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If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It


SedonaEye.com columnist, Eddie S. Maddock, questions the decision-making process to spend on wish lists and not address the "broken" in the city

SedonaEye.com columnist, Eddie S. Maddock, questions the decision-making process to spend on wish lists and not address the “broken” in the city

Sedona AZ (April 22, 2013) – A curious idiom it is: “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” As are many things, determination of whether something is “broke” or not is subjective.

In the case of Sedona and the ongoing tug of war over a myriad of issues, it’s perhaps becoming clearer that since voters in 1988 approved incorporation as a city, the population and visionary perceptions of Sedona’s future have vastly changed over the past 25 years.

Taking into consideration that shortly after incorporation and implementation of the wastewater treatment plant, which instantly became a green flag for new development, the basic desires of those – who by a slim margin approved local government – were sorely disappointing.

What they thought they had approved – to protect Sedona’s special values – quickly dissipated into what turned out to be unexpected new development at a pace the naïve had not anticipated. Ah yes, what better example is there of unintended consequences!

The anticipation of protected scenic quality with implementation of appropriate strict codes for limiting height, density, colors, signs, and all things pertinent to maintaining what many felt the lax codes of Yavapai County had neglected, suddenly took a hike into a myriad of “Variances, Alternate Standards, Case-by-Case, Administrative Waivers, Sign Code Revisions, and so on, and so on, and so on . . .

Whatever has happened to Keep Sedona Beautiful and its previous ongoing war against unnecessary signs and uptown cross-road banners?

Furthermore, drainage deficiencies inherited due to lack of Yavapai County building codes weren’t entirely evident until after Sedona’s own (depending on success of incorporation?) pre-ordained building boom in the 1990’s.

Large commercial hotel, motel and timeshare complexes were built, as well as larger homes in new and existing subdivisions, all of which increased the storm water into inadequate existing drainages.

This remains an unresolved issue and unfortunately continues to take a back seat to what this article is about: “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

It has become increasingly evident. Demographics have allegedly changed (to an excessive proportion) indicating the controlling factor of Sedona’s destiny doesn’t consider anything in Sedona to be “broken” except lack of parks, access to Oak Creek, public meeting places, public transit, recreational amenities at the wastewater treatment plant, and other defined specifics outlined in the current Capital Improvement Proposals. Coincidentally similar objectives are presently being incorporated in the revision of the Sedona Community Plan.

The Sedona Steering Committee includes two high-profile and influential Sedona architects: John Sather and Mike Bower of the Design Group. Mike Bower’s Design Group partner, Max Licher, “graciously” produced a redesign rendering of Oak Creek privately-owned properties in conjunction with a park and creek pathway. That effort tends to substantiate the Mayor’s proclamation that a “vast majority” believe precious and scant City funds should be spent to “fix” their perceived vision of what is “broke” in Sedona?

Realistically does this amount to anything short of denying that, not only, is Sedona’s drainage system “broke” but its many city streets are also in disrepair? He is sending a message that the original intent for incorporated Sedona has been lost to new traditions, trends, and overall look. Unfortunately, he’s most likely correct. With the exception of a vocal few who have even become divisive within their own small sphere, plain and simply stated . . . Mayor Adams is in his realm.

The “vast majority,” regardless of number, represents those thumping their chests, waving their flags, beating their drums, and who have the attention of a sufficient number on the current City Council which obviously believes Sedona may be “broke” – but only to the extent it doesn’t offer big city facilities that most previous Sedona inhabitants left back in the when, then, and there.

Yep, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” most assuredly remains in the perception, projection, and eye of the beholder.

Too bad, so sad, for private property owners who will sit and fret about flooding again during the upcoming monsoon season.

Too bad, so sad, for Tlaquepaque. Although a commercial enterprise, Tlaquepaque truly represents “The Heart of Sedona,” offering the ultimate in tasteful design, year-round activities, and an atmosphere embraced by locals and visitors prior to and after incorporation; a place that most assuredly needs no banners or Chamber of Commerce announcements to let the world know “we are here.”

