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Curtain Falls on May 2013 City Council Performances

SedonaEye.com columnist, Eddie S. Maddock, questions the decision-making process to spend on wish lists and not address the "broken" in the city

SedonaEye.com columnist, Eddie S. Maddock, examines the 2013 May performance of the Sedona City Council

Sedona AZ (June 5, 2013) – After the Sedona City Council’s Pre & Regular Meetings (3:00 PM & 4:30 PM respectively) on May 28, followed by a Special Meeting at 3:00 PM on the 29th, the final curtain (minus fanfare for an encore) came to rest, concluding the May performances in City Hall Council Chambers by members of the Sedona City Council.

As most of you are aware, the Pre-council meetings are for the purpose of reviewing agenda items prior to the “real” event, meaning the “real” meeting at 4:30 p.m. is when “real” decisions are made.

At the “real” meeting on May 28, not surprisingly the $20,000 request made by the Sedona Arts & Culture Collaborative (SACC) for destination marketing activities to promote Sedona as a center for arts and culture education was approved. (Mayor Rob Adams, because of his participation in formation of SACC, by his choice recused himself from this discussion.)

Also it was not a surprise when a request from the Sedona Chamber of Commerce for $80,000 in destination marketing funds to be used by the C of C and the Tourism Bureau was likewise approved.

For the first time ever, $100,000 had been designated as a Budget Line Item to be used as a “discretionary fund” and at the eleventh hour fiscal year deadline.

chicken rooster farm animals

Peter Fagan, Chairman of the Budget Oversight Commission, said Council eliminating his oversight committee amounted to the “fox watching the hen house”

Was there any doubt that amount would not be reclaimed?

As explained by Jennifer Wesselhoff, President/CEO of the Sedona Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau, this $100,000 was in addition to the contract with the city for destination marketing and visitors’ services. She said that, in conjunction with their contract agency application process, C of C requested 55% of the bed tax which equates to just a little over $800,000.

What the C of C receives is $220,000 for destination marketing and $275,000 for visitors’ services. She reiterated it was in addition to that funding the Chamber came back and requested another $100,000which became the source for the discretionary fund Budget Line Item.

Michelle Conway, Director of Marketing at the Sedona C of C, commenced to make an approximate 15 minute presentation explaining the plans for using the increased funding, which included target marketing such as conventions and weddings as well as upgrading software for online promotions.

Councilman John Martinez asked how much of the $220,000 (destination marketing funds) was used for salaries? (He did vote “yes” on this issue.)

Ms. Wesselhoff explained that none of the public money goes to operate any functions of the Chamber of Commerce. She claims her salary is solely derived from C of C membership dues. She went on to say the Tourism Bureau is privately and publicly funded and the Visitor’s Center is funded by City.

However, Michelle’s salary IS primarily derived from the private funding portion of Tourism Bureau funds but subject to being subsidized as, perhaps, is necessary.

Sedona City Councilwoman Barbara Litrell

Sedona City Councilwoman Barbara Litrell

However, in a recent “Chamber News” article (Sedona Red Rock News 5/24/13), Michelle Conway reported that: “The public funds from the city are combined with private funding through Tourism Bureau membership dues and advertising to create a total marketing, sales and public relations budget of approximately $500,000. This total budget includes operational expenses, salaries, and administration, in addition to the actual execution of promoting.”

As both Michelle Conway and Jennifer Wesselhoff presented their cases for the $80,000, it was, in reality, the “same-ole” pitch with a slightly different twist, that being a link with the recent Sedona Lodging Council’s Long Range Tourism Development Plan, referenced by Ms. Wesselhoff in her presentation to the City Council.

These special interest groups have placed demands on the city to increase sales tax by .5% and to increase the bed tax by .5% requesting dedication of 45% of the total bed tax collections be allocated to the City’s Official Destination Marketing Organization for marketing and 15% dedicated to visitor center management and 20% be allocated for tourism product development for as long as this tax is in place in order to reap a more profitable harvest which will allegedly benefit tourists, businesses, and residents and, perhaps, and particularly the special interests doing the bidding.

Never, at any time, was it disclosed that as a member driven organization, the C of C is committed to servicing only businesses who, indeed, are members. Cost of membership dues and or number of members was not offered at this meeting.

Sedona Councilman Mike Ward

Sedona Councilman Mike Ward

Based on that premise, how fair is the use of public funds which clearly discriminates against those businesses who choose to not become members of the Chamber of Commerce? What about C of C members who are not within city limits and thus do not contribute to the city tax base?

Many important questions relating to spending public funds were neither asked nor addressed.

Comments and questions from Council Members & Mayor:

Dan McIlroy: Questioned tracking of numbers resulting in marketing effort. He voted “yes” to approve.

