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Eddie Maddock: To Rise or Not to Rise

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie Maddock tackles Sedona affordability.

Sedona AZAmong Sedona’s ongoing controversies and linked with lack of affordable housing, to rise or not to rise remains near the top of the list – if not THE number one hot topic.

While Sedona is special in many ways, a shortage of workforce housing to accommodate local employees is not unique. Frequent articles relating to the subject have appeared in the Arizona Republic, most recently “Phoenix Trades Incentives for Affordable Housing” (2/17/19) that outlines similar concerns as well as proposed remedies. Extending incentives to developers, such as a tax break to those willing to offer a percentage of their new apartment units at a reduced rate is, but one example.

Over the years Sedona has likewise attempted to acknowledge the need for more affordable housing as was the case with Nepenthe and other projects. Development Agreements also included stipulations requiring a certain number of lower cost units to be provided for employees. However, whether or not those contingencies were subsequently enforced remains questionable.

At any rate, fast-forward to today.

Presently under consideration is construction of a multi-unit housing complex to be located within the primarily industrial area between Sunset and Shelby Drives. The connecting road between those two city streets is neither owned by the city, nor is the property wastewater accessible. Sedona’s city code presently restricts building heights – thus construction of a three or even four story edifice also becomes problematic – therefore addressing the purpose of the theme of this report “To Rise or Not to Rise.”

During the recent process relating to a request for rezoning of the 700 acre parcel outside Sedona City Limits, El Rojo Grande, for the purpose of questionable high density development, the Sedona City Council along with Yavapai County Supervisors and the public in general took kindred positions to successfully oppose rezoning of that property for such an intrusive project. And, let us not forget about the somewhat vast acreage the City of Sedona still owns in conjunction with the Wastewater Treatment Plant for which, on more than one occasion, mixed-use and lower cost housing has been under discussion but never seriously pursued.

Yet now, at this time, with Sedona’s intense traffic congestion realistically without any viable solution, no matter how this Sunset and Shelby multi-unit housing proposal is viewed, no amount of spinning can and or will dispute that increased density will intensify traffic gridlock even more.

ADOT blasting of red rock mountain to make way for I-17 road widening.

It remains almost certain defense for a 3 or 4 story complex will be met with justification because of its more low profile location with the extensive setback from SR89 – perhaps a somewhat valid argument. However, it also poses questions: Would these same city council members have voted to approve existing establishments to exceed two or three or four stories such as Wyndham Sedona, Courtyard by Marriott, Sedona Springs Resort, Sedona Real Inn & Suites, and even our own City Hall for that matter? If that had occurred, views of Sedona’s red rock would have been forever obstructed as actually has already been the case even with the Basha’s center and other shopping centers. Only the few remaining who lived in Sedona back then would be able to attest to that. And, really, should it be ignored, if approved, this, with valid certainty, will set a precedent for future construction?

Wasn’t a primary reason, in fact, for Sedona to incorporate and become a city to avoid the increasingly dense development presently in progress?

Where will all the remaining red rocks go? To parking lots and highways and tourists going and gone.

Have demographics and attitudes of Sedona residents changed so drastically with the times – as is being evidenced by variances and development standards for the short supply of remaining privately owned property available?

Will Sedona, reputed as such a very special place, continue to be compromised and eroded to the status of “just another tourist trap?”

Judging from Sedona’s sluggish voting participation and subsequent results as evidenced by the outcome of the last Sedona City Election surely that must be the case.

Therefore – onward and upward – literally!

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  1. Concerned Residents says:

    Back to the subject – will high rise apartments be approved? And if so, how much worse will traffic get and when will anyone get serious about the situation?

    As uptown traffic improvements get under way, the question still remains about extending Forest Road down a cliff. Big, big bucks will be needed and frittering it away on a two-bit money-grabbing membership club becomes even more outrageous.

    What about the alleged investigation by the State AG’s office on this asinine cash give-away gift to the regional chamber of commerce?

    And in the meantime, ongoing solutions to “affordable housing” are on the table which offer little else besides increasing traffic and no guarantee the units (if provided) will end up accommodating even more tourists. There are ways, you know, and if anything those involved with the city/chamber of commerce are well aware how easy it is to scam the system. (our opinions)

  2. Don & Lois says:

    Even attempting to get to the grocery store on a weekend is impossible.

