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Eddie Maddock: A Miracle in Motion?

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie Maddock discusses the Sedona in Motion issue as a city plan comes with yet another expensive traffic standstill in Uptown for a year.

Sedona AZAt long last initial steps have been taken to launch the Sedona in Motion plan. Tackling this monumental task aimed as the first step in addressing Sedona’s transportation issues has commenced at Sedona’s city center, commonly known as “Uptown,” and the disruption is predicted to be ongoing from now until mid-summer of 2020. The project will include two roundabouts and a median with landscaping.

City Council has approved the project budget in the amount of $4,401,990. It’s reported the source of $200,000 of that amount is from the parking meter fund made possible by the merchant advisory group.

Of course uptown businesses have concerns relating to how this disruption will affect their sales. And their concerns are justifiable. Let’s face it. For the past several years Sedona has literally spent millions of dollars on campaigns to promote Sedona as an attraction for destination tourism.

Long before that specific target marketing was put into place Sedona was already extensively well known which was true even prior to Sedona becoming an incorporated city. Therefore it made good sense to reason that any type of marketing whether targeted at a specific purpose or not, even more day-trippers would jaunt up from Phoenix just for the day. This might directly or indirectly serve as an example of the law of unintended consequences.

With the reputation of being a don’t-miss-location on the agendas of so many travelers, the pending disruption of uptown Sedona could act as a catalyst for bad publicity when visitor’s pop into this magical place for a day. The common wait in traffic lines has already served to usurp the costly portrayal of Sedona that over the years has eroded to the status in many instances as becoming “just another tourist trap.”

The Importance of Word Of Mouth Marketing – Statistics and Trends

1. 28% of consumers say word of mouth is the most important factor in strengthening or eroding brand affinity. 64% of marketing executives indicated that they believe word of mouth is the most effective form of marketing.

A recent ADOT traffic study found the majority of Sedona traffic backs up miles to drive through the Sedona city limits, and then continues without stopping to reach Flagstaff and Grand Canyon.

Remaining developable land in Sedona is limited, as are options for accommodating increased traffic. If plans move forward to amend building codes to allow higher density development, that doesn’t automatically increase access to additional routes to accommodate even more traffic within Sedona City Limits.

Proposed transit methods as a solution, unless the trend has substantially changed, is a waste of time. People in general will not give up their cars. Would you?

Since the drought during 2018, Sedona has been blessed with abundant rain to assist Mother Earth’s ability to stave off pending disaster. “Seriously?” you might ask. Yes, indeed, because no matter how much power mere humans sometimes think they have, when it comes to Mother Nature, there’s no competition.

The lush vegetation we are enjoying from the Pennies from Heaven via snow and rainfall will soon dry out under unrelenting summer sun.

We will still have lines of cars backed up within our three entries of limited space. Uptown will become almost inaccessible. People will be angry. And considering the proven fact that word-of-mouth advertising is the best, how favorably will they relate their “Experience Sedona” to their friends back in “wherever?”

Sedona wild fires have been reminders of Mother Nature’s dominance over city politics and best laid plans.

Regardless of how much money the “City” subsequently throws at the local Chamber of Commerce or if by a miracle they ventured outside city limits and contracted with a professional advertising agency, would results even come close to word-of-mouth feedback which will be forthcoming during and even after this project is finally completed? It may not be wise to disrespect the influence of “Karma.”

And, of course, let’s not forget the worst case scenario: WILD FIRE.

Don’t ever ever say it won’t happen to you!

Point of message: Please, please consider reassessing your own priorities as more and more increased density projects are placed on City Council agendas.

Does being consumed by one’s own perceived power to control represent a positive attribute? Isn’t Sedona already on overload?

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  1. Mumbai (Bombay) with views says:

    The Cabal, the Chamber and Segner think Sedona belongs to the world. We have seen the preliminary results of their efforts. Bumper to bumper traffic, trash, serious air pollution and a hugely declining quality of life. The misdirected Chamber advertising leads to, by the city’s own report, half the traffic that enters Sedona does not stop.

    Greed, and non-profits taking money that is not freely given but taken by force via tax and deception will lead to Sedona’s further destruction. Theft is theft, even if you let government steal for you. Negative actions bring negative results. Karma awaits, and she is NOT happy.

