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Five times the Electoral College has served the nation

Sedona AZ – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:


The United States has justifiably been compared to the old Roman Empire, with both contempt and admiration. The rise and fall of Rome has some staggering similarities and I’d like to point to a few of these:

  • The invitation and training of sworn enemies into the Military and Political strategies
  • The making EXCEPTIONS TO THE LAWS to appease the Lawless
  • Allowing unrestricted, preferential Trade agreements to satisfy Enemies at the expense of Allies
  • Ignoring Nepotism and being considered “Too Big To Fail”.

Rome invited-in, educated and trained Attila’s henchmen, who used their own tactics against them; like it or not, Attila played a major role in the fall of Rome.

The legal ‘Exceptions’ made by Rome is rather vague because like the United States today, the Laws are simply not being enforced. Unenforced or unenforceable laws / rules breed disrespect and contempt for the Law Rule-Making Body.

The Preferential Trade agreements made with China (a sworn enemy) at the expense of Taiwan (a Free Trade Ally and the Only Free Republic in Asia) was and is outrageous, preposterous, and stupid. From the most-favored Trade relations to the ​placating of China about the Taiwan name, an “Enemy To The United States” has advantages over “A Friend!” Our Political Hierarchy will stab a friend in the back for an enemies dollars; often or generally paid under the table to career Politicians and / or their Family (as in Biden and or Clinton) or “Affiliates” (as Corporate Co-conspirators).

Ignoring nepotism is suicidal for a government and thinking any entity is “Too Big To Fail” fits in right beside it. Even Almighty God could and would fail if he made Exceptions!

And the United States will fail very shortly if we destroy the Electoral College, which would trigger the Socialistic Totalitarianism of The New World Order.

Dale Gohr
Clarkdale Arizona


  1. West Sedona Dave says:

    Yes in the modern days its only 2…

    Its given us GW Bush, and Trump….

    So as usual Mr. Gohr just leaves out the most important 2….And look where they have gotten us?

    Have to admit ol GW gave us a war and he is still giving it….18 years, what a quagmire it is…..and only cost a few trillion dollars!

    Yep Dale, you never cease to amaze me with your ignorance! but your consistent!

  2. Preston says:


    You’ve missed the point in your political tunnel. It gave us John Quincy Adams and his Presidency gave us abolition. He wasn’t popular either.

  3. Women First says:

    Mark Kelly is a good old white boy from Jersey trying to take down a woman whose reputation and background is better. Why? Because Mark is only running because his wife can’t – and he didn’t earn that seat, she did. Why does Mark Kelly think he deserves that seat? Go back east and leave the west to do it best. Martha McSally has proven herself. She deserves Arizonans support.

    Arizona Veterans for McSally

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