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Eddie Maddock: To Rise or Not to Rise

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie Maddock tackles Sedona affordability.

Sedona AZAmong Sedona’s ongoing controversies and linked with lack of affordable housing, to rise or not to rise remains near the top of the list – if not THE number one hot topic.

While Sedona is special in many ways, a shortage of workforce housing to accommodate local employees is not unique. Frequent articles relating to the subject have appeared in the Arizona Republic, most recently “Phoenix Trades Incentives for Affordable Housing” (2/17/19) that outlines similar concerns as well as proposed remedies. Extending incentives to developers, such as a tax break to those willing to offer a percentage of their new apartment units at a reduced rate is, but one example.

Over the years Sedona has likewise attempted to acknowledge the need for more affordable housing as was the case with Nepenthe and other projects. Development Agreements also included stipulations requiring a certain number of lower cost units to be provided for employees. However, whether or not those contingencies were subsequently enforced remains questionable.

At any rate, fast-forward to today.

Presently under consideration is construction of a multi-unit housing complex to be located within the primarily industrial area between Sunset and Shelby Drives. The connecting road between those two city streets is neither owned by the city, nor is the property wastewater accessible. Sedona’s city code presently restricts building heights – thus construction of a three or even four story edifice also becomes problematic – therefore addressing the purpose of the theme of this report “To Rise or Not to Rise.”

During the recent process relating to a request for rezoning of the 700 acre parcel outside Sedona City Limits, El Rojo Grande, for the purpose of questionable high density development, the Sedona City Council along with Yavapai County Supervisors and the public in general took kindred positions to successfully oppose rezoning of that property for such an intrusive project. And, let us not forget about the somewhat vast acreage the City of Sedona still owns in conjunction with the Wastewater Treatment Plant for which, on more than one occasion, mixed-use and lower cost housing has been under discussion but never seriously pursued.

Yet now, at this time, with Sedona’s intense traffic congestion realistically without any viable solution, no matter how this Sunset and Shelby multi-unit housing proposal is viewed, no amount of spinning can and or will dispute that increased density will intensify traffic gridlock even more.

ADOT blasting of red rock mountain to make way for I-17 road widening.

It remains almost certain defense for a 3 or 4 story complex will be met with justification because of its more low profile location with the extensive setback from SR89 – perhaps a somewhat valid argument. However, it also poses questions: Would these same city council members have voted to approve existing establishments to exceed two or three or four stories such as Wyndham Sedona, Courtyard by Marriott, Sedona Springs Resort, Sedona Real Inn & Suites, and even our own City Hall for that matter? If that had occurred, views of Sedona’s red rock would have been forever obstructed as actually has already been the case even with the Basha’s center and other shopping centers. Only the few remaining who lived in Sedona back then would be able to attest to that. And, really, should it be ignored, if approved, this, with valid certainty, will set a precedent for future construction?

Wasn’t a primary reason, in fact, for Sedona to incorporate and become a city to avoid the increasingly dense development presently in progress?

Where will all the remaining red rocks go? To parking lots and highways and tourists going and gone.

Have demographics and attitudes of Sedona residents changed so drastically with the times – as is being evidenced by variances and development standards for the short supply of remaining privately owned property available?

Will Sedona, reputed as such a very special place, continue to be compromised and eroded to the status of “just another tourist trap?”

Judging from Sedona’s sluggish voting participation and subsequent results as evidenced by the outcome of the last Sedona City Election surely that must be the case.

Therefore – onward and upward – literally!

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  1. Craig says:

    There is a Builder God. Get Vito & Don & Jim & Brian & Mark & John &other builders on the phone. Chapel, Les Springs,Foothills & God bless my wallet every lot that’s vacant in city let’s build those highrises its okay now. BUILDERS hurry & get approvals.

  2. Jason says:

    WHO voted in favor of 4 or more stories?? What’s their names? I don’t care who voted against it but I would like to know who voted for it? Appreciate it.

  3. @Jason says:

    Names of those voting approval of 4 stories:

    Mayor Sandy Moriarty; Members of City Council: Janice Hudson, Scott Jablow, and Jessica Williamson

    Every name voting either for or against this ghastly height increase was a result of A MAJORITY OF VOTES CAST BY SEDONA CITY REGISTERED VOTERS!!

    Keep that in mind before casting stones . . . Please!

