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Eddie Maddock: Massive Sedona 700 Mobile Home and RV Site Rezoning Near Approval

Eddie Maddock focuses her Eye on Sedona to the plunder and destruction of El Rojo Grande Ranch in the profit versus preservation of Sedona’s ancient Indian artifacts and red rocks, irreplaceable bird and animal habitat, and possible sewage contamination of the Red Wall Limestone aquifer that supplies water to Sedona, Page Springs and surrounding communities when bulldozers arrive to clear pristine pre-settler land for 700 mobile homes and RV sites at the western gateway.

Sedona AZ Finally the election is OVER – DONE – KAPUT – FINIS! Some are rejoicing over the outcome, others are shedding tears, but if the truth were known, is anyone NOT celebrating the conclusion of this every two year event?

That being said, what’s next on the agenda?

Well, most assuredly a hot topic is reaching a boiling point regarding a pending change of zoning for El Rojo Grande Ranch to accommodate a massive 700 unit development at the outskirts west of Sedona City limits.

It’s best described in the following letter from Karen Reid Offield:

Dear Everyone,

Many of you have driven by the beautiful El Rojo Grande Ranch at the western gateway to Sedona yet you never have visited the Ranch. To you, and all our friends, this letter and website is for you!

This website www.elrojograndesedona.com was specifically created to help save this remarkable, but forgotten gem of Sedona. As a citizen of Arizona, or a visitor on the World Wide Web, you can save it. You can ensure the ranch is preserved as a part of the future of Sedona. Yavapai County will listen to the public comments. Please write a letter. (Note instructions at end of article.)

The buyer – a multi-billion-dollar based Chicago Corporation, Equity Lifestyles (ELS) and the owner of the Sedona Shadows mobile home park is asking Yavapai County to change the zoning of the ranch to allow them to build a huge 688-unit mobile home park (628 manufactured homes/apartments and a 60 RV Park) right next to the Dry Creek Scenic Road at the western gateway to Sedona.

This website will take you on a tour of the Ranch, to see for yourself why it is so important for the Sedona Community to rally around the Ranch, as environmental stewards, and to block a zoning change that will allow the developer to bulldoze its ancient landscape, evict and destroy its rich wildlife and Indian artifacts, and leave it as a scarred example of the type of development that values profit over the preservation and conservation of the treasure that is El Rojo Grande Ranch.

We are urgently asking for your immediate help to rally community support to block this PAD re-zoning, which will replace this priceless scenic wonder with a massive ocean of roofs.

The fragile lands of El Rojo Grande Ranch will be forever harmed by pumping the water from beneath its riparian habitats to the development, and by dumping hundreds of thousands of gallons of effluent back into its creek bed each day, or by injecting that effluent into its underground aquifer. In addition to that tragedy, ELS will dispose huge amounts of surface runoff from their asphalt pavement into the riparian habitats.

The wildlife and bird riparian habitats on El Rojo Grande Ranch will be drained and parched by the massive water pumping station proposed by ELS to supply its mobile home park. ELS has yet to propose a method for disposal of all that waste, which would contaminate the Red Wall Limestone aquifer that supplies water to Page Springs and its surrounding communities.

Thanks to its past owners, most of the Ranch’s 173 acres are in the same pristine condition that early settlers in the Sedona area found it. It is still covered with ancient juniper trees, some of which are 200 years old – trees that were growing before the white man ever came into the Sedona area. It is truly a “step back in time”. Sadly, the beauty of the Ranch has been largely forgotten by those in the surrounding community.

We invite you into this website www.elrojogradesedona.com to enjoy the photographs of its marvelous park, its wedding sites, its community gathering spots, and its equestrian facilities which was built on the 173 acres for the public to enjoy by riding on its beautiful acreage, and onto the beautiful Forest Service land that surrounds it.

We invite you to read about the hundreds of species of birds, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and plants that call its red rock and riparian habitat their home. In doing so, you will learn about the watershed, and the great riparian corridor in Northern Arizona which is currently under great stress, and in danger of being lost by the animals and plants who live here.

To save the Ranch we must first make people in the Sedona area and all neighboring communities and our global friends aware of its existence, its beauty, and its potential contribution to Sedona, as a marvelous blessing for future of our residents and visitors to Sedona and the Northern Arizona region where Old West Dreams live on.

El Rojo Grande Ranch was built to be a horse and cattle ranch. It was, nearly 26 years ago, built to be a working ranch surrounded on three sides by United States Forest Service lands – spectacular and welcoming to visitors from around the world.

