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Eddie Maddock: Feasible and Sustainable Sedona Matters

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock looks at Sedona’s year ahead in the light of its problematic past.

Sedona AZWelcome to Sedona Arizona 2019.

Has our Golden Goose been cooked?

Is there anyone visiting Sedona or living here for that matter, let’s say since Thanksgiving 2018, who isn’’t convinced there is a huge traffic problem? As the situation grows worse on a daily basis ongoing studies have been procured from professional consultants – most of whom are costly and ineffective – if for no other reason than they have yet to result in actually addressing the problem.

The root of the matter is never appropriately acknowledged by the culprits behind the continual onslaught to chop Sedona, the aforementioned Golden Goose, into teeny tiny pieces. Translated: Sedona was discovered a long time ago and is no longer in need of being promoted. Even efforts for alleged “destination tourists” haven’t been proven to be effective. Quite possibly the introduction of short term rentals via private property owners and Airbnb are contributing factors to this problematic situation which should have been addressed with serious intent to at least some degree a long time ago.

Instead Sedona planners forge ahead with one idea after another clearly without looking at or anticipating suggested plans might be seriously flawed. While the term “sustainability” has become a common catchword, the word “feasibility” all too often is overlooked prior to initiating “perceived” solutions.

View of Sedona – exclusive SedonaEye.com photo

For example; inflated foot traffic in the narrow ADOT corridor of SR179 in front of Tlaquepaque was ignored at the time approval was given to Tlaquepaque North across that very busy section of a State Highway. After the fact, the result has been a disaster. So what to do?

Number one suggestion on the drawing board seems to be a concept for some sort of a pedestrian overpass. Voila! Problem solved. Wait, –not so fast. Has any consideration been given to the fact that said overpass must span SR 179, a state route? Just how high must a cute little footbridge be in order to clear traffic such as semi-trucks and 18-wheelers for which state routes are designed? Maybe an indication might be more clearly imagined if one were to think about overpasses on I-17.

Another potential solution to mitigate traffic congestion, created essentially due to lack of foresight, is the extension of Forest Road uptown to connect with West 89A someplace next to the Post Office location. This concept appears to be a wonderful idea on the surface, but has the depth of this proposal been extensively considered?

Now that becomes extremely interesting when viewing the terrain in actuality, as well as on maps.

View of Sedona – exclusive SedonaEye.com photo

The two photos offered here were taken December 30, 2018, on SR89A across from the vacant land just west of the Post Office, a portion of which has posted a “For Sale” sign. Clearly it is rugged and anticipating any portion being used as a connector from Forest Road uptown to SR89A becomes somewhat unclear. It appropriately should be noted the open space beyond the Hyatt and custom-built homes at the end of Forest Road is comparable terrain – –hilly, rocky, and steep.

From the Post Office hill to Mariposa Restaurant is rocky, but relatively level with or below SR89A. Not to be overlooked is a portion of that land belongs to the U.S. Forest Service. It isn’t difficult to observe – with a quick glance to the left when driving east on 89A towards uptown – prior to the Brewer and “Y” roundabouts.

As previously mentioned, there are several upscale homes at the end of Forest Road, clearly sustaining their value because they are constructed on “view” lots. The city has gone on record admitting that to extend this proposed road would necessitate condemning some of those houses. However, what they haven’t addressed is the steep, rocky terrain. Even a non-engineer might question the complex construction required for a connector road in this location which should realistically be seriously addressed prior to pursuing this alleged “short cut” from Point A (Forest Road) to Point B (West 89A).

Where will all the remaining red rocks go? To parking lots and highways and tourists now going and many long time gone.

There are a multitude of unanswered questions pertaining to acquisition of land and related expenses, over and above feasibility for extending Forest Road to connect down and across extremely rocky, unlevel open terrain. Shouldn’t we insist on accurate and transparent accountability prior to, during, and at completion of this endeavor should it come to pass? And, more specifically, what will be the source of funding?

Likewise, shouldn’t more extensive consideration apply to accommodating additional traffic which surely will become further problematic at the Schnebly Hill roundabout if aggressive approval for multi-housing and additional shops comes to fruition as proposed in order to justify the designation of another Community Focus Area?