  4. Say What? says:

    So here’s the deal – four holier-than thou know-it-alls on the city council approve what THEY think is best (to hell with Sedona residents, traffic impact, or anything else).

    And four story buildings in an area that isn’t complete with sewer service, and a connector road between Sunset and Shelby Drive which isn’t owned by the city.

    Well, here’s a thought.

    Clearly this will be an expensive endeavor long before 4-story structures become more than just a vision of horror to some. It will take a ton of money to even make such wild ideas come even close to being reality, so how about dumping the stoopid contract with the chamber of commerce (most likely the questionable brains behind this insanity) and take those many millions of $$$$, put them towards the endless and expensive costs to be incurred to prepare this eat, drink, and be merry adventure – then get ready to build!

    By that time this city council and probably many others will be history and it’s just as likely the entirety of Sedona will have dropped into a giant sinkhole.

    Wishful thinking? Maybe. Maybe not.

  5. Citizens academy says:

    Citizens academy :

    Where the city staff holds a class to determine who is most likely to support or not support their agenda.

    Those who do not support the agenda have NO CHANCE of getting on a citizens committee.

    Those who do support the agenda, just listen like a good sheep and do what we say, we are the professionals.

    Don’t some call women who sell their favors professionals?

  6. @Citizens Academy says:

    Two type of people in Sedona.
    Those that enjoy life and are doers.. and those that constantly complain. We all know which one you are.

  7. Ronnie W says:

    Remember when? We had Keep Sedona Beautiful who organized in order to protect Sedona from falling into the black hole we are seeing evolve.

    KSB would have representation at city council meetings. Members joined forces to protect Sedona from ugly signs, colors, architect design and all things negative which detracted from our scenic beauty.

    Where are they now?

    Here’s where the are now. Allies with the chamber of commerce, the most intrusive, invasive detriment to ever hit Sedona. And KSB is marching right alongside them. Shameful!

    The founders of KSB must surely be turning over in their graves in disgrace at those betrayers who aren’t fighting with all their might to stop this one way road to ruin. And that’s exactly what it is. Four story buildings – way to go, Sedona. And that’s only the beginning of the new trend. Wait and see.

  8. Karma Speaks says:

    Arizona Republic – Saturday, April 13, 2019: EXPLORE AZ – feature article


    Details to encourage even more daytrippers! OMG – Is this the result of the City of Sedona contract the Chamber of Commerce for DESTINATION MARKETING?

    What more is needed to conclusively prove the contract with these rip off artists is nothing more than a shell game? Or perhaps even fraud? This is the return on that frivolous investment?

    Yes indeed – Details about where to go for FREE and suggesting a couple of FAST FOOD places for handy food to take on your FREE hiking trail!!

    Karma isn’t just speaking. This time the red rocks of Sedona are painfully echoing back the message.

  9. Citizens academy says:

    I’m trying to wake people up, to the lies deception and greed that are ruining beautiful Sedona. You have no idea who I am or how much I have tried, not only posting on this site.

    Diversion and misinformation by those that say “just enjoy life”, in other words just go on with your day and ignore how much we are stealing from you today and in the future . I enjoy every day, but I try to add to a future when I am gone. The damage being done in Sedona will carry on long after those doing it are in the ground and forgotten.

  10. @cotizen academy says:

    No thanks not buying what your spewing.
    As I said some are doers and as in your case some are complainers and fault finders.

  11. @karma speaks says:


  12. Karma again says:

    Do a Google search, there are tons of recommendations for Sedona day trips. Any advertising in Phoenix or even Arizona only attracts more day tripper traffic.

    The Sedona chamber is a GIANT FAIL !!

  13. @ Citizens academy says:

    And the damage you speak of is now accelerating and includes permanent structural damage such as (but not limited to) roads, zoning changes that increase density, and 4 story buildings.

  14. Spirit of Sedona says:

    Except for the controlling forces (Chamber; Lodging Council; Developers) the true Spirit of Sedona is dead. The truth in that is apparent unless there is enough interest and Sedona residents unite and get the required signatures for a ballot measure to reverse this decision made by four people – that’s right – votes from four people – will allow the onset of high-rise development here.

    Remember not too long ago when the city council made the deal to take control of W89 from ADOT? Sedona citizens did show their strength, unified as one, and the processes followed:

    INITIATIVE & REFERENDUM. There is also a third option: RECALL which once was also effectively applied in Sedona.