    Those of you that take from others look in the mirror. Even accepting stolen money makes you a party to the wrongful act.

  2. Wise says:

    But don’t you guys get it? All the CEO’s of special interests (Recycles; Library; Meals on Wheels; Humane Society; C of C ) all worthy causes, mind you, but their leaders all published bleeding heart solicitations in the last Voter Information Pamphlet in support of Home Rule – as if they would all close doors should it fail. Likewise they are the ones, using scare tactics and managed to have all the “Liberals” elected to the city council. So what did you expect?

    Even that bird Sekner went public to admit Sedona is now controlled and operating under the flag of SOCIALISM! Just wait until word gets out in some of the surrounding Sanctuary Cities in California!! Ya ain’t seen nothin’ yet is where I’m putting my money. Certainly NOT with Sedona’s fake non-profits.

  3. Lonnie R. says:

    Headline caption RRNews 6/28/19:

    “We have some heavy construction going on in Uptown, so we need to bring the people in here,” John Martinez, Sedona Vice Mayor (in attempting to justify the cash-giveaway to C of C)

    Yep Sedona’s finest in action? NOT! Good going Vice Mayor – put that arrogance of power to use in setting the pace for an upswing in the VOC economy. But, of course, most likely those VOC businesses who are members of the regional chamber of commerce are getting more than their fair share of return on non-investment to Sedona’s tax base.

    Tourists would be crazy not to take advantage of VOC over incorporated Sedona. Better resorts, shops, restaurants, and lower taxes. Yep – Sedona Vice Mayor making fools out of Sedona businesses, residents, and especially those who voted for him.

  4. @Lonnie R says:

    The traffic or lack there of up that way hasn’t even been that bad…
    The traffic people up there do a pretty good job I must admit..

    Nice job SEdona!

  5. Cash giveaway says:

    Ya know, if Martinez had any brains “We have some heavy construction going on in Uptown, so we need to bring the people in here,” John Martinez, Sedona Vice Mayor. Now would be a good time to stop advertising.

    Let me see if I got this right, we have too much traffic so the city is doing construction to try to help the traffic flow. The Soy Boy’s of the Sedona Red Rock News wanted a quote for their soon to be defunct rag. In my opinion They quote a city councilman with no brains saying what we need right now is more traffic?

    Martinez must think every tourist is as stupid as he is.

    Wow, just wow.

  6. Charley, Sedona says:

    @Cash giveaway – the regional chamber of commerce has Martinez, Moriarty, Jablow, and Williams wrapped around their fingers, toes, and??? The newly elected woman (whatever her name is) completes the package of majority of five in control.

    John Currivan and Bill Chisholm, bless their hearts, bravely stood their ground and sensibly voted against the nonsense. However expect no changes in direction for at least the next two years. No “miracles in motion” predicted with this council. “Business as Usual” remain the key words.

  7. @charley says:

    I expect no change from you as well..
    We all look forward to you running your mouth thinking your an expert on any and all subjects… lol

  8. Steve Segner says:

    Sedona says:

    @Cash giveaway
    Council did it’s job.
    Charley, or the glass could be seen as half full, not empty like you see it .Charley the city council did its job, It voted to stop the bed tax split with the chamber , it is Re building roads , building connector roads, using the tax dollars from visitors to make a better and safer live for locals.

    Lonnie says:Tourists would be crazy not to take advantage of VOC over incorporated Sedona.

    The VOC is growing new business and hotels good for them, we are happy to spread the business and hotels around, and it helps with traffic. The more visitors do out side Sedona the better, less congestion and the majority of things to see and do are in the adjacent area not Sedona.
    As for the lower taxes in the village great it helps keep all the cheap visitors in the village. Let’s help the VOC a little.

  9. Charley, Sedona says:

    Excuse me @@Charley but I believe you have me confused with someone else.

    “We all look forward to you running your mouth thinking your an expert on any and all subjects.”

    Wouldn’t that person who is so knowledgeable about all-things Sedona, in fact, be the city council go-to person by the name of Steve Segner? Just asking?