Likewise the world will quickly know due to global notoriety that when flood waters and unaffordable liability costs force Tlaquepaque “out” because . . . “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” and apparently “you were never broke.”

Perhaps the Chamber of Commerce could then boast that Tlaquepaque literally “went under” because “they,” the Chamber, grasped money that could have been spent on drainage improvements to keep “them” (Tlaquepaque) afloat.

“Nah, nah, nah, nah nah . . . just tagged you and you are ‘It’ and we won big time” will be the opportunity for the Chamber of Commerce and the deciding faction currently dictating the future of Sedona to toot their horns and declare victory.

Zippity doo dah!

Does “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” apply to City of Sedona’s finances? Ask Mayor Rob Adams who continues to either ignore or spin city budget numbers! This current “infestation” of movers and shakers are calling the shots and, hopefully, they will have the solution to sources of funding for their grand plans – without imposing unwanted tax increases!

When Sedona is officially declared broke, how will it be fixed?

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  1. Henrietta says:

    Good article. There are a lot of drainage issues that ARE “broke” and should be”fixed” NOW, before the rains come and some homeowners will be “cruising down the river” on some Sunday afternoon or they might just get swallowed up into the big cracks that open up in their streets as they float on by

  2. FYI City Council Budget Work Sessions are scheduled this week:

    (1) Weds. 4/24 @ 9:00 AM
    (2) Fri. 4/26 @ 9:00 AM

  3. city council better plan on removing Tlaquepaque from their vision video unless they do something to stop the flooding


  4. new to town

    We are staying at a guest home in a place called the Village of Oak Creek.

    Is there senior citizen transportation programs here in the Village of Oak Creek that travel to the Sedona grocery stores like Natural Grocers, New Frontiers or Safeway? Let me know if any programs out there that can get senior veteran Tex
    to get groceries twice a month.

    thank you.

  5. Jim, uptown says:

    picked up on TV the budget meeting on weds. it was shortly after ten so missed the first hr. saw enough tho cuz after maybe 20 mins. john Martinez brought up increasing sales tax & city property taxes as well. little doubt where this is going. more tax & spend. simple.

  6. E.S. Maddock says:

    To Joy (new to town)

    Maybe the Verde Valley Caregivers will be able to answer your question or refer you to another source to accommodate your needs. The phone number to call is: 204-1238. Good luck!

  7. Joy says:

    thank you for your reply E.S. Maddock and as well thank you to publisher (Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 2:19 PM) for this helpful reply-
    The IGA is at the second roundabout (behind Chase bank). It is the popular and only grocery in town. Many walk, ride bikes, golf cart to the store. The owner is much admired around VOC. You have a reply on the story “If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It” by Maddock…read comments below and you will also see your post asking question.


    Use the link above and locate the story. Good luck. Be sure to read the SedonaEye.com daily and don’t miss the Calendar of Events section for daily happenings.

    Look forward to going with Tex there. Thank you for the fast educative reply.

  8. Cheryl, VOC says:

    read comments above and this is the reason that I love these red rocks. writers get comments that are Thoughtful comments. welcome to Joy and to Tex. Check out the VOC clubhouse for golf and playing cards. Apologize for not subscribing sooner. Read here alot & it’s nice to get your news letters reminding me. discontinued my subscription to the paper but it still gets delivered. You have the same stories it does but sooner and like most without kids around Here I’m uninterested in Big Park school news plastered over a third of the local paper…

  9. The county and Chip Davis listen. Difference is Hwy 179 and 89a. you had an example of what could be and went with phoenix strip lights. ok, enough said you have to live up there we don’t have to suffer it.

  10. E.S. Maddock says:

    Good news! City Council has withdrawn the $50,000 for uptown posts allocated to support cross-road advertising event banners! Yesss . . . . !

  11. (Formerly from Ohio) We considered moving to Sedona until my former real estate agent husband reviewed the costs associated with your city and the home owners association fees. We opted for Prescott, Arizona three years ago due to its amenities, its taxes, its beautiful scenery, its friendly people and incredibly nice town square and shopping. Please come and visit Prescott. You won’t be disappointed.

