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Miracles Do Happen with Eddie Maddock

SedonaEye.com Columnist Eddie Maddock

Sedona AZ (May 26, 2017) – Responding to a comment made by Steve Segner on May 25, 2017 (7:45 p.m.), under the Sedona Eye article “Curtain Falls on May 2013 City Council Performances,” the Plaintiffs in the referenced law suit signed a “Settlement Agreement And Release” on 8/24/99. Quoting in part:

“The Plaintiffs, do hereby release and forever discharge Eddie Maddock, her heirs, successors or assigns, and Ms. Maddock’s insurance carrier, The Hartford, from any and all claims, demands, actions, and causes of action, and any liability whatsoever, on account of or in any manner arising or to arise out of the incidents are the subject matter of that certain cause of action more particularly set forth in Cause No. CV9990039 styled as ‘John D. Miller, et ux, et al v. Jon S. Hellman, et ux, et al.’ said cause of action filed in the Superior Court of Yavapai County, State of Arizona, which claims are herewith settled and will be dismissed against Defendant Maddock only, with prejudice.”

In other words, the action against me was deemed without merit as was the simple interpretation offered by my attorneys with the Phoenix law firm of Jones Skelton & Hochuli.

In addition, I will offer here a letter to the Editor of the Sedona Red Rock News which was hand delivered, but publication refused:

September 13, 2000

Sedona Red Rock NEWS
P.O. Box 619
Sedona, Arizona 86339


Writing to you at this time is no more of a pleasure for me than receiving it will be for you. However, as a co-host of a program on a local television station, the subject of three editorials appearing in your September 13, 2000, edition, authored by Sedona Community Development Director John O’Brien, Sedona City Manager Mike Letcher, and Thomas L. Brossart, Managing Editor of the Sedona Red Rock NEWS, I believe it would be irresponsible of me to ignore the malevolent intent conveyed in these three messages.

First of all, the source of the information provided on the program “Backfire” was a Conflict of Interest Opinion letter dated August 11, 2000, from the Coconino County Attorney, Terence C. Hance. The letter was read in its entirety in order to avoid being accused of taking anything out of context. This is a 14 page document and for brevity I will quote excerpts from the first page and the last page respectively: (1) “With this letter we offer the opinion that in several instances the Conflict of Interest laws were violated, but there is insufficient evidence to support the conclusion that the violations were of a criminal nature.”   (2) “Ultimately, however, the legal advice does not matter with respect to whether a conflict of interest existed. A conflict of interest exists regardless of what the public official/employee or his lawyer believes.”

This letter, together with a Press Release produced by City Manager Mike Letcher, a memo from City Attorney Michael G. Goimarac to the Members of the City Council, and several letters from C. Benson Hufford, Esq., the attorney hired by the City of Sedona to defend Mr. O’Brien, were obtained directly from the Sedona City Hall. The extensive whining exuding from the Brossart, Letcher, and O’Brien letters about “untruths”, “false claims”, and “fair commentary” amounts to nothing more than a direct attack on public information which is available to anyone for the asking.

I would suggest that John O’Brien (or anyone else for that matter) read, for starters, “Claire O’Brien’s Role in JDMRET”, pages 6 and 7 of Hance’s August 11 letter to better ascertain the “majority of Clair’s job, responsibilities with Miller.”” And, since Mr. Letcher did not qualify his accusation that the television station practices “McCarthyism” as being his opinion, is one to rely on his ability to prove this radical, if not libelous, charge?

As for Mr. Brossart’s soapbox stance on the virtues of the Sedona Red Rock NEWS and “decent”, “fair”, and “responsible” journalism, no one contacted me prior to the blaring headliner article regarding the slander lawsuit. Did Mr. Brossart make any announcement when I was released from that lawsuit, even though all Defendants were charged collectively? Was there an article regarding the recent jury’s decision relating to the Miller/Hellman (Soldier Pass/Artesan Guild) lawsuit that Hellmans did, in fact prevail? Has Mr. Brossart bothered to contact the Yavapai County Superior Court recently to learn about the current status of those two lawsuits?