Mark DiNunzio: Questioned using demographics of targeting age 35 and use of youthful photos in ads because of median existing age being 56. He added that “boomers” are now retiring, much older than the age 35 target. Requested specific return on investment insofar as, for example, how many rooms are actually rented as a result of promoting a specific event. He voted “no” to approve

Barbara Litrell: Thinks 35 too old to target for weddings. What is time frame for implementing campaign? When will the $80,000 be spent? She supports “request for proposals” next year. She voted “yes” to approve.

Mike Ward: Questioned current process for C of C to repeatedly appear before Council asking for more money. Feels a lack of process for tracking return on investment (i.e. would $80,000 require generating $560,000 in sales to be worth while?) Feels need for resolve of C of C and Lodging Council’s request for increased taxes prior to approval for spending more. He supports “request for proposals.” He voted “no” to approve.

City of Sedona Mayor Rob Adams

City of Sedona Mayor Rob Adams

Jessica Williamson: Demanding return on investment does not work for her. She believes more money should be spent on software to facilitate better tracking methods. She voted “yes” to approve.

Rob Adams: He criticized Mike Ward, calling it “disgraceful” for his accusation about C of C’s ongoing appearances asking for city “hand outs.” He lauded the C of C for being responsible for bringing in all of the people who sustain Sedona. He extended C of C his total support although he will also support “request for proposals” next year. He voted “yes” to approve.

Motion passed: 5/2 (Opposed: Ward & DiNunzio)

MOVING RIGHT ALONG TO #9, REGULAR BUSINESS (d-AB 1602 discussion/possible action on reconsideration for city to purchase property adjacent to City Hall.):

This property had been one of several under consideration for City to purchase with the available funding from Development Impact Fees. However, it didn’t make the cut for further consideration at the March 26, 2013, Council Meeting.

Addressing the question of how and why this was being reconsidered, Dan McIlroy explained that he’d been contacted by the listing agent, John D. Miller, who convinced him it would be in the city’s best interest to own this land. Therefore, it was at the request of Councilman McIlroy that the vacant land was again on the agenda in order to request further consideration by Council for City purchase.

The motion to approve reconsideration failed 4/3:  (B. Litrell, M. DiNunzio, and D. McIlroy voted “yes.” R. Adams, J. Martinez, M. Ward, and J. Williamson voted “no.”)


Special Business Actions:

• AB1531: City Council unanimously approved Amendment #2 to the Design of A+ Upgrades Contract with Carollo Engineers in the amount of $345,588. This will allow for a design project to serve areas presently on sewer but will not allow for future sewer accommodations for the entirety of Sedona.

• AB1612: The discussion regarding staff recommended implementation and action plan for transition of current framework of city commissions also resulted in a 4/3 split vote. The motion, made by Councilwoman Barbara Litrell, was seconded by Vice-Mayor Mark DiNunzio. Council members D. McIlroy, J. Williamson, M. DeNunzio, and B. Litrell voted in favor; voting against that action was Mayor Adams and Councilmen Ward and Martinez.

For the record, Peter Fagan, Chairman of the Budget Oversight Commission, was one of the public speakers. He strongly objected to AB1612, especially the elimination of the BOC, comparing it to allowing “the Fox to guard the hen house.”

Is it possible for that theory to apply in other cases as well, in particular the control the Chamber of Commerce clearly commands over decisions and spending at City Hall?

What does the month of June hold in store?

More meetings; more decisions. Increased taxes?

Approval of a budget lacking adequate funds to pay for the extensive “wish list” of unneeded capital improvements?

Pipe dreams?

How many foxes are out there – not only guarding the hen house also known as City Hall  – but snatching every conceivable opportunity to help themselves for their own pleasures?

For the best in Arizona news and views, read www.SedonaEye.com daily!

For the best in Arizona news and views, read www.SedonaEye.com daily!


  1. GNS says:

    steve Segner writes in response to my comment “GNS do you home work Aspen has a affordable housing.”

    My comment related exclusively to California having nothing to do with what they do in Aspen, CO. A few gears appear to be slipping in some addled minds that cannot even make replies pertaining to the subject at hand.

  2. Eddie Maddock says:

    The comment Steve Segner contributed on 5/25/17 @ 7:45 PM has been addressed on the following link:


  3. Get This says:

    According to the April 14th SRRN, “City Manager Justin Clifton said that the [Chamber’s] seven-year term was something he came up with not the Chamber.”

  4. @affordable housing says:

    You are so out of the loop.

    the average rent that we workers pay is about $1500 per month and that’s for a postage size place. Go look on line and you will see that a vacation rental is that same price for THE WEEK. I work in one of the gift shops in uptown and if it wasn’t for me and my amazing coworkers the store would shut down because there would be no one to work there.