    Sedona is nice for a winter afternoon drive on our way to Peach Springs when we have out of state friends but we don’t eat in Sedona or shop so your tax situation isn’t really an issue for us. We do love to stop at Tlaqepaque that pretty Mexican shopping center for a walk but we don’t spend money there because we prefer to pack coolers and enjoy the pretty sites tailgating. We recommend that option to all our friends and family.

  12. Adam F says:

    little girls shouldn’t be fooled by offers of candy from strangers. $50,000 is no more than a smoke screen to cover up real intent of not only city property taxes but also bonding for infrastructure and who knows what else. this little gem was tossed out during budget session on friday. (4/26)


    Following are a couple of quotes from the Budget Work Session 4/26: (Video available for reviewing on City Web Site, selected date. This specific material can be found by “mouse-ing” the timeline indicator to reduce the timeframe to the latter portion of #5 as indicated on the menu lineup)

    John Martinez: “Promoting Sedona is underfunded.” (He agrees that an additional $100,000 be added to the existing $250,000 assuring that $350,000 will be available when special requests are made for identified uses)

    In agreement that promotion of Sedona is underfunded, Mark DiNunzio supported the additional $100,000 to assure availability of funds for destination marketing “IF WE RUN INTO A POLITICAL FIRE STORM ON TAX INCREASES” referencing later that Council “HAS FULL DISCRETION AND ABILITY TO LEVY (raise) TAXES.”

    Rob Adams: “We need to invest in our future whether it’s the development of events, or development of amenities . . . ” in context with increasing the destination marking fund reserve to $350,000. He also elaborated on the $20,000 the Lodging Council paid for the presentation recently made to the City Council. (Did they not do that at their own discretion and not at the request of the city?)

    Earlier in the session it was even suggested that the amount ($350,000) be doubled at such a time as deemed necessary.

    And, indeed, “Bonding for infrastructure (another form of property taxation?), increased sales tax, special improvement districts, and property taxes” were batted about without batting eyes by some (not all) seated council members, including the mayor.

    Barbara Litrell, although not a direct quote here, did indicate concern relating to city priorities referencing street repairs and, in particular, salary adjustments for city employees. (Jessica Williamson was in solid agreement with the salary adjustments.)

    My question: Is there a policy standard for term elected officials as to their time-charge relating to “planning for the future” insofar as non-essential amenities like those so ambitiously appearing in the Capital Improvement Proposals?

    How can anyone be of such substantial visionary authority to know what in the world the residents of Sedona will or will not find appealing 20 or 30 years from now? Chances are slim to none that the people making these really somewhat off-the-wall decisions will even be around.

    Their legacy indicates, according to the direction now headed, it will be an accomplishment for imposing a bunch of taxes for a bunch of things that most of the people didn’t want at the time and won’t want in the future simply because “they” opted to implement their own desires, refusing to live within the city budget or fix the things that really were broken. (and will most likely be in that same state of affairs 20 years from now)

    Oh well, since a “Fire Storm” is already predicted to happen, will it be in the form of a Referendum? Recall? Both? Hmmm . .

  14. Sharlett says:

    Hey Adam, I’m thinking Eddie is not a little girl…think she was just pleased to see “some” tidbit of money removed from a budget full of funny money wish list expenditures and in leu of the fact they are giving the chamber much more money with no plan in hand. Have you caught up with the mayor and other council members constantly talking about a creek walk park and improving the digs at the Waste Water Treatment Plant, that they now call a pristine “Wetlands” – where the mayor wants another “venue”…and then their budget shows them wanting to buy some expensive commercial land in the city to stroke their egos for a place to place banners or whatever they come up with.

    (Opps, almost forgot – the mayor actually believes that ADOT – who currently owns that prime piece at the old Y) – will give it to the city for free or do a short sale price on it! Almost laughed myself off my chair when I heard those words.

    In having read all Eddie’s posts and articles – – I know she is not a little girl who takes candy from strangers! From what double checking I’ve done after reading her words I was impressed with her credibility. I agree with her and you that this council seems hell bent on putting in place property taxes and new bonds and increasing sales taxes as well as Bed taxes on our tourists….to fill their dance cards.