As a co-host on the program “Backfire” I will attest that, unless we assess statements as being “opinions,” all information is substantiated by backup material . . . primarily obtained from City Hall and, in many instances, referenced from newspaper articles including the RRN.”

Judging from the tone of these three editorials, is one to believe and teach their children that it’s quite all right to steal the cookies as long as you don’t take the jar?

We will see how fair Mr. Brossart’s editorial policies are by whether or not he (1) prints this letter; and (2) if it does appear, how many editor’s notes will be tacked on at the end.

Very truly yours,

Eddie S. Maddock
Sedona 86336”

So you see, thanks to Mr. Steve Segner and Sedona Eye, in a way and although seventeen years after the fact, the opportunity to present the unpublished letter to the Red Rock News also has given me my own day in court. Yes, that man upstairs does work in mysterious ways.

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  1. Get informed says:

    When the Sedona lodging Council – in my opinion the Sedona Chamber entered into a sweet deal to receive taxpayer’s money for their exclusive use they entered into the POLITICAL arena.

    The city of Sedona has memorialized this relationship disregarding the legitimate residents and businesses. So guess what folks They have made Sedona and the greater Sedona region highly politically charged.

    Look at the budget, the city is spending more than they bring in and still take 2.01 million a year and growing and give it without checks and balances to the regional chamber.

    Political freedom and free political speech recognized and protected by the First Amendment.

    IMO The Chamber, Lodging and their spokesmen – spokeswomen -Directors are fair game as they have become politically funded and charged by receiving taxpayer’s money for their exclusive use.

    Speak up!

  2. Eddie Maddock says:

    Well, Nancy, reading your kind and encouraging words made this a very good Tuesday morning indeed. The heat may be up later in the day but for the moment there is a refreshing, wafting breeze to enjoy, credited to your uplifting message.

    Inspiration might be on the horizon to dig into those files and see what lurks behind headlines from the past. Maybe by the time you return even more interesting events might have turned up besides boring lawsuits that resulted in nothing more than frivolous, possibly even malicious, attempts to discredit opposition. And all without merit. Oh well.

    Enjoy your vacation – without electronic devices.:-)

    Eddie Maddock

  3. Bec Armstrong says:

    Lots of stores will be closing. It’s only the beginning.

  4. West sedona resident says:


    You said…..

    “Maybe by the time you return even more interesting events may take place.”Oh please Eddie enlighten us…. tell us about a tree being cut Down !!!Please give us you slanted opinions and who we think is wrong by your finger !!pointing!!Please be sure to throw in how important you think you are as you vocalize from the sidelines….

    Your a treasure

  5. Norma says:

    More stores will be closing. The uptown stores are already seeing increased rents. The small businesses are being chased out of town. Good going Council imo you are a wrecking ball.

  6. Julianna says:

    @West sedona resident

    Your consistency is the only notable thing about you. Consistently attacking without a real argument. Consistent misspellings and improper use of words. Consistently commenting without adding anything positive. Consistent personal attacks.

    It would just be sad except for the fact you consistently deny you are a City of Sedona employee, which we all know you are.

    Why do you hate the idea of Sedona being a pleasant place for the residents so much?

  7. @Julianna says:

    Do you find it equally curious that Steve Segner appears to only threaten those people posting using pseudo names that disagree him with? Have you ever observed him going after the mean spirited West sedona resident (WSR, or even West Sedona Dave for that matter) who tend to defend the poor, abused Stevie Boy? Omit the “poor” and substitute “pathetic.” No-Name WSR and affiliates are obviously A-OK in his book.

    Selective? Of course. And especially when he constantly makes so many off-the-wall and dishonest statements himself, some pointed out by Ms. Maddock. Disingenuous might be a better description.

  8. Brandie, Camp Verde says:

    made the case for bully types, thanks clear what each is, happens FB too & school & neighbors

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