  5. Ricky (not real name so don't get fired) says:

    Listen f****** morons I’ve rented places here for years & never paid more than $600 month & elec in uptown & west side & village. called SHARING A PLACE like 2 bedrooms & I’ve lived in Manhattan & Reno & Santa Fe & Denver & Monterrey & you SHARE places to live there. Work retail & jobs in good stores uptown. NOBODY I KNOW has trouble finding places. Lots of slumlords here w/crap houses they can’t rent or won’t because they’re not going to meet codes or pay an city money. Lots of ‘group’ homes with lots of people sharing communal style after all it’s the city of ‘spiritualists’ & weirdos w/braids & hair to their waists gray as ashes & some need 20 inch chopped off of thin & skanky looking hair that didn’t look good when young like skinny bald guys with facial hair living in houses by themselves are really old pervs with rooms for rent and old biddies in long woowoo dresses like they are mother earthworms. Get real. Stop skanking the system politicians. You just want federal $$. You give a s*** about me & others or you’d pay us more in paychecks but you won’t do that will you? The times you said “I can’t do it because I have to make a profit? yea hear

  6. Steve segner says:

    almost all cities in California have a Housing Authority or some authority working on housing, California also offers a variety of housing and departments as we speak hundreds of thousands apartments are being built in California, I don’t know what point you’re trying to make is it’s wrong to build more homes are more apartments in Sedona you’re against people living in apartments I don’t understand . I understand the California has a much more forward thinking ,

  7. @steve says:

    Go back to cali Steve!

  8. Affordable housing says:

    the entire state of Arizona is affordable housing compared to California unless you live in an estate here. We have plenty of cheap places to live.

  9. OMG says:

    Like Sedona needs a “Housing Authority?” Come on Segner, 10,000 population and dwindling. And BTW one reason Sedona incorporated was to control distasteful development which includes height restriction. Apartment buildings? And there were incidents, yes, where affordable housing was required off site at a development uptown and there were NO takers. Will leave it at that loser.

  10. Jeff, Cottonwood says:

    Sedona, you all are out of the current loop. YOU are the knot that’s unraveled. Am I to understand you are arguing $1500 rentals minimum?

    Not reality. Call a reliable property manager, check Craigslist, Apt Find, others. Check community bulletin boards and ask word of mouth. VOC. Cottonwood. Sedona. Page Springs. Cornville. Oak Creek Canyon. Flagstaff. Loop Road. Camp Verde. Munds Park. There are many little pockets of housing here not listed yet.

    Easily find places around the Verde and Sedona under $1K, some with pools. Some condos. Some houses. Some beautiful mobile homes that you can BUY and OWN for less than $1K month including utilities. People are spending way more to build 250sf to 650sf homes when they can buy a fully furnished mobile home for less. Are you old enough to watch TV? Watch a show called Tiny Houses.

    Mobile homes are good size places, some 2/3 bds, some modular / stick built on sites. What’s wrong with you in Sedona? You’ve got mobile and modular homes on Andante and many streets, in the Verde that are reasonable and great housing. I’m a businessman. Count on me knowing facts. Moderate housing exists in the area and is fully interspersed with local high end developments. Call it mixed use if you want.

    @@affordable? You are pretending to know when you obviously don’t. Who are you relying on to give you information? Somebody with a pocket to be made with affordable housing unit developments because it takes pristine lands bulldozed to build them on? Even I could make a buck on them but there’s no reason for wastewater sprawl, desert water depletion, more transportation issues, when systems are now in place to handle the people who want or need to use them (transportation) or water and sewer capacity. The more I read the comments the more I felt compelled to interject sanity.

    This isn’t California and development shouldn’t be discussed in the same sentence with it. Comparable might be Wyoming. What’s California doing now? Using vacant commercial inventory inside city limits. Offer a city grant not state monies to a builder to convert some of those vacant commercial spaces into small 500sf ADUs. Infill is the buzzword in design now. Using infrastructure in place is the trend. Look it up.

    (Editors this is longer than planned. If you need to edit go ahead. Great web stop on the net.)

  11. Jimmy J. says:

    When opening a hotel in this region you knew exactly what you were getting into. No one forced you to open a B&B here. Our city hasn’t grown, Cottonwood has. VOC has grown some, but the rest of the outlying areas have pretty much stayed the same.
    You walked through that door when you opened your B&B.
    The city of Sedona has done a great job trying to get lodging to provide affordable housing. It appears that most if not all vacated the affordable housing and sold those to tourists. Money makes a good motivator. Now lodging comes back and wants the public to pay. Rotten. You created it – you pay. How about going back to those hotels and forcing them to change the rooms back to affordable housing? Better yet why don’t you have your regional members do the same? If the in-city has to do it then those outside the city limits should do the same. It is NOT a city issue. It is a regional issue created by the lodging – chamber. The largest employers are not located in the city limits.

