say is “in my opinion’ is right on. Unfortunately everyone on this site, no matter how many names they use, think that your opinion is gospel and it’s not, one little bit. Having ones opinion is just fine but it doesn’t make it true.

    I guess no one has mentioned your name lately so you’ve decided to do what you do best, give your opinion when no one asked. Perhaps you should consider applying for a job with Dear Abby so people will write to you for YOUR OPINION.

  17. Eddie Maddock says:

    Tsk, Tsk – @Eddie Maddock

    “No one mentioned my name lately so you’ve decided to do what you do best, give your opinion when no one asked.:

    WRONG – The reason for this entire dialog is because Steve Segner DID bring up my name – again selectively attempting to smear me without knowing the facts.

    There wasn’t anything in the law suit that was proven to NOT be factual. Will reiterate – Anyone Can Sue Anybody About Anything – law of the land. That doesn’t however make the allegations true.

    Why do you read what I write if you find it so distasteful? There’s an easy fix for that you know – avoid my articles.

  18. Wsr says:

    Tsk Tsk Eddie M

    Another blah blah blah comment from the SELF appointed “so called” know it all of Sedona…

    Eddie you have been complaining and finger pointing for decades now ……as you take ZERO action except feed your own frail ego… Gotta Love It…
    And the beat goes on

  19. steve Segner says:

    So how does it feel Eddie…..
    People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones,

    You say, Why do you read what I write if you find it so distasteful? There’s an easy fix for that you know – avoid my articles.

    And just let you distort the facts? No Eddie you need to be held to a higher standard you call your self a reporter….(not). We have every right to call you on you b.s
    History shows you are not a real reporter just a NIMBY who lives in the past and picks on the city and people that actually work for the good of Sedona.

  20. Doc says:

    West Sedona Dave
    steve Segner

    Attention E Maddock & above & readers remember not all foxes have 4 legs. .can we get back to interesting about our city. . maybe take your comments off the party line, , they mean to disrupt & do good job like foxes mean to do. . feels to me like they’re the same ilk as that man pulling down Jacobs of the Guardian. . E Maddock is good at writing her columns & I like reading them & manage to not lockstep & salute her & disagree with her . .

  21. Eddie Maddock says:

    Speaking of facts, Steve, kindly prove where I EVER claimed to be a “reporter.”
    NEVER happened. So once again please – practice what you preach.

    It was by invitation from former editor of the print copy of Sedona Times, Tommy Acosta, who approached me about writing for the publication. At that time I made him fully aware of my background on the Backfire TV program as well as the law suit where all charges were dropped. That information was also disclosed to current publisher/editor of Sedona Times aka Sedona Eye, C. Bentley-Hill.

    No – never once did I claim to be a “reporter.”

  22. Sunset Fans says:

    We know of Eddie S. Maddock many years now and she’s one of the best resources in Sedona and we’ve NEVER heard her say “Don’t question me”. We believe a few city employees lost favor in years past because they didn’t know where to find answers and maybe having had her on their speed dials would have been fortuitous. She’s courteous when inquiring of staff and council members and gives thanks when due if you look at her exchanges and when you talk or write to her. We’re writing in support of a woman who challenges in our male dominated society with words that seem to never reflect being a NIMBY but an environmentalist or preservationist and never reflect “Don’t question me.” Can’t understand how anybody would think it of her.

    It’s a holiday weekend. Keep watch on cookouts to prevent fires! (Our first responders want to spend their weekend days with family and friends.)