Please protect the land, and not allow an inappropriate development to proceed.

Please write a letter to Yavapai County, and say “Please do not change the zoning and allow this ugly and unfortunate development to proceed.”

Please do not allow El Rojo Grande Ranch to become a symbol of what unrestrained development can do in our internationally known center of natural beauty. By allowing this microcosm of Sedona to be bulldozed and turned into a sprawling ocean of mobile homes, we will be showing the entire world that our values of conservation and sustainability are only words – devoid of actions.

The sellers have said themselves that this Ranch is magical! The International Sotheby’s has described this Ranch as pristine and magical! Let’s not let its magic be destroyed by bulldozers, and replaced by a sea of mobile home roofs. Please make this happen, and support – NO CHANGE IN ZONING!

Write a letter today! Randy Garrison, Yavapai County Supervisor, is in change again of these proceedings along with the county commissioners and staff.

Here is mine which you are welcome to cut and paste – click on this link. All letters are due by December 11, 2018.

Thank you!
Karin Reid Offield


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  1. George, VOC says:

    Is that true that the county waived parking requirements for VOC Westin? Whose in charge there that made that decision? Was Garrison supportive of it? No word of it in public info or zoning app. Can citizens do a Freedom of Information request to see what went on at the county level regarding the Westin from beginning to end?

  2. Rita Glover says:

    Pay not attention to “second try”… she actually dislikes people that take constructive “action”.. If you just complained your comment would of been warmly received by her..Nice effort on your part. Thnk you

  3. @George,VOC says:

    It is in the preliminary code review and you can request a copy of all of it and more at the County.
    Just email David Williams who oversaw the entire project.
    Look at the dates and the reasons the 1st level was considered a basement therefore no citizen engagement before it was approved.
    Look at the loophole in the ordinance and look at overlay they placed over the 179 corridor.
    200,000.00 in room fees to where? Prescott
    But they want to form sid’s to pay for a traffic study and a bridge and not the whole County.

  4. Hal on westside says:

    whose overseeing Rojo Grande project at county then?

  5. Bob, Hayward California says:

    Write letters and make calls. This will uglify your Sedona.

  6. @ERG 12/07/18 says:

    Just when you think you’ve seen it all another surprise jumps out. @ERG 12/07 “PROGNOSIS: IMMINENT HEART ATTACK” authored by the late but not-so-great former Sedona Mayor Rob Adams.

    Although agreeing with his message it seems only fair to include that former Mayor Adams was the backbone and main frame instrument in negotiating the ongoing giveaway contract with the regional Chamber of Commerce. Yes, folks, and he now criticizes a “regional” project which doesn’t gel well with HIM?

    Let’s face it, it was after Mayor Rob and his mainframe cheerleader Barbara Litrell slam dunked the disproportionate contract with the Chamber, conveniently located in Sedona, for clearly misappropriated funding for destination marketing with amateurs who produced nothing more than daytrippers when quality of life for incorporated Sedona began to really spiral downward.

    And where is the proof of that? Endless lines of unmanageable traffic for weeks at a time and little chance at all for residents to leave their own homes on most weekends. No follow up authorized audits or accountability were forthcoming from Mayor Adams and to date no valid ROI (other than increased daytrippers) has been offered to prove the questionable contract has contributed anything other than negative impacts on the City of Sedona. (for tourists as well as residents)

    This proposal for a zone change of the former El Rojo Grande Ranch land stinks, but compared to the raw deal and legacy left by Adams and Litrell what could be worse?

  7. @@ERG 12/07/18 says:

    One of the funniest things was a letter about a year or two ago from tourism booster Rob Adams complaining about all the ATV rentals going up and down his street. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  8. @@@erg says:

    You got chamber on the brain as usual ..This thread is about a development outside city limits. (deleted by editor)

  9. Laughing With Tears in My Eyes says:

    Thanks @ERG 12/07/18 for calling out former Mayor Adams on being such a hypocrite. Be prepared for the Voice of City Hall to come out beating his chest about how the economy has turned around since the great Sedona/C of C Ripoff.

    Yes indeed – that person and others will NEVER acknowledge the economy of the entire country has been on an upswing since the Great Recession and never has the outlandish Sedona, Arizona government giveaway to an alleged nonprofit, member driven organization been PROVEN to have had ANYTHING to do with the NATIONAL turnaround, let alone in even just Sedona. BS is BS and cannot be spun with FALSE NEWS & FALSE INFORMATION.