  10. Anonymous says:

    (Steve Segner) says :
    “The VOC is growing new business and hotels good for them, we are happy to spread the business and hotels around, and it helps with traffic. The more visitors do out side Sedona the better, less congestion and the majority of things to see and do are in the adjacent area not Sedona.
    As for the lower taxes in the village great it helps keep all the cheap visitors in the village. Let’s help the VOC a little.”

    WTH does he and the council think gives them the right to spend Sedona tax dollars to benefit other areas?

    Do you think Beverly Hills cares if people can’t afford to stay so they stay in South Central Los Angeles (Watts).

    In my opinion the stupidity of the Cabal is mind boggling.

  11. Chamber Member says:

    Damn it all! City Council approves a 2019-20 budget of $51,416,630 (8% higher than current fiscal year) but reduces the amount for the Chamber/Tourism Bureau’s contract to $2,492,500 – CURSES! @%#*@#%**@!#@&*%!!!

    So what if the $2,492,500 represents a $316,100 increase from the current $2,176,400?!?!?! WE the members of the regional Chamber & Tourism Bureau deserve more. Without us would there even be a Sedona? Doubt it.

    Spin, spin, spin dem numbahs City Council! But they make it seem like such a deal because they drop that 55% of bed tax dedication to tourism management & development? Ain’t such a bad deal after all.

  12. Steve segner says:

    Thank you for asking, please share any instant or city marketing money was spent to support any business in the village for that matter any business. Just shows the ads.I think our city Council understands that a great visitor experience is using all of the Vertie Valley is good for sedona. It takes pressure off our local hiking trails and lets people see all the great things there are to do in the valley and they come home at night stay in a hotel eat at a restaurant and shop at local shops what more time please show us any instant for the city Chamber of Commerce use bed tax . I have asked this question at least seven times in the last two years that Donna or any other name she uses never shows us any proof she just wants to play tup jealousy between the village and Sedona and what I’m stating is if there is no jealousy I support anything we can do to help businesses in the village. For new readers that may not understand the Chamber of Commerce is a Valley wide business organization that is not funded by the city but by membership and advertising fees charged to its members

  13. Ollie M. Greer says:

    “For new readers that may not understand the Chamber of Commerce is a Valley wide business organization that is not funded by the city but by membership and advertising fees charged to its members.” @Steve segner

    Finally Segner speaks the real truth. City Council (it’s rumored none of you read Sedona Eye LMAO but I hear you all talking about comments and articles) your man Segner wrote “Chamber of Commerce is a Valley wide business” but not funded by the city????? yet City of Sedona tax revenue in the amount of $2,492,500 was just approved for the “chamber/tourism bureau” for FS 2019/2020?

    Shell Game – Slush Funds – call it whatever – but thanks to Segner he finally, at long last, made a point.

    If, in fact, “the Chamber of Commerce is a Valley wide business organization that is not funded by the city but by membership and advertising fees charged to it members” why in hell is the City of Sedona giving them ANY money (funding)???? Place your bets on which “shell” conceals the money trail! O Karma speak loud and clear. This scenario IMO reeks of fraud, fraud, fraud!!!!

    Ollie M Greer OMG

  14. Lonnie R. says:

    Clearly if by some miracle the members of the Sedona City Council read the comment @Steve segner July 3, 2019 at 4:21 PM they will see first hand what fools THEY ARE.

    Of course he’s correct about one thing.. “the Chamber of Commerce is a Valley wide business organization” but this portion “that is not funded by the city but by membership and advertising fees charged to its members” is blatantly not true!

    What does he call the ever increasing amount from Sedona City budget, 2019-2010 currently set for $2,492,500 earmarked for this regional association? That’s over two-million dollars, folks, and the BS about no contract for 55% return from the bed tax is just that – BS!!

  15. Steve Segner says:

    Thank you for asking, please share any instant of city marketing money being spent to support any business in the village for that matter any business.

    Still waiting for an answer, personal attacks are ok but please post some facts . thanks.

  16. Criminals writing as Segner says:

    The criminals writing as Segner are either stupid, or more likely criminal to say that $2.5 million in advertising does not support any businesses. If it does not support businesses, why is it being done?

