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Eddie Maddock: Sedona Housing and New Andante Drive Request

Eddie Maddock brought the plight of El Rojo Grande Ranch to the local, state and global communities and now turns the light on an Andante Drive zoning request change from Medium Density Single family to High Density Multi-family for 52 homes on 2.6 acres of Sedona scenic vista land.

Sedona AZ Sedona voters made the decision to incorporate thus establishing a legitimate “city” in order, essentially, to control our destiny which was then being determined by two counties, Yavapai and Coconino.

Incorporation of Sedona opened the door to new development. Implementation of the wastewater treatment plant was a huge step towards encouraging and enabling growth which was further enhanced because of ADEQ’s requirements that in order to maintain Oak Creek as a designated protected waterway from pollution it became essential.

Old news? Of course. Hopefully it will serve as a short reminder to briefly explain why at this point in time there’s a shortage of housing, commonly referred to as “affordable or workforce.”

Over the years there was what appeared to be an effort to address this affordable or workforce issue; Nepenthe and the original Fairfield are examples. More recently there was approval of a similar development near Relics restaurant. What became of that? The growing number of businesses and those required to serve as employees for these new opportunities were sorely disappointed to subsequently learn they had been deceived.

Presumably developers overlooked including deed restrictions in their development agreements – or simply never from the beginning had serious intentions of limiting the purpose of these developments for the designated intention of Affordable and/or Workforce housing.

It was not unusual for developers to somehow manage to finagle their way out of original commitments for providing a certain number of workforce (ADU) accommodations, whether within their proposed complexes or designated off-site locations. It was also not unusual for developers to acquiesce to lust for money and relinquish intent and ethics for larger profits by selling out to the highest bidder.

Red Rock views of Sedona Arizona will fall victim to high rise apartments and multifamily housing with high density zoning and height variances/changes being entertained by city council to accommodate tourists needs.

While the need for more reasonably priced housing facilities continued to grow, instead Sedona saw hopes for a solution turn into opportunities for timeshare investors followed by short-term (vacation) rentals. Although Sedona initiated a city code to regulate these types of rentals, never underestimate the power of Karma. In December of 2016, SB1350 was ratified preventing local governments to control short term rentals, therefore vastly diminishing the market for long term rentals.

The need for housing accommodations is widely spread and not unique to Sedona. Numerous articles appear frequently relating to this extended need. The economy is great. But cost of housing remains predominately high, which obviously isn’’t a problem for those who can afford it. But what about those who cannot?

Many words to convey, yes, there is a need for long term rentals. And a previous SedonaEye.com column, To Rise or Not to Rise,” likewise relates to this growing need. But how about wafting from the clouds above down to planet earth and deal realistically?

On April 16, 2019, from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., there will be an Open House at the Sedona Public Library regarding a proposed change of plans for approximately 2.6 acres off Andante Drive, presently zoned for mobile homes, in order to construct fifty-two apartment units allegedly for the purpose of assisting to alleviate the need for long-term rentals.

Developers of this proposal have already applied to the city for an amendment to the Sedona Community Plan to change the property designation from Medium Density Single-family to High Density Multi-family.

Restating the need for this type of project, let us keep in mind the existing serious traffic congestion remains unresolved. Why must this project be 52 units? For example, might 11 or 15 units be more palatable to the intent of the Community Plan which was and should remain the basic tool for protecting Sedona’’s major asset, its Scenic Red Rock Vistas? Is there a better reason to strive for and maintain the standard practice of maintaining low profile and low density development?

Don’’t forget. You are offered an opportunity to express your opinions on Tuesday, April 16, 2019 from 4:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. at the Sedona Public Library, west Sedona.  –

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  1. Alison M. says:

    Would someone please explain why every few years the Community Plan is revisited, maybe changed, but whatever decisions occur are with public input and public consensus. Inevitably the trite phrase having to do with “maintaining a small town atmosphere” is included.

    And then it seems as if there isn’t even time for a hiccup before that same Community Plan once in use is besieged with requests for “amendments.”

    What’s the deal? Why even have a CP that amounts to nothing more than a pile of worthless papers full of crap? (sorry – maybe my language isn’t exactly genteel but neither is the “Community Plan” once the hackers are done with it) = IMO.

  2. F.Y.I. says:

    According to the Project Application, the Primary Contact for the Serenade Apartments (300 Andante Dr) is Zachary Richardson, Phone 928-451-2343. Email: Zach@ZacharyRichardson.com

    Contact #1 is Marc Sterling, Company Member, Phone 928-301-5484, Email:

  3. John Wilson says:

    Zach & Marc – in it for the money? To hell with the community plan? What a farce.

    At least that former council member, Jon Thompson who to my recollection worked on the last revision of that CP – at least he apparently had a revelations on because he didn’t run for a second term.