  10. @@@@erg says:

    Nice try to divert the blatantly hypocritical contribution from former Mayor Adams as being nothing more than him hiding behind a mask of what he truly represents. His mere opposition to this outrageous proposal for a zoning attempt might very well serve to benefit the developers if the truth were told. You’re a fool if you can’t see that. How can we be sure he wasn’t paid by developers to post his comment? His reputation now precedes him as being a major influence in giving the chamber of commerce and lodging council carte blanche in if even inadvertently being responsible for the onslaught of more daytrippers to Sedona. And he has the gall to object to the request for rezoning of ERG?

  11. Jim says:

    I remember Rob Adams having a temper tantrum storming out of a city council when he was mayor. (deleted by editor). City Council (deleted by editor).

  12. Rose says:

    All I can say is do your home work Find any and all Indian buriel Sites and or Scared sites etc
    AZ U might have records
    Good luck Sedona in getting this atopped Somethings like this were in planning 20 yrs ago
    Greed overides your beautiful lands
    You want it stopped, get ready to put your money in it ,, Other then that your going to lose !
    Dont give up ..

  13. Steven Richardson says:

    This message is to @@@@erg

    You accuse Mayor Adams as being nothing more than him hiding behind a mask and yet, you don’t post with a real name. Hummmm

    Obviously, you like to slander people with comments such as “How can we be sure he wasn’t paid by developers to post his comment” without standing up and owning the comment.

    Perhaps you should look in the mirror.

  14. Erg says:

    Dear Friends of the Ranch – Thursday in Cottonwood at 9 am ‘ish Yavapai County will hear the last public comments – please attend to oppose the rezoning of the 89A Rural Corridor. Thank you for all of the support – we hope to protect the Riparian Corridor !

  15. Nikki says:

    Not a fan of Adams. I am a fan of ERG fighting to keep this gross unsightly anti-Sedona anti-Arizona development (it doesn’t serve Cottonwood either or Page Springs to have it at their doors).

    We’re trying to promote a winery business and trailer parks on good land that affects our water sources and air quality doesn’t sit well with us at all.

    Why do we think it fine to send all our money to Chicago, land of murder? Morally I want the Supervisors of Yavapai County to answer that one. Economically we gain nothing.

  16. @Steven Richardson says:

    FYI elected officials are classified as public figures and therefore become subjected to whatever comments are forthcoming. Easy targets for truthful revelations frequently misinterpreted as slander. Truth is truth, and Mr. Adams is no exception.

  17. Steven Richardson says:

    To the @ who is too timid to use his/her name, your point is well taken however, my point was that you don’t have the testicles to post your own real name so don’t be so quick to slander others.

  18. Tim Glass Esq says:

    To @Steven….

    As a licensed AZ attorney I can tell you that you are incorrect. Once Mr. Adams left his elected position as Mayor he is no longer fair game for you to slander. Without documented proof, what you call “truthful revelations” are your opinions and can be interpreted by a court of law as slander.

  19. Chas. F. Gilmour, Esq. Ret. says:

    With all due respect @Tim Glass Esq because the comment offered by former Sedona Mayor Adams makes direct reference to his having served as Mayor, wasn’t he, in fact, taking a walk a bit on the wild side by using that questionably lofty position to enhance credence to his position? Not worthy of a court case IMO but definitely a point of potential contention?

  20. GOOD NEWS says:


    Bonus: RRN Editor blasts former Mayor Rob Adams. Oh, how sweet karma can be!

  21. SAVE THE DATE says:

    The no was a no recommendation to the Supervisors who will make the final decision.

    That is the most important meeting and The project’s final fate will lie with the County Board of Supervisors during a regular meeting scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 20 at 9 a.m.

    You must plan to show at this meeting.

  22. It's not over yet says:

    “Bonus: RRN Editor blasts former Mayor Rob Adams.”

    IMO Nothing of value from the so called editor of the Red Rock Fake news as usual. Don’t bother looking….All the soy body editor said about Adams is he did not follow the soy boy’s rules of letters to the editor being 300 words or less. The soy boy stamped his delicate foot, stroked his balding head and said ” I’m in charge.”

    The zone change still has to go in front of the Board of Supervisors, it’s not over yet.

    Karma will be when the last edition of the Sedona Red Rock Fake News is printed.