  23. Speaking of Facts says:

    May 28, 2017 at 8:09 am
    And just where were your “facts” (Steve Segner) when you had this e-mail exchange with Sandy Moriarty’s former campaign manager? And why were you worried about Cliff Hamilton coming in and trying to “fix things” about the Chamber of Commerce? Found this in the archives on SE and it wasn’t written by Mrs. Maddock:

    A Real “Flatlander” says:
    July 31, 2014 at 9:16 pm
    I believe it’s time for a reality check of the “want to be players” currently trying to take over our small town. Luckily, I was on someone’s mailing list and they felt there was real value in letting everyone know so I received the following:
    “Below is a paste of a ‘do-not-pass-around’ email sent by Steve Segner. Steve Segner is the President of the Sedona Lodging Council.
    For those of you who are not aware: the Sedona Lodging Council begged the City Council, in conjunction with and as Partners of the Sedona (Regional) Chamber of Commerce to raise the City Bed Tax Rates which allowed all lodging business’s outside our City limits to a windfall of people wanting to not pay a higher tax.
    Please Read on:
    “From: Steve Segner
    Subject: lets meet please do not pass around
    Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2014 10:39:26 -0700
    We need to do something that puts Sand on the map, the hill top people are Hamilton’s they hang together butt they are few…. We need the flatlanders….
    I see cliff as a life long autocrat… We need to tell that story “Sandy gets her hands dirty…. Cliff talks and talks down.
    Can you get me his background? I am thinking about a large rental truck parked around town with sides with Sands posters… remember all Sedona residents go to two locations each week, Bash’s and Safeway,
    Lets be smart, lets run a gorilla marketing campaign
    I think Cliff will try to paint the chamber in a bad light so he can come in and fix things ,lets keep the chamber out of this, and talk about and Cliff and his imperil management stile.
    I think using the “T” party as a comment would be good.
    ….So, there ya go folks – the President of the Sedona Lodging Council – which is a side bar or affinity group of the (Regional) Sedona Chamber of Commerce which receives, I believe, the largest financial hand out from the City – is calling most of us “Flatlanders” as in dumb downs?… And He wants to run a “gorilla marketing campaign” as he believes He is so smart when in fact he is an embarrassment to his industry, our community and only wants to negate the rest of us as being dumber than rocks in order to have the City pay for advertising he wants for free.
    Now, lets look at this link: 2012-860134659-09d177ca-9O.pdf
    This is the link to the Chambers 990 filing, with the State, where they clearly state: they “promote & Foster the CIVIC, ECONOMIC & SOCIAL WELFARE OF ITS MEMBERSHIP AND PROMOTE TOURISM FOR THE CITY OF SEDONA AND ITS SURROUNDING COMMUNITIES”. (never realized the Chamber was responsible for Social Welfare – but hey – call me a flatlander!)
    That is just the tip of the iceberg: the 990 report, signed by Jennifer W…goes on to say “THE CHAMBER MAINTAINED 459 MEMBERS IN THE TOURISM BUREAU; ASSISTED 449 TRADE PROFESSIONALS; ASSISTED 130 MEETING/EVENT PLANNERS; PARTICIPATED IN 6 TRAVEL TRADE SHOWS AND, IN CONJUNCTION WITH AZ OFFICE OF TOURISM, SALES MISSIONS TO LOS ANGELES AND LAS VEGAS. VISITATION TO WEBSITE BY 1.2 MILLION VISITORS; IN PARTNERSHIP WITH OTHERS PROMOTED LOCAL EVENTS, RAN NUMEROUS ADVERTISEMENTS, ……………and on and on………….NO Where does this legal report mention 1000 members. The report does state that their VISITOR CENTER ASSISTED 346,00 WALK-IN VISITORS (which would equate to some average of 900 a day?) and then she would like us to believe that a few lines down when she states that: “THE CHAMBER STRIVED TO INCREASE THE AWARENESS AND PARTICIPATION OF ITS 980 MEMBERS IN CHAMBER PROGRAMS….. Well I’m just tired of quoting and oh so tired of trying to get the Chambers numbers of members to equal the 1000 Jennifer keeps quoting to the City Council.
    So my intelligent friends – I’ve given you what I received…sure as hell hope you appreciate the duplicity and self promotions expressed by Steve Segner to Sandy Moriarty who wants to be Mayor – at the expense of all us “flatlanders”

  24. Why All The Fuss? says:

    Thanks to the City Manager the Chamber/City contract will be renewable in seven years, in perpetuity, so why the big push from Segner to smear Eddie Maddock? In fact how many of those 7-yr. contracts with ever increasing big bucks does he think he will actually live to enjoy in his own lifetime? Unless of course he doesn’t accept his own mortality?