    What part of “hell no, we don’t want any more of your lame games” of spending money on anything other than drainage and streets and improving capacity at the waste water treatment plant doesn’t Council get?

    Did some checking and learned that the Barb Park “Venue” (the failed Dome) trying to reuse the State money the city owes the State – can be spent to improve any city park…as long as the city gives State Parks a plan of where the money goes….so lets use the sum total of the money the city owes the state from the closing of the cultural park (over $500k) to pay for 1) the water slide at Sunset ($120k); 2) make improvements to the Dog Park and 3) improvements at sports fields at Posse Grounds and —- almost forgot – 4) do what the park pool needs. Why these 4 things? Because they all need ongoing maintenance and we sure don’t need another “venue” in town….use the high school performing arts center….which I hear is just a loss of money.

    But for sure don’t ask, allow or support the Council to buy the commercial property at the old Y for a new place to put their signage or anything else! City has no business owning that corner or any other additional property in town when they haven’t accomplished the basic issues and needs. The City needs to stay true to ramping up drainage projects, fixing our streets and oh – put a sidewalk on Andante!


  15. Pete says:

    89a 179 Y Property? Piss poor idea. Why I’m at it pay attention YOU who bought, begged and appointed yourself to a city committee. Yes you, the one with a fat wallet self importance. You’re political extremism makes you a laughingstock, & your welcome has worn thin. At meetings, be quiet. Appreciate it. I’m running low on aspirin.

  16. Barbara (NHRA) would have been very unhappy and VERY vocal on this situation. sometimes I think getting old isn’t soooo bad…we won’t be around to see what happens with the human race

  17. Has city council taken into consideration all chamber members OUTSIDE of Sedona? They do not contribute to the tax base and NO WAY does side shopping in Sedona justify for city to be funding for advertising in VOC, Flagstaff, Prescott, Verde Valley, probably in Phoenix and who knows where else Sedona Chamber of Commerce members are lurking? They are in direct competition with local trade. Not fair and as a resident/business owner and no longer a member of the chamber I ask for equal time in advertising for those of us who have been out-sourced to competing businesses via excessive funding from City of Sedona.

  18. This is awful news. How could it be happening to beautiful Sedona? All I can say is how fortunate our family was to have enjoyed the beauty at the time we did. Will never forget my brother’s wedding at Submarine Rock and the casual, relaxed atmosphere of what at one time didn’t need all the big city promos because there was no need to compete with anything else in the entire world. The people who are causing the ruination should consider the best amenity might be either a chopping block or town center featuring a hanging noose. Then they could line up to see which would be the first to make worthwhile history.

  19. The arrogant members of the City Council and the CEO of the Chamber of Commerce overlook one important thing, that being the hundreds of “tourists” that are supplied to local businesses via the large number of house guests who are constantly visiting residents. Because of our own friends who come to Sedona, we have provided thousands of dollars worth of purchases in local retail shops, restaurants, and tour offerings. At the moment we are so angry that in the future our friends will be escorted to Jerome, Cottonwood, Camp Verde or maybe even to Flagstaff or Prescott where they will be accepted as not being products of “Destination Marketing.

  20. Jean says:

    Get this!

    The mission of the City of Sedona government is to provide exemplary municipal services that are consistent with our values, history, culture and unique beauty.

  21. Time to end the ” City” of Sedona before it ends through default.

    Did any of the genius in the “City” notice all the vacant businesses they have taxed and regulated to extinction?

    Sedona was beautiful before it was a city, and will be beautiful when the “City” is gone.

    Let’s put all these useless spenders out of work before they tax we residents out of town.

  22. Jim, uptown says:

    @Jean. HA, HA, HA, HA . . . that’s almost as fitting as the City of Sedona Vision Statement (see comment 4/24 and check out the web link) clearly these people live within their small little worlds with their small little friends and small little minds and maybe even pass a small little peace pipe or whatever??

  23. Curious says:

    @Richard Saunders. do you know how to make it happen? how can we get rid of city government. please, and seriously, it would be great to have this answer.