Another suggestion for constructing an additional bridge from Schnebly Hill Road to the northern portion of uptown to connect to 89A onward to Oak Creek Canyon will, in all probability, require trespassing on USFS property. Has any consideration been given to that by city planners if plans are pursued to extend Schnebly Hill Road as an alternate route to I-17… also USFS land.

A final question: Which should come first –feasibility or sustainability?

The answer will emerge from the inner sanctum of City Hall.

Word for the day:

[fee-zuh-buh l]
1. Capable of being done, effected, or accomplished: a feasible plan
2. probable; likely: a feasible theory
3. suitable: a road feasible for travel


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  1. @Richard A @Get this(same people) says:


  2. Wise Willie says:

    Don’t be fooled. Segner’s command is that of a dictator which is what Sedona will have if voters continue to elect city council members who will allow it to happen.

    And now the plan for “affordable” housing is surfacing while Segner rents his investment homes short-term.

    Wise up. The choice is yours. You believe their asinine propaganda (as it appears many of you did at the last election) you will be bound by a dictator. Do as the dictator says from his/her throne in the ivory tower. You will reap what you sow. It’s already happening. They will do as they please. Big shOts. Dick-taters. Socialism is unfolding before your eyes. Reap what you sow.

    VOC and others spoke up and stopped the 700 plus residential development at El Rojo. Numbers matter. After the fact will be too late. Speak now or be silenced forever. The same goes for all that VOC development. Our quality life is doomed if you allow it.

  3. steve Segner says:

    Richard Andrew says: Question is, if it’s good enough for Segner then why not for those who also legally provide their homes as vacation rentals? Then, as has been {discovered} he continues to build his own financial empire by upgrading and adding to his own inventory of AirBnb vacation rentals?

    Good question Richard,
    I bought 3 motel units from the Sedona Motel, and remolded them into two units. “Connie place” as we call it will be for overflow from my near by hotel.
    We did not take over a private home our as some have done apartment buildings, our new units were motel rooms for over 10 years and we made sure they are zoned commercial not residential. Hotels are my business and I home to expand in the future, over 10,000 people make their living in Sedona from visitors and growth is good it just need to be controlled and have the proper zoning not residential, hope that
    answers your question.

  4. Joe Lee says:

    @Steve Segner – Why should the city be responsible for providing workforce housing for your employees and those of other lodging places? Why not do the right thing and make those motel rooms you just acquired for workers instead of more money grabbing on your part? Do you accommodate white people at your establishment? Didn’t the Sedona Rouge comply with their development agreement and provide several accommodations for that purpose? Why not grow up and take responsibility and not expect the government to take care of YOUR problems?

  5. @steve Segner says:

    I rented one of those units as a long term rental. So full of it.

    What happened to ALL the LONG term RENTALS the city demanded from the hotels? You DELETED them got greedy and made them short term rentals.

    We can make a list of YOUs greedy hotels that DELETED the long term rentals required by city. BS dictator

  6. Employee housing is EMPLOYERS problem says:

    Employee housing is EMPLOYERS problem

    No one FORCED you to go into the hotel business Segner. You are getting rich off the backs of the residents. Pay your own business expenses! Provide you own employee living quarters.

    Places like Telluride Ski Resort has 146 double-occupancy studio apartments set aside for our employees. Big Billie’s Apartments are located in the town of Mountain Village at the base of Sunshine Express (Lift 10) and Chondola (Lift 1), providing ski-in/ski-out access to the mountain as well as free transportation to Telluride from 7am to midnight daily.

    Learn more about Employee Housing


  7. @Joe lee says:

    You know what Joe……Air B and B has escalated the long term rental market everywhere…. if Something doesn’t change Sedona will become more and more of a tourist town .. Air B and B’s are destroying the residential rental market in Sedona……not Steve S…..So if the city comes up with a plan for more low cost affordable housing then so be it… It’s needed and it won’t just be for resort workers.

    There are many good hardworking family people who are getting forced out..

  8. Joe Lee says:

    My point was that Steve Segner who is complaining the most has an opportunity to offer rentals for workers but instead plans for more tourist accommodations.