    This city should be ashamed for funding a group that contributes to the problem and NOT the solution.

    The Chanber should be self-supporting with their membership dues and NOT public money! Anything else should be against the law. the chamber is NOT part of government or city of Sedona staff! It’s a private group for God’s sake for you voting fools.

    This Sedona is no longer safe because of them since they love taking credit for all the tourists. City money should be spent on improving living conditions for everyone and that doesn’t mean a monetary gift to the Chanber so they can buy property. And what? Work on sustainability? They just have to be kidding. WTF city voting morons!!

  3. Matt, New Word in Motion says:

    EXCELLENT new English word. Every once in a while somebody hits it right out of the park…. Not yet found in the Oxford dictionary, but discovered to be a “coined” new word on T-shirts sold on eBay.

    Read slowly & absorb the facts that are within this definition! Hopefully this word will become widely recognized. Finally a brand new English word that describes not only our present but our future especially the direction Sedona is headed.

    INEPTOCRACY: (in-ep-toc’-ra-cy)

    “A system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.”

  4. Mike H says:

    @Matt, New Word in Motion

    “INEPTOCRACY ” That so describes Sedona. Perfect !!

  5. @Matt, New Word in Motion says:


  6. @Don & Lois(oh sure) says:

    First of all, you will never understand that the CoC doesn’t advertise during this peak time of the year, THEY DON’T NEED TO.

    Second of all, you can’t be that blind not to realize that SPRING BREAK IS NOT NEW TO SEDONA. It’s been going on long before most of us ever thought about moving here. In my case, it is what brought me and my wife to Sedona 15 years ago. ASU grads who loved this town so much we moved here.

    If you want to voice your concerns to the Chamber I heard that there is a coffee chat going on once a month, ask your questions then, oh yeah, you don’t want answers you just want to stir the pot. After all, isn’t what this site is all about?!?!

    I’d be more vocal about how new people who want to move here, CAN’T because of the AirBnB’s. You’d rather take pot shots at the Chamber when you are blind to the real issues facing this town HOUSING. As my neighbors are dying off or moving because they can’t afford to live here or are going into assisted living, their houses are selling to AirBnB’s. Open your eyes people in 5 years there will be fewer residents and more tourists.

  7. Karen says:

    We hard working public servants object to being called an ineptocracy. It’s tough sitting in meetings 4 long days a week and thinking up new rules to keep residents in line. A six figure salary is not nearly enough. Your not smart enough to appreciate all we do.

  8. Don & Lois says:

    @Don & Lois (oh sure)

    What you just don’t seem to get is the chamber of commerce is legally NOT a department of the city. If you do some fact finding of your own you might be hard pressed to find other municipalities who even fund chambers. Take Flagstaff for example. They fund and operate their own official Visitor’s Center. Their chamber of commerce stands alone in a large and clearly marked building. Camp Verde doesn’t even have a Chamber and doesn’t even want one. Park City Utah and other resort towns in Colorado promote via their respective state tourism bureaus.

    We registered voters who are not members of the Chamber do not elect those who operate the organization. There is absolutely no valid reason for Sedona to retain them for any purpose except perhaps and simply because they can.

    Attending one of their chatting sessions for the reasons stated above is a stupid suggestion.

  9. Tina Lee says:


    I’m been reading the comments on Sedona Eye for a while now and made some observations.. Your real complaint isn’t the C of C or the other 15 things about the city that “bother” you. It’s that you don’t work and your JEALOUS of people that actually do.. That’s so hilarious.

    (deleted by editor)

    All makes sense now

  10. oh sure says:

    @@Don & Lois(oh sure)

    ” You’d rather take pot shots at the Chamber when you are blind to the real issues facing this town HOUSING”.

    Traffic is not the problem, it not enough housing !! How could we non chamber members be so silly ? The town has lost over 1000 residents and more people are moving away all the time because they don’t have a house !!

    One of the guys running for mayor last election moved away not because of traffic but because he could not afford the house he had lived in for decades !!!! Probably not.