  15. Blake says:

    I can tell you what’s “risen” in our household, our blood pressure! Cause of illness? Pissed off about this damn city and (deleted by editor) chamber of commerce.

    Reading the one of the gratuitous columns in a recent edition of a local paper, the president of the special interest club aka Sedona chamber requests for resident support uptown during the road improvement ordeal. Surely she is having an infartuation?

    What resident of Sedona in their right mind would consider supporting uptown businesses under any circumstances? There once was a time we would entertain visiting guests with a tour. But those years are long gone. Our “visiting guests” wouldn’t come back to Sedona now even if we paid their way, they say expensive cheap food, expensive cheap art, expensive cheap jewelry, expensive cheap hotels, expensive time on road for cheap views. Get over yourself Chamber President and CEO. Isnt the grin in your picture as phony as you and your claims to do for Sedona?

  16. ben Rodgers says:

    Blake says: perhaps time for you to move why live in a town you hate …you did not seem to complain about the home prices and land values in Sedona. If you did not notice Sedona is a tourist town ways has been….. i

  17. Alice, west Sedona says:

    @Blake “Get over yourself Chamber President and CEO. Isnt the grin in your picture as phony as you and your claims to do for Sedona?” Wouldn’t you be grinning too if for far too many years you had city council members either in your back pocket or eating out of your hand . . . or???? Point being her whining poor me sales pitch works! How many millions of unaccounted $$$$ has been the return on her investment whatever that might have been, was, or is?

    And why would anyone in their right mind own a business in Sedona? It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if once the highway undergoes widening (again.. it was the city that narrowed it after they boldly took ownership from ADOT) it wouldn’t be surprising if many of those business pulled up stake and moved on. And would you blame them?

    The real whiners on Sedona Eye are those with their “yawn” and ho hum responses. Poor souls – have nothing better to do with their time than harp about comments revealing the truth about Sedona today?? My vote goes to “Karma.”

  18. Terri says:

    Ben, that Sedona is a tourist town is a fake news mantra & get over yourself. Who buys that fake news about tourist town? City staff, city council, city businesses, city developers. Sedona is NOT a tourist town, never has been and never will be.

    Sedona IS a town of residents that accommodate tourists in any manner THE RESIDENTS see fit. NOT City staff, city council, city businesses, city developers. RECALL, REFERENDUM: NO TODAY TO TWO OR MORE. USE IT FOR THE RECALL MOTTO. BUY TEE SHIRTS. USE A PICTURE OF A FOUR STORY BUILDING HIDING OUR MESAS AND CANYONS AND OTHER VIEWS. You’re not ruining my view from my house. I live here. They don’t. Let them afford it or not. There’s an entire nation they can shop for a place that fits them.



  19. Steve Segner says:

    Terri says: Ben, that Sedona is a tourist town is a fake news mantra & get over yourself
    So Terri, just what is a A resort town, often called a resort city or resort destination, is an urban area where tourism or vacationing is the primary component of the local culture and economy. … Generally, tourism is the main export in a resort town economy, with most residents of the area working in the tourism or resort industry.
    Just some facts, 10,000 people work in Tourism in Sedona 9000+ live in sedona and up to 20,000 people visit sedona a day on a weekends, and you say fake news …… Sedona is not a tourist town wow you watch to much Fox News oh and 70% of city income comes from Tourism not Fake news!
    Your comment You’re not ruining my view from my house. is just greedy you do not own the views, the roads 89a, or the city, Sedona belong to all of us residents and non residents visitors and workers.

  20. @Steve Segner says:

    Well guess what? The connecting road between Shelby and Sunset does NOT belong to the city or anybody else except those holding title to it.

    It’s privately owned.

    But one thing you @Steve Segner can hang your hat on is Keep Sedona Beautiful most likely won’t be lobbying against highrise developments. Adding insult to injury with their endorsement of the Chamber of Commerce holiday laser fright-lights into our wilderness area, haven’t they recently become allies with Chamber and City to promote sustainability? What a joke!

    Residents of Sedona, bring out those pens for signing petitions supporting ballot measures to put a stop to this nonsense. The same applies to recalls. That’s one thing tourists and other non-residents CANNOT control. Unlike some people not EVERYBODY has a Sedona business address they conveniently use in order to register to vote in Sedona elections.