    “It is not the lie that offends me as much as I am offended by the insult to my intelligence!!!”

  17. @Steve Segner says:

    Segner, someone who will (Deleted by Editor) on you and tell you it is raining.

    Facts? He don’t ever hear no stinkin facts !!

    The Cabal believes like the Nazis that a lie repeated loud and long enough becomes truth. The only difference is they do it with a feigned innocent smile and say ” Hope this helps. “

  18. Vice-Mayor Martinez says:

    Anybody that has issues with my support of the Chamber during this critical time of construction, meet me at Sedona Bakery, by Whole Foods, next Thursday (7/11) @ 10:00AM. Find out the facts of why a strong marketing campaign is essential to a vibrant economy for Sedona.

    We’ll compare work experience backgrounds.

  19. VOC Business Owner says:

    One of the smartest things I did was to move my well established business away from incorporated Sedona high rents and Tlaquepaque bottleneck.

    Since City of Sedona inaccurately claims the regional Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center is officially that of the “city” all chamber members are entitled to have their advertising and brochures featured at that facility where we benefit from referrals when people drop in or make phone inquiries.

    Therefore, and since the city of Sedona has for years supported “their” Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center with millions of dollars in order to avail the members of their printed advertising, doesn’t that, in fact, belie any denial that city revenue isn’t being spent to advertise businesses? Collectively and/or individually? And sadly (not for me anymore) city businesses collecting taxes do indeed benefit their competition – me and other chamber members in the Verde Valley and elsewhere.

    Thank you, City of Sedona! You council members are peachy-keen IMO – especially that Vice Mayor who loves that regional chamber of monetary giveaway to those of us who don’t contribute one penny to city taxes.

    Another point to ponder is the number of people who actually stay at VOC hotels, motels, and now vacation rentals and do their day-tripping from here as a base. And as most people are aware, when the new hotel opens that will even expand our increasing control without the inconvenience of incorporation. Life rocks.

    Happy 4th of July!! It’s a great country.

  20. Cognative dissonance says:

    Steve segner waiting for an answer when he, she or it has been answered hundreds of times.

    IMO All of us are not as stupid as Martinez.

  21. Donna says:

    The city of sedona imposes a “in-city sales tax & bed tax” They use those taxes to advertise those outside the city jurisdiction that do not collect city taxes.

    We have NO transient bed district where each and every taxable businesses contribute to, like others places. The chamber took the money because the city council doesn’t understand facts and the took the chamber – city manager word. Lack of checks & balances IMO.

    No business wants to pay for their competition outside the taxable area. Like most other places the city should have had a signed owner petition that required a majority of business owners to AGREE with such practices BEFORE they gifted the chamber.

    The city, Council & Chamber have NO SKIN in it. They do not pay the consequences. The Chamber is building their own assets. These decisions do not affect their livelihood except for Chamber who WINS big time. The taxpayers pay 85% of chambers income. Who do they represent? Where is the fairness to those who are imposed such taxes? Business(in-city) pay for the chamber to play with the taxes the in-city-businesses collected.

    Look at Flagstaff. The city has their own Visitors Center , department and Website. The Flagstaff Chamber doesn’t receive city taxes. The City of Flagstaff doesn’t pay to promote any business outside their jurisdiction. Simple.

    Take the bed tax off the books. To much political garbage. The businesses would rather have a level playing field and compete with the booming VOC. Let the business decided how to manage their marketing.

    Some business owners in support of imposing taxes for chambers use are padding their bottom line as they don’t spend industry standards amounts on advertising their business. IMO

  22. Dana Varney says:

    Why would anyone wish to meet with you re: the Sedona Chamber of Commerce. You sir have been brain washed. I had back and forth conversations with you awhile back, when you proceeded to lie about other cities that fund their chambers municipality money. You quoted arbitrary cities, that upon research, were totally fabricated. Stop gifting the people’s money to a regional private membership org., that could give a sh— about the citizens of sedona. I operated businesses in sedona since 1993. The quality of the visitor was infinitely higher before you started giving the public money to these pariahs.