    No it’s an “INEPTOCRACY ” !!

  11. Donna Joy Varney says:

    The city of Sedona violated 9-500.06. Hospitality industry; discrimination prohibited; use of tax proceeds; exemption; definitions. They did so when they came up with increasing the bed tax to 3.5% from 3% to give the regional chamber 55% of all city bed tax.

    The City did so without a voice or vote of those whose businesses have these taxes levied on them. It doesn’t matter what the chamber or their affinity group (sedona lodging) wanted or wants as they are a regional membership based organization whose membership 97% do not continue to city bed taxes.

    Only 2.5% of chamber members contribute to the city-bed taxes.

    If you think a 13.9% combined taxes on a room versus a 6.5% isn’t a game changer, then think again. All airbnb pay the combined city taxes if they are within the city limits. This make visitors stay and play outside our city increasing traffic.

    The city went further in the discrimination by not allowing all in-city businesses a voice or vote in any decisions regarding their businesses. They continue this today. They control and manipulate for their desired outcome. Why won’t they let the in-city business report their own numbers? Why do they allow a third party association to speak for in-city? If you follow the money it is clear.

    Our community is being stripped from so much. The City of Sedona never got a waiver from anyone to give up their rights or voice. The City of Sedona has created a mafia effect by doing so.

    The unintended consequences are what you see today. One sided favoritism and enrichments. Some city employees that saw this and wanted to help ended up leaving. The city funded the chamber in excess of 20 million dollars over the years. Built an empire and army for the chamber with taxpayers money.

    The Chamber propaganda machine would like you to think it comes from airbnb, but that is simply not true. Follow the money; follow the disengagement and disenfranchising of the residents, and business inside the city.
    The chamber gets 55% of ALL city bed tax (2.5 million a year) when they DO NOT and ARE NOT a city-chamber or a city of Sedona department. This is taxpayers money being given to chamber. In addition they get many other gifts from taxpayers money besides the 55% city bed tax. For example, did you know the city gives the chamber exclusive promotions on city website? They do. The chamber also gets many other special privileges and services that others businesses don’t. All paid by the taxpayers. The list is long. The city even pays to clean the chamber bathroom.

    Have you ever thought about the unintended consequences from the city and chamber actions? How is marketing Sedona without proper infrastructure hurt our Sedona area communities? It is time to connect the dots. That 20 million dollars given to the chamber should have gone to infrastructure. We are all paying for that private enrichment.

    I encourage every in-city business, employee, manager, owner and resident to use your voice and take YOUR power back. If the elected officials don’t hear from you they believe you like the ways things are. You don’t have to be a Sedona resident to do so. What happens in Sedona doesn’t stay in Sedona the same as the city bed taxes.

    Speak up now.
    Local Offices

    Governor – dducey@az.gov

    Oramel H. Skinner -Chief of Government Accountability & Special Litigation Unit
    Office of the Arizona Attorney General
    2005 N. Central Ave.
    Phoenix, AZ 85004

  12. Lonnie R. says:

    Happened to be channel surfing on TV and caught part of a council meeting going on. They were talking something about needing money for the sewer plant (wastewater treatment) and then as I was listening had to do with no more capacity for hookups or something. Anyone out there who can explain then why consideration is being given to the complex (subject of above article) when clearly according to the article the location isn’t wastewater accessible? Weird!

  13. Karen says:

    A government employee working. “That’s so hilarious.” When I had one of my businesses I worked 6 1/2 days a week, 14 hours a day, 6 AM to 8 PM. On Sunday I worked 4 hours. I’ve done more work than a government employee even dreams possible.

    Sedona city employees only “work ” 180 days a year. The biggest mistake this town ever made was incorporation .

  14. Tina Lee says:

    @ KAREN
    Your predicable…. What you always forget to mention is that they work 10 hour days four days a week you can add right ? Thats 40 hours..(deleted by editor)

  15. @lonnie says:

    Yea ok

  16. Stunned Stella says:

    “First of all, you will never understand. The CoC doesn’t advertise during this peak time of the year, THEY DON’T NEED TO.” @@Don & Lois (oh sure)

    Please explain then why at approximately 1:30 this afternoon (03/28/19) Sedona was featured in an ad in conjunction with Sonora Living, Channel 15, ABC?