    Jeff, Cottonwood has it right the city should allow that. The region along with ALL areas should also. So there is a good project for the lodging- chamber members. Go and get equal opportunity throughout our region that enables contractors to make changes. Better yet enforce affordable housing on your own properties throughout the region. Only this time make sure it is properly recorded so that the greedy can’t take advantage.

  12. Steve segner says:

    almost all cities in California have a Housing Authority or some authority working on housing, California also offers a variety of housing and departments as we speak hundreds of thousands apartments are being built in California, I don’t know what point you’re trying to make is it’s wrong to build more homes are more apartments in Sedona you’re against people living in apartments I don’t understand . I understand the California has a much more forward thinking , Sedona city is not working on Housing Authority it’s just some private individuals trying to come up with a solution horrible horrible horrible as your president would say

  13. Time to Protest says:

    If Steve Segner intends for the chamber money from the city to be used as product development to provide affordable housing when they are in need of millions of dollars for road improvements, the council should be recalled and anyone on the staff that would support such egregious bad judgment should be fired.

    If the city had been more responsible when Nepenthe was approved as affordable housing (now probably high-end vacation rentals) this might not be an issue. In addition, they allowed places like Fairfield to renege on the policy of requiring resorts and timeshares to provide a certain number of “affordables.”

    If the chamber purchasing the property on Jordan Road was under the flag of “product development” then why wouldn’t road construction, repair, and maintenance be included as well? Not only that it certainly would be beneficial to the Lodging Council as well as residents.

    This is going too far – way over the top. So California has a Housing Authority. So what? And Segner is now comparing a policy of the STATE of California in regards to little Sedona, AZ – a small CITY of 10,000?

    Insanity at the scariest level?

  14. cheap cheap says:

    cheap cheap cheap look in the mirror

  15. Marv says:

    Thank goodness someone else picked up on the Segner comment about the California Housing Authority in conjunction with affordable housing (whatever that means???) in Sedona. Why isn’t he taking his grievances to the state of Arizona instead of the Sedona City Council?

  16. GNS says:

    What the . . .? does the California Housing Authority have to do with Sedona? Now bring up lack of enforcement of the Nepenthe project and lax enforcement to hold lodging facilities responsible for providing a certain number of employee accommodations. I believe Sedona Rouge was one, in fact, that followed the rules. Good for them. But what about the growing number of new hotels?

    Wake up city hall and enforce your own codes.

  17. @Marv says:

    Great point. I like to also know why the clan of lodging and chamber folks don’t practice what they preach. They use ridiculous comparisons when they start the begging and point of references acting like the City of Sedona is not doing their job. When in fact the City is doing their job. No group should get special treatment or favors. As a resident and businesses I never signed a waiver giving up my voice to the regional membership club of the chamber.

    The city council needs to independently FACT check as this clan put out false information. They never disclose the fine details that matter. The very reasons they used to rationalize the exclusive use of city coffers – taxpayers money is the reason they shouldn’t get it. I hope and pray that the city council wakes up and sees that they are enabling and destroying the entire community. I pray they look at ICMA Code of Ethics.

  18. An AHA Moment says:

    Cheap, Cheap, chirped volumes confirming the new road to “product development” will be city taxes spent on housing for lodging employees. Too bad those same employees will wreck their tires and cars on lousy, overcrowded roads and streets. Too bad tourists will still have to wait hours in traffic. Forget residents. They don’t matter.

    It’s Segner and his lodging council who are the cheap ones and should be looking in their own mirrors with shame. Oh – forgot. They are the chosen ones by city council but for all the wrong reasons.

  19. West sedona resident says:

    @time to protest
    @an aha moment

    Yes SE readers they are that same crazy lady …..who has no life I might get add…
    Who posts using 10-15 different names….sometimes when in a really really negative hateful mood, she will post 8 times a day….using different name love me the ones above

    Watch for her…

  20. Robert says:

    Cheap Cheap should look in the mirror. reflection will be Greed Greed and more Greed. Which would YOU rather be?

  21. Affordable Housing says:

    What is the spin Steve Segner? I don’t understand you. You have posted before that the tourism industry pays great money. You claimed the hotels workers and waiters made a fabulous income. So then why would you need affordable housing?

    Affordable housing is for those that don’t make enough money……What is the deal? Are you trying to get more money for your members? Why would the city fund this?

    It appears that most affordable housing programs are controlled through state-federal funding. Why should the taxpayers within the city limits pay for such a program? Would you be willing to go back to those hotels that backed out of the permit restrictions for AH units and make then reinstate them?