  23. Talk to a Red Rock says:

    Counselor Martinez says “Anybody that has issues with my support of the Chamber during this critical time of construction, meet me at Sedona Bakery, by Whole Foods, next Thursday (7/11) @ 10:00AM”

    You would do just as well talking to a red rock. Perhaps not as frustrating to talk to the rock.

  24. Not A Fan says:

    So the Vice Mayor is playing savior and is willing to share HIS version of “facts” with his supporters.

    If he were really genuine about meeting with the public he would explain why he continues to pander to a regional membership organization (chamber of commerce). Why he continues to refuse to obtain requests for proposals for the destination marketing contract?

    He would apologize for continuing to approve millions of $$$$ to the chamber for alleged purposes – substantial benefit or return on investment to chamber of commerce remains undetermined. Would Sedona statistics be what is claimed without C of C involvement in city government? Of course they would – and the city would have millions of more $$$$$ for critical road improvements without constant increases in sales tax.

    Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

    Not impressed, Mr. Martinez. Your bias and commitment to a regional money-grabbing organization is NOT favorably represented. You were elected to represent the residents in incorporated Sedona – not primarily the “regional” chamber of commerce that just happens to be located within Sedona City limits.

    Why do you think Sedona incorporated? Well it was to have local government within the designated boundaries identified by City Limits. It for sure wasn’t intended to be the cash cow for a once highly respected Sedona-Oak Creek Canyon Chamber of Commerce that at one time provided community events to sponsor and raise their own funds.

    Mr. Martinez, you appear to be seeking a role as the male version of Mother Theresa on behalf of a regional membership organization. Not impressed. My opinions.

  25. @Vice-Mayor Martinez says:

    @Vice-Mayor Martinez supporting the chamber isn’t supporting the businesses that the city imposes taxes on.

    The chamber is a club of businesses who are primary OUTSIDE the city. 75% aren’t in the city limits. Only 3% of the chambers members collect bed-tax. STOP using FAKE numbers and including all those non-city businesses in the count. Fake numbers to give to cronies.
    Stop the subsidies. You’re killing Sedona.

  26. John Daniels W Sedona says:

    To the VOC Business Owner:

    Sorry to see you leave but I guess you can’t handle forward-thinking people or progress. If the town council doesn’t plan now for future traffic coming from PHX then things will be much worse.

    Thank you, Vice-Mayor Martinez, for standing up for Sedona and helping to steer the ship in the right direction. I won’t be one of those people to meet you because I support what you are doing.

    I would happily bet you a cup of coffee (not at Starbucks thought) that no one from SedonaEye will show up.

  27. Jim Poole says:

    Martinez proudly bragged that the whole gig of paying the regional chamber was his idea. Look at that .5% bed tax increase. The impacts to sedona since martinez pushed it through council with Adams & Littrell. Since the chamber has gotten millions the return for the taxpayers is NEGATIVE in the millions. Now we have to pay for infrastructure.
    Do the math martinez. Stupid 0.5% was the required amount for Tourism which includes planning if you INCREASED the bed tax. you raised it 0.5 but gave the chamber 55% super smart.

  28. @john D says:

    “No one will show up from Sedona Eye..”
    On that you can be sure . They have a problem for any and all solutions. Vice mayor would waste his breath on them.. there only 2-3 of them anyway. Small potatoes or should I say NOTHING potoatoes.

  29. Another Fake Name says:

    John Daniels W Sedona, another fake name, who do you want to bet it is?

    a) a city employee
    b) a chamber employee
    c) Vice Mayor Martinez
    d) Jack Daniels, I’ll have another drink, Hic.

  30. Chris Anderson says:

    Time to stop OverTourism Sedona. Don’t spread it around just shut it down! City is destroying our quality of life, our stewardship of trails, creek, desert and air. We residents are fed up with you politicians!


