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Eddie Maddock on Campaign Cover Ups

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie Maddock

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie Maddock

Sedona AZ (August 13, 2014) – Just how bad and nasty will this election get? Keep in mind the beauty of our surroundings, and yet the potential for implosion perhaps has never been more intense.

We have at least one candidate running for City Council who opted to jeopardize support from legitimate voters by verbally assailing them due to disagreement on a ballot measure. There are those who attack one another; and then there are promoters of candidates with their own agendas and substantial backing who obviously are lurking about.

However, an e-mail from Sedona Lodging Council Chair Steve Segner to Al Comello of Comello Media Services and Moriarty campaign manager, cc’d to Sandy Moriarty, candidate for mayor, drifted throughout Greater Sedona and did appear as a comment on Sedona Eye. (See Article: “Eye on Sedona’s Vocal Discord,” comment from “A ‘Real’ Flatlander” 7/31/14.) What was not made clear about that e-mail is that originally it was sent as an “attachment.”

The Sedona Eye received the attachment and the email from several sources and upon contact with its authors, Steve Segner and Michael Shroeder, both affirmed they had indeed written and wholly stood by their email (letters) content now in the public domain. Therefore, here it is, in entirety, the cover letter to the attachment of the Segner e-mail defined as “Subject: let’s meet please do not pass around” dated Sun, 27 July 2014:

 “I was sent your personal comments regarding the candidates for the upcoming Sedona elections. I do not know all the candidates, but I am very familiar with two.

In the mayoral race, I do not know Moriarty, but I do know Hamilton quite well, especially having worked with him on various projects. In fact, the comments regarding the Sedona Chamber that you made was precisely the conversation, one of many, I had with Cliff at your restaurant.

I, along with many others have for some time questioned the effectiveness of the Sedona Chamber of Commerce and the management, especially since Sedona city councils have handed the chamber $100s of thousands of taxpayer dollars for “destination marketing” and have never been provided proof of performance for these dollars. Something that frankly is not rocket science to do. In fact, at some past council meetings, proof of performance was requested only to either be shot down by some council members or ignored by chamber Management. It certainly makes one wonder what is going on when fiscal irresponsibility occurs at this level and to this extent.

This is public money, not a hand out to a local entity who comes with proposals for programs that are not verifiable. Being public money, where was the RFQ?  (REQUEST FOR QUOTE). Why wasn’t, and I will remind all, the marketing of our city put out for bid?  What’s going on here? The fact that it was not is irresponsible and counter to the fiduciary responsibility of council and the mayor.

There are companies whose sole job it is to promote small tourist cities. Their management costs, unlike ours, is spread over multiple clients, creating more bang for the buck to bring tourists to the city. And through contracts, proof of performance is verifiable.

I don’t get it, why there are some in our city who think the chamber is doing such a great job. Businesses closing, empty stores everywhere and a population that had zero increase over the last decade as confirmed by the 2010 census. (AZ had a 10% increase overall)

The chamber claims four million tourists a year. They made the same claim when I was part of the group who fought for the 179 project against ADOT. Four million was bull then, and it is bull now. No substantiation then, and none now. After traffic counts back then it was confirmed that it was a number pulled out of the air to promote an ADOT four lane highway.  They have not changed their tune.

That’s over 3000 tourist vehicles a DAY, 365 days a year at 3.5 per vehicle.

Not only does the chamber refuse to provide verifiable data on their marketing results, but they keep asking for more dollars. In some cities, chambers are supported by the businesses, not TAX DOLLARS.

And for all their hype, the NUMBER ONE THING THAT PEOPLE USE TO SEARCH FOR INFORMATION IS THEIR SMART PHONES AND TABLETS. This trend has been rising sharply for the last five years, and ANY site that does not auto configure for these formats is in the dark ages. Even our local churches have figured that out.  Whoever is running IT for the chamber is incompetent, and the fact that this form of marketing is huge in today’s world exacerbates the incompetence of chamber management for not instituting this years ago.

The failure of the chamber to verify results is incredible, and the people in this town, and on council continually fall for their pitch. So when Cliff said the “jury is out”, it is time to start doing things a bit smarter. As a business owner, and taxpayer, you should DEMAND that the council stop wasting your money and put the marketing of our town out for bid. Let the chamber bid it also.  This “good ole boy” stuff has got to stop. Maybe Moriarty will, I don’t know, but Hamilton will for sure.