    Sedona is already saturated with hotel rooms and more to come with proposed resort at the Biddle property.

    Further developers have also been a problem such as those who built the original Fairfield. They failed to live up to their commitment for lower priced rentals because they wanted to make more money.

    Simple. Greed is the culprit.

    Even if this city rezones for higher density what guarantee is there the end product won’t be the same as in the past? It’s all about money. No different than what Segner has done and is doing including his past ability to convince the city council the multi-million dollar contract with the chamber of commerce is a good thing.

    But because I’m a white guy guess my opinion doesn’t count. Wonder if my money would be any good if I had breakfast at El Portal? Not to worry – it’ll never happen and never will I recommend it. Yelp.

  9. @Jpe Lee says:

    You sound obsessed with Steve Seger…

    You rather complain about that man then address the air B n B issue. As I said if the long term rental market keeps escalating rates due to Air B n B and chasing hardworking family types……then Sedona will become that tourist town and you ain’t seen nothing yet. This won’t be SS fault so direct your attention to the real problem not the C of C.

  10. Joe Lee says:

    And just who is upset here @Jpe Lee? (you couldn’t even get my name right)

    Let the Airbnb’s prevail. The best part will be the C of C won’t be sounding off to take credit for THAT! However it will blow their grand idea of “destination marketing” to hell which is where it belongs.

    And no, I’ll NOT be one to crab about tourists. In fact it might even be cause to greet them and shake hands for not being so stupid as to pay those high room rates and bed taxes finagled by the C of C and Lodging Council. Either that or stay in the VOC where better deals are available.

    Yes indeed. Karma payback works mysteriously. Ha, Ha, Ha you boobs!!!

  11. @joe Lee says:

    So basically your really only concerned about YOURSELF. Very selfish Joe..

  12. Joe Lee says:

    @@Joe Lee you are wrong again! My concern is for tourists. That they get the best possible accommodations in Sedona and for the fairest rates. So my guess is your attacks and accusations are directed to yourself or you wouldn’t be so persistent in attempting to take me down. Ain’t gonna happen Sucker. I’m outta here with you.

  13. Pam says:

    Practicality. Purpose. Performance.

    No new development is the easiest track. Get it on a referendum. No Growth.

  14. Confession, Good for the Soul says:

    Yep – must confess – a front page article in the local rag caught my attention. It was about Sedona aiming at sustainability. The extent of my cheat reading was confined to the first sentence having to do with Sedona setting an example before expecting others to be followers.

    Now if that isn’t something! IMO the only valid example of sustainability Sedona can possibly extend to other communities would be in what NOT to do. That being, of course, filtering millions of dollars through a non-professional allegedly nonprofit (chamber of commerce) for advertising which resulted in nothing more than miles of backed up traffic representing daytrippers on their way to Oak Creek Canyon.

    Yes indeed, Sedona has set an excellent example proving how to sustain gridlock but essentially remains clueless about a viable solution.

  15. Viable Solution says:

    Cease and desist all funding to the chamber of commerce, including financing THEIR visitor’s center. Stop promoting Sedona. Word-of-mouth already does that job. Concentrate on infrastructure improvements. Take care of roads in subdivisions. Serve the residents first, and tourist trade will soar and be sustained as it did prior to Sedona incorporation. Yes Sedona CAN set an example through the people who live here, not day trippers and NOT the chamber of commerce!!

  16. Al says:

    City is out of control.

    Creating this latest Sedona FAD OF MISINFORMATION to example sustainability offered the chance to add a Sustainability Coordinator to city staff. And I wonder how many assistants that position will require? We don’t need another paid employee to do what should be systemic in each job description. It’s in the community plan. It’s in the mission statement. IT’S WHAT WE SAY WE DO AT CITY HALL AND COUNCIL EVERY SINGLE DAY.

    WTF??!!! Attn AZ Attorney General. This Sedona sustainability bs is one example of how news articles and city staff employment propped up with articles by the news outlet that gets city dollars is ONE EXAMPLE of Sedona bad practices by its news, government, and fake created necessary business groups comingling taxpayer money to SUSTAIN each others budgets. ARE YOU ABLE TO CONNECT DOTS IN YOUR AG OFFICE?