  31. Steve Segner says:

    Vice-Mayor Martinez willing to meet is a great idea, all this chamber BS is a one Woman tempest in a tea pot.
    The bed tax is a state of Arizona program and is run by the city manager and city council. Let look at just what the city council has done.
    1. Chamber will now allow non members to place 3 folds at visitors center for a normal cost.
    2. Council stopped the bed tax split .
    3.Tthe city now calls the shots on all marketing and budgets.
    4. The chamber is working more on local and visitor enhancement projects.
    5. The city ability to provide services depends on visitors, as they provide 70% +of city income.
    6. Sedona had almost one years worth of income in the bank at year end and keeps a huge amount of money in reserves.
    7. Sedona is working on a $30,000,000+ traffic program to support the future growth of Sedona
    8. Sedona is only 100 miles from the fastest growing county in America and day visitor are in our future, the chamber is working to change the mix to more long term stays.
    9. Sedona need more city employees to manage all the projects it is undertaking and finish projects underway.
    10. When the next turnaround in the economy Sedona will be in great shape to handle the downturn. In the last recession Sedona used marketing to build a strong customer base in Phoenix. Sedona is and always has been a tourist town and we need to plan for growth.
    Donna says:
    July 4, 2019 at 7:24 pm
    The city of sedona imposes a “in-city sales tax & bed tax” They use those taxes to advertise those outside the city jurisdiction that do not collect city taxes.
    Please one more time show us the ads…… you make statements just show us the ads for any business……(advertise those outside the city jurisdiction) please show us . ss

  32. Marv, Sedona says:

    Well if anyone does show up to chat w/John Martinez @John Daniels W Sedona my bet will be placed on the CEO/Prez of the C of C and the mouthpiece from the Lodging Council. But then maybe fake name John Daniels W Sedona you might be able to take your 10:00 AM coffee break from an important position at maybe just maybe City Hall? That is if you have permission from your former pals at/with the Fire District? Just wondering??????

  33. @John Daniels W Sedona says:

    Well there has been many that has already met with Vice Mayor Martinez. I have and I know of several sedona eye readers that have. Sedona been steered into tax and spend, city & chamber club rule.

    He’s hung up in a crony love fest and hangs out with the boys club. He is a big disappointment. Can’t even do a ROI anymore, to emotionally attached to chamber. No logic is left.

  34. Donna says:

    Do any of you know what the sedona Chamber is? The Chamber is a Business Association of REGIONAL Members. Do you know exactly how many of their members actually collect sedona-city-bed-tax? Less then 3% what about the 97%? who are they? This is why no city give city-bed-tax to third party clubs.

    Economic stimulus REMOVE Sedona-city-bed-TAX. Let the Business decide on their own marketing.
    Stop the tax and spend.
    Stop the insane padding of pockets. QUIT subsiding a regional group. Do it with checks and balances. Give the in-city business a voice. Like City of Flagstaff, Prescott.
    No city takes imposed taxes to promote a third party regional membership group.

    Visit Flagstaff is CITY OWNED, CITY owns it’s own visitor center.

  35. Stunned says:

    Mr. Martinez you lost a supporter here with your statement: “We’ll compare work experience backgrounds.” Has your lengthy position on the Sedona City Council really blown your ego so far over the top? Or maybe accolades from your fan club in the chamber of commerce/lodging council has inflated your ego to the point you really have become the male version of Mother Theresa?

    Clearly the perception you have of your own work experience background is far above the average Sedona voter’s intelligence quotient, so why are you even willing to waste your valuable time with any one of us? Maybe that’s the reason you remain on the city council? Can’t dispute success, huh? Or quite possibly your evaluation is well justified by the results of the last election considering the majority of Sedona voters bought into the scare campaign that was so brilliantly put into motion and led to a solid victory for the C of C/Lodging Council! “Action background” might be something worth challenging. Or how about “Ethics background?” Implying Sedona would lose funding for the Sedona Library (not a product of incorporated Sedona) and the Humane Society and other non-profits if people didn’t vote according to what some have labeled the “cabal” worked on the minds of dedicated, hard working people who created these services long before Sedona became a “city.” Or would “Sin City” be more appropriate?

    However, Karma exists and don’t be surprised if one of these days a turn of events knocks you off your pedestal and you land firmly on your obnoxious display of Arrogance of Power. Maybe then, and only then, you will realize you were elected to represent the will of the people – ALL of the people – and not based on how YOU feel or not just as dictated by those in the chamber of commerce & lodging council who feed into your already over-indulged ego. Same as you, Mr. M., these are MY opinions without benefit of having a braggart session with you in order to reflect on extent of superior work experiences – past or present.