    If that wasn’t a result of the Chamber of Commerce then it represents another good reason why the City of Sedona should cancel their contract with them immediately! Clearly it isn’t necessary, just a total waste of money and there’s just one example to prove it.

    Sedona City should take that contract money and manage their own Visitor’s Center. The City’s cop out for not doing so has been because it cost too much? Really? You expect us to believe such hogwash when with all the traffic up here Sedona is being advertised (for free?) so all the snow bunnies might trip up here for the day?

    You people are so lame it’s boring.

  17. @Stunned Stella says:

    Very interesting. I actually took time to find out what program was on Channel 15 from 1:00 to 2:00 just mostly out of curiosity. Then went to On Demand to review and sure enough, in blazing color, a presumed “free?” promotion of Sedona in all her glory of red rocks – to be featured on Sonora Living (never watch it or intend to).

    So much for marketing with the chamber of commerce. All about tourists here and they hate residents as is evidenced by all the negative comments about them. Also and for sure the last election was ultimate proof we are NOT welcome.

    So sad; Too bad. They ain’t drivin’ me out!

  18. Eddie Maddock says:

    Only SedonaEye editor will determine whether or not this is appropriate.

    If you have sent e-mails to me personally this is to inform you of a problem with SuddenLink.

    Although I am receiving e-mails at this time I’m unable to send e-mails. My tech worked on it extensively yesterday and determined the problem is NOT with my computer but SuddenLink. He (tech) will be unable to work on this again until Friday (tomorrow).

    Computers = bah, humbug!!

  19. @Stunned Stella says:

    I don’t know why this continues to come up time and time again the voters have spoken 2:1 to support businesses and tourism in Sedona. YOU LOST! GET A LIFE AND GET OVER IT.

    For the city to open its own visitors center would cost a heck of a lot more money because the city would have to buy commercial land that is visible from 89A or 179. Build a new building, furnish it and then the city would have to hire 50 employees to duplicate the FREE HARD WORKING VOLUNTEERS at the existing visitors center. With salaries, bennies per each paid employee expensive.

    Don’t believe me?? You do the math.

  20. Stunned Stella says:

    @@Stunned Stella. If contracting with the chamber of commerce for THEIR visitors center (and NOT that of the City of Sedona) as evidenced by their signage is such a great deal, then tell why do other municipalities pay to have their own legitimate facility? (Flagstaff as an example given time and time again!)

    As for hiring more employees, since when has that ever been a problem for City of Sedona?

    Isn’t this “small town” of 10,000 and shrinking population presently paying salaries and benefits to well over 100? ONE HUNDRED PLUS. Assistant to the assistant of whatever they do and it goes on and on. No I don’t believe you!

    The only thing believable in what you write IMO is the astute observation of the last election..that door-to-door campaign definitely worked and the voters spoke..from within the narrow no light tunnel of special interest targeting! It is was it is and that’s for sure!

    Some would say it’s buying votes and others would say Voter fraud. What do you call it?

  21. @@Stunned Stella says:

    That is because you used taxpayers money to pay to advertisements, you vote bought and used city resources to swing the vote. How does it feel to be a cheater and taker?

    IMO the city manager showed his greed when he told all the old people they lose funding for food. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see who the city gives money to and how they tell all their members to vote.

    Let see if you added up all the money the city gifted the chamber film fest, sandy’s wine fest , library and other cronies. Looks like you be above at least 50 million. The city can’t afford it complete BS

  22. Sedona City Residents says:

    @@@Stunned Stella one and all.

    Today’s Arizona Republic “Explore AZ” section featured on the front page ” Hike Features Cathedral Rock, Minus the Crowds.”

    Yes sir Chamber that’s what it says w/picture, directions and details. All one might question is “minus the crowds.” So all you lucky folks who live in the area of Back O’Beyond be on the alert. Heed this free publicity. Oh but maybe we should blame the Az Rep for the miles of traffic backup?