    Guess that big dollar Manager needs ALL those people since he spends his time directing and advocating illegal and dangerous parking on Soldier Pass Road and who knows where else???? Back-O-Beyond is also frequently a dangerous mess!!! He’s 30 something inexperienced. FREAKIN INEXPERIENCE IS COSTING US OUR SERENE AND WONDER LIFESTYLE. City needs to reduce employees and SusTAIN a sensible management policy IMO. WTF!!??? They don’t live here or pay taxes. Send the carpetbaggers packing. Lot of better managers and planners in the city will work for less. These city staff and management outsiders are selling and raping our turf.

  17. @Viable Solution says:

    Thank you. Your message, 4-1/2 lines, speaks volumes. It’s sad tho. Instead of three monkeys – see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil – we are stuck with a group of seven, the majority of whom are incapable of ascertaining the meaning of “evil” as it pertains to what is occurring in Sedona.

    Just another opinion in spite of the nasty comments from those vehemently on the attack of SedonaEye. Love it. They must be running scared.

  18. AR says:

    LOVE SEDONA hoooorahhhhh

  19. Public Service Announcement says:

    This was posted on nextdoor.
    “Jessica Williamson Jessica Williamson, South Dry Creek Road
    Bike Fix Stations
    A new initiative that encourages biking in the community. It’s a Chamber of Commerce program that is part of sustainable tourism.

    I thought you would be excited to learn about a recently completed project funded through Sedona Reinvestment programs – the Sedona Bike Fix-It Stations!

    Bike Fix-It stations help to improve the quality of life for residents and enhances the visitor experience by providing a repair station with an air pump and tools in key high-use areas. We are proud to share that the six Bike Fix-It stations have been installed the following locations:
    City Bike Park
    Fay Canyon Trailhead
    Adobe Jack Trailhead
    Chuckwagon Trailhead
    Bell Rock Trailhead
    Yavapai Vista Trailhead
    The repair stations also align with the City of Sedona Community Plan to enhance environmental stewardship and improved traffic flow. Bike repair stations will allow more bikers to ride rather than drive throughout Sedona, knowing they can fix their bikes in many locations. More bicycles will mean less cars on the road, improving the flow of traffic.

    This program is a perfect example of leveraging bed tax dollars, businesses and chamber relationships for improving Sedona. There are six local business sponsors:
    Over The Edge Sedona
    Rick Wesselhoff – Associate Broker – Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
    Red Agave Resort
    Biermann Construction
    Enchantment Resort
    Verde Valley Cyclists Coalition

    Each paid $2,500 to sponsor a station, or donated in-kind services to install the stations. The SCC&TB contributed $5,000 and managed all the coordination with the USFS and partners, sponsor solicitation, invoicing, ordering, installation coordination and design of the stations. We ordered the stations from a local vender, Over the Edge Sedona, who gave us their wholesale pricing.

    The Verde Valley Cyclist Coalition agreed to “adopt” the stations and their Bike Patrol will periodically inspect the station and arrange for any additional repairs. They received $1,000 in seed money to cover the cost of repairs, for what we anticipate will be for many years.

    We’re going to add this to our maps and on our mobile websites and we’re encouraging the bike shops to share the information.”

    What wrong with this? Do any of you see what I see?

  20. @Public Service Announcement says:

    One word response = B A R F (maybe times two a least!)

    PS – and we’re supposed to be give a standing ovation to all this BS nonsense? adding insult to injury??

  21. Jim, Uptown says:

    PSA wrote to public ———- We ordered the stations from a local vender, Over the Edge Sedona, who gave us their wholesale pricing. What was the wholesale price? I should’ve been able to get an opportunity to bid too. Why weren’t we all included?

  22. IT'S HAPPENING says:

    All you people who have received notice from the City of Sedona about a meeting on May 29 @ 3:00 PM better wake up.

    They are getting ready to acquire our properties – eminent domain or condemnation – this is for real.

    Probably the only thing which will get their attention is CLASS ACTION LEGAL ACTION. This is serious, Folks.

    And if you think it can’t happen to you, think again!