  24. City Finds New Way to Waste Money! Did you know that the City of Sedona has its own youtube channel now? It’s right here: http://www.youtube.com/user/CityofSedonaAZ?feature=watch

    I was so flabbergasted at this completely nonsensical fluff, this total waste of staff time, that I could not believe my own eyes and called City Hall for verification. I mean, this is a town that can’t even fix drainage in a desert, but hey, they’ve got their own youtube channel.

    The person I spoke with at City Hall was downright jubilant over what she thought was a “cost effective way to help communicate to the constituency”.

    That was the second time she used the phrase, “cost effective”. The first time was in describing how someone at the Parks & Recreation Department had found a “cost effective” computer program that turned photos into videos.

    Lucky “cost effective” us! We can now watch all the truly great stuff Parks and Rec. has done — stuff that just a very small fraction of our population actually participates in! You’ll thrill to the likes of Breakfast with Santa, Pumpkin Splash, and my personal favorite, Community Campout!

    One wonders if the Vision Statement video will be redone to include the sight-blight road banners once they are flying across the road in Uptown. Those could be proudly displayed on screen just when the narrator is saying, “To be a city that is constantly vigilant over the preservation of its natural beauty, scenic vistas, pristine environment and cultural heritage.”

    In any case, one of the most truly “cost effective” measures the City could take would be to get rid of the Parks & Recreation Department in its entirety.

    From something I wrote 4 years ago:

    Eliminate Parks & Recreation Dept. – Put park maintenance out to competitive bid and eliminate all of the Dept.’s fitness classes and entertainment programs, road trips, etc. Providing dancing, tennis, swimming, underwater hockey, New Age brain, and tile painting classes is a legitimate function of a summer camp, not a government.

  25. City of Sedona Public Notice
    Thu, May 02, 2013 4:22 pm Subject: Andante Sidewalk Construction Canceled
    (Posted to this article by Editor to address above comments from the reading public about Andante sidewalk construction.)

    Recently, the Federal Government adopted new transportation funding legislation known as MAP-21. As ADOT has worked to determine how to respond to the impact of the recent transportation funding legislation, they have found it necessary to cancel Round 19 of the enhancement grant cycle, which included the Andante Sidewalk Project. In light of this, the project will not be moving forward at this time.

    Questions regarding this matter should be addressed to Charles Mosley, Director of Public Works/City Engineer at CMosley@SedonaAz.gov or call 928-204-7132.

  26. The City of Sedona has provided the following notice:

    The City of Sedona can now be found on YouTube. To view videos, click on the YouTube link at http://www.SedonaAZ.gov or go to http://www.youtube.com/cityofsedonaaz. Videos include the city’s Vision Statement as well as a variety of Parks and Recreation events. For more information, please contact the City Manager’s office at 928-204-7127.

  27. Sharlett says:


    Love your headline! Problem is this town, by virtue of this Council “is” broke and with this current council there is no hope of fixing “it”, as it is not their money. They only seem to function off of personal wants and visions and very expensive items not related to current and actual needs.

    They (Council) want to increase the bed tax, implement a Property Tax…just think of any other tax you can imagine and they will want it. (just don’t say it out loud or they will hear you and try to implement it!) and please don’t forget their concepts of Go Bonds (General Obligation Bonds) which means (easy translation) if there is a drainage problem in a neighborhood they will go for a Bond to have that neighborhood pay for the Bond Debt rather than City assuming cost.

    One neighborhood that comes into mind is Tlaquepaque – who continues to be the true Heart of Sedona with all their well run event weekends that both locals and tourist enjoy and spend money at – and where city taxes are collected – and who were at more than capacity on Saturday for their Cinco De Mayo/Chilli Cook off events….traffic at stand still and no assist from City police. Huh?

    Yet how many times does that “Heart of Sedona” need to get flooded before the City steps up and just pays to correct the problems they are responsible for? The owner of Tlaquepaque is really a Saint for agreeing to pay a portion of the fix, yet in reality the total responsibility lays with the City!