  23. Steve segner says:

    With all due respect tim glass Is correct, many people post non factual comments about city officials and private individuals calling them thieves and making statements that are patently not true. I suggest everybody just post what is a fact With information to back it up,are you going to learn an expensive lesson abouts Cost in the American judicial system.

  24. @Steve segner says: says:

    Blah, Blah, Blah – more threats directed at those who dare to disagree with you.

    ” With information to back it up,are you going to learn an expensive lesson abouts Cost in the American judicial system.”

    Isn’t that statement, in fact, just your own opinion S. Segner? Just because those at City Hall believe every word from your mouth doesn’t make your input factual information either. You seem to have become the exception to all rules and that is just another opinion Mr. Big Shot.

  25. IMO says:

    In my opinion there’s more rubbish posted on Face Book for gullible folks to believe as being true facts than anything appearing on Sedona Eye – or even the RRNews for that matter! Just tell people the moon is paper or cheese or simply an illusion and there are those that believe because it’s on Face Book, perhaps the most damaging source of chit-chat in existence.

  26. Pot, meet kettle says:

    An old saying ” It’s like the pot calling the kettle black.” Steve segner, with his various incarnations , IMO is the biggest liar on the Sedona Eye. It’s been proven time and time again by others stating the truth. He just wants to promote fear and stop the debate. Funny stuff.

  27. Steve segner (?) says:

    Me telling the truth. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

    The chamber of Commerce is fully funded by members. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAAH

  28. @HaHaHaHa says:

    I saw a post on FB. Steve is out on vacation ENJOYING his life….as you spend time in your dark mind rapid fire negative posts on SE… Now that’s a Ha Ha Ha Ha

  29. Real Steve segner says:

    If the real Steve segner is on vacation as you say, who posted under his name yesterday at 8:01 PM? Or do then not have Internet where steve vacations?

    You’re head is in a a place where the sun doesn’t shine, as if anyone did not already know.

  30. John Wilson says:

    If Steve Segner is actually on vacation @@HaHaHaHa then why how the heck does he have time to waste reading and commenting on Sedona Eye since clearly he hates it so much? On the other hand, could it be he’s researching another place where he can relocate and tell those folks how to run things? Oh, let us hope so!

  31. El Rojo Grande update says:

    JANUARY 17TH, 2019 — AN UNDIVIDED, LIKE-MINDED UNANIMOUS VOTE OF NO TO REZONING of El Rojo Grande Ranch by the Planning and Zoning Commissioners. Thank you to our Yavapai County P & Z Board of Commissioners, the ladies and gentlemen that bring their recommendations forward to the Board of Supervisors. Thank you all for listening to the citizens and visitors from around the world that love Sedona and Yavapai County.

  32. erg says:

    Dear Friends El Rojo Grande and @nickki, One great benefit for the P & Z Denial of Recommendation for Rezoning is that it’s BEHIND US !!

    Ahead of us is hard…Letters to be included in the Board of Supervisors packet are due on the 31st of January!! The next meeting is February 20th, time to be announced on Face Book or the Website. Please wear RED. Letters will be excepted by Tammy up until the meeting.

    They do NOT want second and third letters from those who have already written, they will accept and COUNT NEW letters! So here’s the info AGAIN or go to elrojograndesedona.com to read FACTS, IMPORTANT VOICES, HOW TO HELP – and more!

    Nice to read is a tab called VISIONS – that’s the place YOUR vision for the ranch will go when you write it up ! Please help keep the Western Gateway into Sedona the way it is – SCENIC and pleasant!

    ELS says they will promise to use all tan roofs, 600 of them, a giant Class A RV PARK where the City of ELS dwellers will have a 7 foot yard in their back yard. Not affordable housing, nor affordable if the rents are so high plus you have to buy the ELS manufactured house that ELS also builds.

    El Rojo Grande is an important watershed component for the protected Oak Creek, and its a riparian corridor – phase one will bulldoze 92 acres. They will fill the ranch with bocci courts, cover drainage with tennis courts and this development will not contribute anything to the future of Sedona.

    A engineer friend from Colorado using the specs for DOT “development” writes that the 600 units will generate an addition of 5000 cars – go to the FACTS tab.

    You get these increases by adding up things like – with more people living there, grocery stores, gas stations, will all have to add more trucks and cars to service these units…5000 – that’s too much to accept.