    Too bad about the other (Deleted by Editor) especially John Martinez IMO who lives and breathes Chamber of Commerce support and interest. So sad – too bad.

    The writing’s on the wall. Down with Sedona residents! Give, Give, Give to the greedy Chamber of Commerce who now have the most lame excuses for receiving those millions of $$$$ that would well qualify for infrastructure improvements.

    Live with it – JM & the rest of you who appear to have sold your integrity to the highest bidder. And how would you know since you chose to ignore the opportunity for Request for Proposals for competing bids for questionable services??

  4. John Daniels W Sedona says:

    Ms Maddock:

    I don’t disagree, however, how do YOU think our traffic would be today in 2019 IF ADOT was successful?????

  5. John Daniels W Sedona says:

    “Down with Sedona residents,” you say???? I would love to know how many of you 5 people writing under 25 names own an AirBnB in Sedona???

    I would think that every person on this site would see that the AZ Governor is the one that said Down with the AZ residents when he pushed through this divisive law. The City of Sedona that you all hate so much, was one of only 7 cities in this State to outlaw short term rentals in order to protect our neighborhoods.

    Talk about “greed” don’t look at the Chamber, look at your next door neighbors if you even have them anymore. Most of the houses next door to you are owned by greedy folks. If not for those greedy folks, Sedona would have no need for the likes of Richardson or Sterling. It’s amazing how the writers on this site are blinded by their hate of the city that they are afraid to look those right next door. Or better, THEMSELVES because they themselves are greedy and dumping on the city that they spout love for.

  6. Ms. Maddock says:

    @John Daniels W Sedona

    “How would our traffic be today in 2019 if ADOT was successful?????”

    As the gents from ADOT said in the interview: “Four lanes backed up at the “Y” instead of two.”

    I’ve located the video but need to figure out how to isolate it from six hours of programming and then put it on a DVD. Stand by!

  7. PS from ES says:

    Point of clarification: Actually there presently are 4-lanes at the “Y”. However, considering SR179 ends at that junction, it still leaves only two options: Turn left or turn right. And even if uptown is to remain four-lanes, it still narrows to two-lanes through Oak Creek Canyon. And what are the chances for that to ever be widened to four-lanes?

    When there was a traffic signal at the “Y” it sometimes took up to four changes in order to clear the intersection. Simply put – it’s a bottleneck. Always has been and probably always will be unless some creative folks figure out how to blast away the mountain and turn the “Y” into a four-lane intersection.

    Little wonder a response from one of the ADOT Reps. when asked the question what would happen to four-lanes of traffic at the “Y” intersection? Response: That’s a good question.

    Please keep in mind – I’m only the messenger here. It’s ADOT providing qualified engineers who must abide by Arizona State standards and regulations with the highest safety priorities and that same policy prevailed when public input and design were widely discussed at numerous opportunities – charrettes they were called.

    Now who’s to say how successful the proposed “slip-lanes” will be? Guess the best thing for the moment is not to knock it until it’s been tried.

  8. Marge, Sedona says:

    Wow Mr. John Daniels W Sedona, you are one angry man! So you don’t think it’s OK for home owners to make a little money by entertaining tourists in their homes but it’s perfectly all right to violate the integrity of the Community Plan with high density developments? Talk about greedy?

    Those two developers are good examples and there’s absolutely no reason those 52 Andante units won’t also turn out as vacation rentals. Deed restrictions, same as the Community Plan, are wasted words in this “big” little hick-town operation called Sedona.

    Have an “in” with the “right” people and there are no limits IMO. Ask the folks at the “regional” Chamber of Commerce. Need something to gripe about, try them Mr. Daniels. Coercing businesses to become members so they will benefit from city tax revenue and maybe get a crumb of a mention from the CHAMBER OF COMMERCE VISITOR’S CENTER? While in the meantime how many of their members aren’t in City Limits, do not collect city taxes, and yet reap the benefits of “free” advertising courtesy of Sedona City taxes, and compete with legitimate tax-collecting businesses? You want fair? What’s fair about that?

    Now maybe THAT’S something worth gnawing at. Ever think about it? Of course not – maybe you’re one of them?

  9. Sedona Keith says:

    It is Sedona big business and government that wants to vilify small home owners from getting money for property rentals. I’ve been in meetings and heard about how to blowback on home owners and it’s being orchestrated by lodging groups, chambers of commerce and developers and politicians who lose business and clout locally. Get real Sedona. The BEST way to keep Sedona beautiful is to NOT allow high density and height for
    NEW big business developers because HOMES are Being used to fill the short term renter need and they are All built under Strict HOA rules. Wise up people.
    YOU have the power by the state and it’s your local hoteliers and government that want to screw your pockets. Namaste.