    BTW – without proof of his allegations that Ms. Maddock claimed to be a reporter (especially when she responded to him that she was a contributor to Sedona Eye) isn’t that bordering on libel? Also his claims about her insisting that people shouldn’t question her? Where’s his proof? He (Segner) certainly didn’t qualify those charges as being “his opinion.” Or did I miss something?

  25. A Suggestion says:

    So Segner gets over $2 million a year in exchange for his Lodging Council agreeing to a half % increase in bed tax? And the best he can come up with is to publicly bully a woman? Oh excuse me – the $2 million is to promote Sedona via the bogus Chamber of Commerce – as if.

    So here’s a suggestion. With Steve Segner’s skills in Witch Hunting, has anyone else wondered why he doesn’t offer his talents to the Democrats in their effort to take down President Donald Trump? It would probably be substantially more profitable than a lousy two million $ a year.

    OMG and this fellow has a key to City Hall? (figuratively speaking – maybe) Scary. How desperate is the council and staff for that .5% bed tax increase? Maybe residents would be willing to make up the loss if they got rid of Segner & the Chamber.

  26. Entitlements & Libel says:

    Why would anyone try and use an 17 year old baseless lawsuit today? in My Opinion is it to bully , embarrass and attempt to discourage others from speaking up.

    I ask you all to think about 1. Entitlement 2. Libel

    Think about where those live, and who are making such ridiculous statements. They live on Thompson road outside the city limits. Have you ever driven up Thompson Road? I encourage you to do so. It is located outside the city limits.

    Then please think about how one may benefit by bring up a 17 year baseless litigation. The city limits is supposed to be and exclusive club IMO. It is no longer in Sedona. The regional chamber – lodging claim to be responsible for all sales–bed taxes..The in-city businesses have no voice nor do they have a say so. The Chamber is receiving in excess 2.01 a year for their regional members exclusive use. They don’t want anyone speaking up. All the locals complaining inside and outside the city limits. What happens in Sedona doesn’t stay in Sedona.

    Regional groups don’t control nor do they get to use city sales-bed taxes for their regional members in other places. Time to speak up. Time to stop the bullies. Libel is when one makes false statements. Follow the money trail. Think about it. Is that person the benefactor of money? Do they have a conflict of interest? Do they work for a company that receives money? Are they being enriched?

    What is the root cause? Money? Clogged roads?
    IMO It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that those trying to discredit are being enriched financially.

    Please keep up the GREAT work Mrs. Maddock. You have many fans and followers.

  27. West sedona resident says:

    Speaking of facts
    Why all the fuss
    A suggestion
    Entitlements and libel

    Yep you guessed it SE readers …
    The above is the same crazy crazy women posting under different names…

    She regularly posts using 10-15 different names…

    You can feel the hate oozing from her…wow sick

  28. Wanna Bet? says:

    Hmmm —- and just what do you suppose is really behind this smoke screen? Any bets it has to do with affordable housing? How you might ask? Well think about it.

    Segner yammered on and on about how it’s the city’s responsibility to provide housing for Sedona workers. ( Check out some of his comments under https://sedonaeye.com/curtain-falls-on-may-2013-city-council-performances/ )

    So doesn’t it only stand to reason this latest bullying is intended to be a distraction from his devious plans to incorporate affordable housing under broad based “product development” the undefined latest assignment for the Chamber of Commerce to justify extracting millions of dollars from city coffers?