The other person that I know is Angela Lefevre. I have worked with her on the 89a project, and she is a hard worker and a nice person. I have also had more than one detailed political philosophical conversation with her over coffee.

From her mouth, to my ears, she is a firm believer of the Welfare State. Period. I have asked her who pays for this, only to have no answer forthcoming. Some people say that being on council is not political. Maybe from a Party standpoint, I would agree.  However, that kind of philosophy, spending other peoples money and having no hard answer as to who pays the bills is EXACTLY what this city does not need.  Too much of that has already been done in stupid projects like collapsed domes and a botched sewer system. And with the number of 501c3 organizations in Sedona with their hands out to the city all of a sudden we find ourselves not providing the basic structure that a city needs to survive.

Philosophy is important, ESPECIALLY FISCAL POLICY. We have had enough irresponsible members on council over the years to last a lifetime.

Mike Schroeder”

Without further editorializing this will conclude by thanking Sedona resident Mike Schroeder for allowing Sedona Eye to share his profound thoughts with our readers.

Over and out.

For the best Arizona news and views, read www.SedonaEye.com daily!

For the best Arizona news and views, read www.SedonaEye.com daily!


  1. Back to the subject of the original article, “Campaign Cover Ups,” that appears somewhere above the 50 comments that followed, it appears Mr. Steve Segner/Sedona Lodging Council/Chamber of Commerce/Bureau of Tourism/and Jennifer Wessehhoff found their “patsy” to do the dirty work for them. Drat! No trucks with Sandy signs at Basha’s or Safeways. (Reference article “Eye on Sedona’s Vocal Discord.”)

    Besides offering my congratulations to the aforementioned for having pulled off perhaps one of the sleaziest campaigns in Sedona’s history (my opinion), my main purpose in submitting this comment is because I received the following e-mail from Mayoral candidate Cliff Hamilton in response to some of my questions to him.

    Of course it is at the discretion of Sedona Eye publisher/editor if making his remarks public is appropriate, but if possible I would like to share with you the following words received directly from Mr. Hamilton:

    “Set the Record Straight

    It’s time to set the record straight about some of the negative ads and fictional editorializing regarding my campaign for Sedona mayor.

    Fiction: I want to build an entertainment amphitheater at the Wastewater Plant.

    Fact: They have me confused with current Mayor Rob Adams who has long pushed for that kind of venue at the sewer plant. I’ve consistently opposed it for a number of reasons and supported keeping the area in some kind of “green space” if land is ever freed up from sprinkler irrigation.

    Fiction: The city spent $2.5 million to build the Wetlands Preserve.

    Fact: The new wetlands were constructed for less than half of that. Tests show the wetlands now disburse more treated wastewater than sprinkler irrigation on the same amount of area while also providing a positive community benefit in the form of a new kind of public park.

    Fiction: The wetlands did not solve the city’s wastewater problem and it will cost millions to fix the problem.

    Fact: Wetlands alone were never intended to solve the wastewater disposal issue. Wetlands are one of three components of the city’s wastewater dispersal strategy. The other two are sprinkler irrigation and injection wells. It’s the injection wells planned for construction that will cost millions to force treated effluent into the groundwater aquifer. I have concerns about injecting treated effluent into a potential drinking water source.

    Fiction: Letting ADOT own west 89A and put in streetlights has made the road safer.

    Fact: Accidents have increased 60% since streetlights were put in. Injuries have climbed 40% in the same period because the safety problem was always a daytime one. The 89A issue was primarily about safety and the need for real safety improvements still exists.

    Fiction: Hamilton wants the city to own west 89A.

    Fact: At a recent candidate forum, Ms. Moriarty, not Hamilton, was the only one who said she wanted to look at taking over road ownership.

    Fiction: Moriarty will listen to residents and other council members.

    Fact: Quote from a recent email to Cliff Hamilton: ‘You were well informed but you were a good listener… pragmatic but open-minded. Of all the conversations I had, (with council candidates) the only one who was dismissive and difficult to converse with was Ms. Moriarty.'”

    Thank you, Mr. Hamilton, for “Setting the Record Straight” and I hope your contribution here if for no other reason serves the purpose of setting an example of having correct facts prior to shooting blanks. It’s amazing the number of people in Sedona who live by the policy of “Do as we say and not as we do.”