    But, of course, based on the results of the last Sedona election maybe none of you will object to being kicked out of your houses?

    It’s your decision but one way or another – WAKE UP!

  23. Dan says:

    You think at all people ????

  24. @Jim, Uptown says:

    When you say “Why weren’t we all included?” do you mean that every purchase made by city hall makes, YOU want to be “included”? If this is what you are saying, why should you be “included”?

    Please expand on your comment.

  25. John Wilson says:

    Here we go again! The same old attempt to divert the subject TAKING OF PRIVATE PROPERTY to expand a road that drops off to nowhere! (ohhhh yah riggghhhttt ….. potentially to tie in with W89A beyond the post office…..oooohhhhh yah riggghhhtt NOT because HOW WILL THAT HAPPEN WITHOUT CROSSING USFS LANDS???

    Sedonans if you’re not taking this seriously better get a grip on reality. Look at thAT mess friggin jackal crossing allowed at Tlaquepaque???

    Now they blindly lean towards extending a road that ends at a cliff? And eliminating Sedona residents and choice views private property in order to do so? HOLY MOTHER OF GOD WHAT THE (deleted by editor) ARE YOU DOING AT CITY HALL AND DURING COUNCIL MEETINGS !!!! WE DIDN’T ELECT YOU JACKASSES TO (deleted by editor) UP OUR CITY.

    Serious business here and don’t be distracted by those attempting to CHANGE THE SUBJECT. @Dan? @@Jim, Uptown?

  26. The Sedona Method says:

    The way it’s done in Sedona is to avoid RFP’s (requests for proposals) whenever possible. Need an example? Sedona Regional Chamber of Commerce comes to mind. No reason in the world for that sweetheart deal to have slipped through sans competitive bids for destination marketing. Results of that folly other than miles and miles of more day trippers have never been proven, have they? Of course not! Now millions more will be dumped via “chamber” oversight(?) in the name of “sustainability.” OMG people wake up!

    So sit back folks and let them snatch the roofs from your heads and then ask in wonderment “wha jes hoppen??” DUH!!!

  27. steve Segner says:

    That is why the city has a planning dept. If the road can be built or not their studies will show us. And the city survey shows the majority of people want the road. Some time dead end street open up[ to connect to new roads…. (shock)

    And your comment “friggin jackal crossing allowed at Tlaquepaque???
    The owners of the property “had” the zoning and by state law they could build on their land with out city’s OK ,it is called zoning, and zoning said they could build retail units. If you paid millions of $ for the lot you would expect to be able to build. The state of Arizon not the city stopped the light at the crosswalk…… why not enought foot traffic……
    Get a grip, all the privately owners land in Sedona will be built on some day it is call a city not a park., the land was zoned commercial over 30 year ago. Just because land owners wait to developed there property does not meant they gave up there rights to develop. And by the way walkers have the right to cross streets you know Tlaquepaque is tourist attraction and it put Sedona on the map. In America if you own the land you get to use it.

  28. Martin Shulte says:

    You’re all over the place Segner arguing for and against city policies, not your intent but your outcome. Zoning and state law. Building on private land. Lots. Homes. Tourist attractions.

    Property owners in Sedona do not give up their right to keep the homes they built. That’s called eminent domain. Check what happened in Boston when Boston tried it. Segner, your argument against eminent domain in the guise of being its proponent is one of few things I’ve agreed with you about.

  29. @steve Segner says:

    Of course people have the right to build on their property. However why then do we have development codes and standards as determined by the Community Plan? Every time we turn around it seems as if there are more requests for amendments to the CP. Didn’t Sedona incorporate in order to have better controls over development – maintain low profiles and tasteful colors?

    During the week we took time to drive to the end of Forest Road and clearly extension of it will be an expensive challenge not to mention the amount of money it will cost to displace those in the homes earmarked for condemnation/eminent domain.

    Isn’t watching development of Sedona much like waiting for the next accident to happen? Such as the idea of overhead pedestrian walks without consideration of clearance for semi-trucks and haulers?

    Hopefully the residents in receipt of the invitation to the special meeting will show up in force and have one or two attorneys with them as back-ups. Just a thought, nothing more, nothing less.