    The money spent on destination marketing has resulted in millions of day trippers of drive through tourists, creating more problems than benefits.

    Think this sounds far fetched? Maybe. But we don’t know what these “just trust us” folks are plotting behind the scene. And attacking Maddock or anyone else could very well be the latest diversion to distract from closet conniving. Bullying isn’t Segner’s only talent? Wait and see.

    The latest push by Steve Segner for the city to provide affordable housing? Is a Sedona Housing Authority really what this is all about? Please City Manager Clifton, stick to your policy! Keep the city out of the real estate business!

  29. Jerry, Legitimate Sedona Voter says:

    Does anyone else wonder what the driving force was for SS to dredge up this lawsuit from almost 2 decades back? If Eddie Maddock and the others had been convicted of crimes and served jail time it might be newsworthy after all these years. BUT since the charges were dropped, what’s the reason? Could it by chance have been resurrected with malicious intent? Just askin’.

    Have those with enough stamina to watch council meetings observed how the CEO of the chamber of commerce as well as Steve Segner who heads up the lodging council are treated like royalty? If one of Steve Segner’s primary goals to attain more wealth and power includes defaming any body he deems might impede his mission(s), how honorable is it for a city council and related staff to treat him like a crowned prince and find his actions acceptable? Beats me.

  30. JJ says:

    Maybe SS is sick and tired of trying to get home to that war zone SS on Thompson road. I invite everyone to drive up there and check out that hell hole. Maybe even take a fiew photos and post them. That is if you can get up there.

  31. Just Another Opinion says:

    The really pathetic person ID’d as West Sedona Resident in various forms (Wsr; WSR; wSR, blah, blah) is the sickest of the sick and should practice what she preaches. At least others she snipes at have something to offer except inane babble. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the nut case had something to do with the revival of the law suit, subject of this article. Oh well. The sick following the sick.

  32. Touch Stones says:

    earth to west Sedona resident. what do you think about the chamber/city tango? let’s hear something from you other than bitch babble. be specific. keep your fingers off the number keys. go for it. eddie miracles do and can happen. we appreciate your good work. wsr is a troll.

  33. West sedona resident says:

    @just another opinion

    Ouch that must of hurt you being called out as the nut job posting using 10-15 different names…

    Oh you think you have something to offer beside mad babble!!??
    Your crazy women…. Get some professional help

  34. steve Segner says:

    You are so funny, you see conspiracies every where.

    In my posts I was just warning you to be careful what you say, because using “fake” names does not offer any protection from lawsuits.

    You said f#@$# you.

    So I just pulled up a news article about just such a situation, and it just happened to be people that post on E-Sedona.

    People all I am saying is (be sure) it is the true, and not meant to damage someone reputation with untrue allegations or 1/2 truths.
    If you say someone is stealing from the city be ready to prove it.
    I am glad Eddy said she is not a reporter, if you read my post you will see I said she was ” not” a reporter, saying she is not a reporter
    makes it easy to sue her for liable, she does not have the protection give to reporters.
    Just because we now have a president that lies on a regular basses does not give any of you the same privileged to no be called on it.
    Some of you saw this as a threat, it is just a helpful post to make for better communication.

  35. Nice Try says:

    Steve Segner, if you didn’t intend to smear Eddie Maddock then you would have been equitable yourself and checked into the outcome of the law suit.

    And how fair was your mission to dig up dirt on Cliff Hamilton when all he did was attempt to run for city council as mayor? Sorrow, fella, your excuses don’t hold water.

    And does your reference to Mrs. Maddock not having the protection of a reporter which makes it easier to sue her a veiled threat? And aren’t you the person that said at one time you were never going to post comments on Sedona Eye again? And what or who was it inspired you to dig up dirt on E. Maddock? No, you are far being the fair minded person you claim to be. Sorry.