    In 2004 – we were told in ten years that the traffic in Sedona would be bumper to bumper because of the way the roads lead in and out of town. Ask the Board of Supervisors to protect Yavapai County – as their boundaries reach across the areas. Some towns have called for a moratorium when the stress of development becomes unbearable with infrastructure problems too large to maintain and sustain the projects.

    Here is where to send your letters: Emails to: planning@yavapai.us Include your NAME and ADDRESS (Very important).
    Letters to: Attn: Planning Dept – Tammy Dewitt Re: El Rojo Grande Ranch, Yavapai County Development Services, 10 South 6th St. , Cottonwood, AZ 86326. Thanks everyone!

  33. Paula Zaber says:

    I didn’t know that could happen in Sedona until reading on it because Beverly explained how to find you and the story. I’m enjoying it from Rainer. We go to friends in Arizona off and on and will try to visit before leaving next time if time allows.

  34. Matt, West Sedona says:

    @erg What’s latest on this? Can you trust they aren’t double talking?

  35. @Matt, West Sediba says:

    Good news Equity LifeStyle Properties (ELS) has backed out of the development and withdrawn their request for a zone change – at least for now! All the good work and overwhelming public resistance to the proposal finally paid off. Now if only we could have the same kind of public reaction to outlandish projects within City of Sedona as well as the Village of Oak Creek. Just pay attention – speak up – in person or by writing. Thanks to all who cared and made a difference.

  36. Robert Klein says:

    I would like to see a consortium or group that includes local gifts and matching state and city and nonprofit purchase the El Rojo Grande as a Sedona wildlife and riparian sanctuary. Federal and state government grants exist for this. Someone should begin to spearhead the purchase.

  37. @Robert Klein says:

    Have looked at what the purchase price for that amazing land is?????? Do you know how long it’s been up for sale with no realistic offers????

    I love how people on this site are so unrealistic when they say I would like to see so and so buy the land. Why don’t YOU BUY IT?!?!?!?

    It’s a far cry before anyone will buy the land and keep it a “riparian. Sanctuary”.

  38. Sam W says:

    @@Robert Klein

    Funny stuff @@Robert….(deleted by editor)

  39. Marc, Sedona says:

    @@RobertKlein @wmd @jpelee STFU Troll

  40. Mike H says:

    “some of the commentary oscillates between “not helpful” to “likely a product of mental illness”

    Those that post “yawn”, “LOL”, ” Funny stuff”

    Editor, having name registration would silence this troll.

  41. ERG's Karin Reid Offield says:

    With two days to go before the El Rojo Grande Ranch request for rezoning was to be considered by the Yavapai Board of Supervisors, and ten days since the proposed buyer, Equity Life Styles (ELS) withdrew and dropped out of escrow for the purchase of the ranch.

    Today the 174 acre high desert ranch was placed on the Realtor’s MLS and again open to ALL buyers – the price is $14,250,000. Considered by many as “the most beautiful ranch in the world” we are pleased to announce this wonderful news and wish the seller so much good fortune in the days ahead! Thank you to all for sticking with us to oppose this sale and the rezoning effort – helping to fight a good fight.

    The Face Book page started for the opposition has been helpful and reached out to more than 12,000 people in our outreach. The page will be closed on February 22st, so if you want to go back into the history for any wonderful memories – please do. The pages content will be used in creating a blog for the El Rojo Grande Ranch website – soon to be a celebratory website for a ranch that brings joy and memories to many.

    Thank you for taking part in our history!

    To the folks on Sedona Eye, I have to say it’s been informative. One clarification maybe I can add is that back in the early 2000’s we were told that in ten years the traffic would be bumper to bumper – so that has been proved true and then another topic always raised was that there were some in town being blamed I guess for Sedona’s popularity. It was in 2007, that Sedona was voted the Most Beautiful Place on Earth. Me thinks that we should blame that vote, those magazines, and the awards we received – Sedona is humble. I was shocked at the tones of voices, the tenor of the discussions that I saw here – anonymous is not really good for discussions – I think its better when you sign your name, put your opinion on the desk or the screen. I want to thank Eddie Maddock for the platform to get the word out, to have the discussions about El Rojo Grande – and get to know you all, some by name too :-)). Sincerely, ERG’s Karin Reid Offield former owner and builder of ERG. Congratulation everyone!

  42. Mike, Sedona says:

    Best public example of organization and information to get a hidden agenda out to the community Eddie Maddock and Karin Offield. Without you both and the team work and team building to promote saving our Sedona in a word, awesome.

