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Jerome First Saturday Art (Fun) Walk!

Sedona’s ST.com contributing writer, Hollywood Jim, and fan

 Out and About in Jerome Arizona 

Once again the folks of Jerome know how to turn it out! I had a blast on Jerome’s First Saturday of every month Art Walk. 

I got there early to secure my driver’s parking space. Like it or not, my limo gets no notice and that’s because Jerome knows how to keep it on the DL. 

I totally love the down home, come as you are atmosphere that the businesses and passersby have in this Town on the Hill. Oh sure, we can sip some Dom and blaze a good cigar but who’s fooling who? We all walk on two legs just like everyone else and that’s all about keeping it old school. Besides my driver draws the line at pushing me around in a baby carriage. I tried. 


My first stop was The House of Joy where my friend bought a cool tutu that I forced her to wear the entire day. She balked a little at first but heck this life is too short to not have fun. It looked better on her than on me anyway and no sooner did Janette pull on that Halloween tutu and people wanted her picture. Humph….and I thought it was all about me! 

Sigh. I can share the spotlight if I must and I was pacified with a white nightshirt for only ten bucks. So, peeps, if you see a white figure on the 89A at night, it’s not a monk or a ghost, it’s me Hollywood Jim sleepwalking. Don’t wake me up, it could be good! 

Janette’s fans in the photo, or should I say Janette’s tutu’s fans, are from all the way up in Moab, Utah. By the way if you are ever in Moab, the best place to stay is The Gonzo Resort. The resort is pet-friendly and the pool is like none other. Ahhhh…something about a pool and blue skies in the middle of March. How well I remember. 

We went up the road to Lola….the whatever she wants boutique…where it really is whatever she wants. Janette bought a butterfly headband for cheap while I talked with owners David and Joe about politics. It’s all good.  

By the way, Janette is on trend with the headband. I saw Kat Von D wearing the same thing on her reality show. As for Ms. D’s taste in a companion, namely Jesse James? No comment but whatever happened to the Nikki Sixx girlfriend? 

All that’s really off topic, so keep in mind that Jackie at Lola can keep you ladies on trend and on point too.

Hollywood Jim and Linda Hoffman of Altai Leather


While out and about, I had to give my girl Linda at Altai Leather a hug. 

Linda’s beautiful welcome was all I needed to pull me further up the hill into Jerome and we chatted while Janette’s nose followed the gorgeous scent of Altai leather purses.


15.Quince crew

I stopped by 15.Quince to give everyone a big hello and share a glass of wine with Chef owner, Vladimir Costa while we talked about the history of Jerome. Did you know Jerome was once considered for the capitol of Arizona? Jerome also had the first hospital with electricity and the first Chrysler car dealership.

We walked by the Spirit Room and let me tell you, there’s nothing like smelling beer on a hot day and hearing laughter from people inside a cool dark bar to bring back memories of New York summers. I wanted in but was pulled forward.

Passing by the Nellie Bly Kaleidoscopes and Art Glass Gallery, I did get in. Little did I know the Nellie Bly is the largest kaleidoscope store in America! It’s a good thing that I didn’t have a beer before looking into all that beautiful color swirl at the end of a telescope!  The store manager, Julie, and I joked about having a party and sharing the eight person kaleidoscope. 

Trish and Nutri Health crew

It was a perfect Saturday afternoon because I love to people watch and talk to folks. You won’t find me waiting for the next First Saturday of every month Art Walk in Jerome to come back to town! The people of Jerome, and I mean everyone, are becoming like old friends and we all need that. I know I do. 

Okay, come on Janette…whistle louder! The limo driver can’t hear you over that Lil Wayne CD he’s blasting. And that’s MY CD!


  1. Jerome says:

    luv ya HJ

  2. The Gripe Guy says:

    Right back at ya!!!

  3. Laura, Denny & Chico says:

    went to joy & leather store on saturday spent $$$$ live in corntown-yeah corntown!!!!- read hollywood jim story- went to shop- we liked wine tasting place

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