  36. Eddie Maddock says:

    Excuse me, Steve, but your exact words were:” No Eddie you need to be held to a higher standard you call your self a reporter….” (5/28 – 8:29 AM) And where in the world did you obtain such information? Certainly not from me because it isn’t true.

    And if you will go to the top of my article, I actually acknowledged appreciation and thanked you for having exhumed the law suit article because it gave me the opportunity to share my letter to the RRN editor which was never made public.

  37. Jimmy J. says:

    Nobody is stealing from the city cause all they are sooo smart they give it away. hahahaha

  38. Jay Johnstone says:

    @Stevie .It is better to ignore you. You think you are more powerful than you actually are. Sell some more dog food and eat some more progresso. Maybe you will lose some weight.

  39. Eddie Maddock says:

    During a neighborhood party someone approached me and inquired about my involvement in a recent law suit they read about. Explaining that law suit occurred shortly after the death of my husband the person was shocked. Because my late husband sold him the home they still live in, they knew him well and most assuredly did recall that sad event.

    However, going back and reviewing the comment made by Steve Segner on March 25th, the date of that law suit is conspicuous by absence. Whether it was an oversight or an attempt to mislead people to think the law suit was a current event, to be very certain the record is set straight, here are the facts, folks.

    The Summons of the law suit, subject of Segner’s comment, was:

    FEBRUARY 12, 1999 – slightly over EIGHTEEN (18) YEARS AGO.

    Being unaware of the missing information (date of legal action in Segner’s above remark) it was subsequently inadvertently not referenced in my acknowledgment to the comment: https://sedonaeye.com/miracles-do-happen-with-eddie-maddock/

  40. steve Segner says:

    Everyone use real names and say truthful things …. simple
    one more time use real names and say truthful things.
    seem easy, if you do you will never get sued.

  41. @steve Segner says:

    Practice what you preach. If it’s so simple why don’t YOU say truthful things? But IMO you prefer to distort and go after people. Is it fun to bully people?

  42. Say What? says:

    Steve Segner says that if everyone uses their “real” names “say the truthful things” you will never get sued. So then if he intends to sue everyone that doesn’t use their “real” names does that include some of his fans such as “West Sedona Resident” (in various forms)?

    If he picks and chooses his victims, in addition to being a bully isn’t his intent questionable? Maybe even malicious? Just askin’ and never sayin’.

  43. California Ranked #41 out of 50 for Seniors says:

    #41 out of 50 for worst for retirees/ seniors according to this study is California. Here’s what it says with the link down below there to read it yourself. We don’t want to be like California do we? I’d hazard a guess that most Californians here came to better themselves or they’d stayed in California.


    Here’s my copy and there’s a lot more.

    ……………….While California offers some of the best weather of any state in the country and an abundance of outdoor beauty, the Golden State is not so golden when it comes to retirement finances. California ranks poorly due to a variety of economic factors, including exorbitant income tax rates and a cost of living that ranks near the highest in the country. For seniors who require a higher level of care, the state also ranks poorly, with costs for nursing home care, assisted living, adult daycare, and home healthcare all ranking amongst the most expensive in the nation.

    For full details on the score, check out senior living in California.

    Guess that might about settle whether Sedona AZ is better the way it is.


  44. Marge says:

    Question for Nancy “California Ranked #41 out of 50 for Seniors.”
    That doesn’t specify any particular city – just the State of California as a whole. So how can you compare it with Sedona, the city of a mere 10,000?

    And do you know where Arizona ranks in the lineup for Seniors? And specifically, where would Sedona fit in?

    Interesting comment but once again do not understand the significance of comparing Sedona with the entire State of California. Reference another comment made elsewhere about the California Housing Authority or some such nonsense.

    Better question yet – where does all this fit in with the subject of the article being about a lawsuit that was dropped over 18 years ago?