    Wait – they do want another couple of taxes! A State 1% Sales Tax is sunseting (what a novel concept!) and the City and Chamber of Commerce and the Lodging Council want to bring back 5% of that sunseting tax….plus increase the Bed Tax by .5% yowzer!!! What a way to treat all of us and our main revenue generators – tourists.

    Keep up the good work Eddie and lets hope that this town wakes up – yet again – to what this Council is about and how little respect they have for us taxpayers. I seem to remember them wanting to own 89a in West Sedona and how hard they tried to tell us little folks they knew more than we did…..yet they lost at a public vote. Their recent council actions are as blatant and disrespectful and I’m sure hoping the public will get up in arms. Council keeps breaking IT…and we are IT!


  28. What we’ve decided Sedona needs is to contact ACLU due to local discrimination against residents! Seriously. A comment about those of us of living here who entertain house guests who spend thousands of $$$$ shopping, touring, dining, etc. have been kicked to the curb by the likes of Pope Adams and the new Mother Teresa $125,000 a year Jennifer Wesslehoof who actually think their assignment is to save Sedona. The only thing Sedona is in need of is to be saved from the likes of them. ACLU, where are you when we need you?

    PS: Our friends (and they remain our friends) will no longer be shoppers when and if they ever return to Sedona. Their expressed opinions of what is going on here are not allowed to be repeated in print. And that’s the truth!.

  29. Fed Up says:

    It’s extremely disturbing to learn that city council members will continue to increase taxes to benefit the chamber of commerce and lodging council under the pretense of attracting more destination tourists in order to compete with outside markets. Has Sedona really been reduced to such a disgrace that it must advertise to compete? And as others have said, we who entertain visitors have indeed been kicked to the curb. Adding insult to injury are future plans to correct bad city engineering decisions of the past which created drainage problems by implementing at the cost of property owners aka “victims” by trying to stick us with some kinds of bonds. Shameful, disgusting, and sickening. Great publicity for tourists of any kind. True facts probably are the reason for the alleged need for “destination marketing” which if effective will only prove the demise of once was a really fine place to visit and live. No more.

  30. Does anyone remember when thousands flocked to Sedona to vacation based on the reputation “the best kept secret?” We do and based on what it’s now become our vacation $$$$ will NOT be spent THERE! Great work city financed chamber of commerce.

  31. Frank E. says:

    Of the 30 comments posted not even ONE offers support for the decisions presently being made by the city council. So council members where are all the voices of the “vast majority” you claim are representative of your actions?

  32. E.S. Maddock says:

    Hey, Frank E. Believe me, I’m wondering the same thing. If “they” believe so strongly in their convictions, why aren’t we hearing from them? This is a forum where ALL VIEWS are welcome and fairly represented.

    E.S. Maddock

  33. Sharlett says:

    Frank E is soooo right on target in that not one comment has supported the highly fatiguing and, quite frankly, unreal directions this council makes…could I go further in suggesting none of us even support the staff power driven directions? Hum, ain’t that grand…

    ……and I suggest that there is no “vast majority”, of us, that the majority of council represents… they just do personal agendas…except for a couple of them – perhaps Ward and Jessica???. Jury is still out there.

    …hum, just remembering a few years ago when the council expected all us little people to just accept their dictate on owning 89A….am I correct in that they lost big time?

    Dave and Mary Ann hit another nail square on the head: increased taxes at all levels take away the best kept secret. Guess the best kept secret is that the council thinks all of us are dumb enough to look the other way as they attempt to raise taxes when the economy is still so volatile and definitely – unstable – in order to fill their dance card of dreams!

    To Fed Up: Agree, Agree, AGREE! Yet – lets think about why they want to increase taxes. Seems to me it is only to shore up funds to offset their huge spend list (Wish List)….which is really an insult to those of us paying for their follies and who have never had the opportunity to vote on any of those dream/wish list wants. Kinda makes me feel like a dumb jerk cuz I’m not smart enough to figure out how to manipulate city funds, increase taxes – all in order to stroke some egos.