    And gee whiz, some of us thought it was the scenic red rock that put Sedona on the map since it had already been discovered before Tlaquepaque ever existed. Son-of-a-gun, wrong again.

  30. steve segner says:

    During the week we took time to drive to the end of Forest Road and clearly extension of it will be an expensive challenge not to mention the amount of money it will cost to displace those in the homes earmarked for condemnation/eminent domain. First I have seen nothing about condemnation/ of any homes!
    Yes ,it will not be cheep, the city has passed a .5% sales tax to fund Sedona in motion traffic plan but we could do nothing and in the past.
    My comment was re “t “friggin jackal crossing allowed at Tlaquepaque???” comment it followed the codes and Community Plan.
    Your comment Such as the idea of overhead pedestrian walks without consideration of clearance for semi-trucks and haulers?It is really up to ADOT and what if they build it and no one uses it ? Lets see that the traffic studies say about traffic flow first. The city has started using the back of Tlaquepaque parking lot to exit to Brewer rd seem top be working. Change is not easy , Sedona is growing and we need to fix cross town traffic…… 89A can not be the only way to get around town.

  31. Jim Poole says:

    Sorry Editor The last post was missing complete email addresses

    Oh come on Segner. We don’t believe a word you say. We hear your bragging.

    How do you feel by making your wealth off the flatlanders of Sedona?


    If you can’t attend WRITE City council:

    ARE you MAD????? Go above their heads WRITE:


    If you know of anything that can HELP the state STOP the insanity of City- Chamber love fest please write:
    Oramel H. Skinner -Chief of Government Accountability & Special Litigation Unit
    Office of the Arizona Attorney General
    2005 N. Central Ave.
    Phoenix, AZ 85004

    Did you see or witness the city or chamber PROMOTING a yes on Home Rule? Ballot measure 444. Did you witness the library or any other organization that receives CITY FUNDING promote a YES on Home rule? Report what you saw and submit documents. This includes city employees.

    Nothing will change UNTIL you do!

  32. Fred S. says:

    If the truth were known is the source of “sustainability” in Sedona these days from the purchase of properties for vacation rentals? Forget the days when people considered retiring here. We may have been kicked to the curb but could it be that Karma is what is kicking in now? And you big shot city council members, and staff allowing yourselves to be led like cattle with nose rings by the chamber of commerce and lodging council .. serves you right.

  33. Norm, Sedona says:

    As distasteful as it is to have a constant turnover of strangers in subdivisions not intended to serve as transient or vacation rentals it does produce a certain amount of pleasure knowing it’s detrimental to the mouthy spokesperson of the Sedona Lodging Council and that whiny woman who represents the chamber of commerce. Nice going city council and staff. Sell outs and Lap dogs. Shouldn’t your priority be directed to VOTERS of incorporated Sedona and not the special interests presently in control of City Hall? Send Garrison packing VOC and Sedona. We can do better.

  34. Jess Wundrin says:

    Now the chamber of commerce will be spending their abundance of city revenue on the questionable quest for product development and sustainability, isn’t it fair to ask: Product Development & Sustainability for whom? Seems more and more like the answer is for the C of C. Remodeling and staff additions have sort of seemed prolific since the windfall of that destination marketing contract with City of Sedona.

    Also, does anyone know just who it was even suggested for the C of C to purchase that uptown property for what? $800,000 or so? Who received sales/listing commissions on the sale of that property?

    And surely a transaction of that magnitude wasn’t done without the advice of an attorney?

    Does the contract and revenue the C of C receives from the City of Sedona qualify for them to have legal advice from our city attorney or do they retain their own attorney from their perceived lush fund account?

    Very interesting on this Sedona Eye web site. Many comments being made all over the place and all of a sudden one might think they are attempting to divert readers from maybe reading some sort of hidden truths that might not be welcome?

    Just askin’ from Jess Wundrin.

  35. Sedona Ronda says:

    @Jess Wundrin speaking of wundrin why do you suppose the city gives millions to a regional member driven chamber of commerce, previously for failed destination marketing, and now the funding is diverted to some sort of sustainability BS. Oh yea also to include economic and product development! Why does the city government include an official Department of Economic Development at City Hall? How do they justify such a blatant misuse of public funding? Arizona Attorney General Wake up!!