  45. Bob, west Sedona says:

    @esm 18 yrs? not even a case? guess they’ll run out of stupid soon but they’ll keep trying to prove forest gump wasn’t the only stupid is as stupid does seen in town

    @all the oakcreek canyon clean ups could use your support & help b/c those tourists are creating a mess of it out there

  46. Steve segner says:

    In a recent report from WalletHub, Arizona ranked dead last in the nation — including Washington D.C. — for public school spending per student, as well as No. 49 for pupil-to-student ratio, No. 49 for median annual teacher salary and No. 48 in the website’s school systems ranking.

    Arizona only ranked above North Carolina and West Virginia in an overall ranking of all categories.
    Well California has better schools

  47. Teacher Says says:

    @EddieMaddock You’re interesting and interesting people attract attention.

    @steveSegner Who funds WalletHub? Because the State of California statistics report the following:

    California receives an average of 18.5 inches of rain per year.
    California has an average annual temperature of 61.1 degrees fahrenheit.
    California has an average low temperature of 48.5 degrees fahrenheit.
    California has an average high temperature of 72.6 degrees fahrenheit.
    California has an average population density of 2,164 people per square mile.
    California has a very low public school quality ranking.
    California has a very low public school safety ranking.
    California has an average graduation rate of 79.76%.

    Let’s read that again.


    CALI tax money doesn’t seem to fix it. More taxes were passed recently for education with more considered for the next ballots.

  48. Nancy says:

    @Marge,I almost didn’t reply but will go ahead and then call it a day. Many supporters of Ms. Maddock have given good reasons to ignore that man and cohorts in the above comments. Mrs. Maddock took him to task and he was discredited and as far as I’m concerned his goose was cooked. To show my support for Mrs. Maddock I am moving on and hoping she is in the process of writing more. Many of us enjoy her writing now and in the past and will keep enjoying it in the future.

    Thank you, Eddie Maddock, you’ve got a great sense of humor and a lot of style and knowledge of Sedona history shared by a handful of a few locals. Some give great living history talks at the Sedona museum and some like Eddie Maddock share it here. If that man and others don’t like what people write then read something else. (Isn’t it a shame that simple is sometimes to simple?)

    Marge, I think we need to change the conversation back to Sedona and help Mrs. Maddock to accomplish what she wants to talk about, a lot of information and ideas and history so we can decide how to react to or accept what is going on locally. (I don’t think we should be talking about what that man or his friends want us to talk about, do you?)

    Arizona ranked #9 out of the 50 states for its quality of life for seniors. (They separate states rankings and you will see why Arizona ranked in the top ten.) The rankings took into account cost of housing and taxes which is what affordable housing is about. (I was shocked to see that man degrade our schools and teachers because they are quite good here.)

    I apologize for your longwinded reply Marge. I am leaving for a few weeks in a couple days and didn’t see your comment and won’t be taking any electronic devices.

  49. Alarmed says:

    Which states suffered the biggest retail losses as a result of the last recession? The problem varies from state to state.

    Losses were highest in AZ, NV, and MI. Arizona ranked No. 50 in cumulative losses. California is tied for No. 3 along with North Carolina. New York and Virginia are tied for No. 1. Will prospects be good for Arizona cities, especially those moving onward with junk economics?

    Credit Suisse has predicted 25% of US malls will close in the next five years.

  50. Get informed says:

    When the Sedona lodging Council – in my opinion the Sedona Chamber entered into a sweet deal to receive taxpayer’s money for their exclusive use they entered into the POLITICAL arena.

    The city of Sedona has memorialized this relationship disregarding the legitimate residents and businesses. So guess what folks They have made Sedona and the greater Sedona region highly politically charged.

    Look at the budget, the city is spending more than they bring in and still take 2.01 million a year and growing and give it without checks and balances to the regional chamber.

    Political freedom and free political speech recognized and protected by the First Amendment.

    IMO The Chamber, Lodging and their spokesmen – spokeswomen -Directors are fair game as they have become politically funded and charged by receiving taxpayer’s money for their exclusive use.

    Speak up!

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