  21. Lori Jones says:

    Whoever the person is responding to Steve Segner post.

    The city has nothing to worry about … you want to organize a petition and other things. That’s laughable. You don’t even post using your real name!!! Surely a “stand up girl” such as you to be truly effective wouldn’t hide thier identify..

    I guess you think your complaining her is sufficient . You should come out of the shadows and run for council .

  22. Tony Tonsich says:

    I agree with @ Lori Jones, probably a fake name also.

    When I was running for mayor many voiced support for my positions. When asked to knock on doors, I had myself and 3 others. Democrats of the Red Rocks mobilized and knocked on thousands of doors. The city manager spoke at every organization.

    Many did not even want to put up yard signs, because their neighbors might object. Many yard signs were stolen, I had almost 200 signs stolen.

    Change will take ACTION. From my very recent experience , very few were willing to act. The opposition acted, knocked on doors, stole yard signs, spread false information, they did what ever it takes to win.

    Guess what, they won. Complaining here might be better than nothing, but not much.

    They won, you and I lost. The fearful majority voted. I saw more personally more clearly than anyone, so I voted with my feet the second time and moved.

    If those in charge start building 4 story buildings, Sedona will never recover. Are you going to take action this time? Are you going to cancel and tell your few neighbors that are left to cancel their subscription to the Red Rock Fake News? Are you going to knock on doors? Are you going to tell businesses you patronize you will stop supporting them if they stay members of the chamber? Are you going to show up at city council meetings?

    Or are you going to lose again?

    I made my bet.

  23. Get Real says:

    Steve Segner is lying when he says “70% of city income comes from Tourism.”

    According to the City of Sedona Community Report 2018: “FY 2017 city revenues generated by sales & bed taxes . . . .57%, two-thirds of which is paid by visitors.” Two-thirds of 57% is 38%, not 70%.

  24. Meredith in Sedona says:

    @get real Thank you. It irritates us when city exaggerates the impact of tourism on the economy. As a shop owner I never see the numbers that the city says. Because I fear the chamber backlash I’m using my cousin’s name in Nebraska. I’m the jellyfish like others here. The place I’m fearless is the ballot box. I’m pro recall and pro referendum. I hate what’s been done to city in past 8 years. Sucks.

  25. Eddie Maddock says:

    Speaking of rising (to the occasion) this is an update on the progress of providing the ADOT video interview relating to the revision of SR179 back in year 2000. The Editor and Publisher of Sedona Eye reports as follows:

    “We are surrounded by five FIVE computers! Two rewriteable LG portables and a VHS tape and a DVD disk ! We’re trying !”

    In the meantime, guess what popped up? Right smack in the middle of another 6-hour video cassette is yet another interview (1-1/2 hrs.) with Don Dorman, ADOT Rep. for this area, dated 03/08/2000. Content of this one remains yet unknown but a calculated guess it’s more about the contentious redesign of SR179.

    For some reason today doesn’t seem like the appropriate time to drop this bomb on the SE Editor and Publisher.

  26. Get This says:


    Potential negotiations for the acquisition of real property for the siting of a transit hub in the vicinity of the “Y” intersection in the City of Sedona is the matter on the City Council agenda.

    Increasing the traffic volume at the “Y,” thereby adding to the congestion and delays on SRs 179 and 89A, is an idea from Hell. And where can adequate parking be provided for those taking the shuttles to trailheads and elsewhere?

    The City Council and staff have failed to take Sedona’s current traffic overload nightmares seriously, preferring to live on another planet.

  27. Cottonwood Chamber Members says:

    Someone called our attention to Sedona Eye and ongoing criticism of the Sedona Chamber of Commerce.

    As fairly new owners of a business in Cottonwood but also members of the SCC we would like to thank the City of Sedona for promoting and supporting members of your Chamber of Commerce. We have never lived in an area where city government sponsored and promoted businesses outside their jurisdiction with municipal funds.

    As this was recently pointed out in a letter to the editor of a local printed publication, this likewise we hope is an opportunity to convey our sincere thanks to your local government for extending your generosity to those of us simply because we are members of a private association not even within your local jurisdiction which means we don’t collect Sedona city taxes which contribute to your local revenue. Yes yes yes.