    So my fellow concerned neighbors – keep on keeping up….let your council members know – directly – of your feelings. Go to the city web site and get their addresses and send them your feelings and comments and let them hear from you!


  34. Jim, uptown says:

    everything Sharlett and the others say us right on but what good does it do.
    they do not care. city and chamber will continue to keep residents hostage. even those who agree with them show what cowards they are by not speaking out in defense. its hopeless.

  35. Leonard says:

    Just picked up on a comment posted by Jim-Uptown so decided to check it out. Then saw Sharlett and others. Oh boy wonder if council, city, and that head of the chamber are aware of what goes on here. But of course this so-called vast majority is sitting in silence because they cut their deals behind closed doors.

  36. Marion says:

    What a year. Urgent Care has been sold. The west Sedona chiropractor office couldn’t find a buyer after he died not long ago. Sedona Dollar store closed and that’s almost funny to write because how bad is it when the Chinese can’t make a buck off of this town?

    Saddlerock closed. The west Sedona flower & gift store is closing down with its owners fleeing Sedona business & city taxes including selling their house to move out of state. Gossip said Biddles is considering closing & or selling to timeshare developers? Real estate companies don’t get sold if money is to be made.

    Gossip I heard said a long-term mid to high end restaurant manager suddenly departed because his restaurant owners are in dire straits. Mexican restaurant Angelo closed. Lease signs up all over. Welcome to West Sedona Residents and Tourists. How much can we suck from your wallets for your once in a lifetime visit because almost none of you come back for extended stays?

  37. Marion: The most recent “gossip” is that the city will buy the Biddle property for either a zoo, museum, outdoor performance venue, dance pavilion, or seems there might even be other options on the table (oh yea, more duck ponds to compete with the sewer plant) to attract destination tourists. Funny thing but timeshares are probably the biggest draw for destination tourism and they don’t pay bed taxes but they are very good for the grocery business because they all cook in their own timeshare kitchens. (oh yea, “they” are supposed to be paying some other kind of convoluted “in lieu of tax” fees.)

    As for all the closed businesses, take heart. Except for the dollar store most of them didn’t offer anything for the residents anyhow. (at least Urgent Care has remained open under new ownership because it seems the other doctor retired. all is not lost – yet!) Soon more residential properties will be in foreclosure when we within city limits are levied with bonds and city property taxes to pay for all this nonsense. :-(

  38. Carl says:

    Notice to Council: We don’t need another zoo in northern AZ. You’re fast becoming it. A call to Out of Africa will show that with hundreds of acres and exotic animals it teeters on the edge of financial profitability. Let’s examine this bottomline. Council would fund a zoo that competes with a damn fine CV local zoo doing a great job for endangered animals but not fix more pressing local needs and issues? Check the history of Bearazona in Williams and Out of Africa in CV. Neither are money makers and huge drains on resources. What’s wrong with you people that you cannot vet ideas or do decent investigative work in the day of the Internet? You are surrounded by the most beautiful natural rock formation in northern AZ and you talk zoos. I expect to hear that idea and a dozen others are off the table at the next council meeting.

  39. E.S. Maddock says:

    Re Carl’s comment: “You are surrounded by the most beautiful natural rock formation in Northern AZ and you talk zoos. I expect to hear that idea and a dozen others are off the table at the next council meeting.”

    How many more of us have been hoping for that very same sane kind of action instead of more and more money “gifted” to the C of C to bring in “destination tourists.” The mindset of the controlling forces appear to be set in concrete and I see little hope for them to change direction. These are, indeed, sad days for Sedona.

  40. Donna says:

    The Arco station and it’s cheap gas? A memory. Lisa Dahl is putting all her chips with fellow investors on Sedona with the four restaurants that she is involved with and let’s hope for the best.

  41. Frank E. says:

    So far Lisa Dahl has been successful with her two restaurants. Remember tho that one is in the VOC and so those diners do not pay city taxes. Of course, the pizza place and the fancy one planned for Cook’s Hill should help the tax base if people can afford the food. That’s a good example of a broken down place that hopefully will be an improvement in Sedona instead of another failed venture. Donna says it well. “Let’s hope for the best.”

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