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Eddie Maddock: Cheers for Sedona’s Best

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock on today in Sedona.

Sedona AZ (June 16, 2018) – At some point during our lives, Rah! Rah! Sis Boom Bah! is a cheer most of us are able to relate to. With Federal, State, County and City elections on the 2018 horizon, perhaps it’s time to break out the drum roll and resurrect the well known phrase to cheer for the candidates of our choice.

We are fortunate to live in a country where that opportunity is still available. Yes, indeed, freedom of speech, choice, and so many other advantages that we take for granted and, all too often, overlook our good fortune offered as citizens of a democracy.

As most are aware, in Sedona, candidates will be vying for Mayor and as members of the City Council. For the record, here is the slate opting for those positions:


M2018-01 Tony Tonsich 61 Hillside Drive 928 274 6449 tonyt35116@yahoo.com (Mayor)
M2018-02 Pete Conrad 420 Farmer Brothers Drive 847 989 1090 peteconradformayor@gmail.com (Mayor)
M2018-03 Sandra J. “Sandy”Moriarty 2015 Buena Vista Drive 928 282 4815 sandy2015@msn.com (Mayor)
C42018-01 Scott Jablow 258 Fawn Drive 928 239 1720 scott@jablowforcitycouncil.com (Councilor 4-year term)
C42018-02 William “Bill” Chisholm Jr. 537 Schnebly Road 928 821 5699 chisholm4council@gmail.com (Councilor 4-year term)
C42018-03 Janice Howes Hudson 228 Caballo Drive 928 301 2120 janiceforsedona@gmail.com (Councilor 4-year term)
C42018-04 Salvatore “Sam” Tardio 555 Mountain View Drive 928 300 5804 sam32350@gmail.com (Councilor 4-year term)
C42018-05 Jim Weis 47 Rue De La Rose 928 204 2183 eagle@esedona.net (Councilor 4-year term)
C42018-06 Noelle Julian 225 Northview Road 928 288 0581 noellejulian@gmail.com (Councilor 4-year term)
C42018-07 Brock Delinski 180 Pony Soldier Road 928 821 6902 brock.delinski@gmail.com (Councilor 4-year term)
C22018-01 Jessica Williamson 255 Kachina Drive 928 699 7071 jessicaw86336@gmail.com (Councilor 2-year term)
C22018-02 Mike Ward 100 Quail Run 928 282 2958 19ward48@gmail.com (Councilor 2-year term).

All candidates and elected officials, past and present, should rightfully be acknowledged for their willingness to step up to the plate and offer to serve their municipalities. Whether or not we agree with their decisions, they are giving of their time and effort which quite possibly is the most generous resource anyone can offer in this day and age of hi-tech, busy schedules, and overloaded plates.

Is there ever any talk about recipes for how to cut calories or go on a diet to remedy the ailment?

That being said, in addition to the rather large slate running for a seat on the City Council, there is a contentious ballot measure which gets resurrected every four years. That issue is Home Rule, and there’’s so much written here, there and everywhere, repetition would be just that: Repetition!

The availability of Home Rule information for voters is out there at forums and in the written word and opinions from many. However, the bottom line is how individual voters “feel about whether or not the system is working as-is or if they believe it might be wise to pull in the reins and curtail freewheeling spending – for at least a little while. Not forever! Perhaps just until values, priorities and agendas are forced to be reviewed, refined and more responsibly critiqued.

It’s important to keep in mind that the Home Rule decision will be made by a vote of the people and NOT your elected representatives.

Campaigns will ensue, costing hundreds and even thousands of dollars to convey candidate platforms. So does it mean the candidate(s) with the fattest wad in their wallets will be elected? If so, why?

SedonaEye.com exclusive photo

However, could any of them or their sponsors and supporters pay money for the gift those of us in Sedona and other areas of Arizona received today? After weeks –and months –of drought, today a priceless gift was bestowed on all of us. Yes, rain! Pennies from heaven bringing a brief respite from the dreadful winds, unseasonably high temperatures and fear of wildfire that would spare no one regardless of how much money they have.

We respect our candidates and elected officials yet not one could serve to rescue us as did our blessed steady rainfall on this day June 16, 2018.

Briefly and on a different note:

Sedona will soon be losing a really fine long time city employee, Audree Juhlin. After more than 20 years of being a faithful and loyal employee, Audree will be moving on, leaving Arizona, and enjoying a new beginning with her husband.

Audree was passed over on more than one occasion to fill the city of Sedona position as the Director of Community Development Department, but eventually and rightfully, she stepped into those shoes. And, it will remain my personal opinion that Audree likely inherited more than just one mess left by others who preceded her. (Couldn’’t resist.)

Onward and upward, Audree. Have a beautiful life.

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  1. Kelly, Jake, Diana, Lila, Mary, Miquel, Conk, Paulie, Ray says:

    Looked at that link for results & great idea Sedona Eye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Didn’t know where to go to find them !!!!!!!!!!!

    Mayor Sandy BARELY won but did & hope she gets message that most of us aren’t supporting what she’s doing (the NO opponents got 508 votes to her YES 532) and if she’s smarter than before she’ll know that only 1040 people voted and she got only 24 more votes than her NO opponents. If they had just one candidate running it would have been down to 24 votes and a recount !!!!!

    How sick that only 1040 Sedona residents bothered to send in ballots because the NOs would have won if more of the people voted that we talked to and forgot or didn’t bother. Karen you promised to vote and didn’t !!!!!

    City staff you’re on notice! Councilors you’re on notice! Get rid of Chamber or you all will be losers!!!!

  2. Tom Lamkin says:

    Just wanted to remind those who may have forgotten that the City of Sedona also has people living in Yavapai County as well. So, the vote counts were actually higher. I am no longer on Council come December, but would like to better understand the animus toward the Chamber. My number is 847-302-4613 should anyone wish to discuss the issue. By the way, the contract with the Chamber can be cancelled for any reason with 60 days notice.

  3. Steve segner says:

    Tom I think that’s a nice gesture I think it would be nice to have an open meeting we could talk about traffic what the city is doing. in October we’re going to have a real traffic issue because of 1350 and the new 1000 Air BNB units that have come online there’s a lot of this information maybe having an open meeting with city officials let people ask questions is what we need

  4. Bettye says:

    Thank You Tom.
    You will be missed, a lot!

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