  2. Warren says:

    @ Robert O’Donnell – I appreciate you walking your talk and you will be the only candidate I’ll vote for. I don’t agree with you on everything but a 100% match-up is fairly unlikely with any candidate.

    Also, thank you for not littering our roadsides with signs or filling my mailbox with garbage. One candidate even sent me one of his favorite recipes. OMG! Automatic failure.

    Voters, I cannot explain the math of it but, the way the council votes are counted, if you only vote for one person, not the three you are entitled to vote for, it has the effect of multiplying your vote for the one person you voted for.

  3. Warren says:

    It is disingenuous for Hamilton to say he has “concerns about injecting treated effluent into a potential drinking water source.” He voted for it!

    It is disingenuous for Hamilton to say “At a recent candidate forum, Ms. Moriarty, not Hamilton, was the only one who said she wanted to look at taking over road ownership.” He voted for 89A ownership.

    Hamilton was also consistent voter for COC corporate welfare and for such boondoggles as the empty RoadRunner buses and the West Sedona Redevelopment scam.

    I wish he was different than Sandy, but he isn’t.

  4. julie says:

    Are you happy with how your treated and how the city is functioning? Are you okay with the sewer bill and waste-water plant mismanagement? How about the 1.3 million going to Regional Chamber? City revenues are declining, residents are moving. A vote for Sandy is a sure bet everything will stay the same.

    Are you happy with the dirty politics? Do you like your taxes are being used to promote businesses outside the city limits? How about raising the bed taxes? Raising the Bed taxes just drove the tourists to outlying areas. Using taxes to promote businesses, dumb. Using taxes to promote businesses outside the city limits, incredibly retarded. With Sandy you’ll get more of this. Taxes should NOT be promoting any business. Money is the motivator to get Sandy elected.

    @Warren with Cliff you have a chance to reason, gets facts. Communicate. He listens. No Agenda. Why do you think Segner is advertising against him? He refused to guarantee his group more money. Sandy did.

    Times have changed, people grow and learn. I made some wrong votes. I voted for Rob Adams. Super dumb. Rob won by 3-4 to Pud. Rob Adams worst mayor ever.

    If you want a voice, want positive change, PLEASE Vote for Cliff and NO on home rule.

  5. Warren, it wasn’t my intention to go this direction but now I feel it’s necessary.

    When we have a local print publication that is so selective and one sided (and you know what I mean) that at the eleventh hour they will produce an editorial smearing a candidate without substantial verification, it’s grossly unfair. By printing editorials that taint, slant, or misrepresent activities without benefit of equal opportunity to present the “other side” is something Sedona has had to deal with for many years. And this same publication preaches to readers that Letters to the Editor of similar nature will not be printed.

    The fact that you have the chance to challenge Cliff Hamilton is fair. That, in turn, gives Cliff the opportunity to respond should he so desire. However, for a paper to publish an editorial in the final edition prior to the election on Tuesday, denying benefit to respond is, well, the same old, same old one might say but none-the-less frustrating.

    As Sedona Eye allowed for Steve Segner’s e-mail solicitations for digging up dirt on Cliff to appear as comments, and then the release of Mike Schroeder’s cover letter, it was done in a timely manner and Sandy Moriarty, her campaign manager, committee or anyone else had the chance to share their side of the story and explain Segner’s actions.

    However, the Red Rock News typically neglected to offer that opportunity, a policy we can all keep hoping will change but it seems it’s mission impossible.

    It’s my further understanding that a letter to the editor of the RRN had been submitted challenging their editorial supporting Home Rule. That letter I do believe was toyed with and never appeared. There might have been some question about insufficient back-up material which I do not believe was true. However, the other shoe here will do the same without a shred of concrete evidence to uphold the allegations. If course, that’s the advantage for the ink holder but it doesn’t make it right.

    It pleases me that Sedona Eye had the integrity to make public Cliff Hamilton’s side of the story. In that manner readers are able to draw and express their own conclusions such as you did.

    Two people are running for Mayor. One of them will be elected next Tuesday. To vote or not to vote or for whom is the opportunity we’ve all been given. Our decisions may be aired publicly or kept private. Although Cliff didn’t always make decisions to my liking, weighing the other option, he already has my vote since I mailed it in over a week ago.