    Doubt that but one thing for sure is this city cannot possibly justify that absurd contract with the special interests of a regional member driven club to promote Sedona in any way, shape, or form. They’re in it for themselves period!Every person involved in promoting this farce, past present and future, should personally be held responsible in the event of disaster.

    In spite of recent precipitation, high winds and increasing temperatures will soon turn this lovely place into a tinderbox, ripe for one careless toss of a cigarette butt or ATV metal making a spark contact with the wrong thing and we’ll ALL be sitting in an inferno. Don’t EVER say this can’t happen to you! WRONG look at California and elsewhere. One spark from a chain caused mass destruction and multiple deaths in northern California!

    Greedy opportunists out of control are making our bad decisions. If any of us survive maybe we’ll have the good fortune of seeing you behind bars which, in our opinions, is where you belong.

  23. steve Segner says:

    Stunned Stella says:
    Some would say it’s buying votes and others would say Voter fraud. What do you call it?
    “Democracy” we got out the vote and you just posted on the Eye … and you lost
    Stunned Stella says:Isn’t this “small town” of 10,000 and shrinking population presently paying salaries and benefits to well over 100? ONE HUNDRED PLUS.
    Stella, work is work big town or small town…. 100,000 is not great pay for managers in any business sorry this is not 1980 . hotel manager make 90,000 to 250,000 a year. we have a great city staff but how would you know, really do you work with them ? NO

  24. Stunned Stella says:

    @steve Segner, you did get out the vote and for that you deserve credit. The pity, however, is your ethical procedures possibly leave questions and a bit to be desired. When the city manager speaks before groups with the opportunity to maybe – just maybe – influence the outcome of an election??? Just asking, mind you – but threatening to the extent the local library wouldn’t get funds? C’mon – sure bet to achieve those necessary votes to keep Home Rule up and running. (Library same as chamber of commerce NOT part of City of Sedona – both existed prior to incorporation.)

    And where did you come up with the $100,000 for the city manager? If that were all they paid for that position then maybe we wouldn’t be griping here.

    Your scare tactics worked, Mr. Segner, but sooner or later there will be a price to pay. Didn’t someone write something recently here about potential disaster in this area? Problem is, innocent people will also suffer but that’s life – big city, little, city and even those that have lost their charm due to exploitation and greed. They might just not prevail forever. Ever think about that? Maybe you should.

  25. @Steve segner says says:

    Can’t you READ? Didn’t Mz Stunned Stella indicate the city presently EMPLOYS over 100? That means people not dollars! Forehead slap, forehead slap, forehead slap. In fact someone recently suggested there’s something like 145 employees @ City Hall! Segner’s right about something. That payroll far exceeds $100K. Maybe the total amount shelled out to city workers might even exceed what they shell out to the Chamber. At least city employees work for Sedona and not the entire effing damn Verde Valley and wherever else C of C members call home. Forehead slap, forehead slap, forehead slap.

  26. Sedona Keith says:

    9K residents divided by 145 employees means each employee services 62 plus or minus residents

    that means a 40 hr work week allows a personal 2 1/2 hrs of one on one city employee to each resident per month

    ?where’s the sign up sheet?

  27. Tax cattle says:

    @Sedona Keith

    City staff does not service the residents, they milk the residents. City staff works for themselves and the Chamber. I’m Sure Steve Segner and the Chamber staff know City staff well.

  28. Sedona City Residents says:

    LMAO we’ve been here going on 10 years and have yet to collect our “2 1/2 hrs of one on one city employee to each resident per month?” Do any of their valued employees keep a log and do we residents, in case of emergency, have a backlog of uncollected counseling and/or advice(?)

  29. Get This says:

    According to Schedule G of the City’s Official Budget Forms, there are 145 Full-Time Equivalent Employees this fiscal year. The Total Estimated Personnel Compensation FY 2019 is $13,154,250.

    Although the City’s population is stagnating, the City has been hiring and paying millions more. Two years ago the City’s Schedule G listed 125 Full-Time Equivalent Employees FY 2017 and $10,322,070 for Total Estimated Personnel Compensation FY 2017.

  30. Nancy says:

    So the ranger park has been turned into the town dump?
    The city of Sedona should be ashamed of the mess that they have made up there.
    A promised park but we get a dump and a parking lot for over flow parking for talapaque?