  36. John Daniels W Sedona says:

    I would like to address this post to @John Daniels

    The fact that you say that the Vice Mayor hangs out with the Boys Club says a lot and I think that you’re missing it.

    While I have never been asked to attend a meeting with that group of individuals, I do know that they are very strong-minded and lean heavy to the right which I mean no disrespect in saying, which should be exactly what YOU are looking for. If the Boys Club accepts the Vice Mayor at their meetings, that should be a good sign that he can be ultra-conservative and open-minded at the same time. Martinez is my kind of leader and I am glad that I voted for him and will continue to do so as long as he continues to run.

  37. John Daniels W Sedona says:

    I would like to address this post to Another Fake Name:

    So, wait just a darn minute, you question my identity and yet you have the gall to not give your name, REALLY???????

    Because you don’t like someone who has been around the block a few times and (deleted by editor) I must be a city or chamber employee, REALLY???????

    Just grow up!

  38. R. Gajewski says:

    Steve Segner says July 5, 2019 at 6:17 pm

    1. Chamber will now allow non members to place 3 folds at visitors center for a normal cost.

    What? OMG how generous. The Chamber collects money from legitimate licensed city businesses to place brochures in what the City of Sedona claims to be the “official” City of Sedona Visitors Center (not according to the sign on the building which, translated, sends a different message).

    And they have authority to do this because said legitimate city licensed businesses aren’t members of the Chamber of Commerce?

    Vice Mayor, how do you explain this exposure (thanks to Segner) of what appears to be another version of the good old shell game? Shameful?

    City of Sedona has paid C of C millions of $$$$ over the years for use of the alleged “official city of Sedona visitors center.”

    Chamber charges businesses that collect all Sedona City taxes (but aren’t Chamber members) for placing brochures in what has been promoted by City Hall as an official City of Sedona operation? Misrepresentation?

    Does the City have a legitimate accounting of how much the Chamber is collecting from these “non-chamber members” for the privilege of placing their promotional info in an alleged “official” City of Sedona enterprise? What is a “normal cost?” What is double dipping?

    Wow our esteemed Vice Mayor must REALLY have an incredible “work experience background” to endorse this somewhat questionable(?) activity????

    Beyond the pale? Maybe to some of us without adequate work experience background? Hmmmm — much food for thought here and it ain’t exactly “Manna from Heaven!”

  39. Alarmed says:

    Steve Segner lied big-time yesterday when he said: “5. The city ability to provide services depends on visitors, as they provide 70%+ of city income.

    According to the CITY OF SEDONA COMMUNITY REPORT SPRING 2018 Page 2:

    “FY 2017 city revenues generated by sales & bed taxes . . . .57%, two thirds of which is paid by visitors.”

    Two-thirds of 57% is 38%. 38% of city income is provided by visitors, not 70%+.

  40. Tony Tonsich says:

    During the last campaign on a council candidates debate rotation I was seated at at table with Scott Jablow. I asked him why the city funds the Library with about $400,000 every year when the county already funds the Library with about $800,000 from our property tax. I asked Jablow if that was double funding. Jablow said no. Then he said he was not going to debate it.

    There is no reasoning with these people. Their goal is to tax and spend. Period.

  41. Question says:

    Isn’t the boys club a brag fest? They hang out and brag about how much they own. Heard through the grape vine that seggie just bought another property in scottsdale.

    Isn’t this group part of the push that tried to take the fire district down?

  42. @Donna says:

    For anyone who really wants to learn about what the CoC is really doing for our city try to attend a Community Pulse meeting that is open to everyone (even Donna) July 16th at 8:00 at Sedona Rouge.

    If you want a bit more info or to RSVP please go to:


  43. @Donna Also says:

    Oh, come on Donna give it a rest.

    We all know how much you dislike the chamber because you have been spewing the same silly “facts” year after year. You keep failing to tell all of us how your bakery business grew BECAUSE of the tourists that come to town. You do an amazing job of promoting weddings, how do you think that those brides and grooms found Sedona, from your own advertising???? Heck no!!! It was the “global” effort to attract people to our city.