  6. Ted says:

    Having taken time to review older comments, conspicuous by absence are campaign funds for Sandra Moriarity. The last reference I located was posted by Robert O’Donnell reporting on the financial disclosures of Cliff Hamilton and Rio Robson.

    Did the Chamber of Commerce and Steve Segner (Lodging Council) manage to give her immunity from being accountable? That would come as no surprise.

    Clearly it appears she outspent all others just by judging the number of colored ads in the RRNews, not to mention expensive flyer and yard signs. And of course let’s not forget the invitation from Rick Wesselhoff husband of Jennifer, CEO/Pres. of Chamber, announcing a fund raiser for Sandra as was a comment posted by a Sedona Eye reader. It must be nice to be so special.

    Can hardly wait til she’s Mayor and rolling out pay-backs for “due” bills to those who get her elected.

  7. Moriarty was the last to turn in her financials,

    Moriarty spent 7742, nothing from herself.

  8. Ted says:

    Thank you Robert O’Donnell for the info about Sandy Moriarty’s campaign funds as being, to date, $7742. Realizing the final tallies have not been turned in yet, it appears candidate funding in order of most to least is as follows:

    Jon Thompson: $9615
    Angela LeFevre: 9383
    Cliff Hamilton: 8493
    Sandra Moriarty: 7742
    Rio Robson: 4780
    Scott Jablow: 3732
    Ronald Budnick: 1913
    Jerry Frey: 1200
    Robert O’Donnell 61 (is that correct? on your first report I read it as
    Tom Lamkin No funding or expenses of record

    The final financial reports might be even more interesting.

    Bringing this to public attention is a huge service and I extend my appreciation and genuine best wishes for success in your efforts and willingness to serve our community. You sound like the real deal!

  9. Report concerns to national Chamber, they’ll get to the bottom of it because they don’t want to be IRS challenged by rogue chambers orhire a forensic financial firm. Don’t waste time with local attorneys firms, go to Phoenix. Good luck.

  10. yes, my expenses are only 61, the problem in my first report was my multiple spaces were shrunk to just 1 or 2 spaces, thus it did not line up properly. I also find it interesting that most put so little money into their own campaign. I would love it if every candidate could not accept a contribution more than their own contribution. Thus when Segner contributed $1,000 to a campaign (and 500 to another), that candidate would have to have donated 1K themselves (or 500), without being able to withdraw it (most give a loan to their campaign to start and then pay themselves back).

  11. Max says:

    If this just doesn’t give a clear representation of who Sandy M is – as she runs for Mayor – and how she sees herself as the be all and end all —- well then I don’t know what does! SHE has called herself the elected.

    Call me Crazzzzy yet I have hopes that Cliff will beat the witch out of holding office.

    Please read on!

    “Time to Celebrate!
    View this email in your browser

    Please join us for a celebration to end the campaign on Tuesday, August 26 at 8 PM at the Sedona Elks Lodge in the lounge, to gather and monitor election results. There will be a no host bar and complimentary desserts. Thanks to all of you for your support of my campaign for Mayor, I hope you can stop by the Elks so I can thank you in person! If not, please know that I truly appreciate all of you. I will be celebrating regardless of the outcome, but of course I expect it to be a victory celebration.

    Copyright © 2014 Sandy Moriarty, All rights reserved.
    Please help me get elected.

    Our mailing address is:

    Sandy Moriarty
    2015 Buena Vista Dr
    Sedona, AZ 86336

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  12. Withheld says:

    Sedonans have just proven who they are. I thought living in a small town would be like Maberry. Special interest groups, chamber, some businesses, RRN, lodging,city employees, and some candidates who benefit from taxpayers money disclosed their true colors. Now I know.

    The uncaring, name calling, bullying, stories and lies are the same as national politics. Control and manipulation. No wonder the city is shrinking.

    Regardless of who wins ugly behavior has left a scar on our town.Thank you to Sedona Eye for protecting us while disclosing the truth about Sedona.

  13. Suzanne says:


    Worse case scenario: Sandy’s elected and three (even just two) like minded candidates win council seats giving her the quorum needed to approve who knows what? (but of course we all know it will involve entitlements) We must sit on pins and needles until November General Election for the final chapter to this horror story.