  31. Sedona Keith says:

    me again. can’t help myself. it’s sunday. friends over unbelievably moved to protest city hall with my response. might be the dinner cocktails. might not. we’re gobsmacked as brit friend says.

    here’s latest – $13,154,250.00 divided by 145 = $90,718.9655 annually per employee or $7,559.91 per month

    each $7,559.91 month has 4 weeks x 40 hours or 160 hrs

    each hour of that month Sedona city employees average $47.25

    my personal 2 1/2 hrs of personal one on one time with a city employee each month, I should only be required to pay $118.13 a month or $1,417.56 annually to meet their payroll requirement

    do you think you’ve received $1417.56 of personal service each year? my friends here want one of their jobs. They’ll work for $30 hr. call and get their names.

  32. It's not just payroll says:

    There are a lot more benefits paid to Sedona Employees

    City Manager and Asst City Manager both get generous Car and Phone allowances

    Every police officer takes his assigned car home, they work 4 day weeks, so the city buys a lot of extra police cars.

    When traveling city employees stay at the Ritz Carlton and other 4 star hotels.

    Travel for training, seminars , subscriptions,team building dinners, it goes on and on…..

  33. Mike Rodgers says:

    To: It’s not just payroll-

    You sound jealous. I guess you were unable to get a real job that pays a living wage. My guess is that you don’t have a college education like our highly educated city manager and asst city manager. I don’t know what you call generous but most people in those positions have those benefits because they are on call 24/7 I guess that you don’t rate such a career. Just think, they work their butts off so people who are afraid to post their names can take pot shots.

    So, you want to start picking on our cops, let me ask you something when was the last time you ran towards danger or put your life on the line for someone else? Did you not watch the meeting video that addresses letting the cops take their cars home IT SAVES MONEY. Because of people like you, they were unable to pay a living wage to these first responders so they get to take their marked patrol car home.

    As for the Ritz Carlton, the RRShooze disproved that. That accusation was from one of the uninformed mayoral candidates who didn’t know how to read a spreadsheet.

  34. steve Segner says:

    Thanks Mike you said it all,Small towns need to pay more not less to keep good people and stop the turn over sedona is well funded and we should have great city employees….

  35. Tony Tonsich says:

    @Mike Rodgers, Bull.

    I got the Ritz Carlton stay and the Hotel Meridian stay off accounts payable. I’ll be happy to send the entire accounts payable to anyone who asks, or you can get a copy from the city. The only question was they were dated 12/31 and staff claimed the actual stay was earlier in the year. Most accounts enter the actual date on accounts payable, the city of Sedona claims they do not. I want to know the actual date when I run a business , not within 90 days.

    IMO The overpaid city manager managed a city with a staff of 8 and a small police department on his earlier job in a tinier town in Colorado. I’m sure we could get a lot of great people to do the job for half of the $179,000 plus a $6000 car and a $1000 phone allowance we pay him. IMO The assistant city manager is an (deleted by editor) incompetent way overpaid glorified secretary.

    The city is set up as a money spending machine and our fine city council does not bother to look at accounts payable. Or maybe they don’t want to because giving Mayor Sandy’s Wine Fest an annual grant might come under more scrutiny.

    City council DO YOUR JOB !!! You have the inmates running the asylum !!!

    I won’t hold my breath, that is why I moved.

  36. Tony Tonsich says:

    I was in a presentation by our current city manager at a Kiwanis luncheon.

    The one thing he said of value is some cities don’t have a city manager or assistant city manger.

    Up until recently Sedona did not have an assistant city manager.

  37. It's a start says:

    Eliminate the city manager and assistant city manager.

  38. Tom leonard says:

    @Tony (deleted by editor) Hey I hear clarkdale has an opening for a new hire for city manager with a salary of well over 100k plus benefits.. Go for it Tony. Plus I’m sure the population of Clarkdale pales in comparison to Sedona. Go spend your energy stirring things up over there. (deleted by editor)

  39. F.Y.I. says:

    April 23, 2019 City Council Meeting.