    We are told you will be deciding your future funding to the alleged Sedona Chamber of Commerce at your upcoming city council meeting next week. This is to offer our support for continuing promotion of members such as us in Cottonwood. You make the cost of our membership to the Chamber worth it. What a deal! Such a deal !

    Thanks more than you know. Yes yes yes!

  28. Carl, Seriously? says:

    Having just read the two comments posted above on May 24 it becomes apparent. The inmates truly have taken over the asylum.

    A transit hub at the “Y”? And the traffic is already backed up in both directions. And I too read the letter to the editor from a Cottonwood business thanking the Sedona Chamber of Commerce for the great publicity.

    Therefore is it any wonder Sedona has become the joke of the Verde Valley! Nice image? NOT!

  29. Steve segner says:

    You can always tell when (Deleted by Editor) never uses her name, makes a new one up and always uses the word “alleged “
    Just a reminder that Sedona Chamber of Commerce is a regional Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Commerce is not funded by the city of Sedona. The chambers visitors bureau is a vendor to the city just so we’re all clear

  30. Joe Lee says:

    Sorry @Steve segner, if budgeting over $2 million annually to the “Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Bureau of Tourism” isn’t funding from the City of Sedona then what is? And furthermore if this is a “regional” benefit then why isn’t it financially funded by the “region” and NOT just the City of Sedona? What lurks about as a rat IS a rat!

  31. F.Y.I. says:

    Another lie from Steve segner: “The Chamber of Commerce is not funded by the City of Sedona.” The FY 2020 Tentative City Budget is on the May 28, 2019 City Council Agenda (Item 8.a.).

    At $51,547,230 it’s a 9 percent increase from this year’s adopted Budget.

    $2,635.870 is allocated for Tourism Management & Development. This is an expenditure listed under “City’ Manager’s Office.”

  32. Joe Lee says:

    More deception @F.Y.I. = $2,635.870 is allocated for Tourism Management & Development. This is an expenditure listed under “City’ Manager’s Office.”

    Just how does the City Manager’s Office spend that $2,635,870? Isn’t it given to the Chamber of Commerce (NOT Sedona C of C but REGIONAL C of C as Steve segner points out?) How can this possibly be described as anything else but a deceptive SHELL GAME?

  33. F.Y.I says:

    @Joe Lee. Of course what the City of Sedona lists as “Management & Development” goes to the parasitic regional Chamber of Commerce. Wise up.

  34. @Joe Lee says:

    More deception @Joe Lee. Wake up! It’s the Sedona City Manager’s Office that utilizes “Tourism Management & Development” in the FY 2020 City budget, not the individual who references this terminology. Of course, the parasitic regional Chamber of Commerce, a City crony, will receive the $2,635,870.

  35. steve segner says:

    Joe Lee says: Just how does the City Manager’s Office spend that $2,635,870? Isn’t it given to the Chamber of Commerce (NOT Sedona C of C but REGIONAL C of C as Steve segner points out?) How can this possibly be described as anything else but a deceptive SHELL GAME?

    Because the city manager oversees every dollar , not the chamber or the Tourism Bureau. The city council sets the budget and approved all programs and the city manager oversees the spending and contract. the Tourism and visitors Bureau is a vender to the city and the city manager is the manager of the programs. Marketing is just part of the budget. You can see the program this Tuesday at the city council meeting. hope that helps

  36. Eddie Maddock says:

    Referencing the TV interview with Don Dorman, Flagstaff ADOT District Engineer (3/8/2000), relating to my previous comment (5/19/2019) the initial hour of that interview was devoted primarily to West 89A from Sedona to Cottonwood and, to a limited extent, continuation up through Oak Creek Canyon. Only the last half hour was dedicated essentially to future plans for SR179 from VOC to Sedona. The video will promptly be made available to the Publisher/Editor of Sedona Eye to be considered for further publication.

    Therefore, the two Don Dorman interviews occurred prior to extensive public input including the planning sessions offered by ADOT sponsored “charrettes” during which public suggestions were welcomed, but stressing the caveat ADOT would hold to State standards and all requirements pertaining to public safety.

    And Oh My Goodness – the upheavals reflected watching just a handful of those videos has revealed much, much more. Example: City’s purchase of City Hall was a biggie.

    If you think for one split second Sedona wasn’t controversial from the get-go, think again. All that’s changed is primarily the cast of characters and, of course, certain issues. However, traffic concerns not being among them. Yep – traffic and parking issues have only become worse and real solutions remain a mystery.