    Please respond to each question. Thank you

  22. Affordable housing says:

    Affordable housing is generally a program that Federally funded and the states assist with. Just as the city of Sedona has listed in a PDF “. ADOH (Arizona Department of Housing): ADOH administers federally and state-funded community development and affordable housing programs for the State of Arizona.”

    Steve you claim that the Hotels and Restaurant workers are paid very high here. Why then would we need the city to pay for affordable housing?

    Steve in the lodging industry, the city of Sedona has made as part of the permit process Hotels to have affordable units. This has happened with L’auberge and others. After their project was approved they backed out claiming no interested parties. Would you be willing to go back to your members and request they reinstate those units?

    Steve why do you feel that the city of Sedona is responsible to pay for regional issues? Isn’t the real issue created by your members by bringing in day trippers? Why should the taxpayers fund another one of your industry needs?

    @steve Segner we like to have real answers to the questions above.

  23. Agenda says:

    Don’t be surprised if the purchase of that Jordan Rd property isn’t only the beginning for the Chamber getting into the real estate business with Sedona public tax revenue. What’s to prevent them from using the promised millions from the city to buy up even more land for affordable housing to eventually be turned into moneymakers like Nepenthe?

    If the city gave all that money to Eskimos to buy refrigerators it would make about as much sense. Maybe even more. So perhaps the Chamber financed the Jordan purchase? Another smoke screen cover up? They must have some expert legal advice which is very smart but costly. If so, wonder what’s the source? More member dues??? With that kind of money, why do they need more from the city????

  24. Norma says:

    since the lodging industry pays so well, how would any of it’s employees quality for affordable housing?

  25. Eddie Maddock says:

    During a neighborhood party someone approached me and inquired about my involvement in a recent law suit they read about. Explaining that law suit occurred shortly after the death of my husband the person was shocked. Because my late husband sold him the home they still live in, they knew him well and most assuredly did recall that sad event.

    However, going back and reviewing the comment made by Steve Segner on March 25th, the date of that law suit is conspicuous by absence. Whether it was an oversight or an attempt to mislead people to think the law suit was a current event, to be very certain the record is set straight, here are the facts, folks.

    The Summons of the law suit, subject of Segner’s comment, was:

    FEBRUARY 12, 1999 – slightly over EIGHTEEN (18) YEARS AGO.

    Being unaware of the missing information (date of legal action in Segner’s above remark) it was subsequently inadvertently not referenced in my acknowledgment to the comment: https://sedonaeye.com/miracles-do-happen-with-eddie-maddock/

  26. James Harrington says:

    A dog named Barney made a comment under the first birthday celebration article from Poco Diablo McGuire. It related to cruel people getting their kicks from pulling wings from butterflies and abusing little animals. Is there any difference from any grown man that enjoys bullying? At least it appears fair in distributing it equally. In the case of Steve Segner, Cliff Hamilton and now Eddie Maddock?

  27. Get informed says:

    When the Sedona lodging Council – in my opinion the Sedona Chamber entered into a sweet deal to receive taxpayer’s money for their exclusive use they entered into the POLITICAL arena.

    The city of Sedona has memorialized this relationship disregarding the legitimate residents and businesses. So guess what folks They have made Sedona and the greater Sedona region highly politically charged.

    Look at the budget, the city is spending more than they bring in and still take 2.01 million a year and growing and give it without checks and balances to the regional chamber.

    Political freedom and free political speech recognized and protected by the First Amendment.

    IMO the Chamber, Lodging and their spokesmen – spokeswomen -Directors are fair game as they have become politically funded and charged by receiving taxpayer’s money for their exclusive use.

    Speak up!

  28. steve Segner says:

    Say what you like , as long as it is truthful. The SLC has never received any money from the chamber or city… so so much for you ” -Directors are fair game”
    If you are wrong could get expensive Ask Eddie, she said the same thing 20 years ago but go for it .

  29. @Get Informed says:

    Hi there. Boy you had me for a minute until I saw the many mentions of “in my opinion” and “IMO”.

    We are all entitled to have our own opinion it’s just that yours is wrong.

    While that money that the lodging industry is collecting is in fact a TAX. Most likely it’s not a tax that YOU ARE paying. It’s being paid by someone who is staying at a lodging facility in our city that’s why they call. it a LODGING TAX. 55% goes to help bring more tourists in to our great town and 45% goes to running this great city. That’s the way life is here in Sedona and obviously it’s not going to change anytime soon just because you say so.


  30. Norma says:

    It is the responsibility of each business to market and advertise their own businesses. IMO Your opinion @Get Informed is bias as you are being enriched by taxpayer’s money.