  14. Nancy M. says:

    Thanks Robert O’Donnell for following up. Isn’t it just grand that Steve Segner connives to vote in Sedona so he can manipulate and control our city government, even so far as contributing to candidates campaigns. (Quite substantially, too.)

    And this city council condones this behavior as proven by their acceptance of Segner’s “Trust Us” sales pitch.

    FYI Segner uses his business address at El Portal as his voter registration. Check with Coconino County Registrar. His actual residence is in Oak Creek Canyon where he rents his “ranch” out for galas ($2,500) and no tax to the city. (little wonder he’s so flush to high financing his choice of candidates)


  15. @E.S. Maddock – Your observations about our local print newspaper could not be more precise. Every year that passes, I wish someone would come to town and start a good newspaper that presents all sides of every story.

  16. It appears, from my calculations, that we have 2 council winners, Lefevre and Thompson, and a runoff between 3rd place Jablow and Robson. Jablow needed only 63 votes to get a win but now has to go through a run off.
    The bottom 3 are O’Donnell, Lampkin, and Budnick.
    The new mayor will be Sandy and we still have home rule.
    Be prepared for more of the same on the council, how many more years before our surplus is gone. It is good to see we had a deficit of just 200K this year, partly from 3M more than expected income and 6M from less expenses, some from deferred capital projects.
    I appreciate the few that voted for me, hopefully stronger candidates will step up in the next election to protect the real Sedona.

  17. ESM OPINION says:

    @Time for a Local Newspaper

    As a 37 year Sedona resident I’ve lost count of the number of failed attempts for other “print” publications to survive. Now this day and age with high cost of production it’s become even more difficult to compete. It remains very sad that what we have still reaps financial benefit from local elections and yet blatantly but legally use their printed power to influence elections.

    However, and in fairness, in a way online publications have the same option via comments from readers, but without benefit of much financial gain to the source making the opportunity possible. To my knowledge the publisher/editor has never produced an editorial on behalf of Sedona Eye positions on any council candidate or ballot issue in an effort to sway the outcome of an election. Readers’ comments, Yes; SE production, No. And all comments, regardless of position on issues or candidates, have been made public. That is not the case with the Red Rock News and I have plenty of back-up evidence to prove that, including a personal situation many years ago.

    As for the outcome of the election, the people have spoken. Once again the voting turnout was curious. While 4402 out of approximately 8000 registered voters actually cast votes for the eight candidates running for seats on the city council, 1692 decided who will be our mayor for the next two years and a mere 1658 cast votes on the ballot issue, Home Rule/Alternate Expenditure Limitation. To my recollection Sedona had more people opt-out of Smart Meters than decide the financial control and three people who will be deciding our fate for the next four years.

    So, therefore it appears Council Candidate Jon Thompson was correct. Those who did not want for Home Rule to continue are the “Vocal Minority” and do not rate a place in Sedona city government to be heard or considered in any way, shape, or form. It will be business as usual. However, the fact remains that the decisions reflected by the number of voter turnout was a far cry from a landslide.

    Thank you, Mr. O’Donnell, for contributing the election results. You and the other’s who had new, fresh ideas, and without encumbrance to special interests perhaps didn’t have a chance from the get-go. Brave souls to have thrown yourselves into the den of lions, some of whom clearly connived, contrived, and cheated for the privilege of voting in this Sedona election and campaigning for candidates without benefit of living within City Limits.

    As it’s been announced that Sedona City Manager Tim Ernster will soon be vacating his position. So in addition to a pretty huge shift on the City Council the top position on city staff will also be under new leadership.

    Oh my! What is in store for Sedona??

  18. ESM says:

    Please note: At the time I made my previous comment I was unaware the election results from Yavapai County didn’t include the votes in Coconino County which increased the total Sedona voting turnout to:

    6438 City Council Candidates
    2494 Mayor
    2394 Home Rule

    still representing a far cry from a landslide victory especially for Mayor and Home Rule. And, considering there were eight vying for three council seats, the split in the votes was interesting to say the least.

  19. N. Baer says:

    @ESM Interesting disparity between the number of votes for the council candidates versus the mayor’s because it looks like 1550 citizens did not choose to vote for either candidate, unless I’m interpreting that incorrectly.