  36. Ollie M. Greer says:

    Well guess what? We residents are important after all.

    The big appeal from the over funded chamber is to Shop Sedona. Especially now. Because very soon the uptown will undergo the great Sedona In Motion event (SIM) and the non-hiway will be torn up. Bets on how much the end result will improve Sedona’s traffic in NONmotion or NOMotion? lmao Want to bet how long before most of uptown is bankrupted or teetering on the brink of closing? OMG it’s like the blind leading the blind. This city continues to throw money away with the non professional local (but regional) chamber of chiselers.

  37. Marv, Sedona says:

    Maybe the tide is turning. A Sedona resident has filed a law suit against the city of Sedona because of the big old water tank they approved near his home in the Chapel Area.

    So how many will be surprised if those folks who are presently threatened to be displaced from their homes on Forest Road won’t be next to take legal class action against this big city activity?

    City Council & Staff remain blinded by their infatuation with the Chamber/Lodging control and so it’s about time legitimate residents spoke up. It’s a shame that it must be at the expense of legal action. Get your gears in action. Because whatever works and finally gets their attention needs doing now.

  38. Lonnie (R) says:

    But don’t ya git it? We residents ARE important @Ollie M. Greer. That wonerful chamber of corruption oops commerce is extending an invitation to all residents to shop Uptown during their gawd awful reinvention of the small portion of SR89A the city owns. Now ain’t that gracious of them? And your reward jest might be more day trippers from Phoenix cuz they tend to resume marketing down there agin! (as if they ever stopped) Somebody send that chamber and Uptown merchants a definition of commerce.

  39. Get Real says:

    Why don’t Joan and you other dumbells get the facts? The City stated in black and white in it’s Forest Road Survey received by Uptown Residents (Joan is one): “Condemnation of portions of private property but not homes, could be needed.” A copy of this survey is included in CITY COUNCIL AGENDA BILL AB 2378.

    BTW, there are three potential options for the Forest Road Extension. None has been chosen at this time.

  40. Steve segner says:

    lonnie so you move to a tourist town where 70% how to city revenue comes from tourism. You complain that the city is doing a project to speed traffic along 89A to put in more parking and speed the flow through uptown. The city has the money set aside to do it and you think this is wrong, why did you move to a tourist town and why do you feel it’s your obligation to stop tourism because you know it’s not going to go away and PS the chamber did not advertise it has not advertise for two years in the Phoenix market you people are going to have to realize you will lose the battle against tourism you better make peace with it or you just gonna be frustrated I think the chamber should be advertising in Phoenix this summer to help out the merchants will be affected by the uptown traffic construction you know there are more merchants employees that make a living in Sedona and there are residents that live here full-time in Sedona and they have a seat at the table . By the way daytrippers have every right and enjoy the same beauty you when I see every day NIMBY

  41. Steve segner says:

    The Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau has just announced sweeping changes to how tourism will be managed in the popular destination.

    As part of National Travel & Tourism Week, local officials have just unveiled the new Sedona Sustainable Tourism Plan, which was created to respond to challenges posed by high tourism numbers and includes actions ranging from environmental stewardship of Sedona’s famous red rocks to reducing noise, traffic congestion and overcrowding at popular locations.

    “Our stunning landscape and amazing cultural amenities inspire people everywhere, including artists, hikers, and those seeking renewal,” Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism President and CEO Jennifer Wesselhoff said in a statement. “Falling in love with Sedona is easy…
    Seems like a great start But I’m sure you will disagree

  42. Bob, Chapel area says:

    BS Segner Tourism and tourists aren’t Sedona’s Problem. The Chamber’s attempt to turn this place into another run-of-the-mill place to drive thru to the Grand Canyon is the Problem. That’s been proven since the City took up BS marketing with local amateurs. Reinventing advertising in Phoenix areas won’t change local Amateurs negative impact on Sedona either. Forgetaboutit with the “only one road” theme too because that’s what’s protected Sedona from circus developers until this city/chamber love affair.