    I agree with Get Informed and all those businesses being enriched and all the directors for the chamber who include the lodging council as they are listed as a affinity chamber group. It is not a opinion when it is publicly posted “Chamber Affinity Groups To better serve the needs of our members, the Sedona Chamber has been organizing affinity groups that represent various sectors of Sedona’s business community. Representing the needs of almost 1,000 individual members is difficult when needs are different. However, by organizing various like-areas of industry locally these groups can come together and agree upon what the group needs from the Chamber and the community. Each affinity group, with a unified vision, makes it possible for the Sedona Chamber to not only address each sector’s needs more effectively, but also to represent its vision and business interests in the Chamber’s marketing efforts.

    To date, the association affinity groups are: http://sedonachamber.com/chamber-affinity-groups/

    Sedona Events Alliance, President – Al Comello, 928-862-0210

    Sedona Gallery Association, President – Peggy Lanning-Eiseler, 928-282-6865

    Sedona Metaphysical/Spiritual Association, President – Nirup Barnum, 928-300-8338

    Sedona Lodging Council, President – Steve Segner, 928-203-9405″ http://sedonachamber.com/chamber-affinity-groups/

    But it is good for everyone to sign every post IMO as the bullies can’t stop themselves. they are IMO “the benefactors recipients of over $2.01 MILLION a year, for their club” Is my opinion


  31. Eddie Maddock says:

    Steve, may I remind you of the following comment I posted under the article Miracles Do Happen:

    Excuse me, Steve, but your exact words were:” No Eddie you need to be held to a higher standard you call your self a reporter….” (5/28 – 8:29 AM) And where in the world did you obtain such information? Certainly not from me because it isn’t true.”

    And now you write on June 6 – 12:45 PM: “If you are wrong could get expensive Ask Eddie, she said the same thing 20 years ago but go for it .”

    That, Steve, is another blatant lie. The law suit didn’t cost me one penny. Maybe because no lies had been told? If facts are disclosed that people to not want to hear it doesn’t mean they still aren’t facts.

    For a person that maintains it’s OK to say what you like as long as it’s truthful, does that apply to everyone else but yourself?

  32. Birdy & Coyote says:

    @get informed . Appreciate knowing opinions are fine with you. Keep paying that marketing program. We’re not paying out for what we get in free, that’s people and wallets. Remember 2 roads in and out, 179 & 89A & we’ve 179 new all American scenic highway road all locked up. We’re good here.

  33. Eddie Maddock says:

    PS to Steve Segner

    That law suit you continue to reference was 18 years ago and not 20 as you specified. Yet another inaccuracy.

    And another puzzling question here remains, Steve. Your Lodging Council and Chamber of Commerce have recently locked up the city contract for 7-year contracts in perpetuity. That alone indicates a substantial and elevated annual return on the .5% bed tax increase, the initial reason for the City/Chamber contract in the first place.

    Too bad City Hall water pipes just burst. Maybe your Chamber of Commerce will consider investing in the $70,000 to $80,000 estimated cost of repairs as “product development?” The same as traffic and road repairs, a matter of priority? But keep in mind, the Chamber of Commerce remains at the top of the list.

    Therefore, why do you continue to harp on opposition? Clearly, you have won in spite of challenges. Why can’t you enjoy your victory in silence or celebrate at special events at your Oak Creek Canyon estate or retreat or whatever it is?

  34. Sedona says:

    We are all paying for the funding of chamber. TDay trippers clogging roads. City has to have more employees to deal with it. We even have traffic controllers in uptown n tlaq. We are paying. Wakie on up.

  35. West Sedona Dave says:

    Dear @ Sedona,

    Im so sorry you must live in a hotel or B&B in Sedona?….because that would be the only way YOU are funding the Chamber…..

    It is such a shame that people have to lie, and be deceitful to try and argue there point?

    Just the same old ramblings with no point or even a stitch of an idea to solve a problem…

  36. steve segner says:

    Eddie said, Your Lodging Council and Chamber of Commerce have recently locked up the city contract for 7-year contracts in perpetuity.

    Eddie, this is what I am talking about, all I have said is people should be correct in what they say on the site. Using a made up name in no protection, and any statement made anyplace should be correct.
    Look at your above statement the Lodging Council has NO contract with the city and never has, we are only a chamber member and have our own board and president.
    Also the city council or any new city council can cancel the chamber contract.(you forgot to mention that). Please use all the facts , you are starting to sound like our president.

  37. Get the facts Eddie says:

    Come on Eddie you used to preach facts now you’re just spouting BS like DJV and a few other who use many names here’s an example>>>

    If you watched the city council video like I did you would realize that while the chamber has a 7 year contract, IT CAN BE CANCELED WITH 30 NOTICE AT ANY TIME. My take on that is who cares if they have a 3,4,5 or 7 year contract it means nothing if there is a cancelation clause.