  20. Just remember, people could vote for 3 city council people and only one mayor. Thus there were between 2100 and 2500 people voting for council (since some might have voted for just 1 or 2). What I find interesting is that the number of mayor votes and home rule votes are not the same, thus some must not have voted on home rule that did vote for mayor and probably vis versa.

  21. Dense ESM says:

    My lingering question: What was the total voter turnout? As I read Robert O’Donnell’s comment it translates to appx. 2500? Also, does anyone out there know the accurate number of Sedona registered voters? (Of course, and unfortunately, that would also include the cheaters who use their business addresses but live elsewhere.)

  22. According to City Clerk Susan L. Irvine:

    “Hi Eddie,

    I don’t have the current numbers yet but for the March 2014 election there were 6,495 registered voters in Sedona. The current number should be close to that.


    Susan L. Irvine, CMC
    City Clerk
    City of Sedona”

  23. N. Baer says:

    @ESM Opinion – You said, “To my recollection Sedona had more people opt-out of Smart Meters than decide the financial control and three people who will be deciding our fate for the next four years.” The petition to Ban Smart Meters from Sedona garnered almost 1600 signatures so far (and submitted to the ACC). If you haven’t signed, please do now . . . http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/ban-smart-meters-in-sedona-arizona.html and while Sedona Smart Meter Awareness’ information and appearances at City Council meetings reached many, some of the candidates were not at all informed.

  24. ESM says:

    Thanks N. Baer for setting me straight on the exact number of Smart Meter opt-outs.

    What clearly I remember observing, however, was the lack of respect given those who spoke at the council meeting during the discussion about Smart Meters compared to Chamber of Commerce related issues. Time limit for SM public speakers was even shortened. It’s little wonder so few residents attend council meetings compared to a few years ago when we felt welcome. Now days they would rather listen to themselves express their own views unless it’s Jennifer Wesselhoff or Steve Segner and the gang they manage to assemble at meetings when Chamber/Tourism/Lodging asks for and always receives more money to accommodate their “regional” members.

    It will be interesting to find out if the four new people elected to serve on city council care more about public health and safety issues than merely catering to a special interest group that specializes in offering little else than promises resulting in vacant accountability.

  25. julie says:

    Smart meters had more signatures then the chambers entire regional membership of the chamber. They gifted the region and failed to take care of residents.
    It seems that they are about their own personal gains and friends. I voted no on home rule because they don’t support the residents. Rogue council.

  26. Steve E. says:

    @Robert O’Donnell comment 8/25

    Red Rock News finally did something of value by publishing names of contributors to candidates. The contributions from Steve Segner , beloved Saint of Chamber, Lodging and Tourism, of $1,000 and $500 to which you referred have now been identified as going to, respectively, Sandy Moriarty ($1,000) and Scott Jablow, a runner-up in the countdown to new council member #3 in November ($500).

    Hmm, it gets curiouser and curiouser. “New” City Council most likely already has the needed quorum of four to slam-dunk the agenda of C of C etal, but I’m wondering if Jablow was the chap making phone calls announcing himself as the “only true male(?) Democrat” running for Council?

    Must have worked. He has the backing of his beloved Steve Segner, cheating Sedona voter and future host to a gala victory party for “Sand” at his alleged Sedona residence: El Portal!

    Oh boy! How much better can it get? I can hardly wait until the proposition of City property taxes goes before Sedona voters and the likes of Steve Segner can vote “yes” when, in fact, he won’t be assessed City property taxes because his legitimate residence is in Oak Creek Canyon.

    Such a deal! Creeps, all of them.

  27. Well, it’s official. Jennifer Wesselhoff, President/CEO Worldwide Chamber of Commerce, confirms their “takeover” of Sedona as she shares the Chamber’s plans for the future in our equally controlling local print rag. Perhaps one of her most profound statements is “We will remind visitors that God made the Grand Canyon – but he lives in Sedona.” Really?

    Could she possibly be referencing Steve Segner, a common name recently in Eye comments but not exactly in a manner reflecting what most associate with a kind and gentle Supreme Being.

    Her choice of the word is also rather daring considering the ongoing objections made from Councilwoman Jessica Williamson whenever the word “God” is uttered in Council Chambers. Most recently I believe that occurred with wording involved on a plaque to be placed at Sedona’s Veteran’s Memorial. Maybe with the official clout now carried by Ms. Jen due to her shoe-in for obtaining increased funding for the Chamber’s plans for the future she might just be able to influence Ms. Jessica to drop the facade of “political correctness” and lighten up a bit when it comes to more traditional values.