    Best solution? Change signage on I-17 to get to Sedona via SR 60. Case closed. Saves VOC, Saves Sedona.

  43. Alarmed says:

    Steve segner is lying when he says 70% of city revenue comes from tourism.

    According to the SEDONA COMMUNITY REPORT SPRING 2018: “FY 2017 city revenues generated by sales & bed taxes . . . .57%, two-thirds of which is paid by visitors.” Two-thirds of 57% is 38%.

    And let’s not forget: The City increased the sales tax by a half-cent effective March 1, 2018, and the bed tax by a half-percent effective January 1, 2014. Both increases are reductive. Among other adverse affects, the City’s population decreased from FYs 2016 and 2017 while its median age increased.

    And whoa! If the Chamber did not advertise for two years in the Phoenix market, then what are those Visit Sedona flat screen TVs at Sky Harbor Airport and the brochures marketing Sedona in Phoenix hotels for?

    BTW, according to the January 2018 City of Sedona Transportation Master Plan prepared by Kimley>Horn, 50% of Sedona traffic drives through town and doesn’t even stop. Residents can thank the Chamber’s advertising for convincing travelers headed for the Grand Canyon to take SR 179 and SR 89A instead of driving the I-17.

  44. Jim Poole says:

    Hey (deleted by editor) Congrats on your new scam. Sedona new Sustainable plan = lining your pocket, padding your profits so you don’t have to advertise and use those money you saved to BUY more HOUSES!!!

    Congrats (deleted by editor) you’ve done it again.

    Does this qualify as a fraudulent scheme?

  45. steve Segner says:

    Jim you see negative on all things Sedona? This program is at the direction of the city council. You could have come to ALL the public meetings and let the city council how you feel…. But no you have the Sedona Eye . All thing bad about Sedona ALL the time ….. Must be hard to get up each day in such a bad place , I and don’t mean Sedona.

  46. seve Segner says:

    Alarmed says: says And let’s not forget: The City increased the sales tax by a half-cent effective March 1, 2018, and the bed tax by a half-percent effective January 1, 2014. Both increases are reductive. Among other adverse affects, the City’s population decreased from FYs 2016 and 2017 while its median age increased.
    Please no one move because of a bed tax paid by visitors. and no one moved because of a .5% sale tax (not on food) hundreds of people were evicted so home owners could rent on Air b&b…. we lost over 500 homes….. the .5 % sales tax is going for Sedona In Motion long need road work……The city council is doing what the majority wants road work. and the majority of residents voted in the last city council///
    Steve segner is lying when he says 70% of city revenue comes from tourism.
    Well I called the city and it is now closer to 73% do you want to meet me one day and I will take to to the city managers office and we can ask him?

  47. Carol says:

    Let me understand you. The city manager provided you with 73% figure?

  48. Brad Camp Verde says:

    To allow the ongoing destruction of beautiful Sedona to continue is nuts. Apparently residents of Sedona want it because they voted for the trend to continue.

    There’s nothing “feasible” or “sustainable” about what is proposed. A high rise hotel on every corner and now talk of changing your Community Plan to allow higher density on smaller parcels because you’re running out of vacant land where development is allowed? Why not just hit up the USFS for more land trades so you can wreck the entire area?

    The high and mighty, better than everyone else attitudes of the Sedona City Council & Staff are bad enough but to be controlled by a two-bit chamber of commerce would be laughable if not so sad. Same as Iron Eyes Cody, tears should be running down the cheeks of the statue of Sedona Schnebly at the library.

    Your well will soon run dry. But the greedy will probably have snatched their wealth and fled to other places to spread their legalized crime spree.

    For those who will respond by saying if you don’t like what’s happening, leave. Well guess what? We already did just that regretfully but at least with happy memories of when Sedona truly was the most beautiful place on earth, and not just geographically.

  49. Wise Willie says:

    Just why do you suppose city management is hellbent on following THEIR path instead of welcoming residents even though they have other ideas? @Brad Camp Verde. Could it be simply because “they” can and it’s no more than a display of arrogance of power at its worst? Nothing will change and the voters acquiesced to scare tactics and power play. Putty in the hands of those in control Sad is an understatement. Stupid maybe?

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