  43. @Mike says:

    And what exactly did Eddie Maddock have to do with the above story!? I’ve never seen ESM spearhead anyttpe of letter writing campaign …. or get involed in any issue for that matter..

  44. Eddie Maddock says:

    Thank you Mike, Sedona, for your kind words. The recent conclusion of the ERG issue, of course, was influenced because of a collaborative effort and without the opportunity provided by the Publisher/Editor there wouldn’t be a SedonaEye or the opportunity to have been invited to participate in the publication. Never, at any time, have I nor would I attempt to take credit for anything that does or does not occur in Sedona.

    And FYI years ago I was, in fact, acquainted with Karen Reid Offield and remain in touch with our mutual friend, Sheri Graham, a high profile Sedona resident and former member of P & Z Commission and the Sedona City Council who along with others recall the history of the subject land and surrounding areas.

    Special congratulations to the person identified as @Mike for providing the exact type of snide and snarky contribution to SedonaEye to which Karen Offield openly expressed her own concern and opinion. It’s unfortunate that in spite of victory hateful souls who wish to silence me or others with whom they disagree cannot control their anger even under the circumstances of a win/win situation for everyone.

    But the loudest message sent by @Mike was silenced by lack of their true identity, instead opting to remain hidden behind a cloak of toxic vengeance for whatever reason.

  45. David, Sedona says:

    Sedona Times on right side of issue & where was Snooze? They lose.

  46. R.S. AZ says:

    Thank you Karen Offield and Eddie Maddock. If you haven’t read Eddie Maddock column work on SedonaEye.com, then you wouldn’t have known how influential she is. Stop being clueless @Mike. As a letter writer, I wouldn’t have known about the bastardization by your politicians of a world’s wonder without it being on Twitter and Facebook.

    The saving of Sedona’s western gateway rests solely on the Maddock and Offield collaboration. I spent time reading her columns and saw immediately that she’s more than a letter writer, she’s inspiring leadership and a voice of reasonable change. Thank you, Eddie Maddock. Thank you, Karen Offield whose initial flag waving saved El Rojo Grande ranch. You both saved a huge swath of Sedona Beautiful from being a tin pan alley. I’ll revisit someday knowing that.

  47. @@Mike says:

    When it looks like jealous, walks like jealous must be you are JEALOUS!!!!!

    Get a life. Eddie is a class act, speaks up while you take pot shots under a fake name.

    Credibility,integrity years of unbiased reporting by Eddie Maddock. I am a big fan and follow everything she writes. We are blessed to have her. While you hide in the dark. sad…… u r.

  48. Joan says:

    Clearly you are uneducated and uninformed@Mike. Eddie Maddock is a community leader who has connected the dots, shed light on critical issues for years.

    Going back years she has worked together with many like the 4R’s KSB was a reporter on the show Backfire, Geronimo TV. She went in person to city council meetings, fact checked rumors, researched, watched countless city council meetings. She is unbiased, fair minded, transparent and has NO conflict of interests.

    Thank you Eddie. Keep up the hard work. We appreciate you beyond words.

  49. ADEQ, Can You Believe This Absurdity? says:

    Because of ERG last comment to Maddock article, I read all the back comments. Can you believe this absurdity? It should be mandatory for treatment plants of any size, shape or location. NO exceptions. Get with it Sedona and Arizona. Stop trying to ruin our lands. Yavapai County and Coconino County need to step up and clamp down on fraud and greed. No city council should have the ability to approve any development, they should only have veto power and when vetoed, it means the people have spoken. Sedona Eye and Maddock and Offield and El Rojo Grande organizers opened our eyes. Now we need to vote about what we see. TJ

    Arizona Dept of Environmental Quality (ADEQ)
    Wastewater Treatment plant permit

    Send Emails to David Dunaway dwd@azdeq.gov

    Send Letters to:
    David Dunaway
    1110 W. Washington St.
    Phoenix, AZ 85007

    Quoted, “ADEQ will post the public notice on its website and in a local newspaper to let people know when the comment period starts and ends.”

    As of now, “Neither ELS nor the developers have applied for a permit, and depending on what specifically they propose, they may not need a permit from ADEQ. It’s only if they apply for a permit to operate their own wastewater treatment plant with ADEQ that public comment would be considered. This program doesn’t usually get involved with the zoning process.”

  50. Warren Woodward says:

    Joan, I second that emotion.

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