  10. Don & Lois says:

    It seems as if every time someone gets sore about comments with which they don’t agree they misappropriate the blame, like in one or two people making hundreds of remarks they don’t like. Well we are real people and we live in West Sedona and no, we do not like for them to keep amending the Community Plan to accommodate special interests. That’s just what it amounts to.

    Ain’t it a shame. We heard the chamber isn’t going to get that 55% kickback of what was supposed to have been a half percent bed tax increase but most likely it was based on the total sales tax. That’s our opinions because how could 55% of just that small discretionary increase to the lodging establishments amount to what’s turned into between 2 & 3 million dollars (yes folks that’s MILLION) annually??? Something may be rotten in Denmark but we think it’s putrid in Sedona.

    Now it seems THEY’RE graciously reducing that 55% (poor little things) but watch and see betcha every single special event, cause, or hiccup from that Chamber president gives cause for special funding to the poor little things. They’ll get THEIR money one way or another! Wait and see. It’s one shell game after another with those in cahoots (again our opinions) and why shouldn’t residents reserve the right to rent their properties when and to whom they want? Their little game isn’t all that exclusive.

    It’s been pointed out time and time again that “Sedona Visitors Center” is clearly identified as being that of the Chamber and using city revenue pay to operate it is as sick as these people constantly amending the Community Plan for high density development. Didn’t Sedona incorporate to avoid that? YES IT DID.

    If this weren’t already a done deal (the 52 alleged rentals) then why would the developers already have applied for a CP amendment? Our neighborhood. Our outrage.

    It reeks worse than raw sewage. Daniels if you don’t like it then stop reading Sedona Eye and stick to the local rag. Lots of xoxoxoxoxo (hugs, kisses and endless accolades is what they relate about the Chamber/City love affair). We vote. We’re outraged. Remember you were told.

  11. Right on John D says:

    (deleted by editor) Your remarks are on the MONEY… my perspective as well

  12. F.Y.I. says:

    The disastrous traffic from the Serenade Apartments on Andante Drive will be in addition to that from the proposed Ambiente Hotel Adobe Jack LLC, 900 W. SR 89A in Coconino County.

    Although the Ambiente Hotel will be built on 3.1 undeveloped acres, the development will possess 40 Guest Units, 1 Manager’s Unit. a Lobby, Offices, Meeting Rooms, an Underground Garage, a Poolside Lounge Building,and a Valet and Operations Building.

    Guest units will be elevated on piers.

    According to the Application (Sep 5, 2018), trip generation for 41 units per day is 231 Trips–17 Trips AM PEAK HOUR and 19 Trips PM PEAK HOUR.

  13. Gregg says:

    Ambiente Hotel???? Specifically where is that??! SR89A in Coconino is very limited & doesn’t extend much past the post office???!!!!!

  14. John Daniels W Sedona says:

    To Marge or Donna or whatever your name is, you should really do a bit of research before spouting.

    A deed restrictions are not the same as they go with the land and not with an owner. IT CAN’T BE CHANGED. From what I saw at the 52 Andante units presentation at the library, short term (under 30 days) rentals are not to be considered.

  15. Ray says:

    Difference between public / private convo is what’s reported and whats not .
    . Capiche

  16. @John Daniels W Sedona says:

    So deed restrictions can’t be changed? Tell that to the people that own the property next door to me who are flourishing by using their house as a vacation rental during the times they are staying at their second home elsewhere when it is clearly stated in our Deed Restrictions that isn’t allowed? BTW it’s being challenged but with the new state law it’s extremely iffy. Too bad you can’t go to the State Capitol and educate the Governor?

  17. Steve Segner says:

    John, facts, on the Sedona Eye what are you thinking! and yes your are correct.

  18. Flagstaff Esquire says:

    @John Daniels W Sedona Your May comment above is incorrect. A reputable housing authority or attorney will advise you if queried.

  19. Eddie Maddock says:

    This is to follow up on the previously referenced TV program recorded prior to the revisions on SR179.

    The interview took place on 2/17/2000. Because it is on a six-hour tape, and being reluctant to fast forward due to the age of the tape, it obviously took a while to research. However, it is presently in the possession of the Publisher of Sedona Eye who will ascertain how best to present it on this publication.

    The interview is one hour in length and primarily features the gentleman from ADOT who explains in detail their intentions at the time of the SR179 planning process.

    Over & Out – Let ‘er rip!:-)

  20. Boarding houses in your neighborhood says:

    If/when the county and state start allowing guest houses to be any room in a house, include a kitchen, and allow renting that “guest house” to anyone, not family members anymore, we will have boarding houses in addition to AirBnBs. No more residential neighborhoods. Seems to be the desire of the rich and powerful.

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