    Your rants are getting old. (deleted by editor)

  44. steve Segner says:

    Isn’t this group part of the push that tried to take the fire district down?
    yes it is
    @Donna Also says:
    July 6, 2019 at 4:50 pm
    Oh, come on Donna give it a rest. (deleted by editor)

  45. Carl T. says:

    Most people in this town agree that the chamber of commerce is getting too much money from the city and the chamber does pretty much nothing for small business owners and the head of the chamber has become arrogant knowing that the lodging council has her back. Look at the recent city council meeting videos and watch the way she talks to the city council when they ask her a question. Arrogant. The small business owners in this town do not like her or the way the chamber is run. The city manager is inexperienced and puts his finger in the wind to decide what is the “right” thing to do and is not capable of giving the city council members good advice because he does not have the knowledge or experience and cant get advice from his staff because they dont trust him and therefore dont speak honestly to him. Nothing is going to change though because people like those guys in the boys club prefer to complain to each other instead of taking the time to make factual arguments to the city council members or show up at a city council meeting (where they dont serve breakfast). IMO Tony Tonsich, you didnt win the election because you are nothing but a troll and not someone who can be taken seriously. You can b**ch all you want on sedona eye but that gets you nothing. If you want to stop the chamber give away you need to behave decently and talk with the city council and vote.

  46. @Tony Tonsich says:

    Aren’t you the same Tonsich who moved to Cornville??? (deleted by editor)

  47. @Alarmed says:

    Don’t you read your own posts???

    What does the percentage from 2017 to 57% have to do with the percentage from 2019 of 70%??????

    That just tells me that the CoC is doing their job. It seems to me that we are getting a great ROI on our investment of the CoC

  48. Donna says:

    I will never stop speaking the truth, nor will I ever bobble-head vote. You don’t need to give millions to the chamber to attract people to Sedona. MY businesses NEVER GREW because of silly chamber ads.

    YES the wedding industry GREW due to the millions of dollars spent by the businesses to target market their industry.

    The only no silly “facts” are the ones being said by those being enriched with taxpayer’s dollars for their private enterprises. Look at the benchmark of Flagstaff.

    http://sedonacity.com/ChamberTransBedDistricts.htm Sedona doesn’t have a Transient Bed District. Only the in-city businesses pay for the city to gift it to chamber. It is not up to a city to promote businesses. This is why I declined money from the city when they offered it to the Sedona Bridal Fair. The chamber members need to pool their own money to target their customers and not be subsidized by the taxpayers.

    The Sedona Wedding associates pool their money together and target market Sedona Weddings. Businesses do their own advertising. The Sedona Bridal Fair along with other events and partners do their own marketing, trade shows on their own dollar.

    When the wedding industry ROI declines they can rapidly respond, tweak it. NO ONE can sell their product or services unless they connect directly to THEIR customers. No government can do this. Total Quality Management (TQM) https://asq.org/quality-resources/total-quality-management

    The city needs to stop the discrimination of their residents and businesses. Implement TQM programs. The businesses never signed any waivers, nor did the owners sign any legal petitions to give up their rights.

    I have more to say and have tons of research documents to prove it.

  49. Sedona Brian, former Martinez supporter says:

    What happens to people after they’re elected to public office? Martinez is just one example of how MOST of them behave once seated on that imaginary throne. Too frequently they lose rational connection, good sense & common reason, instead get consumed with their own perceived importance and the Me Me Me – I I I concept. Self imposed ego trips. WTF. Do you no longer put your pants on one foot at a time like us, the true Sedona lovers and protectors?

    Get off your perch, Martinez. Unless your only claim to fame began with your bed tax gifts for the C of C’s many funds. It could also very well end with your same bunch of greedy pigs presently controlling public purse strings. They won’t last forever either.

  50. @Tony Tonsich says:

    Thank you Tony. Why does the city do this?
    The library is double DIPPING!!!!!

    This is how the city buys supports and votes. IMO Now the library feels entitled. In reality they put the millions they get from the TAXPAYERS via the city giveaway to buy more stock and put it in the back.

    They violated irs rules when they wrote all their subscribers to vote yes on homerule. They’re being subsidized and don’t need it.

    Vote buying IMO.

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