    However my own version of Ms. Jen’s quote is: “We will remind visitors that God made the Grand Canyon, but Satan now lives in Sedona.” Oh my, how brazen of me! I think not! Since values and control in Sedona these days are without doubt driven by lust for the love of money, is that really God’s way or the way of Satan? Just a thought and a question.

  28. @Steve E

    Sounds like sour grapes. Perhaps Steve E was the candidate with no support or funding and only received 342 votes to show for his hard work?

  29. @Cindi Jacobson

    Just to let you know, I have never posted by any name but my own. I never asked for a single penny from any person, wanting to see how I could do without spending ridiculous amounts on a potential job that pays just 450 a month. That is how much I care about this city and considering the little exposure, getting 361 votes is some support, and along the way many people did realize how significantly different a candidate I am, I would have made a difference, but to you I guess you prefer to give in to big money. The sour grapes is what this city gets for voting based on mostly who spends the most (of other’s money and none or little of their own) for name recognition. Before you go dumping on a person you should get to know them first, why don’t you run for office and see how much fun it is.

  30. Angie D. says:

    Even if God did live in Sedona he wouldn’t be allowed at City Hall.

  31. Steve E. says:

    @Cindi Jocobson

    Your arrogance is exceeded by your ignorance and stupidity. I believe the person (victim) of your attack, Mr. Robert O’Donnell, politely addressed your inaccurate accusations. Not having had the pleasure of meeting Mr. O’Donnell I have followed the informative comments he has contributed to Sedona Eye and happen to be among the 361 people who voted for him.

    Regretfully Sedona has succumbed to the atrocities of big-time political tactics thereby allowing the money machine to continue feeding the insatiable appetites of the Chamber of Commerce/Sedona Lodging Council.

    Is it possible, Madame Jacobson, that your defense of this appalling process lies within the confines that you, too, have a vested interest and stand to gain substantial profits from the outcome of this election?

  32. James Poole says:

    Thank You @ Robert YOU have shown us integrity, honor and respect.

    342 residents learned about you. Congratulations! For a new comer to Sedona, and for one that does not pay or take kick backs and referral benefits – fees this is FABULOUS GREAT AWESOME. Congrats!

  33. “The Lord Giveth and the Lord Taketh.” Karma lives.

  34. National Politics says:

    Considering the flurry of mud-slinging at a national level brought to mind the Sedona election a couple of years ago. Which, incidentally, will also be occurring later this year.

    Three slots for four year terms (Williamson, DiNunzio, Martinez); Mayor – two year term; One two year term to fill remainder of Angela LeFevre’s seat.

    Here’s another reminder – check out this article (including comments) for additional insight into the down-and-dirty proceedings lurking about in Sedona (as if we didn’t already know):


    Sedona could probably teach the DC “Big Boys” new techniques. .

  35. Thomas C. says:

    After reviewing comments and doing a little research on SE my suggestion would be for the Governor and Attorney General to cease and desist with city/town intervention on vacation rentals.

    Wouldn’t their time be better spent cracking down on questionable activities during elections?

    Example of a city manager speaking publicly at civic meetings in order to influence the outcome of elections? Or doling out public money like Sedona does with a Chamber of Commerce. Co-mingling of funds comes to mind when reading about that absurdity.

    Never heard of such outrageous conduct! No wonder when Sedona is mentioned down in the valley these days eyebrows are raised. Sick and IMO against the law. If not then why isn’t it?

  36. Belinda says:

    Sorry Thomas we down in the valley don’t ponder about Sedona politics. Unlike you we actually have lives

  37. Parasite Troll says:


    Gee “insert fake name here” If you live in the Valley and have such a great life, why are you commenting on a small town issue? Is it because you are one of the Sedona parasites on the take of taxpayer funds?

    Karma will insure a payback. It will be worse than you imagine.

  38. Thomas says:

    @Belinda You represent all voices down in the valley? Good god it must be wonderful to have such unlimited authority. Unlike you my comments represent my opinions clearly stated in the comment.