    The same for not mandating an audit every year, it was clearly stated on the video that in the contract it says that if an audit was needed AT ANY TIME the chamber would have to do it.

    as far as when you had that law suit against you, WHO CARES when it was 18 or 20 years ago, it’s old news much like your poor departed dog Harley. My take on Segners comment was that it was taken out of context and you people with no lives have taken it way too far.

    Maybe if you all would stop nagging about loosing while the chamber won and is doing a great job I may add, Segner wouldn’t have to keep pointing out his nonsense.

  38. Eddie Maddock says:

    My, my Steve Segner – how you do love to divert the facts. Are you denying the Lodging Council isn’t an affinity portion of the Chamber of Commerce? A tad more than just membership status? And based on the return of the .5% bed tax increase, why weren’t you willing to obtain Requests for Proposals elsewhere besides the Chamber? Well, I can answer my own question. Because you didn’t have to. They bought into your spiel about “just trust us” and, isn’t there another article someplace? “Business as Usual?”

    Hey – ride your gravy train and enjoy the moment. Why you persist in twisting your perpetual spin is weird. The money to the “chamber” is set to increase by millions of $$$$ in the coming years, offering all kinds of opportunities to give it away for the likes of the federally funded US Forest Service trail maintenance (or whatever) and other chosen blessed recipients to be conveniently labeled under questionable and undefined “product development.” And to heck with the need of $50+ million for road and other infrastructure amenities.

    And as for the 30 day cancellation clause @Get the Facts Eddie, does the real purpose mean anything other than more lip service? There’s a better chance for the Chamber to tag selling refrigerators to Eskimos as product development than that to ever occur. And that holds true for the possibility of any requests for audits. It ain’t gonna happen.

    And also, @Get the Facts Eddie, in case you forgot I didn’t bring up the previous law suit in the first place. As for the timing of the event, it makes a good deal of difference that as Segner initially posted the comment he omitted the date completely. That offered the opportunity for people to believe it was recent. And that was proven when a neighbor asked me about it during a recent neighborhood get-together.

    Did Mr. Segner, by chance, intend to smear me as he attempted to do to Cliff Hamilton when he ran for Sedona mayor three years ago? Why me? And obviously that continues to be his mission. I’m no threat. An uneducated stay-at-home with nothing more to do than rake pine needles and cones, rearrange three tons of river rock, saw up fire wood, and do my best to keep it together. And why? Because I love my little corner of the world both my husband and I worked very hard to acquire and maintain. And keep in mind – we loved the Chamber of Commerce before it became a commercial money grabbing commodity and controlled life in Sedona. So blast me for that.

    Your hurtful remark relating to the death of my Harley McGuire speaks volumes of the type of person you are. ‘Nuf said.

  39. Challenge the Truth says:

    Since you are so convinced that the Chamber is doing a great job then let’s have ALL the businesses in the city limits vote on it.

    Let THEM tell us. as far as your OPINIONS on chamber performance it is simply that an opinion. As you have no checks or balances, no credible reporting. Only the businesses can say.

    I challenge you Let the businesses vote. Also ask them if they prefer a lower bed tax rate.

  40. Transparency though your post says:

    BULLIES=”The goal of an adult bully is to gain power over another person, and make himself or herself the dominant adult. They try to humiliate victims, and “show them who is boss.”

    There are several different types of adult bullies, and it helps to know how they operate:

    Narcissistic Adult Bully: This type of adult bully is self-centered and does not share empathy with others. Additionally, there is little anxiety about consequences. He or she seems to feel good about him or herself, but in reality has a brittle narcissism that requires putting others down.
    Impulsive Adult Bully: Adult bullies in this category are more spontaneous and plan their bullying out less. Even if consequences are likely, this adult bully has a hard time restraining his or her behavior. In some cases, this type of bullying may be unintentional, resulting in periods of stress, or when the bully is actually upset or concerned about something unconnected with the victim.
    Physical Bully: While adult bullying rarely turns to physical confrontation, there are, nonetheless, bullies that use physicality. In some cases, the adult bully may not actually physically harm the victim, but may use the threat of harm, or physical domination through looming. Additionally, a physical bully may damage or steal a victim’s property, rather than physically confronting the victim.
    Verbal Adult Bully: Words can be quite damaging. Adult bullies who use this type of tactic may start rumors about the victim, or use sarcastic or demeaning language to dominate or humiliate another person. This subtle type of bullying also has the advantage – to the bully – of being difficult to document. However, the emotional and psychological impacts of verbal bullying can be felt quite keenly and can result in reduced job performance and even depression.
    Secondary Adult Bully: This is someone who does not initiate the bullying, but joins in so that he or she does not actually become a victim down the road. Secondary bullies may feel bad about what they are doing, but are more concerned about protecting themselves.” http://www.bullyingstatistics.org/content/adult-bullying.html

    Isn’t Steves – WSR WSD behavior appear to be bullying? CGF ????