    During the March 26, 2019 meeting, with no advance disclosure to sewer users of the rate structure and the financial plan, the City Council directed staff and consultant Willdan Financial Services to pursue OPTION D. The Mayor called on both individuals who filled out a card to make their comments before the proposed wastewater rates were made known.

    OPTION D Residential Rates: $29.29 fixed rate per month PLUS $4.99 per 1,000 gallons based on water use per month. The multifamily fixed rate is the same, however $4.79 is added for each 1,000 gals of water use per month. Sales tax subsidies will end in FY 2026, and debt financing may be considered in the future if the need arises.

    Even today the Wastewater Rate Study, Wastewater Financial Plan and Cost of Service Analysis the City Council Agenda deceptively states were prepared by Willdan Financial Services have yet to be prepared.

    Approximately 60 percent of residents have been stuck with the costs of the WW can-load of errors while developers make huge profits.

  40. Mike Rodgers says:

    To Tony Tonsich:

    I fail to see why you feel compelled to weigh in on anything “Sedona” when you no longer live in Sedona and moved to Cornville. I hope that they realize that you embellish every word out of your mouth and don’t put up with your nonsense.

    You may discount the word of the Red Rock News calling it the Snooze but they nailed you to the cross with those financial reports that you were so ignorant to properly read or even understand. Any financial person knows that monthly statements have one date with individual postings another, read your own credit card statement.

    I have seen time and time again that people love to say “I’m sure we could get a lot of great people for half of the salary” when in fact, you have no clue what they’re talking about. People like you just like to generalize to push forward their own agenda with no intelligence.

    Thank God our city council doesn’t have to listen to those who live outside the city limits.

  41. Eric says:

    Had to reimagine @mike Lots of negative energy vibes. I know editor, no negative vibes in that body, positive light love energy frequency even before birth. Feeling @mike shamanic level

  42. John Daniels W Sedona says:

    Tony Tonsich (deleted by editor) I was at the citizen’s academy 2 years ago and that was explained to the students the very first day. If you had a clue about the way government works you’d know local governments are run by the City Manager Form of Government. (deleted by editor)

  43. Are they listening ? says:

    @Mike Rodgers

    You said :”Thank God our city council doesn’t have to listen to those who live outside the city limits.”

    The city council doesn’t listen to those that live within city limits !!!

    They do listen to the chamber and the idiot “professional staff.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHA You’re funny.

  44. Don't water your garden or plants says:

    Arizona water Co, which serves part of Sedona charges $2.032 per 1000 gallons for drinking quality water. The City of Sedona plans on charging you $4.99 for every 1000 gallons you use. I’m sure they won’t differentiate between what goes down the sewer and what waters your plants.

    Plan on some eye popping sewer bills.

  45. Steve Segner says:

    Tony Tonsich big scoop when running for mayor was the mayor Sandy, took Karen Danes to lunch and charged $50.00 to the city!!!! And he said community development could be run with 3 people , because his neighbor said so…. I miss Tony it helps me understand Trump supporters.

  46. @STEVE SEGNER says:

    You are not one to throw stones.

    IMO YOU are “stealing” affordable housing and turning them into HOTEL ROOMS!!!!!!!


    Your motivation is how much money your tiny BnB makes.

  47. @are they listening says:

    No they just don’t listen to your (deleted by editor)

  48. steve segner says:

    @STEVE SEGNER says
    feel better ?

  49. Wm. D. says:

    It’s official! At a council meeting on April 9th the city council voted approval (4 to 3) to allow residential AND commercial to be FOUR STORIES in the Sunset Community Focus Area. Those who opposed were Vice Mayor John Martinez and Councilmen John Currivan and Bill Chisholm. This has given even more jurisdiction to city staff who are now authorized to approve building heights up to 45 feet without going before Planning & Zoning committee members.

    To hell with solving traffic congestion. These people are oblivious to reality.

    Answer to question of article, To Rise or Not to Rise?

    RISE, RISE, RISE – the sky’s the limit now that Sedona’s version of Pandora’s Box has now been opened . . . and opened WIDE!

  50. 4 story nightmare says:

    For some people, Airport Mesa is their view. Now those people will get to look at 4 story buildings instead of nature thanks to 4 reckless environmental vandals on Council.

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