  37. Wise Willie says:

    shell game
    /ˈSHel ˌɡām/
    a deceptive and evasive action or ploy, especially a political one.

  38. GNS, Sedona says:

    Another point of view Willie Wisdom ???? Want My \\\OPINION ????

    Sedona and its Sedona Chamber contract ??? Who knows what goes on because nobody is showing the council anything ???

    Have an enjoyable Memorial Day with family and friends.

    Oh by the way does anybody know about this kind of accounting ??? It would be messy to have one I guess and really very stupid. Thank goodness nobody is that stupid here.


    Description: A slush fund, also called a black fund, is a fund or account that is not properly accounted, such as money used for corrupt or illegal purposes, especially in the political sphere. Such funds may be kept hidden and maintained separately from money that is used for legitimate purposes. Wikipedia

  39. steve Segner says:

    GNS, Sedona says: Sedona and its Sedona Chamber contract ??? Who knows what goes on because nobody is showing the council anything ???

    City council meeting today 4:30 it will be on the chamber contract go and ask your questions , you can even see the contract ,,,, hope that helps

  40. JD, West Sedona says:

    Quite honestly @steve Segner I’m more intrigued with the topics of “shell game” @Wise Willie and “slush fund” @GNS, Sedona than looking at a nonsense contract that’s a foregone conclusion. Can’t help but wonder if that uptown property the C of C bought with city (public) money and yet titled to the chamber will be brought up?

    Shell game? Slush fund? Or??????????

  41. Go to City Council meetings says:

    You will be ignored, just like anyone in the past who has gone. You will be given 2 or 3 minutes to speak. Of course, Jennifer of the Chamber is given unlimited time.

    The council wants to be fair to everyone.


  42. Steve segner says:

    Another great no-show on the part of the chamber/traffic heaters you had your chance to come listen to the budget session and make comments and nobody showed.

  43. No Shows says:

    @Steve S

    The post above yours is very typical response (deleted by editor)

  44. Marv Sedona says:

    @Steve segner ——–you had your chance to come listen to the budget session and make comments and nobody showed———.”

    Well guess what? Been there & done that Steve. It’s a waste of time & that’s a damn bad reason. It speaks to the quality of our council & city hall. But I know you know that & I know you’ll pay big bucks to keep them in power. You mouth socialism but you’re a (deleted by editor) right wing Democrat in practice.

  45. steve Segner says:

    Marv Sedona So by, asking people to come to city meeting and say what they think is Un American?
    Supporting people for office is too?
    working for a better city is bad? and you have done what for Sedona ? No you sit home and complain. Well off to city meeting today on Forrest road…. 3 today

  46. steve Segner says:

    Just an up date on council meeting 5/29.
    Great meeting, city signed off new budget and approved the Forest road, connection,Plan #1 with a side walk and bike path.
    We have a city council that is getting stuff done, and work on up town roads starts next week!

  47. Dwight Torre says:

    Thanks Steve.
    Nice to get real information. Definetly making the next city council meeting. That Forest road extension will be great and should relieve congestion especially for a guy like me that lives in W Sedona.

  48. @steve Segner says:

    Stevie, the City Council meeting on 5/29 was a disaster.

    The City Council approved a 9 percent increase in next year’s budget when compared to the current budget. Plus the bloated number of City employees was permitted to mushroom by around four full-time equivalents. City Hall’s ‘used car salesman’ type (my opinion) handled valid concerns from Councilors Martinez and Currivan.

    The “Sedona Mayor on Tourism Ad Dollars Unnecessary” article on the Sedona Eye (August 2, 2018) quotes the Mayor as saying during the “Meet the Candidates for Mayor” forum at the Sedona Public Library prior to the last election: “Tourists aren’t goin’ to go away whether the Chamber advertises or not, frankly. They’re not goin’ away! There’s a million ways people hear about Sedona. They’ve been hearing about it for years…everybody knows about it!,”

    $2,635,870 is allocated to the regional Sedona Chamber of Commerce in next year’s [tentative] budget. See City Manager’s Office.

  49. CBRealtor for Dwight Torre says:

    If you live in West Sedona how will the Forest Road extension benefit you? It only be accessible to traffic coming from Oak Creek Canyon and Uptown. If you’re driving east from West Sedona how will you make a left turn onto Forest Road from 89A?

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