    BTW I do care who picks and bullies people. ugly inside n out

  41. Wsr says:


    Keep up the good work Steve.:.

    Nice to see Eddie M being called out for the finger pointing complainer she is..

    No accomplishments…..just complaints

  42. West sedona resident says:


    Sounds like your describing yourself..

    Now get busy posting using your 10-15 different fake names..

  43. West Sedona Dave says:

    @ Challenge the Truth?

    “I challenge you Let the businesses vote. Also ask them if they prefer a lower bed tax rate.”

    Why in the world would any business give a hoot about a tax that doesn’t effect them?

    Can you at least get on the right page for an argument?…..So Illogical!

  44. Thank you to Mrs. Maddock says:

    Most of us move here from other states and most of us assume things are done the same as where we came from. The state of Arizona leaves a lot of decisions at the local level that impact of lives.

    If you speak up the local controlling groups will come out and attempt to silence you. It is in their best interest as their lives are enhanced by participating in local issues and having a local dominance over everything in the greater Sedona area. City Council have repeatedly said if they don’t hear from you they believe you agree with them. They enable and endorse that local dominance control to participate and dominate local government as they win accolades and support from them. The system is being worked.

    This is my experience and opinion. When is enough, enough? People are afraid to speak up. Workers, business owners, residents. Just like any bully, only when you unite and stand up can to stop this insane control.

    Standing up and speaking the truth without any personal gains is what makes Mrs. Maddock one of Sedona’s finest leaders. I would like to express my gratitude to Mrs.Eddie Maddock and thank her for all her hard work and the contributions she makes to our community.

    Thank you to Mrs. Maddock.

  45. @Challenge the Truth says:

    Nice idea to canvas ALL businesses in incorporated Sedona. But the city tax money is returned to the Chamber to promote only THEIR members, most of whom are reported to be outside City Limits. So what difference does it make to them? They are not collecting city bed/sales taxes anyway.

  46. @west Sedona Dave says:

    Clearly you are on the $$$ side of taxes. Every business cares about how many taxes they collect. It changes the playing field.

    They advertise saving $$$$$ by keeping the sales OUTSIDE the city limits. Frommers tells travelers to stay OUTSIDE Sedona because of taxes. Reported in AZR more stores and malls closing. 25% of all malls should be gone in AZ.

    ” A Taxing Situation — You can save a little bit on your hotel bill by staying in the Village of Oak Creek rather than in Sedona proper. Not only are there several budget hotels here, but also the room tax is only 7.35% vs. 13.737% in Sedona.” http://www.frommers.com/destinations/sedona/hotels/overview

    Ask your members. This is why the galleries SHIP art to avoid paying those taxes. Just like the past city manager reported. I believe there was an article in the RRn. Logic??????? why would the in-city businesses pay to advertise those selling the same stuff as them. Isn’t doing businesses in this backaxx town hard enough with the high rents and the city taxes????? The city taxes commercial rents so watch out folks for another tax increase. 3% on top of the $5,000 a month rent. Merchants beware rents are on the rise. They need more money to pay to advertise those outside the city limits. cause $$$

    GREAT idea @Challenge the Truth !!!!!!!

  47. Mary Lee says:

    Anyone mean enough to take pleasure and smirk over the loss of a beloved pet is to be pitied. It’s probably the same mentality of the person/people that broke in and robbed the Paw Prints Thrift Store in the VOC. Look for the same type to even set out poison for animals or maim and mutilate them. Bullies of the worst kind. They lurk among us. That’s the true meaning of hate. Whatever it is Ms. Maddock did she pushed buttons that set off the alarm to git ‘er!!!

  48. Challenge the Truth says:

    Challenging the truth, giving the in-city businesses and residents their own voice IS getting to the real FACTS. Only then can clarity and transparency be seen.

    Isn’t this the reason for incorporation? The metes and bounds of the area, Sedona City limits.

    Just because the city council has enabled and endorsed a TAKEOVER allowing non-city-residents and non-city-businesses to partake in city politics doesn’t make it right. Look at the citizens engagement program. They are mostly of non city folks and the chamber. The outsiders are running the city. shameful.

    What happened to ALL the affordable housing the city permitted when the hotels were building???????? Another scam by hotels to grab more money? They are renting out those affordable housing rooms as tourists rooms.

    Disclose the truth – Challenge them! Cause they ain’t disclosing the truth major issues.

    Give the businesses and residents their own voice and STOP outside special interests from dictating your lives.


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