  39. Belinda says:

    Parasitic troll!? Lol
    Hilarious.. (deleted by editor)

  40. Wm. D. says:

    Although boring it’s still rather interesting how quickly those who criticize Sedona Eye simply cannot seem capable of ignoring it. You people who are so offended stop reading it. Stick with Facebook where you really get the facts!:-)joke

    Same as an itch the more you scratch it the more it itches might be lost for something to do during the hours they must endure at City Hall earning paychecks???

  41. Jerry Uptown says:

    Here’s another interpretation of what’s going on here in Sedona.

    If anyone’s been uptown to see the utterly colossal mess then a reason might surface as to the reason for this clearly obvious divergence from people like Belinda, John Daniels etal to redirect certain topics on SE.

    If and when this SIM (Sedona in Motion) is competed and at what cost is anyone’s guess. And they haven’t even tackled extending Forest Road (to nowhere) yet.

    And have you noticed how suddenly the Chamber/City questionable financial liaison has been diverted? Silence! (in the RRN as well) Hmmmm ….. makes one wonder what’s going on? Could there be a Supreme Power watching over Sedona after all?

    Just another two-cents worth here which so far as I know is still legitimate. (more than in my opinion the City/Chamber can say)

    And yes – I am Jerry uptown. Have been posting comments on Sedona Eye for several years and the SE editor has my last name but as other sophisticated publications acknowledges my last name is withheld by request.

  42. Mike H says:

    IMO The problem is with the council. Do they examine the spending line by line, NO. What were they elected for? They think it was to be Santa Claus. The “professional staff” saw this, and made sure they got their cut first. The Soy Boy’s of the Sedona Red Rock News know a large part of their revenue comes from the money stolen from taxpayers by the chamber. Our current Mayor Sandy owns the Wine Fest and receives a grant from the city. There were candidates in the last election that were willing to stop the waste.

    The voters voted for city handouts to their pet “non profit”.

    When you vote to steal from others, you get theft.

  43. Belinda says:

    @willam D
    Typical response
    Just because I disagree with your in going nonsense I must work for/get money from the city. Perhaps WE just disagree with your ongoing nonsense and conspiracy theory’s. (Deleted by Editor) To let you know a just a simple resident of this great beautiful place (Deleted by Editor)

  44. Thomas C. says:

    “Sorry Thomas we down in the valley don’t ponder about Sedona politics. Unlike you we actually have lives” @Belinda .

    Then why are you so concerned about Sedona? Concerned enough to continue following comments on Sedona Eye and adding your two cents worth about how you have a life? (lives?) Or are you another one who preaches do as I say but not as I do?

    Seems as if you would be a perfect candidate for a seat on the Sedona City Council? Or maybe get a job at the ever growing Sedona Chamber of Commerce. Increased from what? One paid employee (Pres/Ceo) to now well over 100? thanks to generosity of Sedona officials and public tax funds. Little doubt you would fit right in here and maybe even manage to finagle some funding for your favorite competitive businesses down in your valley. Ya never know.

  45. Belinda says:

    Not concerned but I can ask you the question..Look in the mirror.
    Also I love sedona and love to visit… According to the comments here sound like you hate it there.. Ever think about moving!?

  46. Up town Tom says:

    got this yesterday seem Segner is one step ahead of you HA,

    Join us as we kick-off the 2020 Election Season!

    Save the date for October 27th for a positive political gathering to meet our Local, State, and National Candidates at the Segner Ranch. Food and drinks provided.

    Hosted by Steve and Connie Segner and AZ Elections 2020

  47. Belinda Seville says:

    @Up town Tom – thanks mucho!!

    Divide and conquer. United we stand. Segner etal will prevail.

    Great job, Arizona Liberty!

  48. How Come?? says:

    Open Meeting Law be-damned? This won’t be the first time it’s been breached at the Segner Ranch Estate. Ask those on the City Council including Mayor Moriarty.

  49. Torches and Pitchforks says:

    As there is no end to how much those on the take are willing to steal. Torches and pitchforks become the solution. As I am writing, I think I hear the soft zing of files stroking the tips of the tines of pitchforks.

  50. Charley says:

    Open meeting laws this city council doesn’t seem to get.

    Four of them (a quorum) can’t legally attend a gathering without public notice. That goes for riding in a car! FOUR = A NO NO.

    Did the Fire District get busted a few years ago for breach of Open Meeting Law? If they had to abide by it, why not the Sedona City Council?

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